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Best Connect 4 Games

Updated April 2023
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GoSports Giant Wooden 4 in a Row Game
Giant Wooden 4 in a Row Game
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Best for Parties
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Due to its jumbo size and easy carrying bag, this is great to take to parties and backyard BBQs.


At 32 inches tall and over 3 feet wide, this jumbo Connect 4 game is a great size to place on a table to play use on the ground. Sturdy wooden-frame construction makes this great for outdoor use and plastic discs are just as strong. Comes with carrying bag for easy transport.


Some had a challenging time moving the release bar at the bottom of the board.

Best Bang for the Buck
Connect 4 Grab and Go Game
Connect 4 Grab and Go Game
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Best for Traveling
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The compact size of this game makes it easy to pack into suitcases, backpacks, or purses for on-the-go fun.


Trays hold playing chips during play and conveniently fold up to enclose board for secure, compact storage. Chips can be stored in columns when not in use so no pieces get lost while traveling. An affordable price tag.


Chips may still fall out when being stored if not inside the carrying bag, which is not included.

Hasbro Connect 4 Game
Connect 4 Game
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Classic Design
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If you love the original game, chances are you will appreciate this classic version of it.


A slightly different, updated version of the game that allows players to use Blue Blocker discs to beat opponents. New instructions aren't difficult to learn for young children or beginners.


Complaints of the plastic construction having a flimsy feel compared to the sturdy build of the classic game of the past.

Rally and Roar Giant Wooden 4-in-a-Row
Rally and Roar
Giant Wooden 4-in-a-Row
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Largest Game
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This Connect 4 game measures 3 feet in height and length, creating a large playing space.


Base is made from strong pinewood and discs are made from sturdy plastic, making this a game that’s built to last. Great for parties, camping trips, or at-home use, this game is fun for the whole family or groups of friends. Complete with a carrying bag for the board and chips, this is easy to set up and transport.


Sometimes the release bar falls off during the first few turns.

Franklin Sports Jumbo 4-in-a-Row
Franklin Sports
Jumbo 4-in-a-Row
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Durable & Rugged
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Made from sturdy wood with a release bar that has a secure latch so it won’t swing open accidentally during a game.


Chips can easily be stored on built-in wooden pegs in or out of gameplay. Has a moderately large size that’s great for setting on a table or playing on the ground, making it ideal for parties or casual at-home use. Includes 40 durable plastic chips in red and black.


Release bar may stick and need to be broken in before sliding out smoothly.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best connect 4 games

Some games become classics for a reason. The game Connect 4 has been entertaining players of all ages since the 1970s. Its goal is basic enough: place four checkers in a row horizontally, vertically, or horizontally to win. The vertical plane upgrades the game from a glorified game of tic-tac-toe to a contest involving real strategy.

However, you can only stack checkers so many times before it starts to get old. Game manufacturers have recognized this and designed variations with fun twists on Connect 4 that can breathe new life into your game night or rainy afternoon. Other upgrades correct design flaws from the original concept that make playing, storing, and traveling with the game more practical.

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According to game experts, the first Connect 4 player to place their token can always claim victory if they select the correct moves.

Key considerations

Classic or reboot

Some Connect 4 sets improve the traditional game with better mechanics and materials. Others take the game to a whole new level with new rules, new pieces, or new mechanisms for depositing your tokens.

If you have a young child just learning to play board games, it’s best to stick with the traditional style. Its simple rules and uncluttered design make it a good choice for early strategic games. If your children are older or you’re looking for something for adults, your audience might enjoy the memories gameplay conjures, but appreciate the fresh twist.


Before you buy a new Connect 4 game set, it’s important to think about where you plan to use it. If you’re looking for a game to play at home, you can consider many of the fresh options on the market. Some versions include tools to flip your tokens into the grid. Others make you bounce balls into the board in a fashion reminiscent of ping pong. Active game play helps keep players engaged, and if a piece goes astray, you can always find it in the morning.

If you plan to take your game on the road, look for a smaller travel size that’s easier to pack.  Most collapse more easily than the standard game and keep you from losing pieces. Some travel games include rugged boxes that are less likely to get crushed than their cardboard counterparts. Others are built atop a tray that helps keep your tokens from getting lost.

