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Best Jura Coffee Makers

Updated April 2024
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Jura E8 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Maker
E8 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Maker
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Best Jura Coffee Maker
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From classic espressos to flat whites, the Jura E8 delivers barista-quality coffee from the comfort of home at the touch of a button. Its sleek yet durable design and excellent frother and grinder have made it a favorite among experts.


Automatically makes delicious espresso, drip coffee, and 15 other favorites. Equipped with a conical burr grinder. Holds up to 64 ounces of water and 10 ounces of whole-bean coffee. Customizable settings to make drinks according to your preferences.


The milk frother may develop an unpleasant odor if not cleaned frequently and properly.

Best Bang for the Buck
Jura Ena 4 Automatic Coffee Machine
Ena 4 Automatic Coffee Machine
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Excellent Value
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While it doesn't make lattes or milk-based drinks, the Jura ENA 4 brews exceptional espresso and shines for coffee purists. Thanks to its compact size, fast grinder and smart features, it is hands-down the best budget-friendly choice for espresso enthusiasts.


The ENA 4 is simple to use with just a few buttons. It has a high-quality Aroma G3 grinder built into it. We appreciate the fact that it is WiFi-compatible and can be controlled via an app.


It can only make four types of drinks.

Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Maker
S8 Automatic Coffee Maker
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Easiest to Use
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The Jura S8 makes brewing cafe-worthy coffee at home easier than ever. Simply choose and customize your drink from the touch screen display, and the machine grinds fresh beans, brews to perfection, and even cleans itself automatically.


We love the touchscreen menu that boasts 15 different beverages, three brew temperature levels, and 10 strength options. Includes a built-in grinder, and milk frother. Brews quickly and produces excellent aromas and flavors for a coffeehouse experience at home.


There aren't as many drink options as higher-end models.

Jura J8
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Best for Flavored Drinks
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The J8 was a favorite among our coffee experts for its unique Sweet Foam System, which blends syrup and milk while frothing. The reusable Sweet Foam cartridges are easy to fill and clean, and the machine's automatic cleaning programs take care of the rest.


The flavored foam takes it beyond what an average coffee maker can offer. It makes an incredible 31 types of drinks. We love that it has a range of features to boost coffee quality. One-Touch milk system cleaning function eradicates tough milk residue in seconds.


The grille on the drip tray scratches a little too easily.

Jura Z10
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Best for Milk-Based Drinks
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While the Jura Z10 boasts impressive power and premium looks, its high price tag might raise some eyebrows. Despite offering smart features and a wide variety of customizable coffee options, its operation and maintenance can be a bit tricky.


Packs 32 drink options. The product-recognizing grinder automatically adjusts the grind size depending on your chosen drink so you get the best results. It has a generous 81-ounce water reservoir.


It’s big, heavy, and expensive and requires more maintenance than the competition.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Which Jura coffee machine is best?

If you want a great brew at the press of a button, a Jura coffee machine might be what you're looking for. Forget about complex brewing processes and manual machines: Jura coffee makers do everything from grinding the beans to delivering the foam. Some can make as many as 32 types of drinks and are Wi-Fi-capable, so you can control them from an app on your phone. 

Before you decide which Jura to buy, it's important to consider your options. Perhaps you want a compact model that can only make espressos and other coffees. Maybe you want a large, high-end machine that can make a huge range of specialty drinks. There are multiple options to select from, some of which may be a better fit than others. 

We delved deep into the best Jura coffee machines, doing extensive research and talking to a couple of coffee experts: Meagan Mason, a coffee roaster at Twisted Goat Coffee, and Alex Mastin, the CEO and founder of coffee website Home Grounds. Armed with their opinions and our insight, we decided on our top Jura machines below, including our overall favorite, the Jura E8, which features a milk frother and settings for 17 different drinks.  

Our top picks

Jura E8  

Best Jura coffee machine

Product specifications: Coffee Maker Type: Automatic bean-to-cup | Reservoir Size: 64 oz  | Drink Types: 17 | Filter Type: CLEARYL Smart+ water filter | Smart Features: Wi-Fi and app

The Jura E8 coffee machine is an excellent mid-range choice in the Jura world — though it's still pricey by average coffee machine standards. You can choose from 17 drink types, including milk-based drinks, thanks to the included milk frother. It has a 64-ounce reservoir, and the bean hopper holds 10 ounces. 

