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Best Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

Updated August 2023
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Purina Pro Plan Performance 30/20 Dog Food
Purina Pro Plan
Performance 30/20 Dog Food
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Dry kibble made with 3 different meats and formulated to increase energy levels.


Made with turkey as the first ingredient and includes duck and quail. Improves oxygen metabolism and muscle health. Has live probiotics, omega-3, glucosamine, and EPA. Made in the USA.


Food received may differ from store-bought bags.

Best Bang for the Buck
Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Lamb & Oatmeal Formula
Purina Pro Plan
Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Lamb & Oatmeal Formula
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Gentle Recipe
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A formula that avoids common food allergies and sensitivities and promotes digestive health.


Lamb is the first ingredient. Rice, lamb, and barley recipe is easy on sensitive skin and stomachs. Made with at least 40% protein. Features omega-6 fatty acids and zinc for healthier skin.


Not grain-free.

Purina Pro Plan Active 27/17 Small Bites Dog Food
Purina Pro Plan
Active 27/17 Small Bites Dog Food
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An excellent and nutrient-packed choice for medium-sized and smaller breeds having digestive difficulties.


Lamb is the first ingredient. Rice and oatmeal ingredients are easy to digest. Little kibble bites are easy for smaller breeds to eat. Rich in antioxidants for a strong immune system.


Contains corn and gluten. Kibbles can be too large for small dogs to eat.

Purina Pro Plan Classic Adult Complete Essentials Dog Food
Purina Pro Plan
Classic Adult Complete Essentials Dog Food
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Soft Texture
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A set of 12 cans of grain-free dog food available in a variety of flavors.


A set of 13-ounce cans with easy-open tops. First ingredient is beef and includes salmon, vitamins, and minerals. Formula is high in protein and grain-free. For adult dogs of any size. Made in the USA.


May upset some dogs’ stomachs.

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Buying guide for best Purina Pro Plan dog food

With so many dog food companies offering products to keep your beloved pet happy, healthy, and energetic, the choice can feel overwhelming. In this review, we explore offerings from a company that has been feeding companion animals for over 100 years. Purina Mills was founded by William Danforth in 1894 as a company providing food to farm animals, including dogs. Over the decades, the company has grown and expanded, and now Nestlé Purina Petcare has a range of products catering to dogs of all sizes, ages, and needs.

One of those product lines is Purina Pro Plan, which focuses on advanced nutrition to keep dogs healthy and engaged. The recipes in Purina Pro Plan are formulated to address different health concerns, such as managing weight, nourishing the coat, and enhancing brain function.

Purina Pro Plan offers dog food in both wet and dry varieties. You can find varieties for puppies, adults, and senior dogs. In this guide, we explore the options within the Purina Pro line so you can make the smartest, healthiest decision for your dog.

purina pro plan dog food1
Pro Plan is one of many lines under the Purina name, which includes several pet food options.

Key considerations


Bright Mind: The Bright Mind branch of products for adult and senior dogs helps promote healthy mental acuity and sharpness. Chicken is the first ingredient in the dry recipes. Wet food options are also available.

Focus Dog: This collection of formulas hones in on a dog’s unique needs. Some recipes tend to sensitive skin and digestive issues. Others focus on breeds in need of weight management. Within the Focus Dog line, you can find specific recipes for toy dogs, small dogs, and large breed dogs, as well as products specific for puppies and adults. Dry and wet food options are available.

Savor Dog: Foods in this collection are meant to be easy to digest and allow for maximum absorption of nutrients. Dry food options are available for dogs of all ages, and there are wet food options geared toward adult dogs. The recipes are designed to appeal to picky eaters.

Sport: The Sport line of food from Purina Pro Plan was developed to nourish dogs with an active lifestyle. This line promotes protein and fat consumption. On the bag, you will see two numbers that indicate the percentage of protein and the percentage of fat in the recipe. These formulas also include carbs for energy. Chicken, salmon, and turkey are among the first ingredients. Options are available for all life stages. 

Wet food vs. dry food

Dry food is generally more popular among pet owners. It’s cheaper, lasts longer, and is easy to store. Dry food also helps keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean. However, some dogs, especially seniors, may find dry food too hard on their teeth. They may also find the lack of smell unappealing. 

Wet food offers more appetizing aromas and a soft feel in the mouth. Wet food also aids in hydration. You should consult your veterinarian with any specific questions about your dog’s food of choice.  


Dry food

Buying a large amount of dog food means you pay more upfront. However, you may end up paying less per pound in large quantities. If you buy in bulk, make sure you have proper storage space. It’s equally important to make sure you’re buying something your dog likes so you don’t end up wasting food and money.

