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Updated September 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Cuisinart Touch to Toast Leverless 4-Slice Toaster
Touch to Toast Leverless 4-Slice Toaster
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With a host of advanced features and fantastically customizable settings, this toaster takes the guesswork out of making the perfect slice, whatever the bread.


Automatically toasts, defrosts, and reheats at the touch of a button. Impressively consistent results in every setting. Boasts a whopping 7 browning levels. 2 control panels conveniently allow for different levels of toasting at the same time. Leverless slots self adjust to accommodate any thickness. LCD countdown display and beeping readiness alert are nice touches. Motorized lift works smoothly and quietly, with no alarming toaster-to-counter ejection. Attractive design.


It's on the higher end of the price spectrum. Chunky build can take up extra counter space.

Best Bang for the Buck
Cuisinart Compact Stainless 4-Slice Toaster
Compact Stainless 4-Slice Toaster
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With all the features you could ask for in a charming design, this sturdy 4-slice toaster offers great value for the money.


Delivers all the most sought after Cuisinart toaster features. 6 shade settings. Modes include Defrost, Reheat, Bagel options. High-lift lever for easy removal. Reasonable price. Separate control panels simultaneously accommodate individual toasting preferences. Beautiful brushed stainless steel design manages to achieve a classic old-school appeal without feeling dated. Available in a variety of colors.


Even though it has zero impact on performance, certain colors cost quite a bit more than others.

Cuisinart The Bakery Artisan Toaster
The Bakery Artisan Toaster
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A perfect toaster for anyone who enjoys artisan and thick, homemade bread thanks to it extra-long, extra-wide slots.


Slots are wide and long enough to hold hand-cut bread and bagels. Large, intuitive controls. Offers Toast, Bagel, Reheat, Defrost, and Cancel functions, as well as 5 shade settings. Convenient pull-out crumb tray. Bottom cleats allow for cord storage.


Some owners say it doesn’t toast as evenly as they would like.

Cuisinart Countdown Metal 2-Slice Toaster
Countdown Metal 2-Slice Toaster
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If you long for a state-of-the-art toaster but don't have extra cash or counter space to spare, this 2-slice offering from Cuisinart strikes the best balance between modern features and dependable functionality.


Ultra-sleek, modern design blends well with just about any kitchen décor. Features a stylish blue backlit LCD countdown display and backlit Toast, Defrost, Bagel, and Cancel buttons. Comes with 7 browning settings. Compact 2-slice capacity has a small footprint. Easy to use and clean.


More modern than most, but it's not leverless.

Cuisinart Hybrid Compact 4-Slice Toaster
Hybrid Compact 4-Slice Toaster
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A budget-priced option that delivers good toasting performance but lacks the signature high-quality feel of our other picks.


4-slice capacity with individual toasting functions and shade dials work well for families. Push-button Toast, Defrost, Reheat, and Bagel controls are easy to use. Extra-wide slots are suitable for thick or thin slices. Affordable and functional.


Browning dials feel a bit flimsy. The design isn't quite as compact as most expect. Takes up extra counter space.


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Buying guide for best cuisinart toasters

Whether you like it with butter, jam, or peanut butter, toast is a quick, easy breakfast that can satisfy everyone in your home. While there are plenty of high-quality toasters on the market, it’s hard to top the options from Cuisinart, which offer a variety of extra functions and features that make getting the perfect slice of toast a breeze.

Cuisinart toasters are pop-up models, the classic countertop appliance most people think of when they hear the word “toaster.” These models typically feature two or four slots in which bread is lowered and exposed to the heating elements. When the bread is fully toasted, it pops up so you can remove it. Cuisinart toasters are designed specifically for making toast, so if you’re looking for a quick, efficient way to fix bread, bagels, or pitas, one may be the ideal appliance for you.

But Cuisinart offers a variety of toaster options, which can make finding the right one for your countertop a challenge. Fortunately, our buying guide has all the information you need. We’ve even included some specific product recommendations to make your shopping as easy as possible.

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With a new toaster, it’s always best to start with a lighter shade until you’re familiar with the darkness of each setting. If you choose one of the highest settings, you risk burning the bread.

Key considerations


Cuisinart offers two-slot and four-slot toasters. Either option can work well depending on the size of your household and your toasting habits.

Two-slot toasters: These have two side-by-side slots, giving them a compact design that works well in smaller kitchens and for households of one to two people. These toasters work best if you usually toast standard, pre-sliced bread and not larger or wider bread items.

Four-slot toasters: Cuisinart four-slot toasters have four side-by-side slots, so they’re larger and take up more space on your countertop. These toasters work well for families of three or more, and many feature longer slots that can accommodate larger bread products like baguette slices.

Slot size

In addition to the number of slots in a Cuisinart toaster, the size of the slots is an important detail to consider. If you usually toast standard, pre-sliced bread, a toaster with slots of any size can work well for your needs. However, if you often toast bagels, English muffins, frozen waffles, and other thicker items, choose a Cuisinart toaster with wider slots (1.5 inches wide or wider)that can accommodate thicker slices of bread.

