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Best House Slippers for Men

Updated October 2022
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Best of the Best
UGG Scuff Slippers
Scuff Slippers
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Premium Quality
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This luxurious option features the well-renowned brand’s signature sheepskin lining.


Made with premium suede, sheepskin, and a leather outsole. Breaks in easily and molds to your feet. Many wearers appreciated the subdued UGG logo embossed on the side. Available in classic UGG colors. Will outlast most others.


Footbed could use more cushioning.

Best Bang for the Buck
RockDove Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers
Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers
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Next-Level Comfort
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A budget-friendly bestseller, mostly due to its memory foam and superior cushioning.


No-slip rubber sole has well-defined treads for safe walking on smooth floors. Made with a soft, terrycloth-inspired blend of cotton and spandex. Waffle knit upper allows feet more ventilation. Can be worn indoors and outdoors.


Somewhat inconsistent sizing. Won't last much more than a year with significant use.

Acorn Moc Slippers
Moc Slippers
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Breathable Design
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One of few made with a wick-away lining to keep you dry and cool.


Equipped with a special insole that contours to your foot, making it ideal for those with podiatric issues. Weatherproof rubber outsole is also skid-resistant. Available in sizes 7.5 to 16. Choice of shell materials includes fuzz, fleece, or canvas.


Bothersome tag on the inside. Runs small. Cushioning is a bit too soft.

Minnetonka Pile-Lined Hardsole Slipper
Pile-Lined Hardsole Slipper
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Classic Moccasin
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This moccasin is lauded for its best-fitting style because it’s available in half sizes.


Timeless styling includes suede laces and fleece lining. Available in 7 earth-inspired shades. Heel is spacious, but won't pop off while you walk. Toe box is very accommodating, especially for those with wider feet. Unparalleled comfort and warmth.


Will need to size up if you intend on wearing socks. Lacks ergonomic contouring for support.

Zigzagger Fuzzy Microsuede House Shoes
Fuzzy Microsuede House Shoes
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Lightweight Yet Cozy
Bottom Line

Not only are these cozy, you can toss them in the washing machine.


Made with soft microsuede and fleece with a rubber insole. Footbed has resilient, high-density memory foam for superior shock absorption. Instep features elastic detail for a secure fit. Wearers love the unique color block design and stitching detail.


Runs small. Not very breathable, so your feet will end up sweating in them.

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Buying guide for Best house slippers for men

Whether they’re worn to protect your feet from the shock of cold winter floors, preferred as your inside option for a “no outside shoes worn indoors” policy, or serve as an integral part of your work-from-home wardrobe, every man should own at least one pair of comfortable house slippers.

With so many styles, colors, and materials to choose from, you can find one or more pairs to suit all of your favorite clothes. Whether your body is garbed in loungewear or more professionally attired (at least from the waist up) for your video meetings, there are house slippers that will keep your feet comfortable, protected, and happy.

Every man’s wardrobe needs at least one pair of comfortable, good-looking slippers.

Key considerations

While looking for men’s house slippers isn’t exactly rocket science, there are still several things to consider, including the style and material you like best.


There are many different styles of men’s slippers. Here are some of the most common.

Moccasin: One of the most popular men’s slipper styles is the moccasin. Once the customary footwear of Native Americans and now beloved by people everywhere, this classic and comfortable style is marked by the heavy raised stitching that connects the vamp to the upper. Moccasins enclose the entire foot, including the heel. They are most often made of suede or leather in natural colors. 

Loafer: This is a classic slipper for men. Some are similar to moccasins in construction, but others are distinguished by their one-piece rather than two-piece upper. You can find very casual loafers, loafers that resemble regular dress shoes, and a wide range of styles in between. Loafers enclose the entire foot, including the heel, and are made of leather, suede, or a variety of synthetic materials. 

Scuff: Sometimes called mules, these slippers are open at the heel but cover the entire upper portion of the foot and toes. Like loafers, there are scuffs and mules ranging from very casual to somewhat dressy. These slippers are often made of leather or suede, but they can also be made of synthetic materials. 

Boot: These slippers typically extend to the ankle bone or slightly higher. They’re warm and cozy, but they can be too warm for some men. Most are made of suede, knit yarn, or synthetic materials. 

Slide: These are casual slippers that are open at the heel and toe, with a strap of material covering just the arch of the foot. They can be made of any common slipper material, although most often they’re made of synthetic fabric.

Slipper socks: These are basically regular, albeit heavy, socks with some type of rubbery grip coating on the soles.

Novelty: These slippers can be any style, but they are noticeable for their wacky or fun designs. Sharks, animal paws, silly faces, tacos, and popular cartoon characters are just some of the designs available.


When it comes to house slippers for men, there are several materials to choose from. Here are some of the most common and where they’re found on the slippers.

Upper: The upper is the main part that covers the foot. When it comes to men’s slippers, leather and suede are the most classic materials. Both are breathable, hold up well, and have a slight give that allows the slipper to mold to the wearer’s feet. On the downside, both can stain, they can’t be machine washed, and they darken with exposure to sweat or moisture. You’ll find every style of men’s slippers made from leather or suede.

