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Best Pilates Rings

Updated February 2024
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ProBody Pilates Fitness Ring
ProBody Pilates
Fitness Ring
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Trusted Brand
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With a carry-on bag and lightweight construction, this model from a brand our fitness expert trusts has been designed with its users in mind.


Comfortable pads. Earns rave reviews from petite owners who often find other rings too large. Retains shape and strength longer than most other rings on the market. Company claims they've never had a complaint about a broken ring.


Doesn't come with booklet showing exercises, but you can find plenty of online instruction.

Best Bang for the Buck
RitFit Pilates Ring
Pilates Ring
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Bargain Pick
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An affordable model that provides all the fundamental properties a Pilates user needs in the comfort of their own studio.


Constructed out of fiberglass, making the ring structurally sound and able to retain its shape after every workout. Foam handles provide areas to grip. A pouch is included for easy transportability. Beginner-friendly E-book included.


A handful of users report that it doesn’t fit the bag correctly.

Balanced Body  Ultra-Fit Circle Pilates Ring
Balanced Body
Ultra-Fit Circle Pilates Ring
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Most Versatile
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This Pilates ring offers minimal resistance, a secure grip, and a classic design that makes it a nice addition to any Pilates workout.


Promotes proper alignment during use. Suitable for those who prefer a flexible design. Great for legs. Easy to hold and use thanks to handles that are padded for comfort. Available in a choice of 12- and 15-inch circles.


On the squishy side, so it doesn't provide much resistance.

URBNFit Pilates Ring
Pilates Ring
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Good Quality
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Standard 12-inch pilates ring with studio-quality construction that is the best choice for advanced practitioners, according to our expert.


The dual-sided foam pads prevent the ring from slipping away from your body. Offers an ample amount of resistance for more intense sessions. Available in three fun colors to match with other home gym accessories.


Somewhat stiffer than other options, which not all practitioners seem to like.

Gaiam Pilates Ring Fitness circle
Pilates Ring Fitness Circle
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Simple Yet Solid
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This fitness circle is excellent for Pilates and core resistance training, and it's recommended by our fitness expert.


This Pilates ring features a lightweight and flexible design, which makes it suitable for toning arms, legs, and core. It has non-slip foam handles for superior comfort and includes a downloadable exercise guide.


The 15-inch length might be too long for some users.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best pilates rings

The Pilates ring is often known by another name in Pilates circles: the magic circle. The magic circle is an accessory designed to provide added resistance when performing certain exercises. While you don’t need a ring to perform Pilates movements, it’s a great add-on for increasing tension and making a workout more challenging.

A Pilates ring is a useful tool for everyone, from beginner Pilates enthusiasts to experienced practitioners. Created by the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, the ring can be used for stretching and warm-up activities and is also a helpful for aiding in posture correction. Using a ring can help increase core strength and balance as well.

A Pilates ring isn’t just for use at your local gym’s afternoon Pilates session — add it to your home gym, too. You don’t even need to do Pilates to find a use for this piece of exercise equipment.

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Pilates helps strengthen and tone small muscle groups.

What to expect

Pilates rings are not designed for extreme strength training. You shouldn’t apply maximum force to these rings. While a quality Pilates ring should be sturdy enough to withstand pressure, it’s not intended to be crushed.

Using a Pilates ring helps exercisers become more aware of their bodies. Pilates is very much about body awareness and training small muscle groups which may otherwise be neglected. The ring allows users to gain awareness of those parts of the body.

Pilates rings are most often used as props in intermediate level Pilates classes. It’s a smart idea to first master the basics of each movement before increasing the difficulty level.

Expert tip
A pilates ring isn’t designed to be squeezed to death. Instead, it should be used under gentle tension to help activate muscles.
BestReviews Fitness Expert


Diameter typically ranges from 13 inches to a little over 16 inches, but smaller and larger sizes are available. Wide rings are appropriate for broad-shouldered or tall individuals. Very short individuals may prefer rings under 13 inches. Choosing the right diameter ensures that exercising with a ring is comfortable. The wrong size may cause strain and throw off your posture.



Rings often have padding for added comfort when performing movements and exercises. You’ll get the most out of a ring with padding on both the inside and outside. The padded areas also offer a spot to grip the ring.

Tension level

Some companies sell rings offering multiple levels of resistance. Look for descriptors such as light or firm to determine the tension level of a particular ring.