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For your safety
Never place buttered bread in your toaster because the butter could burn and catch fire.

Cuisinart toaster features


Most Cuisinart toasters have simple button and/or dial controls, but some higher-end models offer a digital display. While you still use buttons to choose your settings, you’re able to see what settings you’ve chosen and keep track of the progress on a backlit LCD display.


Shade control: All Cuisinart toasters offer options for how dark your finished toast will be. Some models offer three shade options, while others offer up to seven. In most cases, there’s a simple dial for choosing the shade you want, but some higher-end models offer push-button controls.

Bagel: If you like a toasted bagel for breakfast, you’ll appreciate a Cuisinart toaster with a Bagel setting. It toasts the cut side of the bagel while just warming the bottom side to keep it chewy. You can also use the setting for any item you just want to toast on one side.

Reheat: A Cuisinart toaster with a Reheat setting allows you to warm up your toast if you’re not able to eat it right away. That allows you to enjoy warm toast even if it’s ready before the rest of your breakfast is done.

Defrost: If you opt for a Cuisinart toaster with a Defrost setting, you can place frozen bread, waffles, and other items in the toaster and it automatically adds extra cooking time to thaw the bread before it starts the toasting process.

Pause: Some Cuisinart toasters have a Pause button, which allows you to remove the toast to see if it’s as brown as you’d like. If it’s not toasted enough, you simply put the toast back inside and the toasting function engages again.

Cancel: Most Cuisinart toasters have a Cancel button, which lifts the bread and cuts the toasting cycle short.

Leverless design

Some Cuisinart toasters don’t have a lever for lowering the bread. Instead, the toaster automatically lowers the bread when you press a convenient button.

Crumb tray

To make it simpler to clean your toaster, all Cuisinart models feature a removable crumb tray. It slides out easily, so you can empty out the crumbs that have collected in the bottom of the toaster.

Cord storage

Many Cuisinart toasters have a cord wrap feature that prevents the cord from hanging over the edge of the counter and getting snagged. In most cases, there are cleats on the bottom of the toaster that you wind the cord around to keep it out of the way.

"Get creative with your toast toppings! Mashed avocado, goat cheese, ricotta, hummus, and pesto are just a few tasty options. "

Cuisinart toaster prices

Cuisinart toasters vary in price based on the number of slots and special features they offer. Most models range in price from $30 to $100.

Inexpensive: The most affordable Cuisinart toasters are two-slot models. These typically offer just a few basic special features, such as Bagel, Reheat, and Defrost and generally cost between $30 and $50.

Mid-range: These Cuisinart toasters may be two- or four-slot models. They offer basic special features like Bagel, Reheat, and Defrost settings, as well as additional features like extra-wide slots. These toasters typically cost between $50 and $70.

Expensive: Most of the priciest Cuisinart toasters are four-slot models, though you can find some two-slot options. These toasters have all the basic special features plus additional features like extra-wide slots and a digital display and typically cost between $70 and $100.

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Never stick a metal fork or knife in a toaster to remove a stuck piece of food. Unplug the toaster and then use a wooden or plastic utensil to work it free.


  • Clean your toaster regularly. This is important to keep your toaster working properly and prevent a fire. Unplug the toaster and let it cool completely before pulling out the crumb tray and emptying it. Gently shake the toaster over a trash can to dislodge any crumbs inside and wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth before replacing the crumb tray.
  • Don’t force bread or other items into the toaster slots. The food should fit easily between the guide wires inside the slots.
  • Adjust the shade setting to the bread. If you’re toasting bread that’s on the dry side, use a lower shade setting than you normally would. Because it contains less moisture, the bread may toast more quickly.
  • Adjust the time to the bread. Thicker pieces of bread and bagels usually take longer to toast because they contain additional moisture. You might need to run the cycle twice to fully toast the items.
  • For safety reasons, always unplug your toaster after use.
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If you want to make grilled cheese in your toaster, use a toaster bag to keep the cheese contained, so it doesn’t ooze into the slots.


Q. What’s the difference between a Cuisinart toaster and a Cuisinart toaster oven?
A Cuisinart toaster is meant for toasting bread and other flat food items like frozen waffles and pastries. A Cuisinart toaster oven can perform a variety of other cooking functions, such as baking, roasting, and broiling. A toaster oven is a more versatile appliance, but a standard Cuisinart pop-up toaster toasts bread more effectively and evenly.

Q. How long does a Cuisinart toaster usually take to toast bread?
It depends on how dark you want your toast to be and how thick the bread is. In general, it usually takes two to three minutes to toast an average slice of bread. If you want the toast to be extremely dark or you’re toasting a thick piece of bread, it may take four to six minutes.

Q. Does Cuisinart offer a warranty with its toasters?
All Cuisinart toasters come with a three-year limited warranty. That means the toasters are covered if a problem arises due to a flaw in the materials or workmanship. If you damage the toaster due to an accident or misuse, the issue likely isn’t covered.

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