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Best Funko POP! Toys

Updated January 2023
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Funko POP Star Wars – Mandalorian on Bantha with Child
Funko POP
Star Wars – Mandalorian on Bantha with Child
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Most Stylish
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This Star Wars Funko POP is a must-have for fans of The Mandalorian who have a sizable space on their shelf.


Bobble-head Mandalorian. Highly detailed Bantha mount. Adorable Grogu mini-figure. Wide Tatooine sand base. Extra-large for a Funko POP figure. Huge range of other Star Wars Funko POP toys available.


Has a big desktop footprint.

Best Bang for the Buck
Funko POP Halo Infinite - Master Chief
Funko POP
Halo Infinite - Master Chief
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Best for Xbox Gamers
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Xbox fans who want to add some character to their entertainment center or office space will appreciate Funko’s take on the Master Chief.


Affordable. Master Chief holds MA40 Assault Rifle. Sculpted to look just like his appearance in Halo Infinite. Easily stands without a base. Arbiter, ODST, and other Halo Funko POP figures available.


Lacks a bobble head feature.

Funko POP Jurassic Park - Dilophosaurus
Funko POP
Jurassic Park - Dilophosaurus
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Most Fearsome
Bottom Line

Although it only appeared in one Jurassic Park film, this Funko Pop! is loaded with the deceptive predatory charm that made Dilophosaurus a fan-favorite dinosaur.


Cute and creepy Dilophosaurus sports an impressively movie-accurate paint job. Tail position makes it easy to stand upright. Includes clear plastic stand. Scaly texture.


Only 1 of 7 Dilophosaurus toys are the rare frill-less model.

Funko POP Lilo & Stitch - Jumbo Stitch
Funko POP
Lilo & Stitch - Jumbo Stitch
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For Disney Fans
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This large and smiley Stitch is worth the price for Disney and animation film enthusiasts who like the adorable alien.


Huge Funko POP. Stitch easily sits stably without a base. Perfect paint job. Adorable pose and wide grin. Lilo and a wide variety of alternate Stitch models available.


Jumbo Funko POP toys are pricier than the average figure.

Funko POP Pokemon  - Meowth
Funko POP
Pokemon - Meowth
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Bargain Pick
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This cheeky little Meowth Funko POP figure is a top pick for Pokémon Trainers, especially ones who enjoyed the Game Boy classics.


Inexpensive. Meowth easily stands in place. Looks just like it does in the Pokémon video games. Tiny desktop footprint. Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and other Pokémon Funko POP figures available.


Meowth does not have a bobble head.

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Buying guide for Best Funko Pop! toys

They are one of the most sought-after and instantly recognizable toy series of the last decade, a fad that morphed into an enduring and popular series of collectibles that seems to know no limits. They are Funko Pop! toys — figurines that are cute and affordable and that run the gamut of interests, appealing to anyone who is a fan of something or someone.

Funko was a fledgling business when it started in the late 1990s, but the company grew under new ownership in the mid-2000s. When the company released its line of Pop! Vinyl figurines in 2011, demand took off. As a result, the company expanded its headquarters, opened retail stores, and recorded impressive profits.

Funko boasts an extensive array of licensing deals to create figurines and toys featuring characters from popular TV shows, films, and books, as well as other pop culture notables. Our guide will lead you through an overwhelming world of toys, distilling what’s important and assisting you in finding the right Funko Pop! toy — or many dozens of toys — to add to your collection.

Some astute collectors may want to consider the so-called sandbox test. It’s based on the idea that if a Funko toy were to be unearthed from a sandbox in ten years, whether it would be instantly recognizable.

Key considerations

Pop! Vinyls

These are the most popular toys offered and indeed what most people think of when they hear the name Funko. These plastic figurines are all the same size, standing about 4 inches tall. The heads are two-thirds the size of the body and feature big eyes set a specific, exaggerated distance apart. The result is a stylized yet identifiable caricature of a character from pop culture, history or present-day life.

These are made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which is both inexpensive and durable. Some Pop! Vinyls come with accessories, and most feature a stand; they do not move but instead are meant to be displayed.


With the company having so many licensing deals, there’s almost certainly a Funko Pop! toy that appeals to some of your interests. Among the more popular options are characters from the worlds of Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, and from TV shows like Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, and Friends. You'll also find characters from popular anime series like Naruto, My Hero Academia, Avatar, and many others. Most science-fiction and fantasy fare is covered, including Vinyls inspired by The Walking Dead, Rick & Morty, and Stranger Things.

There are also plenty of Vinyls based on real-life icons and celebrities. This includes athletes across all sports, such as soccer player Megan Rapinoe and NBA star Lebron James, as well as historical figures like Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe. Funko also has immortalized various political figures like President Jimmy Carter and late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Pop! Vinyls line also stretches to famous musicians, artists, models, drag queens, chefs, scientists, writers, and a wide array of other noteworthy and identifiable icons.


There are a few different styles and series that splinter off from the standard Vinyl offerings.

  • Oversized: These are larger versions offered by Funko. Jumbo Pop! toys stand 10 inches tall, and the Super series offers a middle ground at 6 inches tall.
  • Town: This relatively new series features a popular character in their standard Vinyl look alongside a setting, scene, or other accessory related to the character.
  • Deluxe: These popular options enhance the standard Vinyl by adding a prominent, equally large accessory, creating a more imposing and atypical figurine. Generally, this involves changing the stand. For example, a Deluxe featuring Ned Stark from Game of Thrones sits upon the Iron Throne, while the line’s Kylo Ren features the Star Wars character’s unique Tie Fighter spaceship.
  • Rides: This series features pop culture characters on vehicles or animals instead of stands. The Rides are still relatively small in size, but add a slight twist on the generic base.

