Updated June 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for Best holiday stickers

Adults and kids alike love holiday stickers. These festive items can be placed on greeting cards, gift bags, and wrapping paper to add extra flair to any holiday. Crafters use them to decorate calendars, scrapbooks, and photo albums, and for many other projects.

When shopping for these stickers, you want a set that has an appealing design and is suitable for the current holiday, whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July, or a friend’s birthday. You also want to think about the variety of the designs. Do you want all the stickers to be the same or do you prefer a mix of themes and graphics?

There are a surprising number of decisions to make when purchasing holiday stickers. To make sure you're getting the best set for your needs, it’s helpful to read through a comprehensive buying guide. Also, looking at a curated list of top products can help you quickly find a suitable option for your holiday needs.

i1-holiday stickers
You can customize holiday stickers by using colored permanent markers to add a name or short phrase.

How to buy the best holiday stickers

What are holiday stickers?

Holiday stickers are decorative items that have festive themes or messages that pertain to different holidays throughout the year. They can be as simple as round white stickers that say “Happy Holidays” or as comprehensive as a collection of foam spiders, bats, cats, and witches complete with googly eyes for Halloween. These stickers are often used to add a decorative element to wrapping paper or gift bags, but their use is only limited by your imagination.

Collecting stickers

Not everyone buys holiday stickers to use as decorations. Many people buy them to add to a collection in a special sticker album. While some collectors preserve their stickers by keeping them on the sheet and protected by a plastic cover, others peel them off the sheet and affix them to the album’s pages. Some album pages also include background artwork to which you can add the stickers to create an elaborate scene.


When shopping for holiday stickers, you’ll find three main ways you can purchase them: on a roll, on a sheet, or as part of a set.

Roll: Stickers that come on a roll are easy to store and use. When you want a sticker, you just peel the next one off. The only downside is if the roll has stickers with more than one design. If you want to use a few stickers of the same design, you'll need to uncoil the roll and roll it back up. It makes things a little more difficult, but it isn’t a deal breaker.

Sheet: Stickers that come on a sheet give you access to all the stickers at once. Sheets are convenient for storage and can be slipped into sticker albums without being removed from the protective liner that keeps the adhesive fresh. Stickers sold in sheets usually have greater variety in both design and size.

Set: If your child likes to work on holiday crafts, an activity set that includes stickers might be your best option. Sets offer a variety of materials to create whatever your child can imagine. You can also purchase a holiday sticker book, but these typically don’t include as many stickers as buying sheets or rolls.

St1-holiday stickers
Staff Tip 
Before applying a sticker, make sure the surface is clean and clear of dirt, grease, and dust or the adhesive may not hold.

What features should I look for in holiday stickers? 


If you only need a few holiday stickers, you might pay more per sticker than if you buy a large set. For others, the more stickers you can get for a reasonable price the better. 


If you're using the holiday stickers as gift tags or on gift bags, variety might not be important. In fact, you might want 100 identical stickers. However, if you want to use your stickers in other ways, such as for unique holiday-themed crafts, you'll probably want stickers with a variety of designs.


Holiday stickers come in many sizes. Some sets include stickers that are all of uniform size, while others offer many different shapes and sizes. Only you know which is best for your particular needs.


If colorful holiday stickers aren’t enough, it's possible to find puffy stickers, stickers featuring glitter, glow-in-the-dark stickers, and more. If you want stickers with particular features, you might have to search a little harder, but those options are available.


Some stickers have a weaker adhesive so they can be removed and repositioned several times. These stickers are primarily intended for kids’ sticker books.

While holiday stickers are fun and decorative, be careful not to use them on surfaces that could be damaged by the adhesive.


How much do holiday stickers cost? 


You can purchase small sheets of tiny stickers for $8 or less. They might only be a simple shape or have a very basic design with one or two colors.


In the $8 to $15 price range, you can find almost any type of sticker you desire. These stickers come on rolls or sheets, feature full-color designs, and may have glitter. This is the best price range to look in for high-quality holiday stickers.


The main reason to spend over $15 for holiday stickers is quantity. Most people won’t need to spend this much to find what they need.

St2-holiday stickers
Staff Tip 
If a surface is highly textured or porous, the glue on the sticker may not have enough surface area to create a durable bond. 


  • Attach holiday stickers to wrapping paper. You can turn plain brown kraft paper into festive holiday wrapping paper simply by adding a few stickers, ribbon, and a bow.
  • Use holiday stickers as gift tags. Stickers make tagging gifts effortless. Simply write the recipient’s name on the sticker with a pen or permanent marker.
  • Embellish envelopes with stickers. If you’d like to add a little pizzazz to a plain white envelope, a holiday sticker can set the appropriate mood.
  • Bedeck toys with stickers. Your child can use stickers to turn their favorite toy truck into a Christmas mobile for Santa Claus.
  • Dress up your gadget with stickers. If you have a favorite holiday, you can let the world know (all year round) by placing holiday stickers on your smartphone case or laptop lid.
  • Adorn plain ornaments with stickers. If you want to turn a simple Christmas ball into a Halloween ball, just add spider and bat stickers.
  • Decorate candy wrappers with stickers. You can turn generic candy into holiday-themed treats for a party simply by adding stickers.
  • Affix stickers to cups or glasses. Help your holiday party guests keep track of which cup or glass is theirs.
  • Create holiday artwork with stickers. Place a few holiday stickers on a sheet of paper to set the scene, and your child can fill out the artwork using crayons, paint, or markers to create a holiday masterpiece.
I2 -holiday stickers glue
Stickers are held in place by glue. In order to make sure they adhere, give them time to set after positioning them.


Q. How long do holiday stickers last?

A. They don’t last forever. Over time, the adhesive either loses its tackiness or bonds with the liner that’s protecting the adhesive, making the stickers difficult to remove and use. Depending on how you store them, stickers will last anywhere from a year to four years.

Q. How do I store stickers?

A. To keep the adhesive on stickers in good condition, store them in a cool, dry, dust-free location out of direct sunlight, ideally at around 60°F to 75°F with a relative humidity of not more than 50%. A resealable plastic bag or box works well. It's also important that you not put anything heavy on unused stickers. The weight could cause them to set prematurely.

Q. How do I remove sticky residue?

A. It’s impossible to remove a sticker from a delicate surface, such as a piece of paper, but if the sticker is on a more durable surface, such as plastic or glass, you can usually remove it and its residue with a little patience. You can try warming the adhesive with a hair dryer and then peeling the sticker off. For more stubborn residue, you might need a plastic scraper, soap and warm water, rubbing alcohol, or distilled white vinegar. For the toughest stickers, you might need to use a commercial adhesive remover. However, before using any of these options, test them on an inconspicuous part of the surface to make sure it won’t be damaged.

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