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Best Egg Slicers

Updated May 2023
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Best of the Best
Westmark Egg Slicer
Egg Slicer
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Durable & Rugged
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This all-stainless-steel egg slicer is durable enough to hold up through years of daily use.


Slices in two directions for creative garnishes. Raised handle makes operation completely effortless. Has a decent amount of weight to it, and construction quality is evident. Customer service is highly responsive.


Some reports of wires becoming detached or crooked.

Best Bang for the Buck
OXO Good Grips Egg Slicer
OXO Good Grips
Egg Slicer
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Best on a Budget
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Reliable and budget-friendly, this popular egg slicer features an ergonomic grip.


Well-designed slice with wires that fit seamlessly inside grooves. Cut is super clean and doesn't drag through the egg. Overall design is safe and won't pinch or cut fingers. Works well for slicing strawberries, bananas, and kiwis, too.


Packaging says it's dishwasher safe, but most consumers advise against it to prolong its lifespan.

Norpro Egg Slicer, Wedger, and Piercer
Egg Slicer, Wedger, and Piercer
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This tri-purpose design is ideal for those who enjoy hard-boiled eggs.


Cuts 10 uniform slices and 6 equal wedges. Equipped with a built-in egg piercer, which is accessible through a dial mechanism. Despite its many capabilities, it has a rather small footprint.


The egg piercer isn't on the same level of quality as other components on the slicer.

Prepworks by Progressive International Compact Egg Slicer
Prepworks by Progressive International
Compact Egg Slicer
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Fits in Every Drawer
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There's a lot to love about this compact design, which happens to be dishwasher-safe.


Unique push-down design is popular among consumers. Comes with a few slicing and wedging options. Wires are sharp and durable, not to mention rust-resistant. Has a non-slip base for added stability during use.


Some consumers found the push-down mechanism awkward.

ZYLISS Non-Slip Egg Cutter and Wedger
Non-Slip Egg Cutter and Wedger
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Stable Design
Bottom Line

Safety abounds in this well-made slicer equipped with a skid-resistant base.


Two-phase slicing and wedging makes for easy, clean cuts. Built-in piercer is designer better than most on the market. Non-skid base grips counters and even stays put on dishtowels. Made with durable ABS plastic and stainless steel.


Piercer is in a safe location but can be difficult to access, according to some users.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best egg slicers

Hard-boiled eggs are an ingredient with so many possibilities. Whether used as a topping for salads, mix-in for pasta, or filling for a sandwich, you can make so many tasty dishes with these nutritious eggs. But cutting a hard-boiled egg just right can be tricky, which is why you need an egg slicer to get the job done.

An egg slicer is a small countertop appliance that can cut a hard-boiled egg into perfectly even slices. It uses thin wires that are sharp enough to cut through an egg with ease. Some egg slicers are only suitable for eggs, but others are versatile enough to use for other slicing tasks.

There are plenty of egg slicers on the market, so there’s no shortage of options to choose from. But you do have to figure out which type will work best for you, what size you need, and the kind of slicing wires you prefer, among other features. 

egg slicer1
An egg slicer can create uniform individual pats of butter for all of your dinner party guests to spread on bread or dinner rolls – or your weekend pancakes and waffles. You may need to cut the stick of butter in quarters before placing it in the slicer, though.

Key considerations


Egg slicers are available in two main types: classic egg slicers and rotating egg slicers.

A classic slicer doesn’t move the egg as you pull down the slicer, so the slices aren’t always perfectly even. A rotating slicer lets you turn the egg while you bring down the cutting wires to allow for greater precision. Rotating slicers typically cost more, so you may not want to pay more if having precise slices isn’t quite as important for your recipes.

It’s also important to consider how the slicer cuts. Classic egg slicers cut in a single direction to give you round or oblong slices with a uniform thickness. The shape depends on whether the slicer holds the egg vertically or horizontally. Rotating slicers allow you to cut the egg either vertically or horizontally, so you can choose between round or oblong slices depending on your recipe. Some rotating models even let you cut the egg in wedges, in addition to round or oblong slices.


Because eggs come in different sizes, egg slicers do as well. Think about the size of the eggs that you usually buy, and find a slicer that can accommodate that size. Egg slicers are fairly compact in general, but you’ll want to make sure that you have enough storage space for the model you choose, too.

Slicing wires

The highest-quality egg slicers feature slicing wires made of stainless steel. That’s because stainless steel is durable and strong, which allows the wires to cut through eggs quickly and easily. Stainless steel wires are also rust-proof and easy to clean.

