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Best Pet Strollers

Updated November 2021
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ibiyaya 5-in-1 Pet Carrier
5-in-1 Pet Carrier
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Most Versatile
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This carrier offers many ways to travel with your small to medium sized pet.


Functions as shoulder carrier, backpack, car seat, stroller, and wheeled backpack. Wheels move smoothly. Sturdy and well built. Most found it easy to convert into new carrier.


May not be best for anxious pets. Some reviewers found shoulder straps uncomfortable.

Best Bang for the Buck
HRKIM Pet Stroller
Pet Stroller
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Most Stylish
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A functional and fashionable way to safely move your pet around and help them enjoy the outdoors.


Built-in storage area carries equipment. 12 inch brake. Collapsible for storage. Easy to assemble. Lightweight. Stroller glides easily and smoothly.


A few reviewers were dissatisfied with wheel quality.

Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller
Pet Gear
NV Pet Stroller
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Best for Small Pets
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A great beginner's stroller that is easy to use, secure, and requires no assembly.


Foldable, lightweight, and easy to transport. Easy to maneuver. Easy to get pets in and out. Hook inside to hold harness. Keeps pet safe and secure. Comes assembled.


Some said zipper was difficult, and wheels were not high quality.

Pet Gear NO-Zip Pet Stroller
Pet Gear
NO-Zip Pet Stroller
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An easy-entry stroller that is a great choice for your larger animal who may have mobility troubles.


Button instead of zipper. Water resistance. Foldable for storage. Simple assembly. Can fit large or multiple small pets. Storage basket for extras.


A few said the stroller was too large. Cupholder is not high quality.

HPZ Pet Rover Heavy Duty Pet Stroller
HPZ Pet Rover
Heavy Duty Pet Stroller
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Best for Large Pets
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This heavy duty, reliable pet stroller is great to move your large pet around on a variety of terrains.


Made of aluminum and polyester. Easily moves on uneven terrain. Basket on bottom for storage. Fits big pets or several small pets. Large size and height.


Reviewers said cupholder was flimsy.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best pet strollers

If you want to bring your four-legged friend with you wherever you go – but they're not able to walk for long periods of time – you might have use for a pet stroller.

You can find a wide range of pet strollers on the market today, but choosing the right stroller for your fur baby can be a daunting task. 

A dog in a stroller

Reasons for owning a pet stroller

You might be wondering why you'd need a pet stroller. Pet parents use strollers for a range of reasons. Some of the most common are listed below.

  • Beneficial for dogs with mobility issues: Pet strollers are perfect for elderly or disabled dogs with mobility issues. These pups can get out of the house and see the world – even if they can't manage to walk.

  • Beneficial for tiny dogs: If you have a tiny dog who can walk only so far before he gets tired out, a pet stroller lets you take him with you for longer periods of time so he doesn't have to stay home alone.

  • Protects paws from the pavement: You can use a pet stroller to get your pet out of the house on summer days when the sidewalk is so hot it would burn her paws. Just be careful not to stay out too long in very warm weather.

  • Some cats like stroller rides: Some cat owners like to take their indoor kitties out in a pet stroller. It gives the cats a chance to safely view the outside world. However, only cats of a placid temperament are likely to enjoy this.

Considerations for selecting a pet stroller


Your chosen pet stroller needs to be large enough to comfortably fit the pet or pets you intend to put in it. Some models are designed primarily for small dogs such as Chihuahuas or Yorkshire terriers. Others are large enough to accommodate big dogs or multiple occupants. Before you buy, check the exact measurements of the pet stroller in the product description and compare it to the size of your pet.

"Some pet strollers have handy storage trays beneath the carriage. You can use these trays to carry anything from dog toys to groceries."

Ease of use

Most consumers want a pet stroller that's both easy to maneuver and straightforward to fold away. After all, nobody wants to spend hours wrestling with a pet stroller when they need to turn a corner or fold it down for storage. It might be impossible to discover how easy a pet stroller is to use simply by looking at it, but customer reviews can tell you what you need to know.

