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Updated May 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Microfleur 5” Regular Microwave Flower Press Kit
5” Regular Microwave Flower Press Kit
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A compact flower press kit that is easy to use and works quickly.


Square press measures 5 inches long and wide and has 2 closure clips. Dries flowers in the microwave and takes minutes to complete. The inside of the press has washable and reusable cotton and wool layers. Made in the USA.


Liners may burn in some microwaves.

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Worown Mini Flower Press Kit
Mini Flower Press Kit
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Easy to Use
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A press with portable size and multilayered design for drying flowers and leaves.


A square press measuring 6 inches long and wide. Features 2 outer plates with a wood grain finish, 2 straps, 10 lining papers, 2 bags, 4 dry plates, and 4 sponge layers. Easy to use and takes 3 days to dry.


May be too small for some users.

4M Pressed Flower Kit Art
Pressed Flower Kit Art
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Best for Kids
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A tiny but mighty flower press kit aimed at kids that includes bonus craft supplies.


Best for kids. Kit features 2 “trinket” boxes, 4 cards, and bookmarks for DIY projects. Also includes glue, a brush, and tape, all at a bargain price. Comes with detailed instructions.


With dimensions of 10cm x 10cm, it can only fit small flowers.

Moulin Roty Flower Press
Moulin Roty
Flower Press
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An elegant wooden press with a botanical design and decorative lettering.


Measures 7 inches long, wide, and deep. Features 2 outer MDF wooden press layers secured with metal turn screws. Certified to be made without harmful materials. Weighs 1.3 pounds. For ages 3 and older.


Does not come with instructions.

WANDIC Flower Press Kit
Flower Press Kit
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Most Spacious
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A press that works well for bigger flowers and includes useful tools for the process.


Measures 8.27 inches long and 6.3 inches wide. Features paper and sponge layers between 2 wooden plates secured by 2 straps. Comes with an exacting knife, shears, tweezers, and press layers. Preserves plant color.


May be lacking in durability.


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Buying guide for best flower press kits

Pressing flowers is a time-honored way to preserve their beauty as well as the memories they represent. A wedding bouquet or other flowers with sentimental value can last years past their bloom with the help of a flower press kit. These kits are easy to use and make pressed flowers that can be framed, used on stationery, or used to decorate other crafts. Gone are the days of pressing flowers in telephone books – some flower presses now offer same-day results using your microwave.

Do you want to stick with a traditional-style flower press? There are many stunning classic flower press kits available. Are you looking for a press for your kids? We can help you find a kit suitable for little hands. Larger kits can press a lot of flowers simultaneously, while smaller ones are wonderful for travel and hikes.

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Pressing flowers dates back centuries as an art form in China and Japan.

How does a flower press kit work?

Flower presses flatten and dehydrate flowers by removing light and extracting moisture through the use of absorbent paper, platens, and pressure. The color of the flowers may either be faded or intensified by this process.

The majority of flower presses have the ability to press multiple plants, including leaves, by layering paper and drying plates accordion-style. The flower or foliage is placed on the pressing paper, and the drying plate (either a piece of cardboard or other heavy material) is placed over it. Another pressing paper can then be placed on top, followed by another drying plate. Some presses involve layering other materials as well, such as sponges or wool. This stack is sandwiched between wood, ceramic, or plastic platens. The whole structure is then compressed by screws, clips, or buckles.

Key considerations


Flower presses generally come in rectangular or square shapes. Larger ones have a bigger surface area, something to consider if you want to press a bouquet or a mix of foliage or press longer or larger flowers. An extra-large flower press may reach dimensions of 12 x 18 inches (30 x 45 centimeters), while a very small one may measure 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10 centimeters).