You should also think about the number of wires and the distance between them when choosing an egg slicer. This determines the number and size of the egg slices the slicer produces.


While egg slicers usually aren’t particularly expensive kitchen tools, you still want to choose a durable model that will last through regular use. In addition to the slicing wires, pay attention to the material that the housing is made of. Some slicers are made of high-quality cast aluminum, so they’re incredibly durable. Others are made of ABS plastic for a lightweight device that isn’t quite as durable but can still last for years.

Keeping your egg slicer clean ensures that it stays in proper working condition so it lasts longer.



Non-slip feet

You’ll have a much easier time using an egg slicer if it doesn’t move around while you’re using it. It takes some force to push down on the device and slice an egg, so you want a model with non-slip feet. These feet keep the slicer in place when you press down on it to ensure that your slices are even – and no accidents occur.


Some egg slicers are designed only for slicing hard-boiled eggs. However, you can find many models that can actually be used for multiple purposes. You can use these slicers to cut other foods like fruits, veggies, cheese, and butter, which increases the tool’s versatility and gives you more bang for your buck.


An egg slicer can be challenging to clean because food can easily stick to its wires – which are also sharp enough that you need to be careful when washing the device. You’re always better off choosing a dishwasher-safe model. That way, you can just toss it in the dishwasher for cleaning.

egg slicer2
Many egg slicers are also ideal for slicing boiled potatoes for potato salad. Just make sure the potatoes have cooled completely before you place them in the slicer.


Egg holders: You can keep hard-boiled eggs organized in your fridge with a convenient egg holder.

Egg cookers: Tired of making hard-boiled eggs in a pot on your stovetop? An egg cooker makes it much easier to make hard-boiled and other types of eggs right on your countertop. If you dislike peeling hard-boiled eggs, you can boil eggs in egglettes, rather than in the shells.

Egg slicer prices

Egg slicers vary in price based on the type, materials, and other features. Most models cost between $3 and $52.

The most affordable egg slicers are simple plastic models that only slice in a single direction. They may not have anti-slip feet, but most are dishwasher-safe. These egg slicers generally cost between $3 and $11.

Mid-range egg slicers are typically plastic models that can cut in multiple directions or cut wedges in addition to slices. You can find cast aluminum slicers that cut in a single direction in this price range, too. They also should have anti-slip feet and be dishwasher-safe. You’ll usually pay between $11 and $20 for these egg slicers.

The most expensive egg slicers are usually cast aluminum or high-quality plastic models. They can slice in both directions and cut wedges in addition to slices. They feature anti-slip feet and are dishwasher-safe, too. You’ll typically pay between $20 and $52 for premium egg slicers.

Make sure to dry your egg slicer thoroughly before putting it away in a cabinet or drawer. The slicing wires can rust if you store the tool while it’s wet.



  • Always use an egg slicer on a level surface in your kitchen to keep it from sliding around.
  • Make sure that you’ve fully peeled the shell from your hard-boiled egg before placing it in the slicer. If you slice it with any of the shell left intact, you can wind up pressing the shell pieces into the egg.
  • Eggs must be properly boiled for cutting in a slicer. If they’re too soft, the slicer won’t be able to cut them evenly or cleanly.
  • Wash an egg slicer immediately after use. If egg debris dries on the slicing wires, it can be more difficult to remove it later. Rinse the slicer well if you don’t have time to wash it thoroughly right after use.
egg slicer3
Enjoy strawberry slices in your cereal? An egg slicer can create perfect, even slices with ease.


Q. Do compact egg slicers work as well as larger models?

A. Compact, handheld egg slicers are much easier to store in a small kitchen, but they don’t tend to be as durable. Larger egg slicers usually last longer and provide cleaner slices. They’ll take up more space on the counter or in a drawer, though.

Q. Can I use an egg slicer to chop hard-boiled eggs for egg salad?

A. If you opt for an egg slicer that can slice in both directions, you can use it to chop eggs for egg salad. Place the hard-boiled egg in the slicer’s cradle and slice it in the first direction. Next, rotate the cradle 90 degrees and slice the egg a second time. You’ll wind up with diced pieces that are ready to be mixed with mayonnaise, mustard, chopped celery, and your other favorite egg salad ingredients.

Q. How can I tell if I can use an egg slicer for other foods?

A. Most manufacturers advertise whether the slicer is suitable for slicing other foods in the product description. If you aren’t sure after purchasing a slicer, check the owner’s manual for instructions regarding cutting other foods in addition to hard-boiled eggs.