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Best Diamond Painting Kits

Updated January 2023
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TWBB Diamond Painting Kits
Diamond Painting Kits
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Vibrant Landscapes
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This collection of starry skies and 5D kits is fun to paint and serves as excellent wall decor.


Each full-sized painting arrives with a unique landscape, from sunsets to starry nights. Package includes diamonds and tools, so users will have to make no unnecessary purchases. Large and colorful, so users can easily hang it up afterward.


Some users report not having enough gems to finish the painting.

Best Bang for the Buck
Lonmo Art Stitch Diamond Painting Kit
Lonmo Art
Stitch Diamond Painting Kit
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Bargain Pick
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Its bright colors and affordable price make this kit a steal for bargain-hunters.


Canvas is 12 by 16 inches. Comes with diamonds, a point pen, gel, and a tray. Fade-resistant painting. Easy to use. Has a key for the letters and numbers on the canvas.


Package doesn't come in a box.

Dan&Darci Gem Diamond Painting Kit
Gem Diamond Painting Kit
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This keychain-style diamond painting kit boasts bright colors and cute designs.


Kit includes: gems in 8 colors, 5 suncatchers, 5 keychains, 6 hologram stickers, 5 suction cups, stylus, wax strip, instruction and tracing guide. No glue needed; gems stick on their own.


The diamond paintings may be too easy for some.

Creativity for Kids Big Gem Diamond Painting Kit
Creativity for Kids
Big Gem Diamond Painting Kit
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Best for Kids
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Its colorful designs and features make this kit an ideal gift for artistic children.


Kit comes with 2 suncatchers, 12 holographic stickers, a pen, tray, and gems. Stickers have printed dots for guided gem placement. Easy to use. No glue needed.


Might be too simple for some users.

Temlum Diamond Painting Coasters
Diamond Painting Coasters
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Functional & Fun
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After finishing the colorful mandalas of this kit, users will have a completed set of drinking coasters.


Full set comes with 6 original coasters, diamonds, glue, a pen, tray, and coaster holder. Designed out of acrylic for long-lasting use and vibrant colors. Cork base won't scratch or damage your tables. Available in multiple patterns.


Some coaster patterns can be confusing to read.

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Buying guide for best diamond painting kits

If you’re the kind of person who loves coloring, paint-by-numbers, or cross-stitching, then diamond painting kits may be for you. Diamond painting kits consist of hundreds of different resin rhinestones applied to a canvas with a design on it. The final result is a sparkling canvas, or “painting,” that shimmers like a diamond.

Before you begin looking for diamond painting kits to add to your cart, consider a few factors. The canvas size matters, and a beginner diamond painter may want a smaller canvas with fewer “diamonds” included. You’ll also want to think about the canvas design itself, the current art in your home, if you plan to frame the painting, and its price.

No matter what’s most important to you, make sure you have all the info you need to get the best diamond painting kit for you.

diamond painting
Where you start the diamond painting matters. Right-handed people may find it better to start at the bottom right-hand corner because it lessens the chance of smudging the painting as you go on. Left-handed folks may find it helpful to start at the top right-hand corner.

How to buy the best diamond painting kit


Each diamond painting kit consists of a few main components: a diamond applicator pen, wax to use with the pen, a tray, and a canvas.

Similar to paint-by-numbers, a diamond painting canvas has a chart printed with the layout of where the diamonds should go. Lay out all the materials on a clean, flat surface. The canvas is wrapped in plastic. Take a moment to understand how the canvas is laid out, so you can decide which colors you want to start with (it’s recommended to start with one color at a time). It’s best to pull away a small corner of the film so you can “paint” bit by bit.

Starting with one color, pour some of the diamonds into the tray. Gently shake the tray until the diamonds are facing the right side up. Then, take your applicator pen and dip it into the wax (depending on the kit, you might have a wax pencil to sharpen instead). Once your pen is ready with wax, gently press it against one of the diamonds in your tray. Lift the diamond and press it into the corresponding exposed area of your canvas. Continue to fill in the canvas in small parts until it’s fully complete.


At a glance, using a diamond painting kit can seem daunting. It’s like a miniature mosaic, putting many diamond pieces together to make something beautiful. Luckily, there are plenty of kits targeted toward beginners.

Diamond painting kits come in small, medium, and large sizes. Beginners should start with a small kit, which can be as small as eight by eight inches. Small kits cost less because they require fewer materials. Small painting kits are less detailed but pretty nonetheless. Many of these are nature-oriented, with landscapes or flowers. There won’t be too many colors in them, which simplifies the painting process.

Medium diamond painting kits typically start at 12 by 12 inches but can be as large as 24 by 32 inches. These are a good fit if you’ve done a few diamond paintings before and are looking for a bit of a challenge. Medium-size kits incorporate more colors and contain more textural elements, such as gradients and shadows. Along with more detailed landscape images, you can also find more still lifes and portraits.