" If you'll frequently need to transport your pet stroller up and down stairs, look for a lightweight model that will make this task easier. "

Color and style

Pet strollers come in a range of colors and styles. Some have the classic look of a traditional baby stroller; others appear more contemporary. In terms of color, most models are available in at least a few different colors. Some pet strollers even have fun patterns, such as polka dot or leopard print.

Granted, color and style shouldn't be your only deciding factors when choosing a pet stroller. Some look great but simply don’t perform well. But there’s no harm shopping around for a decent model that ticks all your aesthetic boxes.

"If you plan to take your pet for long walks in her new stroller, comfort should be key for both of you. Look for a pet stroller with creature comforts such as plush cushions inside the stroller for your pet and padded handles for you."

Handle height

Make sure the height of your pet stroller handle is comfortable for you and anyone else who will be pushing it. Some pet strollers have a height-adjustable handle to accommodate multiple users. Bear in mind that if you plan to jog with your pet stroller, you’ll need higher handles so you don’t accidentally kick the wheels while you’re running.

"It might seem like an unimportant feature, but a simple cup holder can really make a difference when you're pushing your pet stroller while trying to sip your favorite beverage. "

Privacy area

Some pet strollers have a covered privacy area in the carriage part of the stroller, so your four-legged friend can retreat if he becomes nervous of crowds or just needs a break. This is especially useful for cats and timid dogs who might feel overwhelmed by a barrage of sights, sounds, and smells.

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Did you know?
You can find both three-wheeled and four-wheeled pet strollers. Three-wheeled models tend to be better for jogging and rough terrain use.

Pet stroller prices

Pet strollers are available at a range of prices to suit most budgets.

  • $35 to $50: You’ll find basic pet strollers at this price level. These products aren’t likely to be extremely durable or come with a range of extra features, but they get the job done for someone who plans to stroll only occasionally.

  • $50 to $100: You can find some excellent models in the price range, including those that are lightweight and foldable.

  • $100 to $300: High-end pet strollers are available here. You should expect these products to be durable and highly maneuverable with all the bells and whistles suitable for off-roading. A pet stroller in this price range should easily stand up to daily, heavy-duty use.


  • Some pet strollers have removable carriages that double up as pet carriers.

  • For hygienic reasons, look for a pet stroller with a removable pad inside the carriage. You can take it out and wash it as necessary.

  • Most pet strollers have high carriages, but some models have carriages that are low to the ground. The latter are suitable for large dogs with mobility issues who wouldn't be able to hop into a high carriage and are too big for you to lift.

  • Your pet might not take to his stroller at first. Be patient while he gets used to it. Give him some treats or his favorite toy while he’s in the stroller, and remove him right away if he seems distressed.

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The canopy on a pet stroller is designed to protect your furry friend from the elements. It can shade her in hot weather and keep her from getting wet during a rain shower.


Q. Do pet strollers have weight limits?
Yes, all pet stroller have maximum weight limits. For safety reasons, you should always adhere to them. Take note of the maximum weight limit of your chosen stroller, and make sure your pet is under this limit before you buy. If you're not certain of your pet’s weight – and she might be close to the limit – you could have her weighed at your veterinarian's office.

Q. Are pet strollers suitable for use in rainy weather?
Some pet strollers are better at protecting your pet from the elements than others. If rain protection is important to you, look for a model made with waterproof fabric.

Q. Can I put more than one animal in my pet stroller?
Yes, you can put more than one animal in your pet stroller as long as there is room enough for them all to comfortably lie down – and their combined weight doesn’t exceed the maximum weight limit. However, if there has been any aggressive behavior between your pets in the past, we don’t recommend putting them both in the same pet stroller. They may not be happy confined in such close quarters, and there's nowhere for one to get away from the other.

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