Updated March 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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HOTSUIT Sauna Suit for Men
Sauna Suit for Men
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Customer Favorite
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This durable, heavy-duty sauna sweat suit is by far the best, says our fitness expert, who praises its durability and patented fabric.


Functions best to induce high volumes of sweat, reducing water weight with patented Wear-resistant Silver-Heat REG V2.0 fabric. It's also wind and waterproof, making it possible for outside wear.


Recommended that you size up for a looser fit.

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Kutting Weight Short Sleeve Sauna Suit for Men
Kutting Weight
Short Sleeve Sauna Suit for Men
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Most Versatile
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This Kutting Weight sauna suit is a top choice for high-quality construction; earns our expert's approval.


This suit is made with SweatTech anti-rip neoprene fabric, which is proven to burn calories and increase your metabolism by 20.8%. It also has a breathable mesh that runs down its side and arms to maximize airflow.


Material is slightly restrictive when worn during workouts.

Kumayes Sauna Suit for Women
Sauna Suit for Women
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Lightweight & Durable
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Features a lightweight yet well-made design; our expert notes that some Olympic marathon trainees use these.


A lightweight option made with polymer fabric that maximizes your sweat output within 10 minutes of exercising. Comfortable enough to wear for working out or as a casual all-day choice.


Consider sizing up if you have a longer torso.

DEFY Sauna Suit with Hood
Sauna Suit with Hood
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Durable & Rugged
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Our fitness expert recommends this sauna suit for its unique blend of materials and ergonomic build.


Developed from taffeta and nylon materials for heavy-duty sweating. Comes with a hood and thick rubber lining to optimize the sauna-like feel. Protects against ripping and tearing. Both pants and hood have spacious pockets.


Not too flexible or stretchy, which can get annoying.

MRX Heavy-Duty Sauna Suit
Heavy-Duty Sauna Suit
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Slimming Look
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This suit helps you lose weight, yes, but it’s also slimming so you can look like you’ve lost more than you have.


It’s made of EVA nylon for durability and is machine-washable. The strips of color down the sides give it some extra personality. The hood can keep you warm and protect you from the rain.


Some had issues with the stitching coming undone after a few uses and washes.


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Buying guide for Best sauna suits

On the surface, a sauna suit may seem like just another overhyped weight-loss product. The idea is definitely a little strange— clothing that’s designed to make you sweat excessively—but studies have shown that working out in a sauna suit can help you drop pounds for a slimming effect, reduce body fat, and increase your metabolic rate. That makes a sauna suit an ideal investment if you’re looking to jump-start your fitness program.

You’ll especially benefit from a sauna suit if you want to lose weight quickly or if you’re a wrestler or boxer who needs to make a certain weight class. But the sauna effect of these suits can also help keep you warm if you’re exercising in cold weather and help lower fasting blood glucose levels for prediabetics.

If you’re thinking of working out in a sauna suit, you must choose a high-quality option to really see results. You need to know what material to choose, how to find the best size, and what other features can make your workouts as successful as possible.

Not sure how to choose the best sauna suit for you? This shopping guide contains all the information you need to find the ideal suit for your next workout. If you’re ready to buy, check out our recommendations.

sauna suit
A sauna suit usually recreates the experience of exercising in 90°F weather with up to 50% humidity.

What to think about when selecting a sauna suit


Most sauna sweat suits are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), nylon, a PVC/nylon blend, or neoprene.

  • PVC is a synthetic plastic that can tear and rip fairly easily, so this type of sauna suit isn’t very durable. Plastic materials also trap heat without allowing the body to regulate its temperature, so it’s easy to feel faint or even pass out while wearing a PVC sauna suit.
  • Nylon holds up better than PVC, so these suits tend to last longer. However, nylon can still break down fairly easily. It can also trap heat without allowing your body to cool itself, which can impact the safety of the suit.
  • Neoprene is your best bet if you want the highest-quality, most durable sauna suit. This rubbery, tear-resistant material works well in extreme temperatures and holds up well even with high-intensity workouts. Neoprene also offers a good deal of flexibility; you’ll have full range of motion when wearing the suit. Best of all, neoprene is made up of closed cells, so it keeps sweat away from your body and prevents you from developing an odor. However, some individuals are allergic to neoprene. Make sure that the material won’t irritate your skin before purchasing a sauna suit.
Expert TIp
Due to the heat and perspiration, do not wear cotton undergarments under your suit. Instead, choose synthetic wicking material designed for exercise. This will allow proper comfort for an already uncomfortable experience.
BestReviews Fitness Expert


Body sauna suits generally range in size from S to 6XL. Some suits are unisex, so it’s especially important to pay attention to the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines, which are often based on height, weight, and chest measurement.

While a sauna suit should have a snug fit that conforms to the body’s shape to help trap heat, it shouldn’t fit too tightly. There should be just enough give that you’re able to move freely while working out. It’s usually not necessary to change the size of a sauna suit as you lose weight, especially if you opt for neoprene, which can still generate a good deal of sweat even with a looser fit.