We love the color touch screen, which makes it easy to select the drink type you want and to control other settings, such as the 10 coffee-strength settings. It's Wi-Fi compatible, so you can also control it via the Jura Operating Experience (JOE) app. 

This is a great coffee machine and a favorite of coffee expert Alex Mastin. We appreciate the quality of the drinks it produces and how easy it is to use. We like that the frother produces professional-quality fine foam — no need to steam the milk yourself. 

Jura ENA 4 

Best bang for your buck 

Product specifications: Coffee Maker Type: Automatic bean-to-cup | Reservoir Size: 37 oz | Drink Types: 4 | Filter Type: CLEARYL Smart+ water filter | Smart Features: Wi-Fi and app

If you're looking for a streamlined, no-frills coffee machine from Jura, this one fits the bill. It makes just four drink types: espresso, coffee, espresso doppio and café doppio. It grinds and brews twice for double shots so they aren't watered down.  

There's no milk foamer, which is a downside for some, but if you like espresso and caffè americano, there's no need to spend extra on a machine that froths milk. The water reservoir holds 37 ounces, and the bean hopper holds 4.4 ounces. There's also the option to use pre-ground coffee. 

We like that this machine grinds beans and brews coffee at the press of a button. It's simple to use and a great option for people with smaller budgets or compact kitchens.

Jura S8 

Easiest Jura coffee machine to use

Product specifications: Coffee Maker Type: Automatic bean-to-cup | Reservoir Size: 64 oz | Drink Types: 15 | Filter Type: CLEARYL Smart+ water filter | Smart Features: Wi-Fi and app

You can make a total of 15 drinks with the S8, including espressos, flat whites and cappuccinos. While this isn't as many as some Jura coffee machines, it's more than enough options for most users. The color touch screen makes it easy to select the drink you want, and it's automatically delivered from the coffee spout and milk frother. 

The water reservoir holds 64 ounces, and the hopper part of the built-in grinder holds 10 ounces of beans. Plus, you can choose to use your own pre-ground coffee if you prefer — or if you run out of whole beans. 

We like that this machine offers 10 programmable coffee strengths. It feels easy and intuitive to use. The coffee quality is impressive, and the milk foam produced is fine and silky. 

Jura J8

Best Jura coffee machine for flavored drinks

Product specifications: Coffee Maker Type: Automatic bean-to-cup | Reservoir Size: 64 oz | Drink Types: 31 | Filter Type: CLEARYL Smart+ water filter | Smart Features: Wi-Fi and app

What sets the Jura J8 — coffee roaster Meagan Mason's favorite — apart from others on this list is the Sweet Foam function. This function uses syrup to sweeten and flavor milk foam, taking your coffee creations to the next level. It's a game-changer for fans of sweet, flavored coffee. 

We love that this machine can produce an impressive 31 drinks in 10 strengths. The drinks on offer include cappuccinos, macchiatos and cortados. It holds 10 ounces of beans in the hopper and gives you the option to bypass the built-in grinder and use ground coffee instead. The water reservoir holds 64 ounces. 

This is our favorite option for lovers of sweet coffee and flavored drinks. It's versatile and has a wide variety of drink choices. 

Jura Z10

Best Jura coffee machine for milk-based drinks

Product specifications: Coffee Maker Type: Automatic bean-to-cup | Reservoir Size: 81 oz | Drink Types: 32 | Filter Type: CLEARYL Smart+ water filter | Smart Features: Wi-Fi and app

We love the Jura Z10 for its ability to make cold brews along with a full range of hot drinks. It can whip up 32 different drinks, and the touch-screen menu makes it easy to choose between them. You can also select from 10 strength settings, brewing your coffee exactly how you like it. 

It has an integrated grinder that holds 10 ounces of beans, while the water reservoir holds 81 ounces. This means it's on the larger side, but it's surprisingly only a couple of inches wider and a few inches taller than the most compact on this list. 

If you want to be able to make a range of hot and cold drinks, this Jura coffee maker, with its multiple mouthwatering options, is quite possibly the one for you. 

Jura ENA 8

Best Jura coffee machine for small kitchens

Product specifications: Coffee Maker Type: Automatic bean-to-cup | Reservoir Size: 37 oz | Drink Types: 15 | Filter Type: CLEARYL Smart+ water filter | Smart Features: Wi-Fi and app

More compact than most of the other Jura coffee makers on this list, the ENA 8 is a great choice for small kitchens. Unlike the ENA 4, which only makes black coffees, this model can produce milk foam and makes 15 drinks in total, including lattes and flat whites. 

