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Best Core Sliders

Updated April 2023
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SKLZ SLIDEZ Stability Discs
SLIDEZ Stability Discs
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Comprehensive Design
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According to our fitness expert, this set of discs stands out for its long-lasting reliability and versatile application.


Base is composed of high-quality material that resists friction or marking on your hardwood floors. Combine the discs together for increased stability or bilateral training. Spacious area allows for multiple workout routines.


Not the best choice for carpeted floors.

Best Bang for the Buck
Elite Sportz Equipment Core Sliders
Elite Sportz Equipment
Core Sliders
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Easiest to Use
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Our fitness expert recommends this budget-friendly slider set because of its soft material and flexible design.


Double-sided slider set works on a variety of surfaces. Lightweight and easy to store, so users can bring them along on vacations or to the gym. Available in a variety of colors, including green, purple, yellow, and more.


Less smooth compared to others on the market.

Iron Core Fitness 2 x Dual Sided Core Sliders
Iron Core Fitness
2 x Dual Sided Core Sliders
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Most Versatile
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Get creative with your core workouts using these adaptable sliders.


Great for those who can't or don't want to be at the gym each day but want a stimulating workout. We love that these sliders work on all types of surfaces, creating engaging core workouts wherever you go.


While it comes with free exercise tips, reviews suggest to seek advice elsewhere.

Synergee Dual-Sided Core Sliders
Dual-Sided Core Sliders
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Durable Core Sliders
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A pair of versatile core sliders with dual sides that earn them our fitness expert's praise.


Seven-inch core sliders have a foam side for hard, smooth surfaces and a plastic side for carpet or turf. An exercise manual detailing 5 exercises is included. Easy to store and travel with.


Some users have had a difficult time keeping their feet on the sliders while exercising.

Beachbody Strength Slides and Booties
Strength Slides and Booties
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Convenient Design
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Users love these sliders' curved surfaces, which our expert noted keep feet from sliding off.


Curved surface keeps feet where you want them, making your workout more effective and preventing injuries. You get a set of strength slides and a set of floor-protecting booties. Work on carpet or hardwood floor. Nearly frisbee-sized, so larger feet won't slide off.


More expensive since they're branded by Beachbody. Some users report these will not glide on thick shag carpet or rubberized flooring.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best core sliders

The key to fitness is persistence. Therefore, one of the impediments to maintaining a regular exercise routine is boredom. In order to thrive, you need to stay interested and engaged. One of the easiest and most effective ways to add some variety to your exercise routine is by introducing core sliders into your workouts.

When looking for the best core slider, you want one that will work on the type of floor that you have. If you plan on using your core slider in different locations, a dual-sided model will provide the most versatility. If you have trouble staying on your core slider, however, you might need a pair with extra cushion for gripping.

To learn about the importance of incorporating core sliders into your regular workout as well as some exercises and how to find the one that's right for you, keep reading. If you already know what kind of core sliders you need, consider one of our top models.

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Core sliders are an essential buy if you’re looking to build up your core muscles.

Key considerations

In order for your core sliders to work for you, they must meet two criteria: they need to fit your hands and feet, and they need to slide on whatever surface you’re using.

Size and shape

Most core sliders are discs that are seven inches in diameter. If you have large hands or feet, that might be a little snug for your liking. It may be tough to find larger units, so you'll have to do a little searching if this is a concern for you. Another option is to look for sliders manufactured in a different shape, such as a rounded triangle or a hexagon.


An object that slides easily across a carpet may not glide so well over a hardwood floor. If you purchase dual-sided core sliders, you won't have to worry about that. The two sides of a dual-sided core slider are constructed using different materials, so you may be able to work out on a hardwood floor, a tile floor, carpeting, or even artificial turf, all with the same product. If you plan on using your core sliders in a variety of locations, you'll want to consider getting dual-sided ones.

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Expert Tip
Core sliders can actually be used for a full-body workout since you can use them to target every major muscle group in your body.
BestReviews Fitness Expert


After you've found a pair of core sliders that are an adequate size and will slide on your chosen surface, there are a few other elements where you have some choice.

Grip and comfort

One of the most frustrating potential problems with using core sliders is that your hands or feet can slide off the discs in the middle of the exercise. Some core sliders are manufactured with extra cushioning so your hand or foot sinks in securely, preventing you from sliding off. An added benefit to extra padding is additional comfort. The one drawback to this type of core slider is it is usually only good for a few types of surfaces.


You are going to be putting your full body weight on your core sliders and gliding them across the floor day after day. In order for you to be satisfied, they must be constructed to hold up under this type of heavy-duty usage. The best way to tell how well the manufacturer believes its product can hold up is by checking the length of the warranty. Look for a pair of core sliders with a warranty length that is acceptable to you.

