Updated November 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best kids’ snowboard boots

Snowboarding isn’t just for grownups. Youngsters also like to show off their skills as they cruise their boards down snow-packed terrain.

Don’t let their small stature fool you — many kids can shred the gnar just like adults who participate in snow sports. But showcasing impressive snowboarding skills isn’t possible without the right gear. In addition to a cool snowboard, kids need tough snowboarding boots to achieve greatness on the slopes.

Warm, flexible materials, a reliable closure system, dependable traction, and a precise fit: there are several essential elements to ponder before choosing snowboard boots for your young winter sports enthusiast. The right pair for your child will be age-appropriate and look as good as they feel. But don’t get bogged down trying to figure out which pair is best. Check out our recommendations instead and read our buying guide to learn how the right features and fit will enhance even the youngest snowboarder’s performance.

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Young snowboarders are no doubt excited when they think about hitting the slopes, so they will enjoy participating in picking out their gear, including their new snowboard boots.

Key considerations

There are some key differences between boots kids wear to participate in this action-packed winter activity and those they would put on for typical wear during the winter. Be sure to scrutinize the boots’ flexibility, warmth, closures, and other features before you make a purchase.


Snowboard boots aren’t like typical winter boots for kids. They fit differently, as they won’t be worn for simply walking in the snow. Snowboard boots must fit securely enough to move with a child’s foot as he twists and turns in the snow, and they must provide support and flexibility for comfort. That’s why the most practical pair will fit a wearer about mid-calf. This length provides support for the ankle without interfering with the natural movements on the board.


Because snowboarding requires feet to make frequent contact with snow, they have to be warm. Snowboard boots accomplish this in several ways.

  • The boots have an outer material that is durable, waterproof, and snowproof, locking out moisture and cold.
  • The boots have an insulated interior that traps warmth generated by the body.
  • The boots have thick footbeds that keep the bottoms of feet warm.
  • They have removable liners that provide additional warmth in frigid temperatures.


As you shop for snowboard boots, you’ll find that that there are three types of closures to consider. Each type has its pros and cons.

Traditional laces are familiar, as they work just like the laces you’d tie on standard shoes and boots. The downside is that the ties can easily come undone during jumps, tricks, and turns on a snowboard and tumbles in the snow.

Velcro fasteners are easy to close and adjust, and they are ideal for small children who haven’t mastered tying laces yet. Over time, however, the Velco can become less secure. Also, older kids may not think this style looks as cool as lace-up boots.

BOA lacing systems replace traditional laces with those made of a wire-like material that twines around a knob. Instead of tying and untying, the knob is turned to quickly loosen and tighten the closures. This may look complex to anyone who has never used one, but they aren’t difficult to use, and the fit is very secure. You’ll often see BOA lacing systems on boots designed for winter sports.

Keep in mind that some snowboard boots have a combination of closures, such as laces and Velcro for double security.

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Did you know?
Snowboarding is fun for kids and the young at heart, and fortunately, snowboard boots are available in sizes and designs to fit kids, men, and women.


Snowboard boots that are made for kids look like miniature versions of those for adults, and they have similar features, too. Here’s a closer look at the most important functions of snowboard boots to maximize kids’ snowboarding fun and performance, as well as their eagerness to slip on their new boots.


Kids are going to be doing a lot of walking in the snow while participating in this popular winter sport. Snowboard boots have thick rubber soles with deeply grooved traction to help keep them upright.


The structure of the outsoles of snowboard boots serves two main purposes: support and flexibility. The best boots have material that is protective of little ankles with an adequate “give” for shreddin’ across snow-covered hills.


Comfort doesn’t stop with the exterior of snowboard boots. In fact, the interior structure is just as important for keeping kids’ feet warm and comfortable when they are in the snow. That’s why many snowboard boots are lined with added insulation to protect against cold temperatures. Additionally, padded footbeds can serve as cushioning when fancy snowboard moves are performed. In some boot brands, the footbed is expandable to adjust to kids’ feet as they grow.


Just like their older counterparts, young snowboarders want to show off their skills and style when cruising in the snow. Boots that are designed just for youngsters have graphics and sporty looks that kids love and may even consider “crunchy” — that’s snowboard talk for “cool.”

"If you’ve never used a BOA lacing system, don’t let it intimidate you. This patented closure is easy to use and provides a reliable way to tighten laces, so they are secure without being too tight. "


A well-made pair of snowboard boots is just one item that a young rider will need to hit the slopes. This exciting winter sport requires other items for fun and warmth.

Snowboard: Airhead Snow Ryder
A cool snowboard will put a kid’s new snowboard boots to the test. The Snow Ryder is designed for novices to the sport, as it’s easy to control and includes bindings with hook-and-loop closures that can be adjusted by small hands. The durable hardwood construction has sporty graphics that look great in the snow.