The reservoir holds 37 ounces of water, and the grinder has a hopper that holds 4.4 ounces. We love the quality of the coffee, which isn't hampered by the smaller, slimmer design. 

We think this is a great choice for households that don't want to go all out on one of the most high-end Jura machines. It still performs brilliantly, even if you need to refill the bean hopper more regularly. 

What to expect with a Jura coffee machine, according to experts

We interviewed multiple coffee experts for their perspectives on what to expect with a Jura coffee machine. Alex Mastin, the CEO and founder of Home Grounds, and Meagan Mason, a coffee roaster at Twisted Goat Coffee, shared helpful tips and insights on Jura’s machines.

Expert picks

Mason's top pick is the Jura J8. "As a coffee roaster and having seen countless coffee makers in action, I must say, the Jura J8 captures the essence of what a premium coffee machine should be," she says. Mason is a fan of the sweet foam function, which "allows a new dimension of indulgence by flavoring the milk foam, letting you customize every cup to your exact taste, down to the syrup's type and intensity." This is great for users who love sweet, flavored coffees. 

Mason also praises the built-in grinder. "The inclusion of the cutting-edge grinder ensures that each grind remains consistent, preserving the rich aroma and flavor of your coffee," she remarks. 

Mastin has a different favorite: the Jura E8. "This coffee maker is well-rated and comes with full capabilities to brew coffee, espresso, macchiatos and cappuccinos," he notes. It's easy to use with a fine-foam frother for milk and an integrated bean grinder. Mastin likes that it also connects to Wi-Fi and is app-compatible, taking your brewing experience to a “new level." 

What sets Jura apart?

We got expert opinions on what sets Jura apart from other companies that make coffee machines. For Mastin, it's all about simplicity and ease of use. "These machines are a one-stop shop for at-home baristas," he says. "In under a minute, a person can brew a perfect cup of espresso, coffee or cappuccino and then customize accordingly using additional ingredients such as milk and flavors." 

Mason says, "The magic lies in the precision, user-centric features and the ability to craft a delightful cup every single time." The consistency of these machines and the excellent results make them worth the money. The fact that they're simple to use means you can enjoy great coffee without putting in the time to learn how to use a more manual espresso machine. 

Mason also likes how they look great without sacrificing performance. "It's about balancing aesthetics with functionality," she remarks.

Choosing the right one for you

Just because a coffee machine is objectively good doesn't necessarily mean it's the right one for you. "While the excitement of innovative features is undeniable, prospective buyers should keep in mind their specific needs," Mason advises. "How often do you brew coffee? What's your preference: a simple espresso, or a more intricate specialty drink? Additionally, think about the space you have available, maintenance requirements and, of course, your budget."

You should also be prepared to splash some cash if you want to own a Jura. "Make no mistake: Jura machines are pricey," says Mastin. "Although this should be expected because of their brewing capabilities," he adds.

Getting the most out of your Jura coffee machine

We've got some tips from Mason about getting as much as you can from your Jura. In terms of coffee use, she recommends avoiding overly dark, oily beans in your machine because they can clog the grinder or lead to inconsistent grinding. "Regularly update your machine's settings based on the coffee beans you're using to get the most out of the grinder,” she advises.

Taste is important, too, and some Jura machines have some interesting features to inject extra flavor. "Experiment with the Sweet Foam function on the J8 to discover new flavor profiles that suit your palate,” Mason suggests.

It's also vital to take care of your machine. "Clean your Jura machine consistently, especially if it comes with milk-related features, to maintain the freshness and quality of each brew," Mason says. She recommends getting familiar with the user manual: "The more you know about your machine, the better your coffee experience will be."

Features to consider

Drink settings

The most important factor to consider when selecting a Jura coffee maker is the types of drinks the machine can make. All Jura models can make coffee, espresso and ristretto, but some models, such as the Jura E8 and Jura J8, have settings for additional drinks such as cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes and even more elaborate barista-inspired recipes.

If you’re looking for a Jura model that can prepare a basic cup of coffee or a shot of espresso, nearly any Jura option would do. Mid-range models are a good choice for most coffee drinkers, as they can make up to 10 types of coffee beverages. However, if you want more variety, opt for a higher-end model, such as the Jura Z10, that offers as many as 32 drink settings. Keep in mind that models that make a large number of beverages typically fall at the higher end of the price range.


