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Updated November 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Victor Hi-Pro Plus
Hi-Pro Plus
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An affordable and healthy option for dogs in any stage of their life.


Available in 5, 15, 40, or 50 pound bags. Full of helpful nutrients suitable for young, old, or pregnant dogs. 88% meat protein. Gluten-free formula. Reduces gas and contributes to a shiny, healthy coat of fur.


Food has a rather strong scent.

Victor Yukon River Canine
Yukon River Canine
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Healthiest Coat
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Full of ingredients that contribute to a shiny, healthy coat.


Available in 5, 15, or 30 pound bags. Grain-, gluten-, and soy-free formula. Full of fish-based protein. Suitable for dogs at any stage of their life. Actively clears up dry flaky skin, leaving behind a healthy coat.


Fish-based food also contains chicken fat, not ideal for chicken allergies.

Victor Nutra-Pro
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Easiest to Digest
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Dogs with sensitive stomachs will love this gentle, easy-to-digest food.


Available in 5, 15, or 40 pound bags. 92% meat-based protein. Free of corn, wheat, gluten and soy. High protein, low-carb formula is easy to digest. Suitable for dogs in all stages of life.


Dog food bag is not resealable, making it harder to keep fresh.

Victor Active Dog & Puppy
Active Dog & Puppy
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Energy Booster
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Provides a long-lasting energy boost for your growing pup.


Available in 5, 15, or 30 pound bags. Contains 77% meat-based protein. Provides a boost of energy that lasts throughout the day. Free of gluten, corn, wheat, and soy. Food is easy to digest. Small kibbles are easy to eat.


Food sits at a high price point.

Victor Senior Healthy Weight
Senior Healthy Weight
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Best Weight Management
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Gentle formula helps older dogs maintain a healthy weight.


Available in 5, 15, or 40 pound bags. Formula contributes to joint health. Easy to digest formula converts fat energy into muscle development. Combination of amino acids, minerals, and essential fatty acids contribute to a soft, shiny coat.


Food has an overpowering meaty scent.


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Buying guide for best Victor dog food

Healthy food is the foundation for a long and happy life for your dog. Knowing that a brand of dog food works well for your dog – and that your dog works well with it – makes shopping easier and gives you peace of mind as you and your best friend go through the years together.

Victor Super Premium Pet Food offers healthy, nutrient-rich dog food at reasonable prices. Victor’s simple, comprehensive dog food formulas feature primary ingredients such as chicken, lamb, beef, fish, and turkey. The brand’s straightforward recipes cater to dogs of all ages, sizes, and special needs, whether dietary in nature or related to age or mobility issues.

Our buying guide takes an in-depth look at Victor dog food, including the key ingredients of the most popular formulas, so you can choose the best recipe for your pooch. If you’re ready to switch to Victor dog food, check out our top picks from the brand.

Victor dog food1
Victor offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the food doesn’t work for your dog, you can return it for a full refund or exchange.

Key considerations

Dry food

Victor offers three lines of dry dog food.

  • Classic: The recipes in this line feature a blend of meats, fruits, vegetables, and grains for a balanced, nutrient-packed diet. Options include formulas for dogs of all ages and sizes as well as some formulas specifically for active lifestyles. Here you will find Victor’s most affordable formulas. There are four recipes available.
  • Select: This line of kibble features specific recipes catered to dogs with allergies or other special needs. Lamb, beef, chicken, and salmon meal are among the key ingredients, and they are often paired with sweet potatoes or brown rice. Grain-free options are also available in this line. There are seven recipes to choose from.
  • Purpose: This line of Victor dog food is for those furry friends who need a little help with their diets, whether it’s to manage weight, improve joint health, or reduce carb intake. Grain-free options are available, and there are also specific formulas for puppy, adult, and senior dogs. The Purpose line features six unique formulas.

Wet food

Victor also offers several canned wet food options in stew or paté form. Recipes include chicken with rice and beef with vegetables. Grain-free formulas are also available. Victor wet food is usually sold in packs as many dogs require at least one can per day if they’re eating wet food exclusively.


Victor dry food formulas come in a wide range of sizes. Most formulas are available in small five-pound bags and medium 15-pound bags. Large bags are either 30, 40, or 50 pounds, depending on the formula. You will get more bang for your buck if you buy the biggest bag available. However, when transitioning to a new Victor formula, start with smaller bags until you’re sure the food works for your dog.

Always have fresh, cold water available for your dog to enjoy. Refill the water bowl at mealtime to ensure your dog is well hydrated.



