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Best Freestanding Heavy Bags

Updated March 2023
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Best of the Best
FightCamp Personal
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Perks Galore
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With leading-edge punch-tracking technology, FightCamp is the premier brand for passionate boxers and kickboxers.


Each FightCamp personal set comes with a free-standing bag, punch trackers, quick wraps, a heavy workout mat, and boxing gloves. The punch trackers provide real-time statistics, including punch location and speed. Track your progress and compete against friends.


On the pricier side and requires a $39 per-month subscription service. Only for those devoted to boxing or kickboxing.

Best Bang for the Buck
Century Versys Fight Simulator
Versys Fight Simulator
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Trim Design
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A space-saving heavy freestanding bag with a narrow profile that fits almost anywhere inside.


Tall profile allows you to practice a variety of martial art techniques and exercises including ground techniques. Features a durable vinyl shell and pre-filled sand base. Bag stores in small closets and corners when not in use.


Bag lacks rigidity when striking the very top and can sway or fall to the ground.

Champs MMA Boxing Reflex Ball w/ Headband
Champs MMA
Boxing Reflex Ball w/ Headband
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Trusted Brand
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This advanced heavy reflex bag is harder to hit by design to better train your reflexes and enhance hand-eye coordination.


The Advanced Reflex Ball is the ideal training device for experienced boxers and fitness enthusiasts. Its heavy material makes it a fun training and workout aid for kids and adults alike. This is best for those with experience.


People who want to use it casually may not like the heavy ball on this option.

Oliker Boxing Reflex ball w/ Headband
Boxing Reflex ball w/ Headband
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Most Versatile
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Multiple difficulty settings to choose from with this versatile reflex ball for all ages and experience levels.


The different balls fulfill different needs for boxers and fitness enthusiasts; there are 2 adjustable headbands that fit most shapes and sizes. It's easy to take to the gym or on the road when you're not using it. The soft material is especially suitable for casual users.


Not the greatest long-term solution, as it falls apart with intense use.

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag
Wavemaster XXL Training Bag
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Durable Option
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This large and sturdy bag is for those seeking a rugged bag for consistent use.


At 69 inches tall with a wide striking surface, this bag is great for those looking for a boxing-kickboxing hybrid. At 270 pounds when filled with sand or water, this bag is as stable as they come. Durable vinyl cover is filled with high-density foam. Only 18 inches in diameter.


Very heavy, so not for someone looking for a portable option.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best freestanding heavy bags

Did you know that you can burn more than 600 calories in a 60-minute boxing workout? That's right, boxing isn't just for fighters, it's a highly effective way to get in shape and stay there. Using a freestanding heavy bag, you can experience a good full-body workout that provides the benefits of both cardio and resistance training.

The best freestanding heavy bag will be easy to set up, soft enough to protect your hands, and resilient enough to withstand heavier blows. You'll want one that is best suited for the type of workout or training you'd like to do, is adjustable so you can fine tune the height, and is not easily knocked over.

If you're new to boxing and you would like to learn more about how to train and what to look for in a freestanding heavy bag, keep reading. If you already have a good idea of what you're looking for, consider one of the highly rated options we've spotlighted in this article.

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A freestanding heavy bag is perfect for individuals who have limited space for exercise equipment in their home or apartment.

Types of freestanding heavy bags

Freestanding heavy bags are available in a wide variety of designs. You can quickly get overwhelmed when trying to decide what you think your heavy bag should look like. The best way to avoid that is to consider your needs. Once you know what you will be using your freestanding heavy bag for, then it will be easy to choose the right type.


This type of bag tends to be smaller and can weigh less because you will be using it to get your heart rate up rather than to deliver powerful blows. It is not designed to hold up well to heavy striking.


The best type of punch/kick heavy bag features a larger striking area so you can practice everything from high punches and low kicks to elbow and knee strikes. It is a durable heavy bag that is designed to remain standing (although all freestanding heavy bags will topple with enough force) and is impact-absorbing so there is less chance of injury to your hands.


A grappling dummy bag is designed to be effective in both an upright and horizontal position, so the fighter can hone his or her takedown and ground work skills.

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Did you know?
One of the major benefits to using a freestanding heavy bag is that it requires no installation, just fill the base with sand or water and you're ready to train.

Key considerations

Once you have a firm idea of why you are shopping for a freestanding heavy bag and you know what you will be using it for, then it's time to consider which elements will make a specific model best for you.


In most instances, the heavier your freestanding heavy bag is, the harder it will be to accidentally knock over. However, if you are looking for a freestanding heavy bag that can be used as a grappling bag, you won't want a 270-pound item that is difficult to position.

Base size

Freestanding heavy bags have bases that are filled with sand or water which help prevent them from being knocked over too easily. The size of the unit's base and how much sand or water it can hold is even more important than the overall weight of the bag itself when it comes to selecting a model.


Ideally, you want a freestanding heavy bag that has a large striking surface. However, if your budget requires a smaller bag or you want a more portable model, look for a freestanding heavy bag that has an adjustable height. With this feature you can position the striking surface where it will be the most beneficial for you.

Body opponent bag

A body opponent bag is a special freestanding heavy bag that is designed to resemble an opponent. These models are soft, flesh-colored busts that are used for more realistic self-defense training.