Connect 4 games played outdoors should be sturdier so they can stand up to wind gusts and occasional roughhousing. They should also be larger than standard boards so pieces are difficult to lose. Some outdoor game sets are made from thick, well-sealed wood to help protect against the elements. Others are fully plastic so that they can stay outside regardless of the weather.


Believe it or not, Connect 4 games actually come in several sizes. The board for the original game measures roughly one foot across and one foot wide. Smaller travel versions are more compact, measuring less than 10 inches across. At the other extreme, the largest sets are intended for outdoor use and measure four feet across. Choose one that works for your play and storage space.



You can find quality Connect 4 games made from both plastic and wood, and you can find them in travel, standard and extra-large sizes. If you’re looking for an oversized game that can stay outside permanently, plastic is the way to go. Larger wooden sets must return indoors to avoid water damage when it rains and are vulnerable to fading and cracking with excessive exposure to sun and heat.

For all other purposes, it’s a matter of preference, and there are pros and cons to both wood and plastic. Wooden travel sets may be slightly heavier, but it may absorb travel bumps and bruises better than plastic. Plastic sets may fit in a suitcase better without pushing airline weight limits. Plastic sets clean up better than wood after exposure to sticky juice and snack crumbs, but it may not stand up as well to use and abuse by a young child.

Folding boards

Some older Connect 4 game boards must be largely disassembled to store. Many newer options include boards that fold up when you’re done playing. Less assembly and disassembly as well as fewer moving parts means fewer lost pieces and longer game board life.

Travel case

Many travel sets include cases to make them easier to transport. This is a welcome improvement over the original set’s flimsy cardboard box. Portable cases may be made from vinyl, plastic, or wood. In some cases, the board itself folds down to form part of the case for the ultimate in convenience and space saving.

Token trays

One of the trivial annoyances in the original Connect 4 game was its lack of token storage during gameplay; tokens were simply loose on the table. Some manufacturers have fixed this inconvenience by attaching token trays on each side of the board, so little hands are less likely to fidget with and lose game pieces.

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Did you know?
Connect 4 is also known as Four in a Row, Captain’s Mistress, Plot Four, and Drop Four.

Connect 4 game prices

Inexpensive: You can find a classic Connect 4 games for around $10. At this price, you’re getting a standard game set made with plastic components. You don’t have any added features like token trays or storage cases.

Mid-range: Games in the next price tier usually cost $11 to $15. In this range, you get either an upgraded traditional game or an updated game with new rules or features. You can find games made with plastic or wood in this tier. They may have storage trays, special carrying cases, or fold conveniently for travel or storage.

Expensive: The most expensive Connect 4 games are oversized models for outdoor use. Prices for these range from around $80 to $120. You find both wooden and plastic models in this price range. Portable oversized models should come with a storage case or carrying bag, and plastic styles that lack this feature should be durable enough to become permanent outdoor fixtures in your yard.


  • Larger games with bigger tokens and wider slots may be easier for little hands to maneuver.

  • Be careful not to accidentally bump the gate release lever with a leg when playing oversized outdoor editions.

  • Young child frustrated with the game? Consider letting them connect three to win.

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If you’re wary of games that monopolize your time, Connect 4 is the game for you — a full game takes 10 minutes or less.


Q. Where did Connect 4 come from, anyway?

A. While the game has many other names, it was first marketed by game maker Milton Bradley back in the winter of 1974. It was invented by Howard Wexler, a toy and game designer with a PhD in psychology, and independent toy designer Ned Strongin, who also contributed to the popular Weebles toys. At the time, Wexler noted that the majority of existing games were played flat on a table. His goal was to invent something that engaged the brain differently and required vertical orientation.

Q. Does Connect 4 have any alternate rules to make the game more interesting?

A. We’ve presented some new spins on the classic game in our recommendations, but there are other ways you can play even with a classic game board. Power Up and Pop 10 are two common variations, but the most popular one is called Pop Out. When playing Pop Out, players can deposit their tokens as usual, or remove one of their own colored tokens from the bottom of the board. Removing a token shifts the entire row downward, drastically changing your opponent’s strategy. The goal remains the same: lining up four tokens vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Q. At what age can my child start playing Connect 4?

A. While Hasbro markets the game for ages five and up, many children are able to understand the basics of Connect 4 by age four. If your child shows interest, give it a try — you may enjoy it more than many other popular preschool games. The tokens used to play Connect 4 can pose a choking risk for children under age three, so keep this in mind when playing.

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