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Updated August 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best soccer cones

Athletes — including soccer players — are always looking for the next best piece of equipment to uplevel their skills. Training can be just as competitive as in-game performance, so it’s important to have the right accessories to improve as a player. Soccer cones are convenient for any athlete to have, as they’re versatile and affordable.

Soccer cones are used as field markers and ball platforms during practice sessions. These lightweight yet durable plastic cones hold up to indoor and outdoor use, so you can enjoy using them year-round for training. They’re available in a variety of colors, making it easy for players and coaches alike to see them in the field from a distance. Best of all, they’re inexpensive and come in sets between 10 and 50 pieces to suit your team’s ever-changing training needs.

If you’re ready to pick up some budget-friendly training equipment, we’ve assembled a buying guide to help you find soccer cones for your teams. With a wealth of applications, you’ll wish you’d found them sooner — especially at these prices.

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Players work up a sweat when they’re training, which is why it’s important for them to stay hydrated. If temperatures are rising and you notice players are struggling to keep up, call a water break so everyone can rehydrate, rest, and regroup.

Key considerations

Skills and applications

  • Dribbling

Soccer coaches strategically place soccer cones in zigzag or figure-eight shapes to design dribbling practice courses. Players weave between cones to focus on possession and ball handling skills. The cones serve as markers, but they also stop the ball from rolling down the field if the player loses control.

  • Target practice

Soccer cones are effective for holding a ball steady for target practice. Line up a series of cones and balls parallel to the goal. Players can practice scoring, and depending on the placement of the cones, they can find where they’re most comfortable taking shots on the pitch.

  • Agility training

Athletes of any sport benefit from agility training, and soccer cones are excellent equipment to practice with. Similar to obstacle course dribbling, coaches and trainers use cones to set up stations and markers. Cones designate end points, course lengths, and levels of difficulty for agility training as well as plyometric exercises.

  • Dog training

Even dogs can utilize soccer cones while they’re enrolled in doggie training courses. Owners and their four-legged friends work around the cones to learn basic commands, obedience, and leash training. Keep in mind that if your dog is completing a training course, they might need to be reminded that cones are not chew toys.


There are slight size differences between soccer cones. For the most part, they’re between two and three inches tall and between six and nine inches wide. There are also mini cones (or kids’ cones) which are approximately 1.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Normal size cones are great to use in everyday training for soccer players or athletes of any sport, where kids’ cones are perfect for young players using junior or youth balls. 

Importance of cleaning

Soccer cones spend time in many different places, like gyms, fields, and backyards. Periodically cleaning them after use is important to make sure there’s no buildup of dirt and other debris. More than anything, if they’re used outdoors, rinsing them down and occasionally washing them with dish soap washes away pollen, dirt, and some pesticides. 

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Expert Tip
Purchase soccer cones in two colors so you can set up team activities and games. You can get pinnies to match the cones so teams are easy to identify.



Soccer cones generally come in bright or neon colors so they’re easy to see on the field. Some sets are monochromatic, while others come with an assortment. White soccer cones are also available, though they’re harder to come across.


Soccer cones are made of durable plastic to handle outdoor use. They may be made of a hard plastic, though more recently, soft plastic models have become more popular. Made with low density polyethylene, soft models are bendable and flexible. As a result, they’re considered shatterproof, and are therefore much safer for young players to use.

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Expert Tip
Arrange soccer cones parallel to the goal and have a player take a shot with each of them. You’ll be able to find their most effective scoring angle and can then design plays around it.


Soccer ball: Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball
If you aren’t playing in a high school or adult league that uses official size 5 balls for games, you need a smaller soccer ball for young players. Junior size 3 balls are best for ages eight and younger, and for ages eight to 12, opt for a youth size 4 ball. We like this traditional ball from Wilson, available in your choice of three sizes.

Soccer net: GOLME PRO Pop-Up Soccer Goal
If you’re training with soccer cones, chances are you want to do some target practice. When you don’t have goalposts, a collapsible soccer net is a good makeshift option. These two portable soccer nets from GOLME come with a carrying bag for your convenience.

Soccer cone prices

Soccer cones are priced between $8 and $40 for a set.

Inexpensive: Between $8 and $13, you get 10 to 25 cones that can be stacked inside a carry strap for easy transport.

Mid-range: Mid-range soccer cones cost between $13 and $25. These sets include up to 50 cones and come with unique carry cases or platforms for easy stacking. Sets in this range are noticeably more durable than less expensive ones.

Expensive: Between $25 and $40 are soccer cones that are part of a total training system that could include a pop-up goal or agility ladders.

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Expert Tip
Assign cleanup duties to players after practice. Teammates can pitch in and tidy up the field and training equipment in no time if they work together.


  • Try new drills. It’s easy to section off areas and zones with soccer cones. Try new drills with your team and experiment with cone layouts.
  • Add soccer cones to your equipment request list. If your school has a small budget for new sports equipment, soccer cones are an inexpensive and versatile addition.
  • Design an obstacle course. If your team has done every drill in the book, use soccer cones to design an obstacle course. Divide teammates into groups and have them compete against the clock.
  • Count your cones. When you have so many cones on the field, it’s easy to lose track of them. Count the ones you put out and make sure you have the same number when you put them away.

Other products we considered

We also liked American Challenge Soccer Mini Disc Cones. Choose between green, pink, red, blue, white, or yellow for this set of 25 plastic disc cones. They’re five inches in diameter and one-and-a-quarter inches tall, so they’re a good size for young soccer players to use while practicing with kid-size soccer balls. When your training session is over, it’s easy to stack them up and secure them with the pinch buckle strap. This compact set is a favorite among coaches, and gym teachers say it takes up little space in a backpack.

If you’re ready to take your training session to the next level, try GoSports Foldable Pop-Up Goal Nets with Soccer Cones. The set comes with six cones and nets in four different shapes and sizes to accommodate players of any age. The bright orange cones are easy to see in the grass or on an indoor pitch, and the red and white net makes for easy target practice. Breaking down the set is simple, especially since the net and cones can be slipped into their carry case within a couple minutes. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty as well.

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If you’re a coach, at the end of the season, write a personal message with a permanent marker on a soccer cone for each of your players. It’s a sentimental parting gift that they can still use for practice.


Q. What is the best color for soccer cones?
Soccer cones are made in bright or neon colors so they can be seen in grass easily, though some colors are easier to see than others. Yellow and white contrast well against grass, and orange is equally popular. If you’re concerned about being able to see these colors or others, you can use reflective stickers to help them stand out more.

Q. My soccer cones didn’t come with a strap or bag. What is the best way to keep them together?
If you have a lightweight drawstring backpack, the cones stack well and usually fit inside. Another option is investing in rope or nylon webbing and securing them on a loop. You can also keep them wrapped together with a couple layers of electrical tape, which peels off easily with minimal residue.

Q. Will soccer cones damage my cleats?
It’s unlikely, especially since cleats are constructed for heavy play and tough use. Soccer cones are made of plastic, and there are no sharp or jagged edges to rip or snag them. If anything, your cleats could puncture or warp the cone if your place your body weight on them.

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