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Best Flag Football Sets

Updated January 2023
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Trained Flag Football Set, 10-Player
Flag Football Set, 10-Player
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Works well for kids or adults who need durable materials that will last.


Contains enough flags for 10 players (2 teams of 5). Each belt holds 3 flags. Heavy-duty nylon belts and flags are durable. Belts use D-ring closures for an adjustable fit. Includes field marker cones. All items ship in a handy carrying case.


Hook-and-loop pads on the belts are glued instead of sewn and can come loose.

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SKLZ Flag Football Deluxe Set, 10-Player
Flag Football Deluxe Set, 10-Player
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You'll appreciate the low price for this beginner-level set that also ships with field marking cones.


Ships with flags and belts for 10 players (2 teams of 5). Bright orange cones to mark field or goal lines. Belts are long enough to fit both kids and adults. D-ring closure keeps belts in place. Ships with a carrying bag to keep all pieces together.


Set only ships with 2 flags per belt, rather than 3, which is more common.

Adventure Animalz Flag Football Set, 14-Player
Adventure Animalz
Flag Football Set, 14-Player
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Large set that's sized especially for kids with shorter belts that will fit up to 27-inch waists.


The set includes enough flags and belts for 14 players (2 teams of 7). Shorter belts stay in place better on children without pulling loose when defenders attempt to grab the flags. Includes 6 replacement flags and 3 flags per belt.


Doesn't ship with a carrying case. No extra pieces offered for field marking.

Play Platoon Flag Football Deluxe Set, 14-Player
Play Platoon
Flag Football Deluxe Set, 14-Player
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Good price for a set that has plenty of extra equipment. Heavy-duty materials will last a long time.


Set ships with enough flags and belts for 14 players (2 teams of 7). Three flags for each belt for an optimal gameplay experience. Long belts fit both kids and adults with D-ring closure. Mesh carrying bag holds all equipment.


Hook and loop pads may not stay attached to the belts and flags when placed under stress.

Franklin Sports NFL Flag Football Sets
Franklin Sports
NFL Flag Football Sets
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A great set that features high-quality materials with a unique coloration sure to impress.


The belts feature an easy-tear design to keep players from being hurt if a flag is grabbed. Comes in every NFL team's colorway. The belts are easy to adjust for any waist size. Comes with 8 belts. The flags and belt are both very durable.


The paint on the belts may start peeling over time.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best flag football sets

Adults and kids looking for recreational activities often turn to variations of popular sports that require less physical effort. Slow-pitch softball is a nice alternative to baseball or fast-pitch softball. Pickleball is a fast-growing alternative to tennis. Both open up these types of games to more people. And a flag football set provides a fun and safe alternative to tackle football.

While tackle football requires a lot of safety equipment and is expensive by comparison, flag football only requires a set of flags, field marking cones, and a football. Flag football is a nice introduction to the sport for younger players who might go on to play tackle football. For adults, flag football is easier and safer to play, and it’s a fun recreational game.

If you’re ready to give flag football a try in your backyard or local park, a good buying guide and product recommendations can help you find the right set.

Kids playing flag football
A team doesn’t necessarily have to have a belt with flags for every player in the game and every substitute. Subs can use the belt and flags of the player they’re replacing on the field.

How to buy the best flag football set


Many flag football sets include a number of items in addition to flags and belts.

  • Flags with connectors
  • Belts to hold flags
  • Bean bags to mark the line of scrimmage
  • Cones to mark field boundaries
  • Carrying bag
  • Football, usually youth-size

If you only need flags and belts, you can save a bit of money by purchasing a set that only has those items.


Most belts are made of durable nylon webbing and are one-size-fits-most. Some belts have a loop so you can tuck in any extra portion of the belt without affecting the defenders’ ability to reach the flags.

Some belts have a D-ring connector. You wrap the belt through the D ring to secure it. Some belts use a plastic clip connector, which is easier for youngsters to use.

Flag connectors

Typical flag football sets have patches of hook-and-loop material that attach the flags to the belt, one patch on the belt and another on the flag. The patches hold the flag securely to the belt until a player pulls off the flag.

Some sets have rubber ball-and-socket connectors on the belt and flags. When a player pulls on a flag, the rubber ball pops out of the socket. These flag football sets typically cost more, but the materials are highly durable.

Best flag football sets-Did You Know-1
Did You Know?
The International Federation of American Football hosts the annual Flag Football World Championships.

Features to look for in flag football sets

Flag colors

Most flag football sets come with two sets of flags in two different colors. All players on the same team wear the same color. (Players on each team often wear T-shirts or jerseys with matching colors too, but the shirts don’t have to match the flag colors.)

