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Best August Smart Locks

Updated August 2022
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August Smart Lock Pro +Connect (3rd Gen.)
Smart Lock Pro +Connect (3rd Gen.)
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The flagship smart lock from August. The ultimate in keyless entry and control over home access.


Automatically unlocks and locks the door using your phone as the key. Using app, you can provide keyless access to guests. Tracks user activity. Works with Alexa, Siri, and Google home. Bluetooth and WiFi capable. Easy to install. August updates the app regularly, continually improving the functionality.


Some units had difficulty detecting the phone, which either delayed entry or left the house unlocked.

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August Smart Lock
Smart Lock
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An affordable smart lock that gives you easy access but keeps your home secure.


With your phone as the key, you can automatically unlock and lock your door when you enter and leave range. The app tracks access and saves user activity. Works with existing deadbolt. Easy installation. WiFi and Bluetooth capable.


Some users experienced problems with Bluetooth connectivity, which delayed entry.

August Smart Lock Pro (2nd Gen.)
Smart Lock Pro (2nd Gen.)
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An older version of the Pro with a few kinks, but it can be used with +Connect to enhance reach and connectivity.


Easy installation and works with existing hardware. Easy to assign access to family members and guests. Works with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Alexa, and Siri.


Goes through batteries fast and doesn't alert you when they're dead. Problems with auto lock feature (says the door is locked when it's not). Connectivity issues.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best August smart locks

If you haven't ventured into smart home territory yet, it might be because you mistakenly believe it’s a complicated process that involves calling a professional installer to rewire your home. This isn’t the case at all because a smart home is a wireless home. One of the easiest entry points into this newer technology is an August Smart Lock, a home security device that can be installed using just a screwdriver.

An August Smart Lock attaches to your existing single cylinder deadbolt and allows you to lock and unlock your door using your smartphone or another smart device instead of a key. An August Smart Lock also allows you to grant trusted individuals access to your home on a limited basis. For instance, if your neighbor is watching your house for the week you’re on vacation, you can give them a code that only works for those seven days.

August is dedicated to giving you complete control of your home's security needs through simple upgrades.

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By using the activity feed on your August app, you can see precisely when your door was locked and unlocked.

A quick look at August Smart Locks

The main focus of August Home is manufacturing a range of retrofit options that can turn your home into a smart home in a few minutes. The sleek upgrade works with most single-cylinder deadbolts and allows your door to be locked and unlocked using your smartphone, your smartwatch, your voice assistant, a keypad, or even your original key. The smart lock can be programmed to lock the door automatically when you leave the house and open it again when you approach. You can choose to have alerts sent to you throughout the day, allow designated individuals temporary access, and more.

August app

The August app (available free for Apple and Android devices) is the key component that ties everything together and gives you the flexibility to customize an August Smart Lock to your individual needs. The app has a 24/7 activity stream, so you get a detailed record of every time the door to your home is opened or closed. It also monitors the status of your door, so you know when it’s closed and locked. Additionally, the app can be used to grant digital keys to provide trusted individuals temporary access to your home.

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Did you know?
At the present time, August Smart Locks are only compatible with single cylinder deadbolts.

Key considerations

Basic types

August makes three different types of smart locks: Smart Lock, Smart Lock Pro, and WiFi Smart Lock. While all three types perform the same locking functions, there are a couple of important differences between the models:

Voice assistant compatibility: One difference between the three types of August Smart Locks is compatibility with voice assistants. The Smart Lock only works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa while the Smart Lock Pro and the WiFi Smart Lock work with Apple HomeKit (Siri), Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

WiFi: The WiFi Smart Lock comes with built-in WiFi, so it can connect to your home WiFi network without any additional accessories. If you’d like to connect the Smart Lock and the Smart Lock Pro to your home WiFi system, you will need a Connect WiFi Bridge. (See the FAQ section for more information on this matter.)