Victor Core Ingredients

Victor Core Ingredients are four key ingredients that are included in every Victor dog food recipe. While different formulas may cater to various needs, ages, or sizes, they all contain these four ingredients.

  • Selenium yeast: This ingredient aids metabolism, boosts the immune system, and helps in times of stress.
  • Mineral complex: Zinc, magnesium, and iron make up the Victor Core mineral complex, which is designed to help with coat health, skeletal strength, paw pad integrity, and immune support.
  • Prebiotics: The yeast culture in Victor dog food is made up of prebiotics. These aid in healthy digestion and immune response.
  • Probiotics: Probiotics also help promote proper digestion and immune response. They are the beneficial bacteria that feeds on the prebiotics.

Activity level

Victor sells wet and dry food for dogs of all ages and sizes. However, the brand pays particular attention to dogs with active lifestyles, like those who hike, herd, and hunt. Some Victor recipes are especially high in meat protein, and they are meant for dogs who engage in high-energy activities.

Victor dog food2
The term “meal” is used for a food or substance that has been made into a powder. Meats like lamb and chicken and grains like buckwheat and corn can be made into meals and enjoyed by humans and dogs alike.


Dog bowls: GPET Stainless Steel Dog Bowls
Every dog needs a couple of bowls for food and water. We recommend this inexpensive and durable stainless steel set from GPET that even features a cute bone decoration.

Dog waste bags: Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags
With dog food comes dog waste. We love this affordable pack of 270 scented bags that are easy to open and tie. The bags won’t rip either, and they’re made from recycled materials.

Dog dental chews: Greenies Teenie Dental Dog Treats
Help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and strong with dental chews. Greenies is one of the most trusted and popular brands for dental chews, and their Teenie treats are ideal for smaller dogs.

Dog food storage containers: Kennelpak Van Ness Pet Food Container
It’s best to store your dry dog food in an airtight, easy-to-access container. We like this low-priced option from Van Ness that holds up to 25 pounds of food.

Victor dog food prices

For under $20, you can buy almost any small bag of Victor dog food, with grain-free options being the most expensive.

Medium bags cost between $20 and $40. Grain-free options are toward the higher end. You can also find 12-packs of canned wet food in this range and large bags of Classic formulas.

For over $40, you’ll find most large bags of Victor dog food. Note that grain-free formulas are always more expensive. Victor’s only grain-free option that comes in a 50-pound bag is around $80.

If you’re unsure how much of an ingredient is found in a particular dog food, look at the ingredient list. The ingredients are listed in descending order, so the first few ingredients are the most prominent ones in the formula.



  • Transition to new food. Do not switch over to new dog food instantly. Incorporate 25% more Victor dog food into your dog’s old food every three days. By day 10, your dog will be completely transitioned.
  • Add some water. If you’re opting for dry food, you may want to add a bit of water. This softens the kibble on the teeth, helps with hydration, and releases food aromas your dog will enjoy.
  • Stick to a schedule. Commit to specific times for feeding your dog. This helps with digestion, activity levels, and house training. Plus, your dog will be happier knowing exactly when it’s time to eat.
  • Keep watch. When changing food, it’s always best to monitor your dog for any new behaviors, like itching, or for weight gain or loss. Any negative changes should be discussed with your vet.
Victor dog food3
Victor dog food does not contain soy, wheat, or corn, and formulas made with grains are still gluten-free.


Q. Which Victor formula should I choose for my dog?

A. When choosing a new dog food for your dog, it’s important to consult with your veterinarian as well as your dog. Talk to the former about any special needs your dog may have, and monitor the latter once you switch. While your dog can’t tell you how he’s feeling, check to see if any behavior changes, like more panting, itching, or scratching. Also, make sure that bowel movements are still timely and regular. If your dog doesn’t have any dietary restrictions, Victor offers formulas in the Classic line that cater to all sizes and ages.

Q. What is blood meal?

A. Some Victor formulas include blood meal, a powder made from blood that is high in protein and low in fat and ash. Blood is part of the ancestral diet of dogs, and blood meal can provide nutrients and amino acids. Blood meal, like other ingredients, is regulated and tested to make sure it is safe for dogs. There are also Victor options for those who prefer that their dogs do not eat blood meal.

Q. Is wet or dry food better for my dog?

A. Most dogs enjoy dry food, and it’s popular among owners as it tends to be cheaper and easier to store than wet food. A large bag of dry food can last for months, and it won’t go bad if it’s sealed and stored in a cool, dry place. Wet food, though, may be better for those dogs whose teeth aren’t in the best shape. Wet food can also be more aromatic and appealing to dogs who are picky eaters. You can also mix dry and wet foods together.


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