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Best Double-Leg Bicycle Kickstands

Updated April 2023
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Lumintrail Double-Leg Bicycle Kickstand
Double-Leg Bicycle Kickstand
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Premium Quality
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Perfect for trekking, cruisers, and mountain bikes.


Made from strong, durable aluminum alloy. Includes a wide, reinforced plastic foot with nonslip sole to prevent slipping on wet surfaces or sinking in mud. Boasts a user-friendly push-button latch design for adjusting the length.


Screws sometimes loosen over time. Installation can be difficult.

Best Bang for the Buck
BV Double-Leg Bicycle Kickstand
Double-Leg Bicycle Kickstand
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Adjustable & Foldable
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A premium design that won't break your budget.


Sleek and simple to use. Designed to protect the bike chain from getting caught when lowering it to the ground. Ideal for city, road, mountain, and trekking bikes. Can be installed in just minutes.


Less durable than many comparable options. Not intended for use with e-bikes.

URSUS Wheels Jumbo Double-Leg Kickstand
URSUS Wheels
Jumbo Double-Leg Kickstand
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Great for Heavy Models
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Delivers tremendous strength and versatility.


Ideal for use with e-bikes, heavy-duty bikes, and bikes with rear trailers. Equipped with a center mount that delivers unmatched stability. Offers a maximum weight load of 176 pounds.


Heavier and more expensive than many similar models. Overall design leaves much to be desired.

CyclingDeal Adjustable Kickstand
Adjustable Kickstand
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Most Versatile
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This double kickstand is designed to keep an e-bike upright and is adjustable.


This double kickstand's legs stretch between 7.9 and 10.4 inches and it fits on bikes with heights of 24 to 29 inches. Its weight limit is 88 pounds and its wide angle holds bikes better.


It can only be center mounted and it struggles to hold bikes up on unlevel ground.

Public Bikes Double Kickstand
Public Bikes
Double Kickstand
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Simple yet Solid
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This kickstand is perfect for those using their bike for load transportation.


It evenly distributes weight to keep it steady while loading and unloading goods. It’s made of aluminum to avoid adding extra weight and its plastic feet help it grip the ground. Your bike doesn’t need a kickstand plate and all mounting gear is included.


It doesn't come with installation instructions.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best double-leg bicycle kickstands

Riding a bike is a simple pleasure that simply can’t be beat — as long as you or your bike don’t fall over, that is. In order to stay upright on a bicycle, you have to keep moving forward. When you get off the bike, you only have two choices, lay it down on the ground or use a kickstand to keep it upright. For the most stability, especially on uneven ground, you need a double-leg kickstand.

Some people, usually racers, object to kickstands because of the extra weight the kickstand adds to the bicycle. Many people want a kickstand for aesthetic reasons, mainly as a way to prevent scratches and dents on the bike’s frame that could be caused by laying the bike down or leaning it against something. Some want a double-leg kickstand specifically to keep their bike upright when there’s a lot of weight on it.

If you’re touring, it’s easy to overload your bike — and the kickstand. Check the weight capacity for any double-leg kickstand you are considering.

Key considerations


How much weight are you planning to carry on your bicycle? If you’re trekking across the country with fully loaded panniers, your bike will be top-heavy, and a single-leg kickstand won’t be able to hold it upright. The same thing can happen if you have a child seat mounted behind your seat or a basketful of groceries on the front. If you have more than a water bottle or two strapped to your bicycle, you’re going to need a double-leg kickstand to keep it from falling over, especially if the ground is the least bit uneven.


Another thing to consider is protecting your expensive bicycle from dents and scratches. Accidents happen — someone bumps your bike, a strong wind comes along — in situations like that, a single-leg kickstand acts more like a pivot than a support. Before you can catch it, over it goes, suffering more damage. And gently laying your bike down when you get off it is no guarantee of safety. Dirt, gravel, leaves, twigs, and other debris can move or shift when you place the weight of the bike on it, leaving your bike with a scratch you might not know is there until later. If you want to protect your bike from those sorts of mishaps, a double-leg kickstand is your best bet.