Weighted options

Weighted rings offer an increased challenge and can be used for a variety of exercises. These types of Pilates rings are best suited for those with some experience.


Rings with multiple accessories are an excellent option for beginners or those seeking the best value. Additional accessories you may find packaged with a Pilates ring include workout instruction pamphlets or sheets, DVDs, a stability ball, resistance bands, and even extra rings.


Pilates rings are typically made of metal, fiberglass, or rubber. Metal and fiberglass are extremely durable options and provide a fair amount of resistance. Rubber is a decent choice, though some models may not offer enough tension and are better suited for beginners. For a blend of comfort and durability, opt for metal or fiberglass rings that are covered in rubber or foam. Avoid plastic rings, as they are likely to crack under pressure.


All rings look similar, though colors vary between models. Match your ring to your mat, or pick a color that stands out from the rest.


Rubber and plastic are suitable options for traveling to and from pilates class since these materials are typically lighter than others. However, most rings — aside from weighted ones —  are fairly lightweight and easy to carry. Choose a ring that comes with a carrying pouch if you intend to travel with it.

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Expert tip
It is very important to NOT apply the ring’s pads on joints or bones. Instead, the pads should be placed on your body’s soft tissues or muscles.
BestReviews Fitness Expert

Pilates ring prices

The brand typically dictates pricing in this product category.


Finding a quality Pilates ring option under $30 is easy. Even low-cost options feature extras such as training DVDs and resistance bands.


Over $30, expect to find rings that are wider in diameter for taller body types, weighted rings, and those that offer a higher resistance level.

"There’s no standardized tension rating system for Pilates rings. Read to find out what others think about a particular ring’s resistance level."


  • If your fitness center or instructor has a few different rings on hand, try them out before making a final choice.

  • A Pilates ring can help you achieve proper form when doing exercises such as hip thrusts or squats.

  • When doing a workout with the Pilates ring, avoid creating tension in your neck and shoulders. Keep your efforts focused, and take care not to clench your jaw or strain your neck.

  • A weighted ring is more challenging to use. We don’t recommend a heavier ring for beginners. If you’re struggling to hold the ring in place because it’s too heavy, your form may suffer.

  • A Pilates ring is a useful tool for working the pelvic floor and strengthening inner and outer thigh muscles.

  • Proper breathing is important when performing any type of exercise. Be sure you are not holding your breath, even when the going gets tough.

  • Buy yourself a quality mat. If you’re working out on an uncomfortable surface, you’re less likely to want to exercise at all.

  • A Pilates ring is a great piece of equipment to use while you watch TV or listen to your favorite podcasts.

  • Bring your magic ring to work and store it under your desk so you can perform impromptu core sessions when the mood strikes.

  • Don’t forget to wipe down your Pilates ring regularly to avoid buildup of bacteria.

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Use a Pilates ring as part of your strength training routine. You don’t need to head to a Pilates class or pop in a workout DVD to benefit from this exercise accessory.


Q. How long does a Pilates ring typically last?

A. A good quality ring should last several years, even with regular use. Proper care and storage will keep your ring looking new for years to come.

Expert tip
Pilates is a very low-impact exercise and can be performed every day. Due to this, I’d recommend targeting different muscle groups each day IF your goal is to practice Pilates daily.
BestReviews Fitness Expert

Q. It’s only been a few months and my Pilates ring is bent out of shape. What should I do?

A. Contact the manufacturer to let them know about your issue. Some companies may offer a warranty. A quality ring should retain its shape even after consistent use. Invest in a quality model to prevent this problem in the future.

Q. Where can I find Pilates ring exercises?

A. A quick internet search may yield ideas for exercises with your new Pilates ring. Online videos are a great resource for visual instruction. However, we recommend taking a few Pilates classes if you’re a beginner. There’s nothing like hands-on instruction and feedback when learning how to do Pilates. Once you build a foundation and start to master your form and posture, you’ll feel more comfortable with at home sessions.

Q. Can I use a Pilates ring to spot-reduce certain areas of my body?

A. Unfortunately, spot-reducing is not possible with any type of exercise. Removing fat from a specific area is impossible. If you are in a state of fat loss, genetics will determine where you lose fat first. Sadly, you can’t decide where it occurs. You can, however, use a Pilates ring to help strengthen and tone areas of your body. By increasing lean muscle mass, you can encourage your body to burn more calories.