Updated May 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
Kelsyus Floating Hammock
Floating Hammock
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Portable Luxury
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A lightweight floating hammock that has a couple of features that other brands do not include.


This water hammock has more of a lounger design, which allows for the inclusion of clips so you can tether yourself to a dock, a boat, or other floating hammocks. The unit folds flat for easy storage and your purchase includes a convenient carrying bag.


After inflating, it can be tricky to reinsert the air-plug without losing too much air.

Best Bang for the Buck
Aqua Monterey 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Inflatable Hammock
Monterey 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Inflatable Hammock
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Versatile & Affordable
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A lower-priced floating hammock that is designed to be used in different configurations so you can enjoy your relaxation in a variety of positions.


This versatile hammock can be used for laying down, sitting, straddling, or hanging onto with your arms. It is an affordable unit which can support up to 250 pounds. Transport and storage are effortless because it simply deflates and rolls up.


The heavier fabric used in the manufacturing helps with durability, but some may find it less comfortable than flimsier models.

RACPNEL Pool Float Inflatable Water Hammock
Pool Float Inflatable Water Hammock
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Lightweight Build
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A pack of 2 affordable floating hammocks that can support up to 220 pounds and add some luxury to your trip to the pool.


These hammocks provide great comfort and relaxation for the pool and are easy to store and transport. They are crafted with strong and durable material while remaining lightweight, and they are super easy to inflate.


Quite a few reports saying that the ends started to become undone. Some also said they weren't too buoyant.

AIWAN LEZHI 2-Pack Premium Swimming Pool Float Hammock
2-Pack Premium Swimming Pool Float Hammock
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Portable Convenience
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Two colorful and lightweight floating hammocks that are portable and can add relaxation to any pool you go to.


These floating hammocks are both practical, comfortable, and at an affordable price. They are super easy to inflate and transport, making them a great choice for vacations. They also come with extra inflatable tubes.


No official weight limit is listed, though reviewers said it supported over 200 pounds with no issue.

FindUWill Portable Swimming Pool Lounge
Portable Swimming Pool Lounge
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Easy to Assemble
Bottom Line

A floating hammock that is comparable to other models but is available at a slightly lower price.


This floating hammock is easy to assemble and features a comfortable fabric. The unit deflates and can be quickly rolled up to transport or store. It comes with a small manual air pump and can support up to 265 pounds.


The drawstrings that hold the inflatable pillows in at each end can loosen if they are not properly secured.


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Buying guide for Best floating hammocks

Lounging in the sun and cooling off in the water: what’s not to love about a floating hammock? Floating hammocks are a fun and affordable way to enjoy summer. Whereas inflatable rafts sit atop the water, keeping you relatively dry, floating hammocks are suspended just at the water’s surface. Your body is partially submerged in the water while your head rests above for maximum comfort.

Traditional hammocks feature a suspended middle section hung by two elevated ends. Floating hammocks — also called floating loungers — work on a similar principle. A thin middle section is suspended in the water and kept afloat by an inflatable outer edge. Some floating hammocks use air pillows to keep the ends afloat, while others feature an inflatable ring that runs the entirety of the hammock.

As floating hammocks are a small investment, they are readily available, and one can seem similar to another. Still, there are more advanced hammocks that add extra conveniences. Our guide offers you insight on the subtle differences and fun variations floating hammocks offer.

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Inflatable rafts and floating hammocks pair well together. You can bask in the sun atop the water on the raft, then switch to the hammock to cool off while still lounging.

Key considerations


Floating hammocks have two different types which we can describe as either “open” or “closed.” An open floating hammock is inflated at both ends, offering a head and footrest but no armrests. A closed hammock is inflated the entire way around.

Open floating hammocks tend to be less expensive and offer more variety in terms of positioning yourself. Closed hammocks are likely more expensive but may provide more overall comfort and come with convenient features.


When choosing a size for your floating hammock, you don’t need one that is as long as you are tall. While your head rests on one end, your feet are intended to dangle off the other side to a certain extent. However, you don’t want a hammock so short that your legs are mostly in the water. A floating hammock that is no more than a foot shorter than you are tall is comfortable.

Weight capacity

Around 250 pounds tends to be the average weight allowance of floating hammocks. Some may be higher or lower depending on size and durability. Consider who will be using the hammock in the water and also whether more than one person will be on it at one time, such as a parent and child.


As simple as they appear, some floating hammocks require assembly. All floating hammocks need to be inflated, but only certain styles come with inflatable pillows, which are slightly more complicated. You have to inflate them yourself (either with an air pump or your mouth) and insert them into the mesh openings on either end of the hammock. Some hammocks include the appropriate pumps, while others require you to purchase one separately.

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For your safety
Be aware of windy days on the water. Floating hammocks offer little protection from waves and may upend your day of relaxation.



There are variations on the traditional floating hammock to consider. Some hammocks are versatile and can be used in different ways, while others have a static design.

