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Updated June 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3
BIOM Hybrid 3
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Most Stylish
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The BOA fit system in these women's yak leather shoes keeps your feet planted when you hit and comfortable as you walk the green.


Natural Motion technology works with your feet for a well-fit, barely there feel. Hydromax keeps your feet dry when the grass is especially wet. The removable inlay gives you some customization.


These are steep; get them for veteran golfers, not newbies.

Best Bang for the Buck
Ecco Golf Strike 2.0
Strike 2.0
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Versatile Choice
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A well-priced shoe that packs in a ton of features for the price.


Has a durable leather upper that remains breathable on warm days. Water-resistant. The midsole is ergonomically designed to help maintain comfort while remaining stable.


The shoe can become a bit soft over many uses.

Ecco Golf Biom H4
Biom H4
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A low-profile pick that maintains comfort regardless of conditions.


The midsole is designed to maintain power through the entirety of your swing. GORE-TEX weatherproofing allows it to maintain quality regardless of the weather. Stays breathable on hot days.


The cleats can not be replaced once worn down.

Ecco Golf S-Three
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Simple yet Solid
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A solid fit that comes in a wide variety of colorways.


Upper is made from Yak leather, allowing it to be breathable while maintaining performance. The insole can be removed and washed. Provides great traction with over 800 angles.


These seem to run a bit too narrow for a lot of feet.

ECCO Tray Laced
Tray Laced
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Best for Everyday Use
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The lateral stability of Ecco’s FLUIDFORM technology keeps you comfortable and stable, while the supplementary features benefit performance.


The DriTan technology used to treat the leather reduces water and chemicals used in the tanning process. The removable inlay comes in handy for wide feet. These women's shoes are for those who want the comfort of sneakers out there on the green.


Some may want something with a more athletically-inspired design.


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Buying guide for best Ecco golf shoes

Golfers know they need the right gear to be able to play the game well. Finding the right golf clubs, golf balls, and putters to match the way you play can help you be more successful. While it’s fun to focus on buying those items, don’t forget about a few other essential items that can help you play better, including golf shoes.

Ecco is one of the top manufacturers of golf shoes. The company creates stylish and comfortable shoes that give casual or daily golfers long-lasting performance. You will pay a little more for Ecco golf shoes as opposed to some other brands, but the quality of the materials and craftsmanship in these shoes shows why they deserve the higher price tag.

If you’re looking for a new pair of golf shoes, take a look at our buying guide. We discuss some of the different features that set Ecco golf shoes apart and help you find the right shoes for your game. If you already know what you need, take a look at our recommendations above.

Ecco golf shoes1
Ecco golf shoes have a design that’s more like the athletic shoes you wear for workouts, but they perform like traditional-looking golf shoes.

Key considerations

Spiked vs. spikeless

Spiked: Golf shoes with plastic or metal spikes on the soles provide the most traction. Ecco shoes have only hard or plastic or spikes (no metal). While some spiked golf shoes from years ago have extremely stiff soles that are uncomfortable to walk in, modern Ecco spiked golf shoes have relatively flexible soles. Some Ecco shoes have Zarma-Tour spikes, which are designed to prevent clogging with dirt and mud, so they can grip the ground efficiently.

Spikeless: These Ecco golf shoes have small nubs on the soles to improve traction, so they don’t have quite the same grip as spiked shoes. Some people prefer the nubs because the shoes are a bit more comfortable than spiked golf shoes. Some Ecco golf shoes have the brand’s dynamic traction system (E-DTS), which includes bars on the outsole for traction no matter the angle of your foot to the ground.

Waterproof vs. water repellent

Golf courses can be damp around water hazards and from dew in the morning and water from sprinklers, so wearing waterproof or water-repellent golf shoes is a good idea.

Waterproof: Ecco golf shoes labeled as waterproof include GORE-TEX, a trademarked fabric that allows air but not water to pass through.

Water repellent: Some Ecco golf shoes are not waterproof but water repellent using the brand’s HYDROMAX technology. These shoes can keep out moisture, such as from dew on the grass, but they may allow some moisture to pass through the fabric if you step in a puddle or water hazard.

Some Ecco golf shoes are waterproof while others are water repellent. There is a significant difference between the two, so double-check the description when you shop.



Ecco golf shoes are designed to resemble other types of athletic shoes. These differ from traditional saddle golf shoes, looking less like street shoes and providing a higher level of comfort. Ecco does not make boot-style or sandal-style golf shoes.


