Updated November 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
Atlantic Typhoon Media Spinner
Typhoon Media Spinner
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Optimal CD Storage
Bottom Line

Tough media storage tower that is smaller than average to fit almost anywhere.


Shelving system allows you to store all different kinds of media. Good design for maximizing the storage space you have available. Nice-looking media tower with a stylish contemporary design. Includes steel rods in the frame to provide a good build quality. Nice price point. Rotates 360 degrees.


Installation is tricky. Only holds up to 144 DVD cases, so it's small-ish.

Best Bang for the Buck
Atlantic Oskar Media Tower
Oskar Media Tower
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Simple Yet Solid
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Good price point for a simple media storage tower where you can adjust shelf sizes.


Nice-looking maple wood finish. Narrow design, so it won't occupy a lot of space along your wall. Includes a wall anchor system so it won't accidentally tip. Can create shelves of varying heights to accommodate multiple types of media. Assembly is easier than some more complex media tower products.


Small unit that only holds 120 DVDs. Has no rotating option.

Venture Horizon Revolving Media Tower
Venture Horizon
Revolving Media Tower
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Store Your Way
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Available in multiple colors, this tower can rotate 360 degrees for your convenience.


This storage tower easily holds CDs, Blu-Ray, DVDs, and video game cases. The swivel plate is rated to support up to 400 pounds. The rotating design makes this a great option for the multimedia fan with limited storage space.


Medians between shelves are black regardless of the color of the exterior wood.

Prepac Slim Multimedia Storage Tower
Slim Multimedia Storage Tower
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Compact Organization
Bottom Line

Very small media tower, but it has a nice-looking design and a sturdy base.


Narrow design gives you a lot of options for squeezing it into a small space along a wall. Offered in 2 color options: oak or black. Sturdier build quality than you might expect from such a tall and narrow design. Assembly is easier than what you'll usually find with this type of furniture.


No spinning option. Holds up to 65 DVD cases, so it's very small.

Atlantic Onyx CD Media Tower
Onyx CD Media Tower
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A Contemporary Cache
Bottom Line

All-metal design provides a contemporary look that's different from most media towers.


Includes individual slots for each media case, which simplifies organization. Doesn't require much floor space. Can be affixed to a wall or will work freestanding. Arrives fully assembled. Should last a long time with its all-metal construction.


Really only made for CD cases, and it only holds 80 of them.


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Buying guide for best media storage towers

It can be all too easy to accumulate physical copies of your favorite movies, shows, and video games over time — but not so easy to store and organize them. Media storage towers are popular space-saving options to both store and display all of your physical media.

Media storage towers are often standalone units. In general, they are a more utilitarian piece of furniture than shelves or cabinets, focusing on maximizing storage while maintaining durability. However, higher-end models may also have aesthetic and decorative appeal as well.

Some may cater to a specific type of media — CDs, for example — or feature adjustable shelves that allow for items of different heights to be stored. Shelves may be open-ended or closed, and some may have dividers. There is a range of options when it comes to buying media storage towers, from simple, functional pieces to more elaborate, decorative towers. 

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Shelves can serve lots of purposes. Don't be afraid to separate media with plants, art, or your favorite toys or games — especially if they’re a character from your favorite films and movies.

Key considerations

Type of media

Media comes in a lot of different forms: Blu-rays, DVDs, console games, CDs, and even VHS tapes. Most are around the same size — DVD cases tend to be fixed at 190 millimeters in height, while cases for Blu-rays, PS4 games, and Xbox One games are only slightly shorter. VHS tapes also fall into about the same height range, but they are much thicker. Any media that is a special edition (like a steel bookcase for Blu-rays) or contains multiple disks are thicker than the norm.

While those may be the most popular media types today, there are still other options for those who have held on to some relics of the past. For those who still collect CDs, their height is smaller at around 140 millimeters. Then, of course, there are records, which can be more challenging to accommodate.

Make sure the tower can fit the height and width of the media you want to store.

Display vs. storage

Consider how important the presentation of your media is. If your storage tower is exclusively for storage, then you’ll likely want to opt for something cheaper and purely functional. If you’re keen on making the storage tower a piece of interior décor, then you won’t want to just stack your content on every shelf — you’ll want to keep it spaced out and display specific items. Highlighting items and keeping shelves from getting too cluttered can make your home feel less crowded. Some models are better suited to displaying items than others and have shelves that are wider and taller so you can easily face items out.