Classic style

A classic flower press is designed to press flowers overnight, though some flowers may take a few weeks to dry out completely based on their moisture content and size. Classic presses are typically made of wood, like plywood or fiberboard, and use a few methods for compression, like bolts with wingnuts or straps. Some may even use thick rubber bands. The bolts may either be plastic or metal. Wingnuts are tightened by hand on the outside of the press. With the strap method, a pair of nylon or cloth straps are wrapped around the press and manually tightened with a hook-and-loop buckle.


A modern-day approach to flower presses is a microwaveable type that delivers almost instantly pressed flowers. These presses have microwave-safe plastic or ceramic, vented platens, and come with fabric liners and wool pads. The press is secured by clips or rubber bands. Flowers and foliage are dried by microwaving the press in short bursts of 20 to 30 seconds. This process is repeated until the flowers are papery and dry. If done correctly, flowers from a microwave press will retain their color better, and they can be pressed the day they’re plucked.

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Did you know?
Flower press kits apply more pressure and dry flowers more effectively and efficiently than the old-fashioned method of pressing between the sheets of a heavy book.



A classic flower press that comes with rubber legs or nubs will protect your counters and furniture from scratches or damage.


If you’re looking for a flower press kit for your child, look for ones designed for ages five and up that don’t have a lot of loose parts. These presses are typically smaller and have easy-to-grip plastic bolts and knobs in lieu of wingnuts. They usually have fun graphics and provide educational instructions for your little botanist.

Craft accessories

Many flower press kits include craft materials at little or no additional charge. These accessories may include blank cards, bookmarks, and trinket boxes. Kits may also come with tape, a brush, and glue to affix your pressed flowers to your DIY projects.


You can find a flower press kit with lots of features, including craft accessories, for as little as $9. Kid-friendly and/or smaller presses can be found at this price point and up to $15. These kits tend to have plastic parts.

For a classic wood flower press, expect to pay $25 to $40. These kits tend to be designed with adult use in mind, with a higher level of craftsmanship and design aesthetic. They tend to be more involved to use but deliver quality results. Small microwave presses also fall within this price range.

A large flower press kit, both classic-style and microwave, will run between $44 and $55.


  • Use fresh flowers, or ideally flowers still in buds, to press. For the best color retention, pick flowers right at their bloom.

  • If you can’t press a flower right away, put it in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator.

  • If you pick flowers from the outdoors or a garden (with permission, of course!), wait until the morning dew has evaporated. The wetter the flower, the higher the chance of molding in the press.

  • Bigger flowers, or ones with a globe shape, can be cut in half so that they’re easier to press.

  • With classic-style presses, the tighter you screw the press or tighten the straps, the faster the flowers will dry.

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Pressing focal flowers with filler flowers and greenery can create a unique, bouquet-like look.


Q. I’ve never pressed flowers before. How hard are these kits to use?

A. Definitely look for a kit that comes with instructions and follow them. The easier kits tend to be the ones designed with children in mind, which some consumers also like for their elderly parents. This isn’t to say pressing flowers is difficult – you just need to follow the user’s manual.

Q. Do I need to change the blotting paper during the pressing process?

A. Some experts recommend changing the pressing paper every couple of days to reduce the chance of flowers browning from moisture. Even if the paper doesn’t feel damp, it will have absorbed some moisture from the flowers. Read the instructions that come with your press to see if the manufacturer recommends switching out papers midway through the process. If you’re using a microwave press, the cloth liners that act as blotting paper will stain and retain pollen from previous batches of flowers. They need to be washed by hand and laid flat to dry between batches. You can also purchase replacement liners from the manufacturer.

Q. How do I make my pressed flowers last longer?

A. Some pressed flowers only last a month, whereas others last for years. A properly pressed flower should last on average five to seven years. Though all pressed flowers will fade somewhat over time, paler shades and older blooms will fade faster. Always display framed flowers away from direct sunlight, fluorescent lights, and moisture. Store pressed flowers on blotting paper in sealed plastic containers or sleeves. Adding a silica gel pack to your storage container will also protect your pressed flowers from moisture, which can cause them to mold.

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