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Updated September 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best cake stands

A cake stand is an elevated, flat surface for holding a single-layer or tiered cake. Presentation is key; a beautiful cake stand can impress guests as much as a beautiful cake. You may want one for your wedding, your baby shower, your baking business, or for your kitchen as a home cook.

Cake stands not only look nice, but they can also aid the cake decorating process, making it easy to frost or embellish.

Common cake stand materials include glass, marble, and ceramic, though other materials are available too. Some cake stands include a useful cover for cake storage. Regardless, there’s a wide variety of styles, sizes, and weight capacities to choose from. A quality cake stand will go far and can last for years if care for properly.

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For regular use, a cake stand with a cover is a good choice. A covered cake can last up to five days unrefrigerated.

Key considerations


Cake stands range in diameter from six to 15 inches. In general, you’ll want a cake stand that’s the same size or larger than your cake diameter. If you have a smaller cake, a cake stand can make it appear bigger. Cake stand height can add an extra layer of drama to the cake’s presentation, too. Just be sure that the diameter of the stand isn’t smaller than the bottom tier of your cake.

If your cake is particularly heavy or has lots of embellishments, then go for a cake stand with a diameter that’s larger than the bottom tier of your cake.


Pedestal cake stands are the most common model. These consist of pillar that supports a flat base. The pedestal model is a classic, universal style that you’ll find in many bakeries.

A tiered cake stand has two or more flat surfaces on top of one another, often supported by a pillar in the middle. The flat surfaces typically decrease in size from the bottom up, with the lowest surface being larger. Tiered cake stands aren’t a must for tiered cakes, and they can be more expensive. But if you want to pull out all the stops (and have the budget to do so), you may look into these.

A floating cake stand is a type of tiered cake stand, but the pillar goes down one side of the tiers rather than the middle. This helps give the impression that the cake tiers are unsupported, hence the “floating” name. Floating cake stands often support ornate wedding cakes.


Cake stands tend to be round, matching the shape of most cake bases. But if you want a more contemporary feel, then an angular cake stand may be for you. You can find square, rectangular, and even hexagonal cake stands. However, your arm will get poked much more when you frost a cake on a stand with sharp angles.

Cake stand material


A clear glass cake stand is a classic choice. You can go for a simple, flat surface design or one with embellishments on the surface and the stand itself. Glass stands can also come in several color variations. However, glass can be heavy, and often fragile — especially if the stand has a cover.

Ceramic/porcelain is another common cake stand material. Ceramic stands are often white, but you can choose from an array of colors. This material provides a clean presentation, though like glass, ceramic can also be heavy.


Metal cake stands are sturdy and less fragile than ceramic and glass cake stands. They’re also useful for heavy cakes, as metal can support excessive weight. Metal stands come in an unlimited number of style and size and may lend your cake a more modern presentation.


A marble cake stand will add some elegance to your cake. These are lovely to display in a kitchen and can even complement a marble countertop. Marble tends to be heavy, so make sure the supporting pillar is strong enough to keep the stand from tipping over. Also, be warned that marble can stain easily.


Plastic cake stands are by far the least-expensive options. They’re available in several colors without breaking the bank, but you get what you pay for. Plastic cake stands tend to lack the “wow factor” that other materials may have. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t anticipate using it more than once, however, a plastic cake stand will get the job done.


A white cake stand will always appear polished. White goes with weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and most other occasions. White is a safe color choice that will never seem tacky or tasteless.

Have a flair for dramatics? Then you might consider a black cake stand. Certainly not for the conventional, a black cake stand will make a statement and can complement dark frosting.

Pastel cake stands can add some needed whimsy to a cake’s presentation. Light blues, pinks, yellows, or greens are a fun choice for children’s birthday parties or baby showers. These colors can work for weddings, too.

Cake stand prices

If you plan to use your cake stand infrequently, or if you aren’t too concerned about presentation, prepare to shell out $20 to $40 for a cake stand. Most cake stands in this price range will be plastic or metal.

A fancier cake stand, such as one made of glass, like glass, will run you $40 to $100. Some of these stands can include a covering, too. Cake stands in this price range will certainly hold up to regular use.

If it’s a special day, like your wedding, perhaps you’ll spare no expense for a beautifully presented cake. In the $100+ range, you can find multi-tiered stands with lots of tiny, intricate details. Stands like these aren’t suited for everyday use, but you’ll definitely impress some guests.

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Did you know?
The average single-layer cake weighs between three and five pounds, which any cake stand should be able to manage. However, a multi tiered wedding cake can weigh up to 200 pounds. For this type of cake, you’ll need to put some extra thought into your cake stand choice.


  • Avoid cake stands that have a lip, as this will make it more difficult to frost, cut, or lift the cake from the stand.

  • When it doubt, go for a white or clear-colored stand. These will never go out of style.

  • When not in use, a cake stand can be a stylish organization tool. Use it to hold small appliances or kitchen knick knacks.

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Ceramic cake stands are the most fragile. Glass, though more durable, tends to be heavy. Metal may be a good compromise if you’re worried about these issues.


Q. Are cake stands dishwasher safe?

A. That depends on the model. Some glass and ceramic stands with tiered, removable parts can be dishwasher safe. For pedestal cake stands, we recommend handwashing to prevent damage and preserve longevity.

Q. How much weight can a cake stand hold?

A. It depends on the type of cake stand and its material. Generally, pedestal cake stands have no trouble supporting up to 20 pounds. For a heavy wedding cake, you might consider tiered stands for added support.

Q. Can I cut and serve a cake from a cake stand?

A. Only if the cake has a cake board underneath; otherwise, you could accidentally scratch your cake stand.

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