Cars and trucks

A bicycle that is lying on the ground is hard to see in a rearview or side mirror. All it takes is one car or truck backing over your bike to ruin your whole day. Additionally, someone could pull forward without seeing your bike until it’s too late. An upright bike is more visible. Plus, a bike on a double-leg kickstand is less likely to be knocked over by a minor impact from a vehicle than a bike with a single-leg stand.

Kids often don’t bother using the kickstands on their bikes, even when they have them, because it’s quicker and easier to just drop the bike when they get off.




Kickstands are usually made from either aluminum or powder-coated steel to ward off rust and corrosion. If the stand has nonslip feet, these are usually made of plastic or rubber.

Color: Black and silver are the only color options available.


Adjustable: Adjustable legs are a nice touch on some kickstands. It allows the kickstand to support a wide range of bicycles and tire sizes. Many have legs that can be adjusted independently of each other, which is an added benefit on uneven or sloping ground. If you’re mountain biking or trekking over many kinds of terrain, independently adjustable legs are worth the extra expense.

Removable: The main attachment point for your kickstand is a bolt holding it to a plate on your bike. However, some kickstands have removable legs, so you can take them off when you need a lighter bike for racing and then replace them later. Removable kickstand legs give you the best of both worlds. This isn’t yet a common feature, however.

Nonslip feet: Rubber or plastic sleeves that fit over the tips of the legs have tread on the bottom that helps keep the feet from sliding on wet surfaces. The larger the diameter of the feet and the deeper the tread, the more stable your bike will be. A few double-leg kickstands don’t come with nonslip feet, but they can be selected separately. They’re subject to a great deal of wear and tear, so you’ll probably have to replace them about once a year.


Fat tires: Most manufacturers define fat bicycle tires as 4 inches or wider. If you read the description of double-leg kickstands closely, you’ll see that some specifically mention they’re compatible with fat tires. This is important if you’re mountain biking and you use fat tires at low pressure for better traction on trails. Other kickstands are not compatible with fat tires, but you have to read descriptions carefully to find that information. Don’t take it for granted based on the pictures.

Wheel size: The larger the diameter of the wheels on your bicycle, the taller your bike. That means you need a longer double-leg kickstand to hold up your bike. Again, read the product description closely to find that information. This is where the kickstands with adjustable legs come in handy. Many will comfortably support bikes with 24- to 28-inch tires.

Did You Know?
The more you carry on your bicycle, the more your bike needs a double-leg kickstand.

Double-leg bicycle kickstand prices

Inexpensive: The low price range for double-leg kickstands is $10 to $20. These are non-adjustable kickstands of modest quality, sometimes with nonslip feet.

Mid-range: Most double-leg kickstands cost $20 to $45. Adjustable legs abound in this range, and the overall quality is better.

Expensive: Over $45 to $80 or more is the high price range. These kickstands are sturdy enough to accommodate electric bikes, heavy-duty bikes, and heavy panniers.

Publicly available bike stands might sound like a good alternative to using a kickstand but parking your bike next to others increases the chances that someone will run their bike into yours and damage it.



  • Anchor the bike. When you kick the stand into the down position, pull back on the bicycle to anchor it in place. When the kickstand is fully engaged, one tire will be off the ground.
  • Get more stability. An adjustable double-leg kickstand can be adjusted until both legs and both tires are supporting the weight of the bike, giving it four-point support.
Clean the kickstand the same way you clean the rest of your bike. Use some light machine oil to keep it lubricated.


Q. What are “scissors action” kickstands?

A. These are double-leg kickstands in which both legs are together on one side of the bike when they’re in the up position. When the kickstand is lowered, the legs spread open like scissors.

Q. What is the advantage of a “scissors action” kickstand?

A. The kickstand isn’t next to the bicycle’s drive chain. Everything is on the opposite side of the bike for safety.

Q. Is a “scissors action” kickstand as sturdy as a regular double-leg kickstand?

A. It can hold the bicycle just as steady, but it won’t support as much weight.