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Best Umpire Masks

Updated March 2023
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Best of the Best
Wilson Dyna-Lite Aluminum Umpire Mask
Dyna-Lite Aluminum Umpire Mask
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Trusted Brand
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A sturdy, comfortable mask with premium padding.


Comfortable to wear with memory foam pads wrapped in moisture wicking fabric. Solid construction with an aluminum cage. Comes with adjustable strap. Made from a reputable sporting goods company.


Heavier than lightweight models.

Best Bang for the Buck
Rawlings High Visibility Baseball and Softball Umpire Mask
High Visibility Baseball and Softball Umpire Mask
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Solid and Sturdy
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Ideal if you're looking for a sturdy mask with extra protection over comfort.


Solid wire frame with a built-in throat protector. Leather pad covering. Very sturdy.


A bit heavy. Padding doesn't absorb moisture.

Champion Sports Ultra Lightweight Umpire Face Mask
Champion Sports
Ultra Lightweight Umpire Face Mask
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Comfortable and Adjustable
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A very comfortable umpire mask that is easy to adjust to make fit.


Weighs only 18 ounces with hollow wire construction. Includes forehead, ear, and throat guards and adjustable harness. DryTek leather pads help wick sweat.


Might not be ideal for umpires of adult games.

CHAMPRO Lightweight Dri-Gear Adult Baseball and Softball Umpire Mask
Lightweight Dri-Gear Adult Baseball and Softball Umpire Mask
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Simple Yet Solid
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A good mask for those looking for something comfortable to wear.


Hollow wire construction and pads that also wick sweat away. Weighs a total of 18 ounces. Very comfortable to wear.


The main straps could be longer for better adjustment.

Wilson Dyna-Lite Umpire and Catcher's Face Mask
Dyna-Lite Umpire and Catcher's Face Mask
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Durability and Comfort
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A sturdy, lightweight umpire mask that can also be used as a catcher's mask.


A steel cage that is dipped in rubber makes this mask very sturdy. Absorbent synthetic inner keeps you comfortable. One size fits all harness.


A little heavier than other lightweight brands at 26 ounces.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best umpire masks

Baseball and softball aren’t contact sports, but batters face balls that travel at incredibly high speeds that can cause severe injury if they get hit. That’s why batting helmets are a critical piece of safety gear. If you’re the umpire, you’re also at risk behind the plate, which is why you need a high-quality mask to protect yourself. Umpire masks offer protection for the face and parts of the head. It’s an essential piece of gear because it allows you to focus on the pitches without worrying about getting injured.

You can choose from a couple of different types, which vary in terms of the protection they offer and the overall weight and feel on the head. Comfort is obviously important because you’ll be wearing the mask for a few hours, but the protection that a mask offers is the most important feature to consider.

If you’re in the market for an umpire mask, our buying guide can help you figure out the type that will best suit your needs, as well as what dimensions, weight, materials, and other features you might prefer.

umpire masks1
A traditional umpire mask weighs about .5 to 1 pound less than a hockey-style mask.

Key considerations


Umpire masks are available in two styles: traditional and hockey.

Traditional: As the name implies, traditional umpire masks have been used for years. They have a lightweight design that’s meant to fit over a baseball cap. The mask protects the face from the impact of errant balls, but it doesn’t provide much protection for the rest of the head. Some traditional umpire masks allow for accessories that increase their protection, though you’ll pay extra for these items.

Hockey: These umpire masks (hockey-style or HSM) have gained in popularity over the last decade because they provide more protection for the head and face than a traditional mask. That’s because an HSM also covers the top of the head and sides of the face to further limit injuries, including those from a foul ball or broken bat. An HSM is heavier than a traditional umpire mask, which can take some getting used to. However, it also sits closer to the face, so visibility is better.


Most umpire masks measure approximately 8.5 to 9 inches wide and 10 to 11 inches long. These differences in dimensions might seem minor, but they can make a significant difference in the way a mask fits and how comfortable it feels. You might need to try on a few masks to figure out which one best fits your head and face.

You should also pay attention to a mask’s depth, which is the distance between your eyes and the frame. HSMs usually have less depth, which improves visibility. However, you can also find traditional umpire masks with a low profile that sit closer to the face and offer better visibility. A mask that sits closer to the face can be more effective at absorbing impact too.


Most umpire masks weigh 1.5 pounds or less.

Traditional umpire masks are usually lighter, some weighing under a pound.

HSMs are heavier, and some weigh over 2 pounds. The added weight is typically due to padding, so you might want to wear a slightly heavier mask for the increased protection it provides. It’s also important to note that HSMs are typically more effective at distributing their weight than traditional masks. That means that while they may weigh more, they feel lighter and more comfortable on the head.


Umpire masks use a variety of materials for their frame and padding.

Frame: Many umpires prefer a mask with a hollow-core steel frame because it effectively absorbs impact so your head doesn’t have to. Other masks have a frame made of magnesium, aluminum, or titanium. Titanium frames have the best strength-to-weight ratio, but they’re generally more expensive. HSMs usually have an ABS plastic shell with their frame, which offers excellent impact absorption.