Purina Pro Plan dry food comes in a range of different quantities. Smaller bags of kibbles weigh around 5 pounds. Medium-size bags run between 14 and 18 pounds. Large bags run in the 24- to 40-pound range. Extra-large bags are also available for some recipes: they come in 40- to 50-pound bags. 

Wet food

Most wet food comes in 12-pack cases of 13-ounce cans. Individual options may be available as well. Like dry food, buying more at once should save you a bit of money.


Healthy aging

Purina has worked to create formulas for dogs that help them feel young even when they’re old. Some recipes, like those in the Bright Mind category, focus on improving mental sharpness, which can be an issue with senior dogs.


Some formulas include probiotics, healthy bacteria that can benefit dogs (and humans, too). Probiotics are available in the Savor line to promote a healthy digestive and immune system in dogs of all sizes and ages.


Several recipes from Purina Pro Plan are completely free of artificial preservatives, colors, and fillers.

purina pro plan2
Feed your dog on a regular schedule. Establishing a feeding routine will benefit them physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Dog bowl: GPet Stainless Steel Dog Bowls
Dog bowls are an essential part of mealtime for your furry friend. This stainless steel set from GPet is practical and inexpensive.

Dog toothpaste: Virbac Enzymatic Toothpaste
Canine dental health and hygiene should not be overlooked. We recommend this toothpaste from Virbac to keep your dog’s teeth and gums strong and healthy.

Dog travel bowls: Prima Pets Collapsible Travel Bowl
It’s useful to have a dog bowl you can take with you on the go. This option from Prima Pets is light, convenient, and comes with a carabiner to hook on a backpack.

Dog treat bags: PetSafe Treat Pouch
Store your dog treats somewhere safe and convenient. We like this pouch from PetSafe that’s useful for training or when going on trips or hikes.

Dog treats: Blue Buffalo Grain-Free Turkey Biscuits
Treat your dog to a special reward for positive behavior — or for just being cute. We like these turkey biscuits from Blue Buffalo that are healthy and delectable.

Most Purina Pro Plan recipes contain chicken, turkey, or beef as the first ingredient. Lamb and salmon are also in some, while duck, pork, and venison are rare but available.



Inexpensive: For under $20, you’ll find small bags of Purina Pro Plan dog food in various recipes. Cases of wet food are often right around the $20 mark.

Mid-range: Spending between $20 and $40 will earn you a medium-size bag of any recipe.

Expensive: For over $40, you’ll find a variety of large and extra-large bags available. Grain-free options and those recipes catering to sensitive dogs tend to be more expensive.

A majority of the packaging materials Purina uses are recyclable. Some items, like large dog food bags, are recycle-ready, which means some but not all facilities can process it.



  • Ease transition. Switching to a new food can cause stomach and digestive problems in dogs. Take a week to 10 days to gradually switch over to Purina Pro, mixing it with the old food.
  • Dogs age differently. Not all dogs become “senior” at the same time, as some have longer lifespans and different activity levels than others. Trust your vet as to when to switch over from adult to senior options.
  • Read all the ingredients. Your dog’s health is worth the time it takes to go through all the ingredients. Take note of potential sensitivities like gluten, soy, poultry, or grain.
  • Provide water. Make sure your dog’s meal is accompanied by fresh, clean, cold water. Some dogs can forget to hydrate; keeping a water bowl nearby is helpful and healthy.
purina pro plan dog food3
Purina Pro Plan offers a rich buffet of formulas that cater to specific needs and lifestyles.


Q. Does Purina Pro Plan offer grain-free options?

A. While Purina Pro Plan does indeed offer grain-free recipe options, most are wet food options. The only grain-free dry food at the time of this writing is from the Sport line and has chicken as the first ingredient. It also contains egg but is made without soy. 

Purina Pro Plan offers several dry food recipes that are free of chicken which, like grain, is a common allergen for dogs.

Q. How do I know which Purina Pro formula is best for my dog?

A. The Purina Pro Plan website offers a handy guide to help you determine the best formula for your dog. You can input the breed, size, age, and other important information about your dog in order to receive recommendations. The test will also give you a feeding guide. That said, it’s always best to consult your veterinarian for advice, especially if your dog has health issues or food sensitivities.

Q. How do I know if the food is good for my dog?

A. Most dogs scarf down their food quickly and with excitement, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the food is best for them. Monitor your dog’s behavior and business for the weeks during and after transitioning to a new food. Excessive shedding, itching, scratching, panting, or drooling may be signs that a new food isn’t compatible with their body. Irregular bowel movements, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation may be signs of a more serious problem with the food. At that point, you should consult your veterinarian.


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