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Updated November 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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DaDa Bedding Collection Faux Fur Throw Blanket
DaDa Bedding Collection
Faux Fur Throw Blanket
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Most Versatile
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Soft material, a reversible design, and easy care earn this throw blanket the top spot on our list.


Made of polyester that's extremely soft and machine-washable. Reversible faux fur with a patterned side and a sherpa side. Warm without being too hot. Available in 3 sizes and 9 colors.


The blanket may have an odor when it is new.

Best Bang for the Buck
Bedsure Lightweight Cozy Plush Microfiber Blanket
Lightweight Cozy Plush Microfiber Blanket
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Bargain Pick
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Fluffy and cozy while costing less than most of the competition makes this a top choice.


An extremely soft choice that's great anywhere. Made of 100% microfiber polyester. Affordable and makes a great gift. Comes in 15 color options.


Many noted these started shedding over time.

Utopia Bedding Breathable Cotton Throw Blanket
Utopia Bedding
Breathable Cotton Throw Blanket
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Most Stylish
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If you want a design that looks as good as it feels, go with this woven cotton design.


A 100% cotton with a waffle pattern. This is a great choice for a bed or as a couch cover. Comes in two color options. Designed to be breathable so that it can be used in all climates.


Not as soft as a fleece option due to 100% cotton material.

Big Blanket Co Original Stretch Blanket
Big Blanket Co
Original Stretch Blanket
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Large & Soft
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Made of quality materials, this throw blanket is worth the investment for consumers who need an extra large option.


Distances itself from others with its large design that measures 10 feet by 10 feet. Made of soft polyester and spandex material that's cozy without being too warm. Available in numerous colors and patterns.


Pricey for a throw blanket, and somewhat heavy.

EASELAND Luxury Fleece Super Soft Thermal Blanket
Luxury Fleece Super Soft Thermal Blanket
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Attractive & Warm
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A soft, high-quality product that buyers seem to love thanks to the warmth it provides.


This is a lightweight, super soft design that's great for curling up in. Made of 330 GSM microfiber. Comes in a wide variety of nice colors. Machine washable.


Edging may fray after several washes.


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Buying guide for best throw blankets

A throw blanket is a blanket on the smaller side that is used for extra warmth and decoration outside the bed. Throw blankets were first crafted from the remnants of worn or damaged quilts and larger blankets. Sometimes, they were used to warm infant cribs or children’s beds. Sometimes, were used to cover the laps or shoulders of the infirm and aging.

Throw blankets are still used for these purposes today. However, they are far more popular than they used to be. Also known as couch throws, these smaller blankets are purchased not only for warmth and comfort but also for decoration. A throw might serve as the focal point of a living room, for example, when draped over a couch or chair.

Whether manufactured from 100% natural fibers or easy-care synthetic blends, it's easy to find a bounty of attractive and affordable throws that might suit your taste and budget.

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A throw blanket, usually rectangular, may be a single layer of soft material or two layers of fabric sewn together.

Key considerations

Size and blanket material are two factors to consider when shopping for a throw blanket. Also, don’t forget to think about your preferences for color and design. Price matters, too, especially if you’re sticking to a budget.


Although throws tend to be smaller, they still vary in size. You don’t want to end up with a throw that’s too small to provide you the warmth you need. Therefore, don’t forget to consult the dimensions of a blanket before buying it.

Throws designed for toddlers and growing children are typically 45 x 60 inches. A throw for an adult may be 50 x 65 inches. If you think this sounds large, consider the fact that a blanket that covers a twin mattress is typically 72 x 90 inches. Throws are definitely smaller than blankets made for standard beds.


Throw blankets may be handcrafted or manufactured from a wide range of materials. If you are looking for a “country cottage” look, consider a cotton patchwork throw blanket: washable, lightweight, colorful, and comforting. If you want a more substantial cover, select a warm and durable wool throw blanket that is knitted, crocheted, or woven. If you are looking for a couch throw to create ambiance or understated elegance, consider a cashmere throw blanket to compliment your interior decorating.

Indeed, there are plenty of materials to choose from. One of the most common throw blanket materials is cotton. Cotton is a hardy material that holds up well and can be lightweight yet comforting and warm. Fleece is sometimes made of cotton and sometimes made of other materials. Either way, it is also a cozy blanket material choice that is particularly valued in colder climates.

Wool is another valued blanket material, though it’s not right for everybody. Wool can be very warm, and some people are sensitive to it or even allergic to it.

Other throw blanket materials, though they may be less common, include hemp, flax, linen, nylon, and polyester.