Thumb turn

A thumb turn is the part of a deadbolt that you twist with your thumb and forefinger to engage or disengage the deadbolt from the door jamb. The Smart Lock is the only model that features a traditional thumb turn. The Smart Lock Pro and the WiFi Smart Lock can perform the same function, only instead of the thumb turn, you grab the outside of the lock and rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise to engage or disengage the deadbolt. This feature gives the smart lock a sleeker look.


Each of the August Smart Locks is available in at least two colors so you can better match it to your home's décor. The Smart Lock is available in silver, dark gray, or satin nickel. The Smart Lock Pro is available in silver or dark gray. The WiFi Smart Lock is available in silver or matte black.


Each time there is a design upgrade, the generation number increases. At the time of this writing, the newest smart lock is Generation 4. If you see a model that is substantially discounted, check to see which generation it is. Earlier generations may no longer function as they were originally intended.

August Smart Lock prices


If you want a basic August Smart Lock without WiFi, it’s available for roughly $150.


If you'd like to be able to control your door lock either remotely or through voice commands, those models cost roughly between $200 and $280.


For around $310, you can have the full bundle, including the Smart Lock, the Connect WiFi Bridge, and the Smart Keypad.

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Did you know?
If you have an August Smart Keypad, you can quickly lock your door with the device's convenient one-touch locking feature.

Tips for installation

Installing an August smart lock is surprisingly simple. If you can use a screwdriver, you'll be able to quickly and easily upgrade your existing single cylinder deadbolt. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Secure the front of the deadbolt to the door with tape. The front is the outside portion with the keyhole. The tape holds your deadbolt in place during the installation. Use painter's tape or another type of tape that won’t damage the surface of your door when the tape is removed.
  • Remove the screws that hold the deadbolt together. You’ll find these two screws on the inside portion of the deadbolt (not the part you just taped).
  • Remove the thumb turn.
  • Screw the August Smart Lock mounting plate to the deadbolt. Use the same two screws you just removed. If there are any gaps, use the included optional mounting plate to cover them.
  • Insert the proper mounting adapter. Take the small yellow, red, green, or blue part and insert it into the mount. To find the correct adapter, just match the shape of the opening to the deadbolt.
  • Open the latches on the August Smart Lock. Place it on the mounting plate you just installed, and close the latches to complete the installation.
  • Open the battery cover to remove the battery tab. This enables the August Smart Lock. Once the tab has been removed, wait for the LED to blink green three times before replacing the battery cover.
  • Remove the tape from the front of the deadbolt.
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If lost or damaged, certain August Smart Lock parts, such as mounting hardware and faceplates, can be purchased individually


Q. Are August Smart Locks more secure than manual locks?

A. No. Digital locks still function mechanically. It’s the deadbolt that secures the door; the digital aspect is only the key, so the same break-in vulnerabilities are present in a digital lock. The benefits of having a digital lock are the convenience and control it offers. Features like remote access, temporary keys, hands-free unlocking, and keyless entry are what make a smart lock so appealing.

Q. What is a Connect WiFi Bridge?

A. All August Smart Locks are Bluetooth enabled. However, since Bluetooth has a limited range, you need to be nearby to operate your lock. For individuals who just want keyless entry, this is fine. If you'd like your August Smart Lock to function remotely, or you'd like to operate the unit via voice commands, you will need to connect it to your home WiFi network. The Connect WiFi Bridge is the device that makes this possible. The Connect WiFi Bridge can either be purchased separately or as part of a bundle. Note that if you purchase the new August WiFi Smart Lock, you don’t need to purchase the Connect WiFi Bridge separately.

Q. Do I need a Smart Keypad to unlock my August Smart Lock?

A. No. The Smart Keypad is a wireless accessory that installs in minutes and offers greater flexibility by allowing someone, such as a child who doesn't own a smartphone, to access your home with a custom combination. A Smart Keypad also comes in handy when you need to let a trusted individual into your home while you’re away.

Q. Will I be locked out of my house if the batteries die?

A. No. One of the clever design features of an August Smart Lock is that the deadbolt still functions with the original key. As long as you hold onto your house key, you can never be locked out.