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Best Oster Toaster Ovens

Updated April 2023
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Oster Oster Convection Oven
Oster Convection Oven
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Customer Favorite
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This large toaster oven has plenty of helpful features, including the stylish french doors that earn praise from our baking expert.


Has broil, toast, bake, and convection functions. Interior space is large and can hold bigger dishes and pizzas on its 2 racks. Other features include a 90-minute timer, an interior light, and digital settings that are easy to use. Comes in a stainless steel exterior.


Several customers noted that the doors close easily.

Best Bang for the Buck
Oster Large Capacity Countertop 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven
Large Capacity Countertop 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven
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Digital convection oven that's large enough to toast 6 pieces of bread.


Plenty of room. Handy convection feature. Good for reheating and cooking food. Has an easy-access crumb tray and interior light. Heats quickly and cooks evenly.


Front of the toaster oven gets very hot. Difficult to read controls.

Oster Oster Toaster Oven
Oster Toaster Oven
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Large Capacity
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Offers lots of interior space with its capacity to cook multiple items at once.


Comes with the most oven cooking features, including a defrost and pizza setting. Delivers efficient heat during cooking with the convection setting. Has a removable crumb tray. A set-up for a broiling pan and 2 racks are included.


The handle tends to get very hot. There is no notification once the oven is preheated.

Oster Digital Air Fryer Oven with RapidCrisp
Digital Air Fryer Oven with RapidCrisp
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Best for Small Spaces
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This digital air fryer convection combo has 12 cooking functions, including the ability to work as an air fryer, toaster, and dehydrator.


A smaller-size oven that won’t take up too much space on the countertop. Designed to provide extra crispiness to food. Has an interior light and multiple presets for cooking particular items. Comes with an air fryer basket, a wire rack, and a baking pan for all of your cooking needs.


Temperatures can often be inaccurate or deliver inconsistent heat. The control pad can be unresponsive.

Oster Oster Air Fryer Oven
Oster Air Fryer Oven
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A large toaster oven that can air fry, bake, and roast, among other things for a convenient cooking experience.


Comes in stainless steel with a french door design. Oven is easy to use and provides lots of space for cooking several things at once. Has 10 cooking presets and will preheat quickly, and 3 rack positions.


The digital controls can be difficult to read, and a few complained about the cord being too short.

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Buying guide for Best Oster toaster ovens

If you only toast bread and bagels, then a standard toaster has got you covered. But if you want a toasting appliance that has the versatility to do more, a toaster oven is a great choice.

What does a toaster oven do? The best toaster ovens can toast, bake, broil, and more. Unsurprisingly, Oster makes some of the greatest toaster ovens on the market. These appliances make it easy for home cooks to prepare a wide range of recipes without heating up the kitchen and driving up their energy bill.

Oster toaster ovens are available in various sizes, so you can find one that fits easily on your countertop. Many people imagine a small toaster oven, but Oster also makes them large enough to cook for a family. And while all of the brand’s countertop ovens effectively toast and bake, some offer additional cooking functions, such as convection cooking and air frying. Oster toaster ovens also provide plenty of safety features, so you can use your appliance with confidence.

oster toaster oven leftovers
A toaster oven is ideal for reheating leftovers. Unlike in a microwave, there’s no risk of the food winding up soggy. Instead, you get crispy, warm food every time.

Consider these factors when choosing an Oster toaster oven

Size and capacity

A toaster oven’s size and capacity determine how much space it will take up on your counter and how much food you can prepare at once.

In Oster’s product descriptions, you can find the dimensions of each model as well as the number of toast slices it can hold at once.

Oster toaster ovens generally have a capacity of four to six slices of bread. Those that can accommodate six slices are usually large enough to fit a 12-inch pizza or even a whole chicken. Those sized to fit only four slices are typically more limited in their uses.

There are even a few Oster toaster ovens that can fit up to 18 slices of toast at once. These models can often accommodate two pizzas at a time. For a large family, this is a definite convenience.

