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Best Dolphin Pool Cleaners

Updated April 2024
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Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
Nautilus CC Plus
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A hard-working robot vacuum that uses smart navigation to clean various types of pools.


Maps out the size of the pool and covers up to 50 feet. Climbs up the walls for a thorough cleaning that takes about 2 hours. The filter basket is conveniently located at the top and is easy to clean. Has a 60-foot cord that is designed to prevent tangling.


May get stuck in one place in the pool.

Best Bang for the Buck
Dolphin Nautilus CC
Nautilus CC
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Sturdy & Versatile
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This option uses its strong scrubbing brush to fully clean the bottom and sides of the pool.


Features smart technology, a weekly scheduler, and a 2-hour clean time. Has a top-load filter basket that holds a decent amount of dirt and debris and has a simple cleaning process. Works for all pool types and covers up to 33 feet.


The cord may get twisted while the vacuum is running.

Dolphin E10
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Simple Yet Solid
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A reliable choice that works great for above-ground pools.


For use on pool sizes up to 30 feet. Has a gentle yet effective brush that works with various pool surfaces and shapes. The filter basket is easy to reach on the top. Has Smart Navigation Technology and each cycle runs for 1.5 hours.


May take a few cycles to fully collect all of the dirt and debris.

Dolphin Proteus DX3
Proteus DX3
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Provides a deep clean for in-ground pools with an active scrubbing brush and smart mapping features.


Covers pools up to 33 feet in length. Takes about 2 hours for a full clean. The spacious filter basket is easily accessible at the top. Vacuum climbs the walls, offers a weekly scheduler function, and has a 50-foot cord.


A few customers reported that this one would often miss parts of the pool.

Dolphin Premier
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With plenty of features, this robotic vacuum helps to make cleaning the pool more convenient.


Cleans in-ground pools with dual scrubbing brushes, wall climbing, and self-propelled functionality. Schedules preferred cleaning time with a weekly timer. Includes a remote, several filter options, and a cord designed to prevent tangling.


Several reviews mentioned that it stopped working after a while.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Maintaining a clean swimming pool is essential for the health and enjoyment of your family, but it can also be a time-consuming task. Enter the Dolphin pool cleaner: an innovative, automated solution to keep your pool sparkling clean with minimal effort on your part. Dolphin is a renowned brand in the pool cleaning industry, known for its high-quality and efficient robotic pool cleaners.

Dolphin pool cleaners come in different models to cater to various pool sizes and types. These machines are equipped with advanced features like smart navigation, powerful scrubbing, and filtering capabilities. With several models available, the perfect one depends on your specific pool cleaning needs, the size of your pool, and your budget.

Dolphin pool cleaners are highly efficient, removing debris, algae, and even fine particles that traditional cleaners can miss. When choosing a model, consider the size and type of debris commonly found in your pool. Also, look for features such as programmable scheduling, smart navigation, and ease of maintenance. Dolphin cleaners are freestanding units that don't need to connect to your pool's existing filtration system.

Our top pick is the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, known for top-notch cleaning and energy efficiency. But if you're seeking a more budget-friendly choice, the Dolphin E10 won't disappoint. And there are plenty of other solid options available in the Dolphin line. 

Dolphin – Nautilus CC Plus
The Nautilus CC Plus is a high-performing robotic pool cleaner, ideal for swimming pools up to 50 feet. It boasts CleverClean technology that uses advanced algorithms for efficient pool coverage. The machine has powerful dual scrubbing brushes and a large cartridge filter that can collect both large debris and fine particles.

This model is energy-efficient and features a convenient programmable schedule, allowing you to set the cleaner to automatically clean your pool every 1, 2, or 3 days. With its patented swivel cable, the Nautilus CC Plus prevents tangling, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning. Overall, this model is an excellent investment for anyone looking for high-quality and effortless pool cleaning.

Dolphin – Nautilus CC
A step down from the CC Plus, the Dolphin Nautilus CC is a great option for those with smaller pools, as it's designed to clean pools up to 33 feet in length. It features the same CleverClean technology for smart navigation and has a quick, 2-hour cleaning cycle.

While it lacks the dual brushes and larger cartridge of the CC Plus, the Nautilus CC is an efficient cleaner that is simple to use and easy to clean. It is also an energy-saving option with its automatic shut-off feature after each cleaning cycle.

Dolphin – E10
The Dolphin E10 is a budget-friendly, yet effective option for above-ground pools up to 30 feet. Despite its lower price point, it doesn't compromise on essential features. The E10 is equipped with an active brush for effective scrubbing and a large filter basket for trapping debris.

This model offers a quick cleaning cycle of just 1.5 hours. It also boasts an easy-to-clean filtration system and a lightweight design for easy handling. It doesn't have the advanced navigation or programmable scheduling of premium models, but it offers excellent cleaning performance for the price.

Dolphin – Proteus DX3
The Proteus DX3 is an entry-level model suitable for in-ground pools up to 33 feet. While it's more basic than the Nautilus models, it still provides thorough cleaning with its superior filtering capabilities and an efficient scrubbing brush.

The Proteus DX3 does not have the smart navigation or programmable scheduling of the higher-end models, but it does offer a 2-hour cleaning cycle and an easy-to-clean filtration system. Its lightweight design and quick water-release system make it easy to remove from the pool. This model is a good choice for anyone seeking an affordable yet reliable pool cleaner.