  • Double hammock: Some floating hammocks are extra-large in size, designed to allow two people to lounge on the hammock at the same time. These are great if you have a partner or child you want to relax alongside in the water. However, this does not mean it has a greater weight allowance than a single floating hammock. A double is more expensive than a single.

  • Floating chair: Instead of the rectangular or oval shape of a hammock, a floating chair is circular. They are smaller and provide less comfort for your head, but because they have an inflatable ring all around, they are easier and cozier to use.

  • Saddle: An open floating hammock can also be used as a saddle, allowing you to sit more upright in the water. Instead of lying down and positioning your head and feet along the inflated ends, you sit upright in the middle with your legs draped over one side, using the ends as arm rests.

  • Mat: Instead of a thin piece of nylon or plastic to make up the middle “lounger” part of the hammock, some feature a thicker, more comfortable mat style instead. Where most floating hammocks are too thin to be used comfortably outside of the water, the mat style can be used on sand or grass. This style can be partially submerged, but you may want to add a little bit of extra padding when on the beach or in the park.


Part of summer fun involves choosing accessories with bright and vibrant colors. Floating hammocks come in all varieties of popular colors, and some even have specific designs and patterns.


Closed hammocks may come with side clips or hooks to allow you to tether a rope from the hammock to another hammock, a dock, or other inflatable devices, such as a cooler or raft. This keeps you from floating too far while you relax.

Cup holders

Because closed floating hammocks are inflated all the way around, they may be designed with one or two cup holders along the side. While they do offer convenience, drinking an open beverage in a pool is always risky business. The size of the cupholder is not adjustable, they tend to be shallow, and movement and splashing leads to the chance that water gets in the drink or the drink goes in the water.


Rash guard: Rash guards are shirts that protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. They are comfortable and light when wet and also dry quickly. If you’re lounging for a long time in the water, a rash guard precludes you from having to regularly reapply sunscreen (at least to unexposed parts) and protects you from getting sunburned. You can find ones designed for men, women, and kids.

Waterproof speaker: Adding music to your day in the water can buoy spirits. A portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker offers convenience and entertainment poolside. Though a waterproof speaker may be able to get a little wet, you still wouldn’t want to drop it in the water.

Floating Bluetooth speaker: While any waterproof speaker can hang around the pool, only so many can float in it. A floating Bluetooth speaker offers more peace of mind and convenience than a portable waterproof speaker. However, the sound quality may not be quite as good as that of a traditional speaker.

Inflatable bar: For maximum convenience, you can have your beverage of choice nearby with an inflatable bar. They keep drinks cool and handy. 

Floating hammock prices


You can find a few floating hammocks for under $15. These are most likely the open type, offered in different colors.


Most floating hammocks are priced between $15 and $25. These may be open or closed and feature a variety of colors and designs.


For over $25, your floating hammock should be durable and slightly above-average in size. This price range may also bundle the product with an air pump or tote bag.


  • Use a hand pump. If your purchase does not come with its own pump, it’s best to use a manual air pump. Because floating hammocks don’t require a great deal of air, it’s safer to avoid a fast electric pump that can overinflate and burst the material.

  • Use your hammock with water sports. The chair variation of the floating hammock is handy if you’re playing catch or volleyball in a backyard pool or a lake in depths over your head. You can float and move easily without expending too much energy trying to stay afloat on your own.

  • Drape a towel out of water. To use as a lounger on the beach or grass, it’s best to lay a towel over the top of the hammock. It’s slightly more comfortable and prevents you from getting too hot and sticky on the plastic materials.

  • Inflate one air pillow less than the other. If you’ve a floating hammock that comes with insertable air pillows of the same size, inflate one less than the other. The smaller one can be used for your feet to create a more comfortable experience.

  • Do not use as a life preserver. Floating hammocks are meant for fun and recreational use and not as a lifesaving device. They do not offer security for those who cannot swim or need adult supervision.
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If you’re buying more than one floating hammock for family and friends, make sure to switch up the colors. Your day at the pool will be more vibrant, and everyone will know which hammock is theirs.


Q. How do I store my floating hammock?

A. Let the hammock dry before deflating, folding, and storing. It’s best to put it in a bag (some come with their own) and then set it aside in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperature changes may damage the hammock.

Q. Can I purchase replacement air pillows?

A. Some hammocks require special air pillows to be pumped up and then inserted into the mesh of the hammocks. Unfortunately, should one burst, replacements are hard to come by. In most cases, it’s easier and less expensive to simply buy a new floating hammock. While the original won’t be able to float in the water anymore, it can still be used as a lounger in the beach or park.

Q. Can you adjust the size of the hammock?

A. Unfortunately, the length of the hammock cannot be adjusted. If you’re buying specifically for a child, you may want to opt for a shorter one. However, most people fit comfortably in most floating hammocks when they’re in the water. If you intend to use the hammock occasionally on land, size is more of an issue.

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