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Best Shower Shoes for Men

Updated October 2022
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adidas Adult Shower Slide
Adult Shower Slide
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Reliable Build
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The Adidas shower slippers are known for their comfortable fit and solid construction.


Made from quick-drying synthetic fiber that repels water. Integrates Cloudfoam padding for additional cushioning. Resists mold and mildew. Available in a variety of colors and patterns.


Some complaints about them running small, so maybe a size up.

Best Bang for the Buck
Vertico Men's Shower and Pool Sandal
Men's Shower and Pool Sandal
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Simple Yet Solid
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Men who dislike the feel of a thong between their toes should consider these slide-on shower shoes.


Made from rubber. Synthetic sole. Deep tread for traction. Quick drying. Packs easily in a gym bag. Vented foot bridge. Choice of sizes. Slide into each other for space savings. Non-slip. Very comfortable. Thick sole.


May run small. Consider sizing up when ordering.

Secure RSS-1L Slip Resistant Shower Shoes with Non Skid
RSS-1L Slip Resistant Shower Shoes with Non Skid
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Heavy-duty Grip
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If slipping is your main safety concern, look no further than these grooved-sole shower shoes.


Heavy-duty grooved soles independently tested and proven to resist slipping. Soft, comfortable nylon mesh uppers. No inside front and back seams to create skin issues. Expanded soft foot opening. Higher back on uppers to minimize slippers coming off feet.


Elastic may not hug feet securely at the smaller end of the range. Consider sizing down.

Vertico Shower Sandal
Shower Sandal
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Causal Choice
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Classic thong-style shower sandals get a durable upgrade in this style from Vertico.


Closed-cell EVA construction. Lightweight. Doesn't absorb water. Can towel dry. Durable. Not slippery. Choice of sizes. One piece, so no crevices for mold. Available in black or blue.


May have a rubbery odor upon arrival, but this fades quickly .

Nautica Shower Sandals
Shower Sandals
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Most Versatile
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These waterproof slippers are ideal for men who like to stay active both outdoors and indoors.


More luxurious take on shower shoes. Clean easily and resist water, making them great for the backyard or beaches. Feel lightweight and snug on your feet. Offered in several sizes and colors.


Not the best choice for rougher terrains.

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Buying guide for Best shower shoes for men

Whether you are looking to put something between your feet and the grimy tiles of a gym shower or you just need a pair of shoes to keep your feet from slipping at home, shower shoes offer comfort and safety.

Shower shoes should provide excellent traction to reduce your risk of slipping and falling. While you may primarily wear your shower shoes when bathing, they may be stylish enough to wear by the beach or poolside as well. Flip flops are easy to hang up to dry, while slide sandals may be more stylish and can be worn outside of the shower. Slip-on shoes cover your whole foot and are more secure than flip flops or slides. The material of the shoes, which may be a rubber, foam, or mesh, should be water resistant and not susceptible to mildew or bacteria to keep your feet clean and healthy.

Shower shoes, also known as shower slippers, may be a small purchase, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carefully consider your options. Our buying guide will break down the essential questions to ask before purchasing men’s shower shoes.

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The fewer parts and crevices a shower shoe has, the less places mold has to grow.

Benefits of shower shoes

In addition to traction and comfort, shower shoes protect you from a number of different bacteria and fungi that can lurk in public showers. The damp nature of any shower makes it a breeding ground for bacteria.

Here are just a few things shower shoes can protect your feet from:

  • Athlete’s foot - a fungal infection that may require treatment

  • Mildew - a mold that can be harmful when contact with skin is made

  • MRSA - a highly resilient bacterial infection that may require treatment

Any of these infections can also spread to other parts of your body when you touch your feet.

Key considerations

Your shower shoes should give you proper grip on slippery surfaces while keeping your feet comfortable and supported. In addition, they should be designed to last for years and resist the buildup of mildew or bacteria.


It’s crucial that your shower shoes provide proper grip for you to safely bathe without concerns of slipping or falling. Look for shoes with deep treads or grippy materials that allow you not only to shower without slipping, but also to walk on the tiled floor of a gym locker room without slipping. Your shoes will still be wet when you get out of the shower, and you won’t want to take them off until you can change into other shoes.


As with any pair of shoes, comfort and support is important, even if you only wear your shower shoes for short periods. While some shoes may be fairly flat, more expensive shower shoes for men may have contoured shapes and arch supports to fully cushion your feet. Not only does this feel good while you’re wearing them, but it can also prevent your feet from becoming sore later.