Basic media towers may be made of metal wire, while others feature solid wood or particleboard. The material from which the tower is made will inform its durability, and in turn, cost. Solid wood towers are heavier than the alternatives but are generally longer lasting. If you’re interested in complementing your current decor, find a material that matches. Metal may go well with a minimalist or industrial look, while solid wood can give off a rustic vibe.


Think about how much space you have to work with when shopping around for your media storage tower. They tend to be slender and tall — anywhere from 4 to 6 feet high — but some models are also fairly wide. With the range of options available, you can likely find a tower that fits your needs, so just make sure it fits the space as well.

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A unit that comes with a swivel allows you to house and access media much more easily. Like a lazy Susan in a kitchen cupboard, the swivel feature allows you to grab items on any side of the storage tower with ease.


More elaborate media storage towers will resemble cabinets with doors that partially or fully conceal what’s behind. Some doors may run the whole length of the tower, while others only partially, which allows for a couple of shelves to still be open. Other doors may feature glass, letting you display the contents of your storage tower.

Adjustable shelves

Some units are fixed in place, so the spacing between shelves can’t be altered. Adjustable shelves allow you to create the space you desire, especially if your media is of different heights. You may primarily use the tower to store media, but adjusting the shelves gives you a chance to add plants, pictures, or decorative items.


As most media storage towers focus on functionality, their look often takes a back seat. More popular brands with higher-end models may feature color options. Cherry, maple, and espresso are some of the common finishes available, and these may complement other pieces of furniture in your home.

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Media storage tower prices

Media storage tower pricing may vary widely depending on the size, material, and quality of the product. Simple models may be especially cheap, while more elaborate, durable towers come with a high price tag.

Inexpensive: For less than $35 you can find simply designed media towers that are functional and likely have little aesthetic appeal.

Mid-range: In the range between $35 and $70, storage towers better resemble shelving units, and likely have aesthetics that fit in with your home décor while still being durable and practical.

Expensive: For more than $70, media storage towers have additional features, such as doors or swivel designs, and are made from a durable material. These should last a long time and provide an attractive home storage solution.

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  • Organize the shelf. Keeping items in a coherent manner allows for easy access and maybe even offers some peace of mind. Whether by genre, title, or type of media, organizing media saves time and energy.
  • Display your favorite items. Towers shouldn’t just be for storage. Try to display at least one item on each shelf — something with an eye-catching cover or a decorative item like a photograph.
  • Secure the tower if possible. Depending on how the storage tower is constructed, it may be worth securing the unit to the wall. Some units have sturdy bases, but others may become top-heavy if items are not distributed well.
  • Don’t completely fill up the tower. While it may be tempting, filling up every shelf with content not only puts a lot of weight on the item, it also makes for an overwhelming scene. Try leaving some empty space throughout if possible to make for a more comfortable look.
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You never know when your favorite show will leave your streaming service of choice. A media storage tower can help you collect your favorite shows in a place where they will never disappear.


Q. How much does the media storage tower hold?
Some manufacturers will list how much of a specific type of media can be stored on the tower. However, that’s only likely if the tower was designed for that specific type, like CDs. Blu-rays and games, as mentioned, are relatively the same height but may be different thicknesses.

To answer this question, it’s worth taking the time to calculate on your own. Take the width of the item, divide by the average thickness of your media, and account for how many shelves there are. That will give you a good estimate of the maximum number of items that can be held.

Q. Does the media storage tower require assembly?
In most cases, some assembly will be required. Simpler, lighter models may not require any tools, while more durable towers will call for screwdrivers or hammers. With some purchases, the option of expert assembly is available, but this price is usually heavily marked up and may not be in your budget.

Q. How much weight can the tower support?
Discs and cases, in general, are lightweight, but that weight can add up. Some special editions of media content may be made of heavier materials, and you may want to display books as well. This means that finding out the weight allowance of the shelves and the unit is important. What’s more, look into any means of stabilizing a tower if it’s placed against a wall.

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