Leather: Most Ecco golf shoes are made of leather for maximum comfort and breathability.
The leather is either smooth or has a slightly pebbled texture.

Ortholite: Many Ecco golf shoes have Ortholite insoles for extra cushioning. You can also remove and wash them to eliminate odors. The insoles almost certainly will wear out faster than the other materials in the shoe, so you can remove and replace them as necessary.

GORE-TEX: Waterproof Ecco golf shoes protect your feet from the elements while still allowing air to circulate inside the shoes.


FLUIDFORM: To make sure that the Ecco golf shoes flex properly with your feet, some use Ecco’s Zonal FLUIDFORM technology. In these shoes, the midsole is split into three sections, each of which can flex slightly differently. The shoe moves comfortably with the foot without sacrificing performance or stability.

BIOM: Certain models of Ecco golf shoes use BIOM Natural Motion technology to keep the sole of the shoe and foot as stable as possible, helping you remain balanced all the way through your swing.


Men’s and women’s Ecco golf shoes are available in many different color combinations. While the shoe uppers are usually neutral colors like black, white, tan, or gray, the shoes might have bright accent colors of blue, green, yellow, pink, or red. Even without a lot of bright colors, Ecco golf shoes still deliver plenty of style.

Ecco golf shoes2
If mud builds up on the soles of your golf shoes, you can carry a stiff-bristled brush to clean them off while you play.


Golf cart: Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX
If you’re going to be walking the course, a high-quality push cart is a useful piece of equipment. Sun Mountain is a well-known manufacturer of these carts, and this model combines light weight and rugged design.

Golf balls: Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
For advanced golfers who want the ability to fully control the ball while on the course, the Pro V1 will meet their needs. It delivers outstanding spin control and consistent distance.

Golf glove: Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove
If you want a top-quality golf glove to pair with your Ecco golf shoes, this Bionic glove fits the bill. This durable leather glove is comfortable and will last a long time.

Golf bag: Callaway Org 14 Stand Bag
With ten pockets plus club dividers, you can keep all your clubs and gear — including rangefinder and smartphone — organized in this updated Callaway bag.

Ecco golf shoe prices

Ecco golf shoes are well made using quality materials, so they cost more than some other brands, ranging from $125 to $250. You’ll find spiked and spikeless shoes, as well as both men’s and women’s golf shoes, throughout the price range. The more expensive options are waterproof and come in more designs and colors.

Ecco golf shoes have lace-up closures rather than hook-and-loop straps.



  • Use a shoe horn. If the shoes are tight, use a shoe horn to guide your heel without damaging the back of the shoe.
  • Don’t leave your golf shoes in your car. High temperatures can cause the materials to break down. Store your golf shoes at room temperature.
  • Stuff wet shoes with newspaper. If your golf shoes get wet, you can draw out the moisture by placing newspaper inside them. Do not try to use heat or sunlight to dry the shoes. Allow them to air-dry naturally.
  • Use shoe trees. Cedar shoe trees can help your golf shoes maintain their shape.
  • Keep the shoes clean. Wipe any grass, mud, or sand off the shoes before storing them.
Ecco golf shoes3
Light-colored Ecco golf shoes tend to show dirt, mud, and grass stains, so if you often play in wet weather, you might want to buy dark-colored shoes.


Q. Will water ruin my Ecco golf shoes?

A. As with any shoes, the more often they become wet or soiled, the quicker they’ll lose their like-new looks. However, Ecco golf shoes are made to stand up to wet conditions, ensuring they will last longer than many other brands.

Q. Do I have to wear golf shoes to play the game?

A. No. The game of golf has no rules that force players to wear golf shoes. However, the extra grip that’s available on the soles of Ecco golf shoes should help you play the game better, reducing the chances of slipping.

Q. Can I store my Ecco golf shoes in a pocket on my golf bag?

A. You can, but we wouldn’t recommend it. The shoes could be damp after a round, so leaving them in an enclosed space allows bacteria to grow and odors to build up, Store the shoes in a ventilated area between rounds. Some players who play regularly buy two pairs of golf shoes so one pair can dry thoroughly while they wear the other pair.

Q. How long do golf shoes last?

A. When you buy high-quality shoes like Ecco golf shoes, you can expect them to last for a few years of regular play versus a year or two with cheaper golf shoes. The soles of golf shoes won’t wear out as quickly as those on street shoes because golfers walk on grass more often than pavement. Golf shoes do sometimes show extra wear around the toes, depending on your stance when you swing the club.


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