Choosing a Jura coffee maker that can brew the beverages you prefer is obviously key, but you also have to be able to fit it on your countertop. Jura coffee makers are available in several sizes.

In most cases, the more features a Jura coffee maker offers, the larger the appliance will be. Small, compact models that could fit in a galley-style kitchen are usually basic models that brew only coffee and espresso and don’t offer extra features, such as milk frothing. The ENA 4 is one of Jura's more compact models. 

The largest Jura coffee makers are usually best for office use because they sometimes weigh over 40 pounds and can withstand heavy-duty use. The Jura Z10 is the largest model on our list, weighing 27 pounds, with an 81-ounce water capacity. 

Grinder type

All Jura coffee makers are equipped with built-in bean grinders, but the type of grinder can differ between models. The grinder types you will find in the Jura lines include the following:

  • Multi-level conical grinders
  • Conical burr grinders
  • Dual ceramic disc grinders

Some models feature Jura’s exclusive Aroma G3 grinder. Jura hasn't published stats to back it up, but it claims that the G3 grinder is twice as fast as an average coffee grinder. Notably, Jura grinders have metal lids that cut down the amount of noise that escapes, making them relatively quiet.

App connectivity

Some Jura coffee makers are smart, as they can be paired with the Smart Connect app using a tablet or smartphone. These high-tech models have built-in Bluetooth connectivity. 

Once connected, you can “communicate” with the coffee maker via your smart device and control it without being at home. It can also connect with other compatible accessories. For the tech-savvy coffee lover, this is a must-have feature that brings the latest technology to the coffee-brewing experience.


Cleaning a coffee maker is usually a hassle because it must be done manually. However, some high-end Jura coffee makers have a self-cleaning feature, which makes maintaining the appliance much easier. You simply select the rinsing, cleaning and descaling program from a menu. The coffee maker takes it from there.

Take note of these Jura coffee maker features

Touch screen controls

All Jura coffee makers have user-friendly controls that make it easy to grind beans, brew coffee, froth milk and clean the machine. Many low-end Jura models have simple push-button controls, but high-end Jura coffee makers — such as the Jura J8 and Jura Z10 — often have touch-screen controls and a vivid color display that makes it extremely easy to use all of the appliance’s features and choose beverage settings.

Coffee strength levels

Jura coffee makers allow you to adjust the strength of each cup of coffee. While some Jura coffee machines, such as the Jura ENA 4, only have three strength settings, many have as many as 10 strength settings. 

The S8, J8 and Z10 are all machines on our list that feature 10 adjustable coffee strengths. This not only lets you adjust according to your preferences but also to the type of coffee you’re brewing. For instance, light-roast coffee is easier than darker roasts to under-extract, giving you a weak, watery cup of coffee, so you should consider brewing it stronger than you would a dark roast. 

Pulse extraction process (PEP)

If you want the most efficient coffee maker, opt for a Jura model, such as the S8, that utilizes the pulse-extraction process (PEP). This patented technology sends hot water through the ground coffee before brewing to pre-infuse it. As a result, the extraction process (which pulls the flavor and aroma from the grounds) occurs in half the time, allowing you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee as soon as possible. This feature is ideal for producing bold coffee beverages like espresso and ristretto, as it maintains the flavor of coffee during the brewing process.

Intelligent pre-brew aroma system (IPBAS)

With Jura coffee makers, great coffee begins before extraction. Ground coffee is moistened with water, which causes the pores of the coffee to swell and the aromas to develop.  Jura’s proprietary IPBAS technology automatically adjusts the pre-brew water amounts depending on the amount of ground coffee selected. The result is coffee with a superior flavor and a thick crema.

Water filter

When it comes to brewing coffee with outstanding flavor, water quality plays a role. Many high-end Jura models have built-in water filtration systems that reduce particles and sediment before the brewing process. These intelligent water systems detect the filter to ensure a reliable performance. The brand’s Clearyl filter actually minimizes the likelihood that you’ll have to descale the machine, even if you have hard water.

Powder chute

If you don’t necessarily want to use fresh coffee beans every time you make a cup of coffee, opt for a Jura coffee maker with a powder chute. You can add ground coffee to the chamber, and once it’s fully loaded, your machine is ready to brew delicious coffee. If this feature appeals to you, keep in mind as you shop that it’s not available on all models.