Padding: When it comes to padding, most masks use either leather or fabric. Leather pads are more durable and provide a more comfortable fit because they stretch over time, but these masks tend to weigh more. Masks with fabric pads are typically lighter and more effective at absorbing sweat.

Most softball or baseball leagues have guidelines for the protective gear and uniform that umpires must wear.




Umpire masks are available in two different designs: single bar and double bar.

Double-bar umpire masks generally provide the most protection. The design makes the mask stronger and more durable, so it’s better able to absorb impact. A double-bar mask isn’t necessarily any heavier, but some users find that the design can reduce visibility. Fortunately, some double-bar masks have flat corners around the bars that help improve visibility.

Some umpire mask manufacturers also offer different designs for the mask shape. Newer models are often shaped to better conform to the face to minimize visibility issues and provide a more comfortable fit.


Throat guard: Some umpire masks come with a throat guard. This attaches to the bottom of the mask to cover the gap between the edge of the mask’s frame and the chest protector. The best throat guards measure about 4 to 6 inches long. If your mask doesn’t include a throat guard, you can purchase one separately to use with it.

Sun visor: If you often struggle with glare from the sun while umpiring, you might want a mask that includes a sun visor. This shield sits at the top of the mask frame and keeps the sun out of your eyes and protects your face from the rain. As with a throat guard, you can purchase a sun visor separately if your model doesn’t come with one.

umpire masks2
When you’re hit with a fastball, you can experience up to 2,400 pounds of force, which can cause serious injury if you’re not wearing protective equipment.


Baseball cap: Adidas Ultimate Relaxed Hat
Most umpire uniforms require some type of baseball cap, and we love this one from Adidas. It offers an adjustable fit and a moisture-wicking sweatband and is available in several shades, including black and gray.

Baseball cleats: New Balance Men’s 3000 V4 TPU Molded Baseball Shoe
Most umpires prefer to wear rubber baseball cleats when working, and these from New Balance are a great option. They have a close-fitting bootie design that’s comfortable and lightweight. They also offer plush midsole cushioning and a padded collar to prevent ankle injuries.

Athletic socks: Balega Hidden Comfort Athletic No-Show Running Socks
A comfortable pair of athletic socks should also be part of your umpire uniform. This pair from Balega is a favorite because the socks have seamless toes to reduce blisters. The cushioned soles help increase comfort too, and the socks are surprisingly lightweight.

Umpire mask prices

Umpire masks vary in price based on style, materials, and other features. Most masks cost between $15 and $220.

Inexpensive: The most affordable umpire masks have a traditional style with a single- or double-bar design. They typically have a solid wire frame and fabric or faux leather pads. They don’t include any extras, such as a throat guard or sun visor. You’ll usually pay between $15 and $40 for these masks.

Mid-range: These umpire masks typically have a traditional double-bar or hockey-style design. Most in this price range are designed to maximize visibility. They feature a magnesium, aluminum, or steel frame and leather or fabric pads. Some include extras like a throat guard or sun visor too. You’ll typically pay between $40 and $99 for these masks.

Expensive: The most expensive umpire masks are high-end traditional double-bar styles or HSMs that provide the best visibility. They usually feature a solid steel or titanium frame and leather pads. Some masks in this price range also include extras like a throat guard or sun visor. You’ll generally pay between $99 and $220 for these masks.

It’s a good idea to invest in an equipment bag for your umpire gear. It protects your mask, chest protector, and other safety gear when you travel back and forth to the field.



  • Check the padding. To make sure an umpire mask fits properly, check that your forehead and jaw are in contact with the upper and lower pads of the mask. That will ensure that they provide adequate cushioning upon impact.
  • Check the fit. Umpire masks have adjustable straps at the top and sides of the frame. If your mask feels too loose, adjust the straps until you feel snug contact between the padding and your forehead and jaw. A mask that’s too loose can shift around and block your vision. A mask that’s too snug can’t absorb impact as effectively. You can tell that your mask is correctly fitted if it feels snug but you can easily remove it with one hand.
umpire masks3
Umpire masks with leather pads can use different types of leather, such as full-grain or calfskin.


Q. Is an umpire mask really necessary?

A. Simply put, yes. If you’re stationed behind home plate to call balls and strikes, you face various hazards. Depending on the level of baseball or softball you’re umpiring, you can see balls at speeds of 50 to 100 miles per hour. If you can’t get out of the way of an errant pitch, you can suffer a serious head injury.

In addition to pitches, home plate umpires can also be hit by foul tips or broken bats. A mask offers protection for your face and head from any type of injury that might result from impact.

Q. What’s the best way to clean an umpire mask?

A. After each game, wipe down the mask’s frame with a damp cloth to remove dirt, sweat, and other residue. Some fabric padding may be machine washable, but leather pads should only be spot cleaned with a leather-safe cleaner. Make sure to let your mask dry thoroughly after each use before storing it. Putting your mask away when the pads are damp can cause mold and mildew to grow.

Q. What other protective gear should I wear as an umpire?

A. While a mask is the most critical piece of safety gear because it protects the head, you’ll also want a chest protector. It offers cushioning for your chest if a pitch, foul ball, or bat hits you. A good protector starts at the neck and covers down to the ribs. You should also wear leg guards to protect your feet, ankles, shins, upper knees, and lower thighs.


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