When considering the outer material used in the manufacturing of your freestanding heavy bag, you want to be sure you get a durable vinyl. The inside should be a resilient foam that can absorb impact and provide protection when striking with your hands. You will need to fill the base with either water or sand, which will not be included with your purchase.


Inflatable freestanding heavy bags are filled with air. These are generally considered to be toys and are not suitable for most adults who would like to increase their level of fitness.


There isn't a very broad range when it comes to color choices for a freestanding heavy bag. Most are black or red. It is possible to find blue or a heavy bag with splashes of color but, in general, your color selection will be limited.

Freestanding heavy bag prices

Inexpensive: Freestanding heavy bags that are priced less than $100 are air-filled bags with a weighted bottom (sand or water) that are typically considered toys. These units will fold down and are easy to store, but they will not provide the user with an impressive workout.

Mid-range: In the $100 to $200 range, freestanding heavy bags have a smaller target area and weigh less than higher-priced models. These heavy bags have a sand- or water-filled base, a section of pole in the middle, and a striking area at the top of the pole. Most of the models in this price range are height-adjustable.

Expensive: Between $200 and $400, you will find the best freestanding heavy bags for working out. These bags also feature a sand- or water-filled base, but the entire unit is a striking surface. Most weigh 200 pounds or more and can be used in a wide variety of exercises.

Training tips

A freestanding heavy bag is an excellent workout tool that can provide you with some great cardio and resistance-training workouts. However, if you don't know what you're doing, you won't get the most out of your freestanding heavy bag. Even worse, you could injure yourself. Here are a few training tips to follow when using a freestanding heavy bag.

  • Stay hydrated. Boxing is tough, and it will make you sweat. Even if you're doing a short workout, remember to stay hydrated.
  • Warm up. No matter what kind of exercise you are doing, warming up is essential. It loosens up your muscles and increases your blood flow to maximize the benefits of your exercise session while minimizing the possibility of injury.
  • Breathe. One of the worst things you can do during any type of exercise is hold your breath. The same is true for boxing. The rule of thumb is to exhale when exerting effort. During boxing, exhale you when throwing a punch.
  • Keep your chin and elbows down and your eyes and hands up. Even if you never plan on stepping into the ring, you'll want to practice good form to get the maximum benefit out of your workout.
  • Your feet should only be slightly wider than your shoulders. The toe of your front foot should be on the same imaginary line as the heel of your back foot. Your weight should be on the balls of your feet, so you're ready to move.
  • Start slow. Take your time and learn the proper mechanics of how to punch. If you try to learn too quickly and you have bad form, your muscles will remember the wrong way to throw a punch and it could be very hard to correct down the road.
  • Stay relaxed. Tensing your muscles during a workout tires you out more quickly, but not in a good way. It needlessly wastes energy and decreases your stamina. You want to conserve your energy for throwing punches, so remember to keep relaxed if you want to keep going.

Other products we considered

Depending on age or exercise preference, what someone wants or needs in a freestanding heavy bag can vary. To give you a wider selection of quality options, here are a few more models for your consideration. For the youth who is interested in a boxing-style workout, Century has a Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag that is sized for a younger athlete. This model features handles on the top so you can hold the heavy bag in place to practice knee and elbow strikes.

For the adult who is looking for a smaller, more affordable option, Everlast's Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag is 67 inches tall at its highest setting and weighs 130 pounds when filled with water. The impact-absorbing neck helps reduce movement, and the unit features a shock-absorbing foam striking surface.

On the higher end, Century's Wavemaster XXL Training Bag is a solid 270-pound, 69-inch durable martial arts training bag. The unit offers an impressively large striking surface and has a sturdy, yet low profile base.

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If you find your freestanding heavy bag moves too easily across the floor during workouts, try placing it on something with more friction, such as a gym mat.


QWhy would I want a freestanding heavy bag?
If you are more interested in cardio and fitness than training to be a boxer or to compete in MMA, then a freestanding heavy bag is what you want. The bag is not designed to withstand power-packed punches and kicks, but it is excellent for getting your heart rate up. Additionally, if you are looking for ease of use or you don't have much room, those are two more reasons to invest in a freestanding heavy bag. A freestanding heavy bag is not only quick to set up, but it can be stored in a closet when it is not in use, and it only takes up a minimal amount of space while you are training.

Q. Should I fill my base with sand or water?
There are pros and cons to each side. Sand weighs considerably more than water. If you are looking to add a few pounds to your base to help your freestanding heavy bag take harder hits, sand would be the way to go. However, if you transport your freestanding heavy bag often, and you need to empty the base to do that, water is much easier to drain and fill than sand. Additionally, both water and sand will make a mess if you have a spill, but sand will probably be less upsetting than a mini flood.

Q. Can my son or daughter use a freestanding heavy bag?
Yes! A freestanding heavy bag is ideal for kids because they don't have as much force behind their blows, so there's less chance of knocking the bag over. Additionally, a freestanding heavy bag is not as dense as a hanging heavy bag, so it is much kinder on your knuckles.

Q. How high should my freestanding heavy bag be?
Because you are considering your bag a stand-in for your opponent, you want it to simulate that situation as realistically as possible. This means the top of the freestanding heavy bag should be approximately level with the top of your own head. If you purchase a short bag, however, you might want to lower the height a little to keep the center of the bag around chest level.

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