Dolphin – Premier
The Dolphin Premier is a top-of-the-line model that brings advanced features and superior cleaning power. This model is designed for in-ground pools up to 50 feet and can handle all types of debris thanks to its multi-media filtration system.

The Premier boasts dual scrubbing brushes, smart navigation, and a programmable schedule for optimal convenience. Additionally, it features an anti-tangle swivel cable and energy-saving software that reduces energy consumption by up to 87%. One standout feature is the Premier's ability to automatically sense the type of debris in your pool and adjust its filtration accordingly.

All Dolphin pool cleaners offer great value for their respective price points. Depending on your pool's size, type, and the debris it typically collects, there's a Dolphin cleaner that's perfect for your needs.


Types of Models
Dolphin pool cleaners come in several different types. They can be broadly classified into three main categories: Above-ground pool cleaners, in-ground pool cleaners, and commercial pool cleaners.

  • Above-ground Pool Cleaners: These cleaners are specifically designed for above-ground pools, which tend to be smaller in size and volume compared to in-ground pools. They are more lightweight, compact, and affordable, making them a great option for households with smaller pools.
  • In-ground Pool Cleaners: These cleaners are designed for in-ground pools that are larger and may have more complex shapes. These robust units are more powerful and include advanced features like multi-layered filtration systems, better navigation, and sophisticated cleaning cycles.
  • Commercial Pool Cleaners: These are heavy-duty versions designed for large-scale pools such as those in hotels, gyms, or community centers. They have the highest cleaning capacity and are built for durability and efficiency.

Corded vs. Cordless
Dolphin pool cleaners come in both corded and cordless versions.

  • Corded: These cleaners are powered through a power cord that needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. They usually come with a lengthy cord that allows the cleaner to reach all corners of the pool.
  • Cordless: These are battery-operated cleaners that provide the convenience of cordless operation. They are perfect for pools where an electrical outlet isn't easily accessible. However, the cleaning time is limited by the battery life.

Pool Size
Before buying a Dolphin pool cleaner, it's essential to know the size of your pool. Different models are designed to handle different pool sizes, ranging from small above-ground pools to large commercial ones. Ensure you choose a model that matches your pool's size for optimal cleaning efficiency.

Cleaning Features
Each Dolphin pool cleaner model offers different cleaning features, from basic to advanced. These can include standard cleaning, intensive scrubbing, wall climbing, and advanced navigation systems. More sophisticated models may also include scheduling features, allowing you to set up regular cleaning cycles, and even smartphone control.

Maintenance is a critical factor to consider. Some Dolphin pool cleaners come with features like easy-to-clean cartridges or filters, quick water release, and simple disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. The ease of maintenance can significantly impact the overall convenience and longevity of the pool cleaner.


Cleaning Efficiency
A model's cleaning efficiency refers to how well it can remove debris, dirt, and algae from your pool. Look for models with robust brushing systems and high-quality filters. Advanced models also come with dual scrubbing brushes and multi-layered filtration systems for superior cleaning.

Most Dolphin pool cleaners feature a smart navigation system that efficiently maps the pool and plans the best cleaning path. This ensures complete coverage of the pool and avoids unnecessary repetition.

Cable Tangling
A common issue with automatic pool cleaners is the tangling of the power cord. Dolphin pool cleaners utilize a swivel cable to prevent this problem. Ensure the model you select has a reliable anti-tangling feature.

Energy Efficiency
Like any appliance, a pool cleaner's energy efficiency should be considered. More energy-efficient models will use less power, reducing your energy bills and environmental impact.

Price is a significant factor when choosing a Dolphin pool cleaner. Models with more advanced features and capabilities tend to be more expensive. However, investing in a high-quality pool cleaner can save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

Always consider the warranty provided with the pool cleaner. A longer warranty period gives you peace of mind and shows the manufacturer's confidence in their product.

Remember, remember that a Dolphin pool cleaner is an investment in the cleanliness and maintenance of your pool. It can help to keep your pool in pristine condition, reducing the need for manual cleaning and chemical usage. When choosing a Dolphin pool cleaner, ensure that it fits your specific needs, budget, and the size and type of your pool.

Suction Power
The suction power of a pool cleaner determines how effectively it can vacuum debris and dirt from your pool. High suction power is particularly necessary if your pool tends to get a lot of leaves or larger debris.

Ease of Use
A good pool cleaner should be easy to use. This includes simple assembly, straightforward controls, and easy-to-follow instructions. Some advanced Dolphin pool cleaner models can be controlled via a smartphone app, allowing you to schedule cleanings or manually direct the cleaner from anywhere.

Customer Support
Reliable support is crucial in case you run into any issues with your pool cleaner. Take care to ensure that the seller offers good customer service, with multiple channels of communication and helpful service representatives.

A pool cleaner is an investment, and you want it to last. Look for models made with high-quality materials that can withstand the chemicals and harsh conditions of a pool environment.

The purchase of a Dolphin pool cleaner can be a considerable investment, but the time and effort it saves you can make it well worth the cost. By understanding the different types of cleaners available and what features to look for, you can choose the model that best fits your specific needs and ensures a clean, sparkling pool with minimal effort. Happy shopping!