Milk frother

Some Jura coffee makers have a built-in milk frother, and high-end models even use fine-foam technology that produces the perfect texture and consistency. A milk frother allows you to aerate milk to create a thick, rich foam that can then be mixed into or placed on top of your favorite beverage. What’s more, having a milk system built into the machine eliminates the need for an additional gadget in your kitchen. 

Frothed milk is used for coffee-based beverages such as cappuccinos, lattes, breves, mochas and other specialty drinks. If you’re a fan of those concoctions, it’s an excellent feature to have on hand.

Jura coffee maker prices

The best Jura coffee machines vary in price based on the features offered. You could spend anywhere from $750 to $9,000 on a Jura coffee maker.

Between $750 and $1,000

The most affordable Jura coffee makers are compact models that make coffee, espresso and ristretto. They usually don’t have many special features beyond the built-in grinder. However, they still make great-tasting coffee and feature stylish, contemporary designs. Prices range from $750 to $1,000 for models in this category.

Between $1,000 and $3,200

Mid-range Jura coffee makers are typically a bit larger and make other beverages in addition to coffee, espresso and ristretto. They usually have special features such as PEP, a milk frother and the ability to brew multiple coffee strengths. These models usually cost between $1,000 and $3,200.

Between $3,200 and $9,000

The most expensive Jura coffee makers are the largest models and take up quite a bit of countertop space. They have multiple pre-programmed settings for beverages beyond coffee, espresso and ristretto, and they offer a variety of special features, including PEP, a milk frother, multiple coffee strength levels and a self-cleaning mode. These high-end coffee makers range in price from $3,199 to $8,999.


  • If you use pre-ground coffee in your Jura coffee machine, make sure it’s fresh. Preferably, it will have been ground within the last two weeks. The reason: Ground coffee loses its freshness after a couple of weeks. You’ll get the greatest flavor if you use it when it’s fresh.
  • For stronger coffee, use a finer grind setting when you grind the beans. If your coffee is too strong, opt for a coarser grind setting.
  • Enjoy the diversity your Jura machine can provide. Get the most out of your premium coffee maker by trying different coffee beverages such as cappuccino, espresso, americano and flat white.
  • If you like the idea of storing coffee beans in the machine prior to use, choose a model with a spacious bean hopper.
  • Dress up your favorite milked coffee drink. Create artistic designs in the foamy milk topping using your favorite sweet sauce or syrup.
  • Show off your coffee maker. The good looks of a Jura machine will make it the focal point of your kitchen countertop.
  • Clean your Jura coffee machine at least every one to two months. Regular cleanings will make your coffee taste delicious and keep your coffee maker operating properly. In most cases, your machine will prompt you when it’s time for a cleaning.

Our expertise

Lauren Corona has been writing for BestReviews for six years. In this time, she's written dozens of articles on coffee makers and other coffee-related equipment. In another life, she was a barista, and she drinks coffee at home regularly, so she has a handle on what makes a decent coffee machine. 


Q. What features should I look for in a Jura coffee maker if I’m new to making espresso and espresso-based drinks?

A. Touch-screen display Jura models are arguably the most user-friendly machines, which could be ideal for a beginner. You may also want to consider a Jura coffee machine with one-touch operation: You can make coffee, espresso and other drinks with the press of a button. It also helps to choose a model with a built-in milk frother so you don’t have to purchase one separately.

Finally, Jura’s machines on the lower end of the price range are best for beginners, as they are typically easier to operate than high-priced options with numerous features.

Q. How do I clean a Jura coffee maker?

A. Jura offers a line of cleaning products for use with their coffee machines. The machine usually prompts you when it’s time for a cleaning. Simply press the clean button and follow the instructions. 

At some point, you’ll be prompted to add a Jura cleaning tablet to the machine. This is a concentrated form of detergent that cleans more effectively than liquid detergent.

Q. What type of warranty do Jura coffee makers have?

A. Jura provides warranty coverage for two years or up to 6,000 coffee brewings, whichever comes first. The warranty covers material and workmanship defects but doesn’t protect against damage caused by accidents or misuse.

Q. I’m considering a Jura coffee maker with a milk frother. Are these built-in milk frothers difficult to use and clean?

A. Jura milk frothers are quite user-friendly and straightforward to operate. The machines have easy-to-use buttons, with high-end models featuring one-touch frother controls. When it comes to cleaning the frother components, they are simple to disassemble, rinse and replace for the next use.


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