To box or unbox

You may want to decide early on whether to keep your figurines in the box or let them out into the world. Most serious collectors keep their Pops! in the box, preserving their mint condition. It also allows for easy storage — all the boxes are the exact same size, allowing a ton of flexibility for stacking, storing, and arranging them to display. What’s more, each box details some important information, including the extent to which they are rare, important to know if you should wish to have your figurines appraised for sale at some point.

If your box breaks or you throw it out and later change your mind about boxing, there are some retailers that sell empty boxes to match your figurine. A boxed figurine cannot be played with, of course, and only the front of the box is see-through. Taking the figurines out of the box allows you to set up scenes, decorate your space, and see the entirety of the figure, including its stand if it has one.


Finishes and variations

Some variations on popular characters and icons feature different finishes, exponentially adding to the number of styles available of a specific toy. Among the most common finishes are sepia, black and white, metallic, and translucent. Invisible is another option that boasts a matte white look, while another option is flocked, in which the toy is covered with a soft or fuzzy fabric.

Funko also makes glow-in-the-dark Pop! Vinyls. These charge up in the light, whether from the sun or a lamp, and feature components that glow when the light is gone. Another popular and common variation of Pop! characters are zombie versions; these feature gray, wrinkled skin and typically an angry expression.

A more recent line features a colorful rainbow finish as part of the company’s Pride Pop! collection.


These items are limited in release and unveiled at big conventions or events. They’re rare and pricey, often with a limited production and available only at select retailers for a certain time. The box will note its exclusivity.

Did You Know?
Funko makes many extras, accessories, and other merchandise under the Pop! umbrella that incorporates the iconic Vinyl style. This includes pins, keychains, water bottles, and T-shirts.

Chase variants

A chase variation is a twist on the original design of a specific Funko Pop!, a slight difference that is rare and often highly valuable. The minor change may be a different outfit or color; the toy could also feature a different accessory or unique expression. These varied figurines will boast a “chase limited edition” logo on the front of the box.

In most cases, when you’re shopping for a specific toy online, you’ll be informed whether or not you have a chance at the chase. The odds of getting the chase variation when purchasing is usually 1 in 6.

For those who take their toys out of the original packaging, you can purchase official “chase limited edition” stickers to affix to display cases.


Some toys are part of a specific set where the bases can be nested together to form a notable pop culture scene. While you have the option of buying these toys separately, the full vision is realized upon completing the set.

Did You Know?
The advent of Funko began with one man’s desire to find a Bob’s Big Boy burger franchise bobblehead. When he was unsuccessful, he bought the license and made his own.


Funko Advent calendar: Pop! Advent Calendar Marvel 80 Years
Funko also sells Advent calendars for the holiday season that includes 24 smaller versions of their popular Vinyl figurines. We recommend this one for comic book fans featuring Marvel characters across the decades.

Funko toys: Funko Disney Anna Super Cute Plush
For younger ones who aren’t fans of the plastic figurines, Funko also sells plush toys of popular characters and icons. We like this Anna plush from Frozen for Disney fans.

Funko Pop! toys prices

Inexpensive: Most Funko Pop! Vinyls cost $11. You’ll find a wide range of options across various licenses and the pop culture spectrum.

Mid-range: For between $15 and $30, you’ll find more sought-after and brand-new Funko Pop! Vinyls, as well as larger-size figurines.

Expensive: The most coveted and rare Funko Pop! toys cost over $30, with some hitting triple digits through resellers. Chase variations sold on the secondary market will be among the most expensive options.

Did You Know?
The first Funko Pop! figurines debuted in 2010 at the San Diego Comic-Con. They included DC Comics heroes Green Lantern, Batgirl, and two different versions of Batman. Notably, Batman is among the most popular Vinyls, with countless variations produced over the years.


  • Form a plan. The amount of toys Funko makes is overwhelming, so it’s best to have a plan for collecting and follow it when starting off. Focus on a specific show or film you enjoy, and be sure you have a place to put them.
  • Ensure authenticity. Collectible toys are resold with frequency on the secondary market, with some looking to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers. A serial number with a barcode on the bottom will indicate authenticity as well licensing information.
  • Clean gently. If your Vinyl is out of the box, it may accumulate dust or dirt over time. Use a duster, soft wipe, or microfiber cloth with a bit of warm water to gently clean it. Avoid using chemical cleaners or electronic devices like vacuums.
Vaulted Pop! Vinyls are those that have ceased to be manufactured, typically increasing their value. Funko regularly vaults older items, though a rare few are re-released years later.


Q. Where can I buy Funko Pop! toys?

A. The diverse range of characters depicted, as well as the breadth of popularity, means that there are many stores where you can buy these toys, in addition to countless online retailers. Bookstores, comic book shops, record stores, electronics shops, and even movie theatres will hawk Funko Pop! toys. Some limited-release Vinyls are sold exclusively at specific retailers. Online resellers often also boast vast lineups, though collectors will have to investigate their quality and authenticity.

Q. What’s the best way to track my collection?

A. While some more intrepid collectors may want to opt for keeping track by hand, the easiest and most efficient way to tally your toys is digitally, particularly using the Funko app. This allows users to sort their collections and track both the toys owned and toys sought, and it also can estimate a toy’s general value.

Q. What do the numbers in the corner of the Funko Pop! toy box mean?

A. Every Funko box is uniform, with the Pop! logo in the upper left corner and a number in the top right. That number refers to the mold of the series. Several toys within the same series may have used the same mould, in which case the coloring or finish would be different. Some series, like Marvel, span hundreds of different molds.