Expert Tip
Clean the surface that touches the floor after your workout. This is very important since it will enable a better glide for the next workout.
BestReviews Fitness Expert


Some of the higher-end models feature wheels or some other rolling mechanism. These can cost much more than a basic pair, which is usually just as effective. Additionally, wheeled units are harder to control and may not be as safe.


If you crave color, you're in luck. Core sliders come in a wide variety of colors. Be sure to choose a pair that appeals to your aesthetics.

Carry bag

Core sliders are lightweight pieces of gym equipment that are highly portable. If the set you are considering comes with a carry bag, that makes your core sliders even easier to tote around.


Sometimes, core sliders are offered as part of a larger workout bundle, which can be a solid value. If you’d also be interested in purchasing resistance bands or other additional gear, look for a bundle that has equipment you’ll use.

Core slider prices


You can get a basic set of core sliders for between $8 and $10. Most of these models will have all the features you need for a safe, tough workout.


If you want to get fancy, however, you can pay $20 to $30 for a much thicker pad that has deeper foam grip for added comfort. Unfortunately, there's a trade-off, as you will sacrifice the dual-sided nature of the lower-priced models, which may limit the number of surfaces you can exercise on.


Above $30, you get into sliders that may feature some sort of rolling mechanism. For the average user, this enhancement is unnecessary. Starting at around $15 and going up, you can get your core sliders in a kit that includes several other pieces of workout equipment.

Expert Tip
My favorite exercise for abs is called body saws. Perform a forearm plank while placing your feet on the discs. In this position, keep your body in a straight line from shoulders to ankles while pushing your feet back as far as possible. Then, pull your feet back to the starting position while keeping your knees locked. I recommend 3 sets of 10-15 reps.
BestReviews Fitness Expert


In order to get the most out of your core sliders, you'll need to know several different ways to use them, which will target different parts of your body. Here are ten core slider exercises to get you started.

  • Reverse lunge (core slider under one foot): Perform a reverse lunge using one core slider underneath the foot that is sliding backwards.

  • Lateral lunges (core slider under one foot): Perform a lateral lunge using one core slider underneath the foot that is sliding out to the side.

  • Single-leg glide (core sliders under each foot): In a push-up or plank position, glide one leg out to the side. Then, bring it back to the center.

  • Plank jack slide (core sliders under each foot): In a push-up or plank position, glide both legs out to the side. Then, bring them back to the center.

  • Knee tuck (core sliders under each foot): In a push-up position, slide one knee into your chest. Then, push it away.

  • Mountain climber (core sliders under each foot): In a push-up position, alternate sliding your knees into your chest and pushing them away.

  • Double-knee tuck (core sliders under each foot): In a push-up position, slide both knees into your chest at the same time. Then, push away.

  • Pike (core sliders under each foot): In a push-up position, slide both feet closer to your hands, keeping your knees straight. To do this, you will need to raise your hips up and glide into a pike position. Slowly glide your feet back to the starting position.

  • Arm slide (core sliders under each hand): In a push-up position on your knees, slowly slide both hands forward and back. (Use a towel or other padding to protect your knees.)

  • Arm circle (core slider under one hand): In a push-up position, carefully glide one hand in a clockwise circle. Then, go back in a counterclockwise motion.
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Because you need to stay intensely focused while using core sliders, they can help train your mind as well as your body.


Q. How do core sliders work?

A. Core sliders are small, usually disc-shaped objects that reduce the traction of a surface, allowing you to glide. This dramatically increases the difficulty and intensity level of many exercises. In a plank position, for instance, placing your feet on a pair of core sliders forces you to engage several additional muscles just to hold your feet in place. Doing this also lengthens your connective tissue while it keeps the muscle under tension, which is why many individuals quiver uncontrollably while using core sliders.

Q. What are some benefits to incorporating core sliders into your workout?

A. Core sliders offer a phenomenal amount of benefit to the exercise enthusiast. They allow you to work out with zero impact because you do not need to lift your body off the ground. Because of this, core sliders also make it possible to execute motions that would otherwise be impossible, such as gliding your legs apart and together while in a push-up position, which lets you work muscles you never could effectively engage before. Additionally, core sliders can drastically escalate the impact of many of the exercises you are already performing.

Q. How long should I work out with my core sliders?

A. If you've never used core sliders before, they can wear you out rather quickly. When starting off, the best thing to do is to simply try to get comfortable. Put a pair of core sliders under your feet, and try to hold a plank for 15 seconds. After that, you can gradually move up to 30 seconds. The key is not to risk hurting yourself by using core sliders longer than you're able to support your body. Gradually introduce core sliders into your exercise routine, and increase your exercises by only seconds at a time until you reach your goal.

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