Your shower shoes will be walked in, soaked in hot water and repeatedly dried, and stuffed into gym bags. If they are not highly durable, they won’t last very long. Look for shower shoes made of tough materials or very few separate parts to find shoes that won’t wear out quickly, even with heavy use.

Mildew, mold, and bacteria resistance

The last thing you want is for the shoes designed to keep your feet clean introducing them to mildew or fungus. Some shower shoes are treated to be mold and bacteria resistant, usually with an antimicrobial agent that prevents the material from harboring bacteria and other growth. That doesn’t mean bacteria and mold can’t still find their way onto the shoes, though — drying your shoes and keeping them clean is the only way to ensure cleanliness.

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Did you know?
Shower shoes can be worn in gyms, dorm bathrooms, saunas, poolsides, or anywhere else where your feet would benefit from protection against dirt and bacteria.



Men’s shower shoes are made from a variety of flexible materials, most of which dry quickly and are soft against your skin. Some common materials include:

  • Rubber - While rubber provides great traction when used in the outsole and can be fairly lightweight, it may chafe against your skin as you walk.

  • EVA foam - EVA foam is an extremely lightweight material that is comfortable against the skin. It’s often used in conjunction with a rubber outsole.

  • Croslite - Similar to EVA foam, this lightweight material molds to the shape of your foot and provides excellent support. However, it does not match the traction of rubber.

Shoe style

The style of the shoe should fit your preferences, though color and look may not matter so much if you plan to use your shoes exclusively in the shower and locker room.

Flip flops are a classic style that feature a thong which goes between your big toe and second toe. True to their name, they tend to flop as you walk.

Slide sandals usually have a wide band that secures your foot to the sole of the shoe. These often fit more securely than flip-flops and leave your toes and heel exposed.

Slip-on sandals cover the toes and top of the foot. These may resemble water shoes in design.


Your shower shoes are designed to get wet, but they should also be designed to dry.

If shoes have a large band or cover your feet entirely, drainage is essential to allowing the shoes to dry quickly. This may come in the form of holes where the upper meets the sole or in a mesh-like material that allows water to easily pass through.

"As with regular shoes, shower shoes come in a range of sizes, though their open-toed design makes finding a comfortable fit easier. "

Men’s shower shoes prices


For $5 to $10 are basic shower shoes that may have EVA foam soles. These often provide little support and traction and are not always antimicrobial. However, they may work well for those on a budget. Their flimsier designs mean they may not hold up as well as more expensive shoes.


Men’s shower shoes for $10 to $15 may be made of foam, rubber, or Croslite and are often treated to be antimicrobial. These vary in design from flip flops to sandals to slip-on shoes, so finding a shoe that fits your preferences in this range is easy.


Shoes from $15 to $25 are usually rugged in design and likely to last for years. They are made from a variety of materials and come in styles suitable for beach or poolside wear. Many shower shoes in this range provide excellent cushioning and support and are unlikely to develop mildew or harbor bacteria.

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Expert Tip
Don’t forget to wash your feet while wearing shower shoes. Many designs have mesh tops or leave the tops of your feet exposed for easy cleaning.

Keeping your shower shoes clean

You may not think much about keeping shower shoes clean, but it is important they don’t transfer any microbes or fungi to your skin. Follow these steps to prevent your shower shoes from becoming unclean:

  • Dry your shoes by shaking off excess moisture and toweling them off after each shower.

  • Hang them up somewhere dry if possible.

  • Avoid stuffing your shoes in the same compartment of your bag as your dirty gym clothes.

These steps are important not only for preventing your shoes from becoming unclean but also for keeping any items your shoes come into contact with clean.

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Many foam shower shoes are made of “closed cell” foam — this means that the foam is non-porous and will not absorb water. ?


Q. Can you share shower shoes with someone?

A. Due to the ease of sharing bacteria and fungus, this is not recommended.

Q. How long do shower shoes last?

A. This depends on how often they are cleaned and where you store them. In most cases, they should last two to three years. Shoes made from a single piece of rubber or foam are more likely to last for longer.

Q. Is it better to have a dedicated pair of shower shoes?

A. This is up to you. Many shower shoes are stylish and comfortable enough to wear outside in warm weather. If you are concerned about tracking dirt into your shower or home, you may want to keep one pair of shower sandals and a separate pair for walking outside.