Other popular options for uppers include boiled wool, which is a classic material for winter versions of scuff and loafer styles. Polyester and other synthetics, often in the form of microfiber or terry cloth, are common materials for inexpensive slippers of every style. These slippers are usually machine washable, but synthetic fabrics can hold onto sweat and odors. You’ll find boots, slipper socks, and loafers knitted from wool, cotton, or synthetic yarn, creating a comfortable slipper with enough stretch to relieve pressure on sore feet.

Lining: The lining of a slipper is the fabric inside the top and sides of the foot. Not all slippers have a lining, but on those that do, natural lamb or synthetic fleece is the most common. Fleece is very warm and cozy, but it can be hot. Some slippers are lined with cotton or synthetic material, often with a slight bit of padding.

Insole: This is the portion of the slipper that cradles the sole of your foot. Some slippers have little more than a lightly padded fabric insole, while others are covered in fleece, leather, or microfiber material. Memory foam covered by fabric is a very popular insole option because it provides a great deal of cushioning and some support, which is helpful for men suffering from foot pain.

Outsole: The outsole is the bottom of the slipper. Some slippers meant to be worn only indoors have just a thin leather outsole. This is especially common on moccasins and loafers. But most often you’ll find some type of firm outsole. Rubber and flexible plastic are the most common on house slippers. Usually, the outsoles on these slippers are quite thin, but some are a bit thicker, which offers more support for the arch of the foot.

Did You Know?
Leather and suede are the most traditional materials for men’s house slippers.


While the most important decisions when choosing men’s slippers are the style and the material, there are a few more features to consider.

Arch support

While most house slippers don’t offer a whole lot in the way of arch support, there are some brands that specialize in slippers with good support. If you have any foot issues that cause pain, such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, neuropathy, flat feet, or metatarsalgia, you want slippers with good cushioning, arch support, and outsoles thick enough to protect your feet from the strain of standing on hard floors.


You can’t toss leather or suede slippers in the washing machine or dryer, but some fabric slippers are machine washable. This is an especially helpful feature if your feet tend to sweat a lot or you wear your slippers in the kitchen while cooking and subject them to splashes and drips.


While the most common colors for men’s slippers are neutral shades of tan, brown, black, and gray, you’re not limited to the traditional if you prefer something a little bolder or more interesting. Just about any color is available in a men’s house slipper, so while you might need to look a little harder, you can find red, green, blue, yellow, or any other hue. And while the vast majority of men’s slippers are a solid color, there are also a few brands that make slippers with patterns, most often checks or plaid.

Staff Tip 2
Staff Tip
If you have sore feet, look for house slippers with plenty of cushioning and good arch support.



You can find slippers made from synthetic fabrics for less than $20, especially slipper socks, scuffs, slides, and novelty styles. 


Expect to pay more for quality slippers made from leather or suede or with real lamb fleece lining. These slippers generally cost between $25 and $50


Once you go over $50, you can find designer slippers, slippers specifically made to alleviate painful foot conditions, and slippers made of premium materials.

Did You Know?
You can find many styles of men’s house slippers, including moccasins, scuffs, and loafers.


Once you’ve found the perfect house slippers, keep them looking their best with regular care. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but the following guidelines work for most footwear.

  • Wipe off the outsoles. Use a baby wipe or damp paper towel and a drop of dish soap.
  • Machine wash slippers with towels. If your slippers are made of fabric, chances are they’re machine washable. Toss them in with a load of towels or clothing in similar colors and wash them in warm water on the gentle cycle.
  • Let your slippers air-dry. This prevents shrinkage or damage to the soles. Lightly stuff the slippers with newspaper, clean rags, or paper towels to absorb moisture and help them retain their shape. Set the slippers in a sunny spot and let them dry completely before wearing them
  • Spot clean stains on leather slippers. Use a suede brush and a bit of suede cleaner on suede slippers. Use saddle soap or a similar leather cleaner on leather slippers.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the fleece lining. Give the lining a new lease on life by sprinkling it with baking soda, letting the powder sit for several hours to absorb odors, and then shaking the baking soda out of the slippers, using your fingers to help loosen and remove residue. If necessary, use a suede brush or small hairbrush to fluff up the fleece and wipe away any remaining baking soda.
If you work from home, your slippers can be a regular part of your workday outfit.


Q. How long do house slippers last?

A. That depends quite a bit on how often you wear them, whether you wear them outside, and how much your feet tend to sweat, but as a general rule, if you wear the slippers daily, expect inexpensive, fabric slippers to last a year or two before the insoles start to wear out or the fabric starts to fray. High-quality slippers should last for several years, particularly if you occasionally clean them and fluff the fleece linings.

Q. Should socks be worn with slippers?

A. The choice is up to you, but most people don’t wear socks with slippers unless they have very cold feet, are wearing the slippers indoors but plan on changing to outside shoes later, or have very sweaty feet and prefer to let the more easily washed socks, rather than the slippers, absorb the moisture.

Q. Can house slippers be worn outside?

A. There are indoor/outdoor slippers with heavier soles that are intended for use indoors and outdoors, but as a general rule, house slippers are just that: for wearing inside the home. Of course, as long as your slippers have a sturdy outsole made of rubber or flexible plastic, it’s okay to wear them for quick trips to the mailbox or to take the dog to the yard. If you expect to be outside for a longer time, the weather is inclement, or the ground is muddy or wet, take the time to change into a more suitable pair of shoes.