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Best DVD Players

Updated September 2023
Bottom line
Best of the Best
Sony BDP-BX370
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Best DVD player for Wi-Fi
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Through it’s wireless connection, you can also stream your favorite content.


This player is a great option for several viewing formats, as it supports streaming, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. It upscales content to higher resolutions and uses Dolby Digital TrueHD for excellent audio.


It has a maximum display resolution of 1080p, and streaming content is only available by mirroring a mobile device through Wi-Fi.

Best Bang for the Buck
Panasonic S700EP-K
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Best multi-region DVD player
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An excellent choice if you have DVDs from different regions.


It plays PAL and NTSC DVDs from any country and is compatible with multiple media types. The slim profile looks great in any TV room, and the setup is easy.


There is no on-unit display, so the Panasonic menu settings can only be viewed on TV or monitor. Pause and resume controls can be confusing, as they’re not set up intuitively.

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Best DVD player for recording to USB
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This player lets you copy music from a disc to a USB drive.


In addition to playing content from USB drives, it also upscales DVDs to a higher resolution. It comes with a remote control and HDMI cable.


This player is only compatible with content from Region 1.

DBPower PD928
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Best portable DVD player
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For watching content on the road, this portable DVD player is a great option.


This portable DVD player has a built-in 9-inch display that swivels. The rechargeable battery lasts 5 hours, and it comes with a 6-foot car charging cable.


The remote control has far more buttons than necessary.

Ceihoit Mini HD DVD Player
Mini HD DVD Player
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Best mini DVD player
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If space is an issue, this compact player is right for you.


This region-free DVD player fits in your palm and weighs only a few ounces. It comes with a remote control, HDMI and RCA cables and uses a Sanyo drive core processor. It has a maximum resolution of 1080p.


The player doesn’t come with a battery for the remote control, and the sound volume isn’t as loud as you’d expect. It also doesn’t support MP4 playback or USB 3.0 drives.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.About BestReviews 

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Buying guide for best DVD players

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have become so popular over the last few years that it begs the question: Why does anyone need a home DVD player in the first place?

The technology from a seemingly bygone era might be archaic for some, but there are several reasons why you would still own one. Streaming services often only have films and TV shows for a set duration, and once the licensing expires, they could disappear from the platform. But more importantly, streaming services don’t host family films and home movies. You might want to own a DVD player if you haven’t yet digitized all the DVDs with family vacations, graduations and birthday celebrations. 

When shopping for a DVD player, it’s important to consider whether it’s region-compatible with the discs in your collection (for instance, DVDs from Europe can’t be played in the U.S. without a multi-region DVD player) and offers a high-definition output (1080p) for a sharp, clear picture. 

If you have Blu-ray discs, it’s imperative to look for a model that supports Blu-ray, as not all DVD players do.

In fact, another reason to buy a DVD player is that many director’s cuts or extended editions of films have also been released in Blu-ray format, and a streaming service might not offer the enhanced video and audio quality versions. If you’re looking for a Blu-ray-compatible option, we found the ultimate DVD player to be the Sony BDP-BX370. It uses Dolby TrueHD for sound, upscales content and lets you download other streaming apps. 

Which DVD player is best?

Sony BDP-BX370

Best DVD player for Wi-Fi
Product specifications
1080p | Upscaling: Yes | USB: Yes | HDMI: Yes | Region-Free: No | Dimensions: 9.12” L x 7.75” W x 1.56” H | Weight: 1.1 lb

If you’re looking for a Blu-Ray-compatible DVD player that can also serve as an entertainment hub, we think this model is an excellent choice. Through the built-in Wi-Fi receiver and an internet connection, you can download streaming apps, such as Netflix and YouTube. This turns your “dumb” TV into a sophisticated entertainment centerpiece.

The DVD player has a maximum resolution of 1080p and upscales standard definition DVDs to near-HD quality. It also uses TriLuminos software to enhance the colors and vibrancy of content, and for audio, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD provide action-packed surround sound.

We like that the user interface and menu system is relatively easy to navigate, and it comes with a remote controller. For an all-around DVD players that’s compatible with online content, this gadget is an excellent option.

Panasonic S700

Best multi-region DVD player
Product specifications
1080p | Upscaling: Yes | USB: Yes | HDMI: Yes | Region-Free: Yes | Dimensions: 14.2” L x 11.2” W x 3.2” H | Weight: 3 lb

Collecting all kinds of DVD might have you buying copies from different regions, and thankfully that’s not a problem with this DVD player. It’s region-free, meaning there are no DVDs you can’t watch — no matter which country they are from.

Compatible with DVDs, CDs and SVCDs, it has a maximum resolution of 1080p, one USB port on the front and an HDMI connection at the back. We like that the software lets you play MP3 music files from data discs and also view photos and slideshows.

However, it doesn’t have a display on the front, so it’s not always easy to tell what is being played, the track number or the chapter in a film. This can make it a bit frustrating, as everything needs to be done through the DVD player’s menu system.