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Expert Tip
Start with just five to ten minutes of exercise when you first wear a sauna suit, and work your way up with 5- to 10-minute increments. I recommend that you do not wear a sauna suit for more than 60 minutes of exercise.
BestReviews Fitness Expert

Sauna suit features


Sauna suits are available in several different styles to cover different amounts of your body. Some suits have long-sleeve tops and ankle-length pants, while others have short-sleeve or tank tops and short bottoms. Hoodie and waist trainer models are also available. However, as long as the suit covers your chest, torso, upper arms, and upper legs, it should be effective.

Keep in mind that some sauna suits are all one piece, like a wetsuit. Others have separate top and bottom pieces that are worn together. Both options can be extremely effective, but some users prefer separates so you can replace one piece if it rips, tears, or shows other signs of wear.


While the goal of a sauna suit is to make you sweat excessively with reliable heat retention, it’s important that it offers some breathability, or you may overheat and pass out. Choose a suit that’s designed with some type of ventilation to allow you to cool off enough when you’re working out. Avoid sauna suits that don’t offer any ventilation because they can be fairly dangerous.

Many suits have some type of knitted or mesh ventilation zones to help with breathability. In particular, look for a suit with ventilation in the underarm and inner leg areas to help you stay cool enough.


Some sauna suits have elasticized cuffs to help keep in the heat and generate a good sweat. This is usually an important feature on suits that fit more loosely. Thus, neoprene sauna suits don’t require this type of cuff.


Neoprene sauna suits have a fairly snug fit. As such, it’s important to choose an option with a comfortable closure. Zippers are the most convenient and easy to use, but they can sometimes put a good deal of pressure on the skin. Some suits have a combination of front zippers and drawstrings for a customizable fit. Hook-and-loop closures are an ideal alternative if you don’t like the feel of a zipper. Some suits simply slide on and off—they don’t have any closures. These can be extremely comfortable but may be tricky to get into.


When you’re working out in your sauna suit, you might want to bring along some items like a wallet, keys, phone, or water bottle. Some suits have pockets that make it much easier to carry your valuables to the gym or on a run. For the most security, opt for a suit with pockets that fasten closed, which will defy your belongings falling out during a vigorous workout.

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Always consult with a doctor before using a sauna suit or starting any new exercise regimen. In particular, individuals with diabetes, heart issues, or other conditions that can affect your body’s ability to regulate its temperature should check whether a sauna suit is medically advisable.

Sauna suit prices


The least-expensive sauna suits are typically made of PVC and range from $10 to $30. They can be a good option if you’re new to using a sauna suit and want to try one out to see if you like it, but they don’t tend to be very durable.


Suits made of a combination of PVC and nylon typically cost between $30 and $60. They’re more durable than PVC-only suits but can still tear somewhat easily.


For the highest-quality sauna suits made of neoprene, you’ll usually spend between $60 to $110. These suits tend to hold up to wear and tear much better than those made of PVC or nylon, so they may be worth the investment if you’re serious about training with a sauna suit.

Working out in a sauna suit may also increase your ability to tolerate heat.


Tips for sauna suit wear

  • Wear lightweight, close-fitting undergarments that won’t add too much extra bulk. Worn under a sauna suit, these can help absorb some of the sweat so you feel more comfortable.
  • Don’t do a full workout or intense cardio exercises when first wearing the sauna suit. You may only be able to handle five or ten minutes of light exercise in the suit before you feel extremely flushed. Gradually work up to a full session and more rigorous workouts.
  • Stop immediately if you feel dizzy or nauseated while working out in a sauna suit. That’s a strong indication that your body has had enough.
  • Never wear a sauna suit for more than 60 minutes of exercise.
Expert TIp
Wearing sauna suits can quickly cause dehydration, so be sure to keep an electrolyte-rich drink nearby during your workout.
BestReviews Fitness Expert
sauna suit
Exercising in a sauna suit can help improve circulation.


Q. Are sauna suits safe to use?

A. If you choose a sauna suit that offers proper ventilation, it’s usually safe for most people to use. It’s always recommended that you consult with a doctor before starting a new exercise routine, and working out in a sauna suit is no exception.

Q. How do I clean my sauna suit?

A. While some sauna suits are machine washable, manufacturers usually recommend hand-washing your suit to increase its lifespan. Use a gentle detergent meant for delicates and hang the suit to dry. Even if you can clean your suit in the washer, always allow it to air-dry.

Q. Isn’t all the weight you lose with a sauna suit just water weight?

A. Because you’re sweating so much, you will lose some water weight that you’ll replace as soon as you rehydrate. However, that’s not the only type of weight you might lose. A sauna suit helps boost your metabolism due to the increase in your core temperature, so you burn more calories overall. You’ll burn fat, too, which helps you achieve long-term weight loss.

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