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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for Best Schwinn exercise bikes

If you want to burn calories and fat, biking is a great cardio workout. If you want to establish a consistent exercise routine, investing in an exercise bike is your best bet because you can ride any time you wish — no excuses for inclement weather. Schwinn is one of the most respected bicycle manufacturers in the game, and it’s not surprising that the manufacturer offers a line of high-quality exercise bikes that can help you get fit.

Schwinn exercise bikes are available in styles for experienced cyclists, biking newbies, and everyone in between. Our shopping guide will help you choose the right Schwinn exercise bike for your needs.

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Using an exercise bike regularly can strengthen your heart and lungs and help lower your blood pressure.

Types of Schwinn exercise bikes

While any type of Schwinn exercise bike can give you a great workout, you may prefer one style over another. Here’s a look at what’s available.

Schwinn upright exercise bikes

With a seat positioned above the pedals, a Schwinn upright exercise bike resembles an on-road bike. As such, it’s an effective training option for on-road cyclists during the off-season. It takes up less space than other types of exercise bikes, too. However, a Schwinn upright exercise bike can be tough on the back and neck, so it isn’t the best option if you already have issues with those parts of the body.

Schwinn recumbent exercise bikes

Recumbent bikes don’t have the same setup as outdoor road bikes. Instead, there is a seat with a backrest that’s set slightly back from the pedals and feels much like a chair. A Schwinn recumbent exercise bike is an apt choice if you’re looking for something comfortable that won’t put as much strain on your back and neck. These bikes tend to be quite large, however, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough space before buying.

Schwinn indoor cycling exercise bikes

Like an upright bike, the Schwinn indoor cycling exercise bike closely resembles an on-road bike. However, instead of a motor and electromagnetic resistance, this type of bike uses a flywheel system to provide resistance. As a result, the workout is similar to being on the actual road. Notably, indoor cycling exercise bikes aren’t known for comfort and can cause back and neck strain.

Schwinn air-resistance exercise bikes

This type of Schwinn exercise bike uses a fan to create air resistance. As you pedal faster, the bike increases resistance. This setup can be difficult for beginners and is best left for experienced bike riders.

Factors to consider

Power source

Nearly all Schwinn exercise bikes require some type of power. Some bikes have a motor that provides resistance. Schwinn models with a motor usually feature an AC adapter and must be plugged into a wall outlet. The fact that you’re tethered to the wall limits your placement choices somewhat.

Other Schwinn exercise bikes only need power for the electronic display. Replaceable batteries may power this type of bike. Because there is no power cord, you can station this type of exercise bike wherever you wish in the home. However, some battery-powered bikes can also be used with an AC adapter. You may prefer this to ensure that your data display doesn’t lose power in the middle of a workout.

Maximum weight

Exercise bikes have weight limits which you should not exceed. Most Schwinn exercise bikes have a weight limit between 250 and 350 pounds. You’ll want to choose an exercise bike that supports the weight of all users in your home.

Bike seat

An exercise bike can be uncomfortable to ride if the seat is too hard. Fortunately, Schwinn offers several models with padded seats to make the ride more comfortable. Some bikes come with an extra-large seat to enhance your comfort even further.

If you’re particularly concerned about seat discomfort, you might prefer a Schwinn recumbent exercise bike. These seats are similar to chairs and provide back support.

Resistance levels

To customize your workout, an exercise bike should offer multiple resistance levels that are easy to adjust. That way, you can start at a lower resistance level and work your way up to a higher level as you become more fit. Schwinn upright and recumbent exercise bikes offer 20 or 25 levels of resistance. The levels are controlled by computer, so you have only to press a button on the display to set your level.

Schwinn indoor cycling and air resistance bikes have an infinite number of resistance levels because the resistance is controlled by how fast and hard you pedal. However, because the resistance is user-controlled, it can be more difficult for beginners to adjust and maintain their resistance level.

All Schwinn bikes have at least a basic LCD screen to display your exercise data while you’re riding. Some high-end Schwinn models have multiple backlit LCD screens.