Keep in mind that the larger a toaster oven’s capacity is, the larger its overall dimensions will be. As such, a six-slice toaster oven will take up more space on the counter than a four-slice model. Check the product dimensions, and measure your counter before you buy.

Expert tip
Don’t store bowls, decorative items, food, or towels on top of your toaster oven. The exterior can get very hot and ruin, melt, or burn items near or on it.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert


There are three main types of toaster ovens: standard, convection, and air fryer toaster ovens.

  • Standard toaster ovens: These can toast, warm, bake, and broil food items. They’re usually the most affordable models. That said, they generally don’t have as many special features as other types.
  • Convection toaster ovens: Models in this category can toast, warm, bake, defrost, and broil, but they do it a little differently. This convection tech circulates hot air around the oven to help food cook evenly. Turbo convection technology shortens the cook time and often translates to a lower oven temperature and less energy use than a conventional oven. Notably, Oster convection toaster ovens are more expensive than standard models. They also usually have more special features.
  • Air fryer toaster ovens: These are essentially convection models, but they have a specific setting for air frying and come with a special tray that allows air to circulate fully around your food. This helps food get crispy on the outside while staying tender on the inside. Air frying results in food with a similar texture to deep-fried foods but with much less oil. Thus, it’s a healthier option. In many cases, oil isn’t even required.

Temperature range

You’ll have more versatility if you opt for an Oster toaster oven with a larger temperature range. Many models offer cooking temperatures from 150°F to 450°F. A few go up to 500°F. You’ll definitely want a toaster oven that goes that high if you plan to broil meat in it.

foil toaster oven
Before using foil in your Oster toaster oven, check the owner’s manual to ensure that it’s safe. Not all toaster ovens do well with foil, which could create a fire hazard.

Oster toaster oven features

Control style

Oster toaster ovens typically offer two control styles: dial and digital. Both styles are user-friendly. That said, dial controls are generally more likely to break and are more difficult to keep clean.

The other benefit to digital controls is that the clear display is easy to read from a distance.

Door style

Most Oster toaster ovens have a standard single door that opens from the top down. These ovens have a handle at the top that makes them extremely easy to open and close.

A few Oster toaster ovens have French doors. These are two side-by-side doors that open in the middle. Some home cooks find it easier to insert and remove food from French door ovens. Oster French door models tend to be larger and more expensive.

Cooking functions and presets

All Oster toaster ovens offer essential cooking functions like warm, toast, and bake. Some models have a broiler function, and others provide convection baking and air frying functions as well.

To make it even easier to prepare your favorite dishes, some Oster toaster ovens also feature presets. This means that they are pre-programmed with the ideal cooking temperature and time for popular items such as pizza or cookies.

Pans and racks

Oster toaster ovens all come with a wire oven rack and a baking pan. Some models have a second wire rack or an air frying tray that can be inserted in the toaster oven in place of the regular wire rack.

A pan for broiling and/or roasting is also included with some Oster toaster ovens.

Countdown timer

Many Oster toaster ovens have a timer you can set at the start of cooking. The timer will beep to alert you when your food is ready.

Some models have an automatic shutoff feature that turns the oven off once the time finishes.

Interior light

An interior light lets you keep an eye on your food as it cooks. This feature allows you to monitor the progress of your favorite foods and snacks without opening the oven door. Some Oster toaster ovens are equipped with this feature.

Dehydrate feature

While most people are concerned about the maximum temperature a toaster oven can reach, others may want to pay attention to its minimum temperature, too.

Some toaster oven models have a minimum temperature of less than 150°. As a result, these ovens can be used to dehydrate foods like fruit and meat. The optimal temperature for dehydrating food is usually 125° to 165°.