Number of players

To easily determine the number of players the set accommodates, check the number of belts. Ten belts mean five players per team.

Number of flags 

Flag football sets list the number of sets of flags they contain, typically between 10 and 16. Ten sets of flags mean five sets of flags for one team (all containing the same color flags) and five sets for the other. 

Most flag football leagues require each player to wear three flags on their belt (one on each hip and one at the back). Others only require players to wear two flags (one on each hip). It’s important to know how many flags you need per belt to follow league rules. Many inexpensive flag football sets only include two flags per belt. If you’re unsure how many flags per belt you need, purchase a set with three flags per belt. 

The first football games with belts and flags likely occurred during World War II as American soldiers substituted flag football for tackle football to reduce the possibility of injury.


How to play flag football

Although anyone can play flag football for fun, there are specific rules for official adult and youth leagues. The following is an outline of the basics of the game rather than a discussion of the specific rules because rules can differ from league to league.

Players per team: Each team can have four to nine players, but five to seven players are most common.

No kicking: No one kicks the ball in flag football. Teams do not attempt kickoffs, punts, or field goals.

Eligible receivers: All players on offense are eligible to receive a pass.

No contact: There is no tackling, holding, or blocking. Players may not purposefully make contact with each other.

Guarding a flag: Ball carriers can’t use their free hand to guard their flags or push away or hit the hand of a defender who’s trying to grab the flag.

No diving: Ball carriers can’t dive or jump to try to prevent a defender from taking the flag. They can jump to try to catch a pass, however.

“Tackling”: To record a “tackle,” the defensive player removes one of the flags from the belt of the player carrying the ball. The next play then starts from the point of this “tackle.” Defenders aren’t allowed to grab or hold the offensive player’s body before grabbing the flag.

Rushing limitations: Typically, offensive players are limited by who and from which position on the field they can rush the ball. These limitations encourage more forward passes.

How much do flag football sets cost?


The cheapest flag football sets cost $10 to $20 for up to 12 belts. These sets are rarely made of high-quality materials, meaning they’re probably better for younger players who don’t play as roughly with them as adults. These sets usually have two flags per belt with hook-and-loop attachments and a D ring for tightening.


Average sets for flag football games cost $20 to $35 for up to 16 belts. These are made of durable materials that should work well for adults or children. These sets may have either two or three flags per belt with hook-and-loop fasteners and a D ring or plastic buckle for tightening. Some of these sets include field marking cones and bean bags for marking the line of scrimmage.


The priciest flag football sets cost $35 to $60 for up to 20 belts. They might have two or three flags per belt with rubber ball-and-socket connectors. This is a more durable connector than hook-and-loop fasteners, making these sets a good choice for adults.

Best flag football sets-Did You Know-2
Did You Know?
When playing flag football in a league, adult players usually use a regulation-size football, while youth players use a smaller football. For recreational games, any size football is fine.


  • Hang the belts and flags to store them. Rather than stuffing the belts and flags in a duffle bag, hang them up between uses. You can use a tie or belt rack with multiple arms for holding the belts or hang them by the D rings on hooks on the wall.
  • Dry the equipment before storing it. The flags and belts can get wet or muddy during practice and games. Dry the equipment thoroughly before storing it to prevent mildew and odors.
  • Clean the hook-and-loop fasteners. Cleaning the fasteners occasionally will enable them to hold the flags tightly. Use an old toothbrush to remove mud and lint from the fasteners.
  • Check for damage. After every few uses, inspect the equipment for tears and other damage. 
Flag football game
The NFL sponsors a national flag football league for youth that has more than 500,000 players.


Q. Do I need a flag football set to play the game?

A. To play by the rules in league play, you need a set. If you want to play a similar game but without the flags, you can play touch football. However, playing with flags tends to be safer than playing touch football.

Q. What equipment does a child need to play flag football?

A. Kids don’t need padding like they do to play tackle football. They can simply wear comfortable workout clothes. Some kids wear running shoes and others wear football cleats. A mouthguard is a good idea in case of a collision with another player.

Q. How can I prepare my child to play flag football?

A. Using a football that’s appropriately sized for your child’s age, simply playing catch is a good way to start. Playing a game like tag can also be good preparation for playing flag football because the child learns how to avoid other players. If you have a flag football set, you can also practice the best ways to grab the flags.

Q. Can I alter the belt that comes with the flag football set?

A. No, it’s against the rules in most leagues to alter the belt other than to shorten it or to tuck in the end of a long belt. Some players might try to alter the belt by wrapping the flags around it so they don’t pull loose as easily, but this is illegal and can get a player ejected from the game.

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