"An exercise bike doesn’t just provide an effective cardio workout. It can also help build up the muscles in your legs, thighs, and glutes. "

Workout programs

Several Schwinn exercise bike models include pre-programmed workout routines that make it easy to complete the ideal workout based on your fitness level, goals, age, weight, and gender. Some models offer 22 workout programs; others have up to 29 options. Depending on which bike you buy, the programs may incorporate your user profile data and target heart rate. There may be a quick-start option, a fitness test option, and customizable options that you create yourself.

Heart rate monitor

To get the most from your workout, it helps to know if you’re in your target heart rate zone. Some Schwinn exercise bikes have a built-in heart rate monitor for this purpose. These monitors are based on grip contact; you must hold a certain part of the handlebars or console to get a reading. Others feature a telemetry-enabled display; you wear a compatible chest strap monitor, and the display shows your readings as you pedal.


Are you interested in tracking your long-term performance on your exercise bike? Schwinn offers several exercise bikes that are compatible with the Schwinn training app, as well as third-party fitness apps. The bike transmits your workout data via Bluetooth so you can track your progress via your smartphone or tablet.

Accessory holders

All Schwinn exercise bikes feature a water bottle holder, so you never have to worry about getting dehydrated during a workout. Some models also have a media shelf or tablet holder, so you can place your phone or tablet on the console and stream your favorite TV show or movies while you exercise.


Some Schwinn exercise bikes feature built-in speakers and an MP3 input to allow you to play your favorite workout playlists from your smartphone or tablet through the in-console sound system.

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Did you know?
Some Schwinn exercise bikes have a built-in USB charging port so you can charge your phone, tablet, or another device while you work out.

Schwinn exercise bike prices

Schwinn exercise bikes vary in price based on bike type and features offered. Most models cost between $299 and $999.


Schwinn indoor cycling exercise bikes are generally the most affordable options. They typically cost between $299 and $499 and are ideal if you want an exercise bike to train with during the off-season.


Schwinn upright exercise bikes start at a slightly higher price, typically ranging from $329 to $449. These are a classic option if you’re just starting an exercise bike routine, but if you suffer from neck or back pain, you may want to consider a Schwinn recumbent bike. These usually cost between $429 and $540 and offer the most comfortable ride of any Schwinn exercise bike.


Schwinn air-resistance exercise bikes tend to be the priciest Schwinn models. These bikes start at $399 and can cost as much as $999. Less maintenance is required, however, which can make the higher price tag worthwhile.


  • If you’ve never worked out with an exercise bike before, consult your doctor before beginning a program. Immediately stop using the bike if you feel discomfort in your chest, experience shortness of breath, or start to feel light-headed.
  • Wear rubber-soled athletic shoes when you ride your exercise bike to keep your feet from slipping off the pedals.
  • Adjust the seat on your Schwinn exercise bike so your legs are just slightly bent at the knee when the pedals are in the lowest position.
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Expert Tip
Most Schwinn exercise bikes allow you to see the distance you’ve ridden in either miles or kilometers.
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Riding an exercise bike burns calories and provides an excellent cardio workout. It’s also low-impact, which makes it worth considering if you have knee or joint issues.


Q. What type of maintenance do Schwinn exercise bikes require?

A. It depends on the type and model that you have. Consult the owner’s manual that comes with your bike to determine the proper maintenance procedure and schedule. In general, make sure that the bike is clean after every use. Wipe down the frame and display with a damp cloth after each workout to remove sweat, dirt, or debris that might damage the bike. If the console runs on batteries, you’ll need to replace them whenever they run out.

Q. Can a Schwinn exercise bike help me lose weight?

A. Along with a healthy diet, a Schwinn exercise bike can be part of a weight loss program. Riding an exercise bike is an extremely effective cardio workout. A 200-pound person can burn around 300 calories per 30 minutes of biking at a moderate pace.

Q. What kind of warranty does Schwinn offer for its exercise bikes?

A. Schwinn offers warranties on all models, but coverage varies from bike to bike. There are usually different warranties for a bike’s different components. For example, the frame may have a 10-year warranty while the electronic and mechanical components have a one-year warranty.

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