Large diamond painting kits can be as big as 36 by 36 inches. These are recommended for people who have done several diamond paintings before since these poster-size paintings take a long time to complete. Large diamond painting kits can depict individual and group portraits, extremely detailed landscapes, and images that incorporate many colors and gradients. A kit of this size can take months to complete. but if you’re up to the challenge, it can be lots of fun.

Diamond shape

Diamond painting kits have one of two diamond shapes: round and square. Each has its benefits.

Round diamonds are much more forgiving for beginners — they’re easier to work with and require less precision. Round diamonds give a more sparkly look and are particularly useful for medium and large canvases. Diamond painting kits with round diamonds don’t look as crisp, resembling more of a cross-stitch instead.

Square diamonds are best for expert diamond painters or those looking for a challenge. Square diamonds make a crisp, precise image that works well for smaller canvases. Painting with square diamonds requires an even hand and more patience, but the final result is a beautifully clear image.

Art theme

Depending on the art you already have in your home, certain diamond painting themes may appeal more to you. Fortunately, there are as many diamond painting types as there are diamond paintings.

  • Landscapes are among the most common household paintings, diamond paintings included. Landscape paintings are forgiving and require less precision. They go well with most types of decor, though you probably want to consider the color scheme.
  • Still-life paintings, which show inanimate objects, are quite popular as well. Depending on how crisp the image is, these can be another good choice for beginners. Still-lifes that are rich with detail likely use square diamonds.
  • Portraits depict one or more human or animal subjects. A portrait painting might show a person in whom you see yourself, who reminds you of someone you know, or who simply fits the aesthetic of your home.

Invest in a sealant you can use after you finish your diamond painting kit such as Mod Podge or sealants made specifically for diamond paintings.


What features do diamond painting kits have?


Most diamond painting kits contain a canvas but no frame. Even if there’s no frame included, you can easily find one elsewhere.

Many diamond painting canvases aren’t a standard frame size, so you need to trim the painting or get a custom frame. You can find suitable frames at big box stores and online retailers. Look for frames with a plastic or glass shield in order to preserve the painting.


The thought of putting together a painting with thousands of tiny pieces is daunting to some. If that’s true for you, look for a diamond painting kit that has an instruction guide. Along with directions, it should also mention tips, best practices, and answers to frequently asked questions. Even if the diamond painting is for someone more experienced, it never hurts to have a guide in there.

diamond painting
Have some baby wipes on hand as you’re working on your painting. They’ll come in handy with any mishaps, such as getting pet hair stuck on the canvas.

How much do diamond painting kits cost?


Diamond painting kits are a budget-friendly gift. On the lower end, you can buy one for $8 to $15. Diamond painting kits at this price are small (8 by 12 inches or smaller) and likely include round diamonds. Many of these are also beginner-friendly, depicting landscapes or images that don’t require precision.


For $15 to $35, you can find more medium and large canvases, or small canvases that require a high level of detail. These diamond paintings include portraits of people and animals, or landscapes with crisp lines. Expect more square diamonds in this range and a wider variety of colors.


If you’ve got some extra to spend, a splurge is worth it. For $35 and above are large, poster-sized canvases with detail-rich images in many colors. More of these diamond painting kits contain guides and best practices, and some may include a frame for the finished product. There are both round and square diamonds available at this price point.

If your diamonds spill all over the floor, grab some pantyhose and fix them over a vacuum hose. Turn on the vacuum to suck up the spilled diamonds, dumping them into their proper container once the vacuum is off.



  • Make it a party. Diamond painting can be a fun group activity for a relaxing night in. For painting kits that are medium-size and above, enlist a friend or two to help you finish.
  • Preserve while you work. Always replace the film on the painting while it’s still in progress. When you finish it, place the film over the painting and use something heavy (like a book) to carefully press the canvas. This ensures the diamonds won’t fall off in the future.
  • Give it away. The process of finishing a diamond painting may be the most satisfying for you, but if you don’t care to keep it, you can give it away.
diamond painting
Do you have leftover diamonds? Save them for embellishing other items, such as holiday cards, birthday cards, or postcards.


Q. Is diamond painting wax toxic?

A. Diamond painting wax is usually non-toxic, but you can verify this by checking the package label or the seller’s website.

Q. Is diamond painting hard to do?

A. This depends on the complexity of the diamond painting design. Completing a diamond painting can take several days, or up to a few weeks or months.

Q. Does diamond painting help with anxiety?

A. It certainly can. People enjoy diamond painting for its repetition and the mindfulness it can create. It’s a great way to unplug from screens, tap into your creativity, and make some beautiful art to hang in your home.


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