Warm socks: Ultimate Socks Youth Performance Ski and Snowboard Socks
Make sure your young winter sports enthusiast’s feet stay warm in the snow. These socks are made of a wool blend that retains heat yet is soft and flexible. Secure cuffs and comfortable padding make them perfect for small shredders.  

Snow gloves: Andorra Kids’ Insulated Ski Gloves
Even though snowboarding requires a lot of fancy footwork in the snow, hands will inevitably end up in the cold stuff. This pair of snow gloves by Andorra has the features to keep warmth in and snow out, including 3M Thinsulate insulation, waterproof material, and drawstring closures.

Kids’ snowboard boot prices

Inexpensive: Snowboard boots priced between $40 and $70 are practical for novices. Smaller sizes for kids tend to fall into this price category, too. However, the materials aren’t likely to hold up as well as what you’d find with pricier boots.

Mid-range: Between $70 and $125 is the sweet spot for most snowboard boots for kids, as you’ll find a wide range of styles and sizes made for frequent time spent in the snow. Popular brands are also available at this price level.

Expensive: You don’t necessarily have to spend more than $125 for a good pair of snowboard boots for your snowboarder, but boots in this category are worth considering for kids who spend a lot of time riding or even those training to compete. Top brands can run more than $200, so you may want to be sure your child is serious about the sport before you make the investment. 

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Did you know?
Did you know that some kids’ snowboard boots have pull straps at the tops? They provide places to grab and pull for extra leverage when putting on the boots.


  • Add snowboarding to your winter fun schedule. Snowboarding can make an exciting addition to sledding, skiing, and ice skating for energetic kids who can’t spend enough time in the snow.
  • Keep it fun for novices. Just like their adult counterparts, kids like to be competitive. However, it’s important for young snowboarders to get the hang of the sport before they participate in competitions. Encourage them to enjoy time spent practicing on the slopes, and save competitive snowboarding for when they’ve improved their moves and techniques.
  • Check the fit of your child’s snowboard boots each winter. As you know, kids grow quickly. Chances are last year’s snowboard boots may not fit as well as they did the year before. If not, it’s time for a new pair for your growing kiddo.
  • Consider your child’s activity level. Snowboard boots should be appropriate for a child’s snowboarding activities. A novice or occasional rider who doesn’t spend long hours on the slopes may not need features like a BOA lacing system or extra boot liner. On the other hand, young snowboarders who like to spend the day shredding snow need tough boots that are made to stay securely laced and provide extreme warmth.
  • Think about quality. If your child plans to spend a lot of time snowboarding, it’s best to invest in boots made by a recognizable brand with features like thick insulation and a reliable lacing system. Although they may be pricier than some pairs, their durability and snow-friendly features will pay off in the long run.

Other products we considered

Young snowboard enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes, and fortunately, the boots they’ll need to take to the snowy slopes also come in different styles and sizes. In addition to our favorites, a few others caught our attention, like Chamonix’s boots with wide Velcro fasteners that are easy for little kids to open, close, and adjust.

The Lil Kats by K2 have a pretty floral design that would complement a girl’s shreddin’ styles on the slopes. We love that ThirtyTwo’s BOA boots come in styles for boys and girls with warm sherpa fleece footbeds. What’s more, the versatile structure fits little feet as they grow.

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Do temperatures get well below freezing in your region during the winter? If so, snowboard boots with insulation are a must. 3M Thinsulate is a trusted manufacturer of this winter-proof material that is often found in cold-weather gear, including snowboard boots by top brands.


Q.  How long will a pair of snowboard boots for my child last?
The longevity of kids’ snowboard boots depends on how tough your child is on them and how quickly he outgrows them. A quality pair with strong stitching should hold up well to the twists and turns of the sport for two or three snow-covered seasons. However, if you buy boots when he is about to have a growth spurt, they may only fit for one winter.

Q.  My youngest child loves to watch her older brother snowboard and can’t wait to ride. However, she’s only five years old. Is she too young to start learning?
Technically no, but it’s best if she starts out slowly and learns the sport with adult supervision. A small, age-appropriate snowboard and snowboard boots that are flexible and supportive will help her get off to a good start.

Q. What type of socks should my child wear with snowboard boots?
Look for socks that are specifically designed for snow sports. They’ll be thick enough to keep little feet warm without being so thick that they compromise the fit of the boots. They’ll also have materials like wool blends that are breathable, warm, and designed to stay up without slipping during play. Additionally, make sure the socks you choose fit higher than the boots to prevent rubbing and chaffing. The best socks for snowboard boots fit slightly below the knee.

Q. What is a “grommet” in snowboard lingo?
The term has been used in extreme action sports like surfing, rollerblading, skateboarding, skiing, and snowboarding, and it refers to a young participant, typically under the age of 16. So it’s perfectly fine to refer to your little snowboarder as a grommet or grom. It fact, she’ll probably be impressed that you know the meaning of the word.

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