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Best Men's Lacrosse Sticks

Updated June 2022
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StringKing Senior Complete 2 Attack Lacrosse Stick
Senior Complete 2 Attack Lacrosse Stick
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We love this choice for its narrow head style, designed for optimal control during gameplay.


Made with 7150 aluminum alloy. Pre-strung, semi-soft pocket equipped with Type 3 mesh. Weight of 140 grams. The narrow head design keeps the ball secure in the pocket for maximum control. Boasts an excellent strength-to-weight ratio with the lightweight shaft.


Minimal concerns about how to remove taping.

Best Bang for the Buck
CAKLOR Lacrosse Complete Attack/Midfield Stick
Lacrosse Complete Attack/Midfield Stick
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An affordable lacrosse stick that comes with the optionality of different weights to suit players' individual needs.


Equipped with a softer-material head for improved control when catching balls. Mesh is made from high-quality, professional material and strung by professionals. Upholds NCAA and NFHS standards. Easy to use. Stick handle crafted from 6000 series alloy. Durable and lightweight.


A little short for some, and the netting sometimes needs to be broken in and softened.

East Coast Dyes Rebel Offense CF5 Complete Lacrosse Stick
East Coast Dyes
Rebel Offense CF5 Complete Lacrosse Stick
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Experienced Athlete Favorite
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This stick is strung by players for a seasoned athlete's touch and is geared towards the assertive offensive competitor.


Includes pre-strung head built for offensive gameplay. CF5 carbon fiber shaft is lightweight yet sturdy. Built for control with a mid-level pinch profile and aggressive flare. Impressive flex for powerful shots and checks. Adjustable string at bottom for depth control. Suitable for all experience levels.


Slightly more expensive than our other choices.

Nike Men's Vapor LT 6000 Lacrosse Stick
Men's Vapor LT 6000 Lacrosse Stick
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Best for Beginners
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Reasonable price for a complete lacrosse stick that’s made for players who are just learning the game.


Has a stick length of 42 inches, meaning it provides versatility for playing an attacking position in amateur leagues. Made of materials designed to stand up to regular usage. Soft mesh in the head and pocket is perfect for developing ball-handling skills. Bright yellow color.


You probably will need to restring the head on this stick relatively quickly after you purchase it.

STX Eclipse 2.0
Eclipse 2.0
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Goaltender's Dream
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A very durable and ergonomic choice that is great for its ability to scoop loose balls.


Features reinforced sidewall construction, allowing for extra rigidity when getting ground balls. Has an alloy construction that feels lightweight in hand. Has a matte finish that helps maintain grip even when not being held at the handle. A bit thicker than other handles.


The pocket of the mesh is a bit deep and may take some getting used to.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best men’s lacrosse sticks

While not as widely known a sport as football or basketball, lacrosse is extremely popular in certain areas of the world.

Lacrosse can be played by men, women, or children. It can be played recreationally or in competitive leagues for elementary through college-age youths. Adults also can play the game recreationally or even professionally.

Men’s lacrosse requires quite a bit of equipment to play the game safely, as it can be physical. Helmets, padded gloves, shoulder pads, mouthguards, and arm guards all are required to keep a player safe, among other items.

Amidst all the equipment, don’t forget to pay attention to the quality of your men’s lacrosse stick. Having the right stick gives you more success on the field, no matter what position you’re playing. A stick needs to last a long time even when playing in rough conditions to be worth its cost.

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A successful goal scorer needs a short-style men’s lacrosse stick that allows them to control the ball with accurate shots.

Key considerations

One of the most important things to pay attention to when purchasing a lacrosse stick is its length. Different players on the field need sticks of varying lengths. These lengths are different for youth, men’s, or women’s gameplay, so double-check that you have a legal stick before using it in league play.

  • Attacker: An offensive player uses an attacking stick. This stick is shorter than other players’ sticks, which allows the offensive player to control the ball more precisely. It measures between 40 and 42 inches in length for a male player.

  • Defender: A defensive player uses a longer stick than an offensive player. This allows the defender to perform stick checks more successfully against the player with the ball. A men’s lacrosse defensive stick, also called a long stick, measures 52 to 72 inches in length.

  • Goalie: A men’s goalie lacrosse stick can measure anywhere from 40 to 72 inches in length. The proper length of stick for a goaltender or defender depends on the height of the player and his skill level.

Midfielders— who play both offense and defense — can select either an attacker or defender stick. Midfielders who play with an emphasis on offense need a shorter stick than those midfielders who are more defensive-minded.

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Expert Tip
You can attach a different head to your men’s lacrosse stick if the head wears out or if you need a different level of control of the ball.