Care and maintenance

Other than those made of wool, throw blankets are easy to maintain. You can machine wash most throw blankets on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild laundry soap. Then, line or tumble dry the blanket at a low temperature. Most woolen throw blankets need to be dry cleaned. If you prefer a wool throw blanket, you might want to look for one made from washable wool.

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Expert Tip
A throw blanket is distinguished by its size. Throw blankets are typically 50 x 65 inches as compared to baby blankets, which are typically 30 x 40 inches.


Color and design

When it comes to color, you can find throws in just about any shade you choose. The beauty of shopping online for a throw blanket is that often, retailers offer you more choices than you might find in a store. So, if you’re looking for the perfect dusty rose shade to complement your bedroom set or the perfect silver-gray hue to go with your carpet, you are likely to find it.

Though many throw blankets are solid colors, there are some with special designs. You might choose a throw with the logo of your favorite sports team on it. You might choose a throw with your favorite slogan, political candidate, college mascot, or cartoon character on one or both sides. You might choose a floral blanket, a geometrically patterned blanket, or something simple yet plush. Many blanket shoppers aren’t even sure what they want until they start looking around.

Throw edging

Whereas bed blankets are often hemmed, throw blankets are sometimes tasseled. Tassels may be single threads or a woven or braided decorative trim. The tassels look very nice when the throw is spread over a piece of furniture. However, if you have curious cats, dogs, or kids at home, be aware that your tassels may become frayed.

"Other names for throw blankets are couch blankets, couch covers, and lap blankets. "

Throw blanket prices

The price of throw blankets varies depending on quality and material. Throw blankets in the lower price range cost from $8 to $15. Throw blankets in the mid-range cost $20 to $60. Spending a bit of extra money will get you a luxurious electric throw blanket that adjusts the temperature based on your environment. For luxury electric or wool throw blankets in the higher price range, expect to pay $65 to $245.


  • Unlike natural fiber throw blankets, synthetic fabric throw blankets are not breathable. This characteristic may sound negative, but it actually makes synthetic fabric throw blankets warmer than their natural fiber counterparts.
  • In addition to being toasty warm, synthetic fiber throw blankets are also easy to maintain.
  • Is your home cold and drafty? Consider a lightweight faux fur throw blanket to help you stay warm and cozy all year long. Faux fur, made from synthetic fibers, is soft and ventilated, lightweight, easy to wash, and extremely durable.
  • A throw blanket is a nice addition when camping or backpacking.
  • Keep a throw blanket in your vehicle for emergency use, like if your car breaks down in bad weather. The blanket could also serve as a picnic blanket for an impromptu al fresco meal.
  • Throw blankets manufactured from 100% polyester are perfect for adding warmth and comfort on cold winter nights. Polyester is composed of densely woven unbreathable microfibers that trap body heat.
  • Because polar fleece throw blankets are inexpensive and easy to wash, many people purchase them to pamper their pets. A throw blanket is also an ideal liner for a dog crate.
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Expert Tip
Are you looking for an ultra-chic throw that adds texture to your living room? Consider a high-quality faux fur throw. These blankets do not mat or shed.

Other products we considered

The Tache tartan plaid throw blanket in shades of cream white, blue, and brown is sized 50 x 60 inches. It’s bright, colorful, and snuggly warm — the perfect throw blanket for covering a couch or camping.

Pendleton’s Unisex 5th Ave luxury 100% wool throw blanket is the perfect gift: it features muted autumn colors to go with any decor, and it’s warm and durable.

From the same company, the lightweight Pendleton 5th Avenue Throw is crafted from 100% pure merino wool with a three-inch fringe. It’s a luxurious and comfortable throw blanket that would compliment just about any household decor.

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If you’re not in a position to buy new furniture but you want a change in your décor, consider adding some bold color splashes or light floral accents with a few strategically placed throw blankets.


Q. What is the difference between a throw and a personal day blanket?
A throw is typically a smaller fringed cover or blanket design for covering the lap or tucking in a child. A personal day blanket is useful for covering an adult, head-to-toe, with a lightweight yet warm material.

Q. What is polar fleece? Can I purchase a throw blanket crafted from this fabric?
Polar fleece is a soft, pliable, and warm brushed fabric woven from synthetic wool fibers. Polar fleece blanket throws are easy to clean: wash in warm water and tumble dry. Polar fleece throws are popular with infants and young children who enjoy the plush texture of the fabric. These blankets have a smooth and comforting texture on both sides. They are lightweight and add just enough warmth for a comfortable nap on a cool afternoon.

Q. What is the difference between a throw blanket and an afghan?
While both an afghan and a throw blanket are fabric coverings that provide warmth, an afghan is a knitted or crocheted cover, whereas a throw is a small blanket that is often used as a home decorating element, draped over a chair or sofa.

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