Best DVD player for recording to USB
Product specifications
1080p | Upscaling: Yes | USB: Yes | HDMI: Yes | Region-Free: No | Dimensions: 9.8” L x 8” W x 1.5” H| Weight: 2 lb

Compact and easy to operate, this DVD player is our favorite if you want to record or copy DVD content to a USB drive. It has a maximum resolution of 1080p and upscales any content that’s in standard resolution. 

It comes with a remote controller, but there is no on-device display, such as a clock or running time, which can make it frustrating to navigate. However, it’s smaller than other DVD players, making it a good option to take on an RV road trip. 

DBPower PD928

Best portable DVD player
Product specifications
1080p | Upscaling: No | USB: Yes | HDMI: Yes | Region-Free: No | Dimensions: 13.62” L x 8.82” W x 3.74” H | Weight: 1.9 lb

No road trip would be complete without some backseat entertainment for the kids, and we found this portable DVD player to be an excellent option. It has a 9-inch LCD display that can swivel 270 degrees and can also fold over and lie flat to resemble a tablet. It includes a 6-foot car charging cable and the rechargeable battery lasts about five hours.

In addition to playing DVDs, it’s compatible with a plethora of formats such as data discs, music CDs, MP3 and MP4 audio files, MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 video files and JPG image files. However, the player isn’t compatible with Blu-ray discs.

While this player is great for road trips, don’t expect Hollywood blockbusters to jump out of the screen. It has a maximum resolution of 720p, which kids might not mind, but adults will definitely notice the reduction in quality. Nonetheless, it also have two built-in speakers, several buttons to navigate with and comes with a remote controller. 

Ceihoit Mini HD DVD Player

Best mini DVD player
Product specifications
1080p | Upscaling: Yes | USB: Yes | HDMI: Yes | Region-Free: Yes | Dimensions: 7.6” L x 6” W x 1.7” H | Weight: 1.06 lb

If space is a problem or you need a DVD player for school or on the road, you can’t go wrong with this one. It has a maximum output resolution of 1080p and also upscales standard definition content to a higher resolution.

It supports multiple input methods, such as RCA, HDMI and USB, and is compatible with region-free NTSC and PAL DVDs. One of our favorite features of this player, besides it compact size, is that it uses an error-correction laser, making it possible to play scratched or damaged discs.

The player comes with a remote controller, an HDMI cable and RCA connections, supports USB drives up to 16GB in capacity and is compatible with almost all audio and video formats. 

Is a DVD player right for you?

Whether you're an avid movie collector or simply enjoy occasional film viewing, a DVD player is an essential addition to any home theater setup. Even the most budget-conscious homeowner can find an affordable gadget with great visual quality.

A DVD player is also much more than a vehicle for watching movies. Most models have built-in software that lets you view photos or play music files in MP3 format. They can also play music CDs while displaying a colorful visualizer.  

Generally a bit more expensive, portable DVD players let you watch content while on the road or out of town. Some have a small built-in display, while others are designed to be more compact and easy to operate. If it’s quality that you’re after, a Blu-ray player connected through a high-speed HDMI cable provides the best visuals.  

DVD player considerations

Region compatibility

Ensure your chosen DVD player is region-compatible with the discs you own. Region-free DVD players, such as the Panasonic S700EP-K, can play films from all world regions. If you don’t want to be limited to content from certain geographical areas, select a region-free DVD player. For example, the United States and Canada fall into Region 1; Japan, Europe, South Africa, Egypt and the Middle East are Region 2; and Southeast Asia and East Asia are considered Region 3.


Some modern DVD players can turn your TV into a smart TV through a Wi-Fi connection and apps. Just like a streaming box or dongle, the player has an interactive dashboard that lets you enable several online elements, like installing apps such as Hulu, Netflix or Spotify. Sony’s BDP-BX370 is an excellent choice for this, as it is also compatible with YouTube, Pandora and Amazon Prime.

Having all your streaming services at your fingertips means you don’t need several devices or gadgets to access them, and you don’t have to switch channels, video modes or cables. In addition to playing DVDs, it's the only all-in-one solution you’ll ever need.

Did you know?

Region 1 DVD players will play discs that were released in North America, Bermuda and other U.S. territories.

Multi-disc option

While increasingly rare, some DVD players allow you to insert multiple discs. A gadget with this feature may be the best buy if you enjoy binge-watching TV series — box sets often contain multiple discs. This is also a good option if you plan to use your player for music listening.

Remote control

Take a look at the included remote control to determine if it would suit your needs. For those who have more complicated home-theater setups, a universal remote may be required.

Image resolution compatibility

You’d be hard-pressed to find a DVD player that has a lower output resolution than full HD (1080p). However, it’s still a good idea to check that your TV and potential DVD player are compatible. For example, a 4K DVD player won’t be of much use if your TV can’t display 4K content. But that’s not always true for a DVD player of a lower resolution, as some TVs can upscale content to match their own resolution.