The main portion of the stick that you hold with your hands is called the shaft. The top of the stick is where you attach the head. The area where the head is attached has a hole for a screw.


A men’s lacrosse stick commonly consists of aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, or scandium. The shaft is hollow, so the materials are important to give the stick a durable construction.

  • Titanium is the strongest material.
  • Carbon fiber and scandium offer a mix of strength and low weight.
  • Aluminum has less of a chance of snapping under stress than the others, but it may dent.
  • Wooden sticks are rarer, and some leagues don’t allow them.


To help with grip, a men’s lacrosse stick either has an octagonal shape, a round shape, or a concave shape. Players can use any type of shape successfully, depending on their personal preference.

"The lacrosse stick also is called a crosse or a shaft."

Men’s lacrosse stick prices

As with most types of sports equipment, men’s lacrosse sticks have a wide price range. You can purchase a lacrosse stick without a head attached or with a head attached (called a complete stick). Having a complete stick typically costs $25 to $50 more than a stick alone.


The least expensive men’s lacrosse sticks cost between $25 and $50. These sticks consist of lightweight materials that aren’t going to last in a rough game; they can dent if another player’s stick strikes them. They’re best for beginners and recreational play with limited physical contact between players.


In the $50 to $125 price range are lacrosse sticks aimed at players with a bit of experience. As your skills improve, you’re more likely to play games with significant stick checking, so you need a stick that can stand up to it.


Top-end lacrosse sticks cost $125 to $300. These sticks consist of lightweight, durable materials that flex to provide maximum ball speed on shots. Players who are experienced and playing in competitive leagues want this type of stick.

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Expert Tip
When measuring a lacrosse stick to determine a legal length, officials measure it from the tip of the head to the bottom of the stick.


When playing men’s lacrosse, you want to be certain your stick meets the rules of the game or league. Referees may check the legality of any stick before the game or during a break in play. We’ve compiled some tips to ensure your stick is a legal piece of equipment.

  • Overly deep pockets are illegal. When you pick a head to place on your men’s lacrosse stick, test the pocket. A pocket that’s too deep results in a penalty. The stick is not allowed back into the game until the pocket is changed to accommodate the rules.
  • Don’t adjust the stick after the referee requests a stick check. Referees watch closely after requesting a stick check. If a player performs any move that appears to be adjusting the stick before handing it to the referee, a penalty is assessed. If the referee finds any part of the stick to be illegal, additional penalties occur.
  • Stick lengths must adhere to the rules. Any stick that is deemed too long or too short is removed from the game and results in penalty time for the player.
  • The majority of the rules apply to the head of the men’s lacrosse stick. The head of the stick must adhere to size requirements, so pay attention to any limitations your league uses. In fact, most rules for the stick are aimed at the head area. During a stick check, the referee checks both the head and stick.
  • Stick penalties can greatly affect the game. Beyond assessing penalty time, a referee could disallow a goal scored with an illegal stick. For some stick rules violations, a player may be ejected from the game if the same player has already accumulated personal foul penalties.
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Understand the rules and regulations regarding sticks for your lacrosse league. If you’re playing with an illegal stick, your team could be penalized.


Q. Why do sticks need to be durable?

A. Stick checking is part of the game of lacrosse for men. This occurs when one player tries to knock the ball loose from the player carrying the ball by checking. A player is allowed to poke and slap at the stick of the player carrying the ball when checking. Your lacrosse stick must be able to stand up to checking without breaking.

Q. Is it possible to alter a men’s lacrosse stick to make it easier for me to use?

A. No. Lacrosse players can only place tape or a grip material at the base of the stick to help them hold it tighter. You cannot place extra material at the top of the stick near the head. You cannot alter the composition of the stick, or shave down or bend the material to create more flexibility or reduce the weight of the stick. Additionally, a hollow men’s lacrosse stick must have a cap on the end that’s made specifically for lacrosse sticks.

Q. Can I use a men’s goalie lacrosse stick while playing another position?

A. During any league game, referees do not allow goalie sticks to be used in the field of play. The goalie stick has a much larger head than attacker or defender sticks, meaning it’s not allowed for players at other positions. Each team is limited to one player using a goalie stick on the field at a time.

Q. Should I buy a lacrosse stick with or without a head attached?

A. For inexperienced players, a complete lacrosse stick with a head already attached can be beneficial. Having a head attached allows you to begin playing immediately after buying the stick. However, the pre-attached head may not be the quality you want. Experienced players may want a specific type of head, buy it separately, and attach it to the stick themselves.