Easy cleanup

All Oster toaster ovens feature a crumb/drip tray that slides out when it’s time to clean the oven. On some models, this tray is dishwasher safe. Additionally, most ovens have nonstick components that wipe clean with minimal effort.

oster toaster oven even baking
Expert Tip
Never place food directly on the interior racks. If your toaster gets filled with food crumbs and drips, this may create a food-sanitation issue.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert


Baking pans

If you’re making casseroles or other baked dishes in your toaster oven, you’ll need a high-quality baking pan. We especially like those made of borosilicate glass that can withstand extreme temperature changes. That means you can take frozen dishes straight from the freezer and put them directly in your toaster oven.

Baking sheets

Your Oster toaster oven comes with a baking pan. However, you may want to have few extras on hand as well. A set of baking sheets can be useful because a set (often) includes multiple sizes. You may be able to use a smaller one in your toaster oven and a larger one in your conventional oven.

toaster ovens
Expert tip
Toaster ovens go through a lot – invest in the warranty.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

Oster toaster oven prices


The most affordable Oster toaster ovens are smaller models that can fit four slices of bread or a small pizza at a time. The temperature range doesn’t usually go high enough for broiling or low enough for dehydrating. Most do have a timer, though. These low-cost toaster ovens typically cost $80 to $115.


Models in this category can usually hold six pieces of toast or a 12-inch pizza. They can get hot enough for broiling, and some may be suitable for dehydrating. Others are convection ovens with an air frying feature. Buyers usually pay between $120 and $170 for these choices from Oster.


The most expensive Oster toaster ovens are large to very large models. Some even can accommodate two pizzas at a time. They will offer broiling, and some can dehydrate foods, too. Most models in this price range feature convection cooking. You can expect to pay between $175 and $250 for these toaster ovens.


  • Shop. Check out popular retailers like Amazon for top models by the brand.
  • Stay within your budget. Oster makes a variety of toaster ovens at various price points, so chances are you’ll be able to find one to meet your needs as well while staying within the parameters of your budget.
  • Get to know your new Oster toaster oven. Read the owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with its controls and functions before you use it for the first time.
  • Keep it clean. Maintaining the cleanliness of your toaster oven is crucial to preventing a fire and keeping it in working order. It’s easy for crumbs and grease from meat and other foods to accumulate inside the oven. As such, users are advised to empty the crumb tray and wipe down the interior after each use.
  • Don’t overstuff. Stick to your toaster oven’s advertised capacity. If you try to toast six pieces of bread in a model meant only for four slices, you are likely to end up with unevenly browned toast.
  • Unplug. For safety reasons, it’s best to unplug your toaster oven after each use. Leaving it plugged into an outlet creates a higher likelihood of a fire.
hot toaster oven
The exterior of a toaster oven can get extremely hot during cooking. Be careful not to touch it, or you might get burned.


Q. Why should I get a toaster oven?

A. The main reason many home cooks like having a toaster oven in their kitchen is that it’s more energy-efficient than a full-size oven. For example, when you make small meals or snacks, a toaster oven uses nearly half as much energy. What’s more, it preheats faster and is much easier to clean than a full-size oven. A toaster oven is also pretty lightweight, so it can even be portable for trips.

Expert tip
Bring leftover French Fries perfectly back to fresh and crispy in a toaster oven.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

Q. Can I cook a pizza in an Oster toaster oven?

A. You can absolutely make pizza in an Oster toaster oven. Most Oster toaster ovens can easily fit a 12-inch pizza. Some can cook two pizzas at once. Some high-end models even have a specially designed pizza drawer that makes it incredibly easy to cook a delicious pie.

Q. Do Oster toaster ovens come with warranty protection?

A. All Oster toaster ovens come with a one-year limited warranty. Buyers are protected against any damage that occurs due to defects in the materials or workmanship of the oven during this period of time. Typically, coverage begins on the date of purchase.

Q. Besides toast, what are some other types of foods I can prepare in an Oster toaster oven?

A. Oster toaster ovens are versatile when it comes to preparing a wide variety of foods. The list is long and includes frozen foods, casseroles, fish, chicken, roasted vegetables, and desserts. In a larger Oster toaster oven, the spacious design is also suitable for toasting artisan bread, bagels, pastries, and thick bread.