Some DVD players are Blu-ray compatible. Don't assume every player can play back your Blu-ray collection. Most Blu-ray-only players can play DVDs, just not the other way around.

USB ports

If you prefer quickly transferring music or video from a computer to a thumb drive rather than creating a data disc, a DVD player with a USB port is an excellent option. You simply pop the drive into the USB port and access it through the DVD player’s menu. 

Other types of file support

If you plan on queuing up home videos, like VCDs, and family photographs on your television to show your loved ones, don't forget to check whether a specific DVD player can play burned discs and what kind of file types are supported via playback.

Types of DVD players

There are a few different types of DVD players that will cater to a variety of different users.


Your basic DVD disc player, the single-disc player, is the kind most people are familiar with. These players sometimes have extra features, but they only hold a single DVD for playback.


These types of disc players can hold many discs at once, but generally four or six. You queue up their desired content, usually music, to eliminate the need for constant manual disc changes. They can also be convenient for multi-disc movie sets or special feature content.


Portable DVD players are lightweight machines with small, built-in screens for convenient viewing of movies or other media on the go. They are ideal for campers and frequent travelers who want to watch or listen to content when they do not have Wi-Fi connectivity. If you travel often or want to entertain a child in a backseat, consider one of these compact DVD players.


DVD players made for cars are meant for backseat viewing, often used by parents to entertain children on long commutes or road trips. They usually attach via the car's headrests. Most have relatively large screens and are powered by a special car adapter. Many units come bundled with two screens.

DVD player prices

Lower cost: Most affordable DVD players, with simple playback options, are often sold for less than $70.

Higher cost: More expensive gadgets generally offer options like HD compatibility, and more file types will be supported. Features like downloading streaming applications and wireless capabilities will also be offered for a premium. The most expensive players are multi-disc devices. Expect to pay anywhere from $70 to $170 for some models.


  • Know what’s in the box. Most DVD players come with a remote control and an audio-video cable. You may need to buy HDMI cables separately, although they are usually bundled in.
  • Note the difference between upconversion and upscaling. Whereas the process of upscaling can enhance content resolution, upconversion improves the quality of the connection with your TV.
  • Check compatibility. Will your new DVD player work with your smart TV? What about a 4K smart TV? Before you buy a new DVD player, find out what formats it is compatible with (audio, video, photo) so you are sure to get the functionality you want.
  • Protect your investment. Many DVD players have shock protection, which means if you drop it or it falls off of the TV stand, it is less likely to be destroyed.

How did we choose the best DVD player?

With so many DVD players available, it might seem like an impossible task to separate the mediocre from the must-buy models. Not so for BestReviews technology reporter Charlie Fripp, who has reviewed countless consumer gadgets, TVs, cameras, video games and more.

While researching DVD players, he looked for players that can display Blu-ray content, are not bound to a geographic region and have a high-definition output for the best viewing experience. Other factors that he took into consideration include the number of USB ports, audio-system compatibility and whether it was easy to navigate the menus.


Q. What is the advantage of Blu-ray playback?

A. The sound and picture quality will be better overall, but unless you're very into image quality, you should be OK with regular DVDs. Blu-ray discs tend to be more expensive, too.

Q. I burn a lot of family photos and videos onto discs. Can I play them on all DVD players?

A. Not necessarily. Make sure to check the file types supported by the DVD players you're looking into. Not all players can play burned discs, CDs and all media types.

Q. Is setting up a DVD player challenging?

A. Unless you have a complicated home theater system, most DVD players can be hooked up quickly. Even the most tech-averse folks can manage to set up a DVD player. Just plug in the HDMI cable and power cord, and you're done!

Q. I watch a lot of Netflix. Do I still need a DVD player?

A. Yes. Not all movies are available on streaming services. Even if you plan on watching DVD videos just once in a while, it's a useful device to own. There's nothing better than popping in a DVD of your favorite film, knowing you can watch it repeatedly.

Q. What kind of warranty do most DVD players come with?

A. You'll have to check with the manufacturer. Most players are quite durable and shouldn't need a replacement for years down the road, but it's always a good idea to make sure the warranty covers at least a year of use. Some retailers will offer an extended warranty, available at the time of purchase.

Q. What is a region code?

A. DVD regions allow media companies to control the viewing of their content based on geography and licensing rights. Some DVD players can read all types of region DVDs, but many are region-locked. Make sure you purchase the correct DVDs for your particular region.

Q. Why can’t I play a Blu-ray disc in my DVD player?

A. Blu-ray discs are only compatible with Blu-ray players. The reason: Blu-ray discs contain more information than a DVD player can read and handle. Some people say they prefer watching Blu-ray for its excellent sound quality and audio quality. Others say that Blu-ray technology is no longer advancing and it is, therefore, impractical to deal with Blu-ray at all.