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Best Soap Dishes

Updated October 2021
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Passionier Soap Dish
Soap Dish
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Functional Design
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Boasting an attractive 2-piece design that keeps soap dry and counters clean, this soap dish ticks all the boxes. The best on the market.


Solid ceramic dish is classy and durable. Stainless steel insert keeps soap raised off the bottom of the dish for effective drying. The 2-piece design is highly functional and easy to clean. Fits most bar soap sizes and shapes.


Doesn't have non-slip feet.

Best Bang for the Buck
Mcyye Self-Draining Soap Dishes
Self-Draining Soap Dishes
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Pack of 2
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The 2 sturdy silicone soap holders are perfect by your kitchen sink, bath, or shower.


Built to keep your soap clean without marinating in filth and water. Anti-slip surface keeps the soap planted where you stick it and the flexible material prevents rust and cracking. Comes with 2 dishes in every order.


Silicone material is not as durable as many options.

InterDesign Soap Saver Soap Dish
Soap Saver Soap Dish
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Simple & Compact
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A simple and affordable plastic soap dish that blends into the background. Perfect if you're looking for a quick and easy pick.


Unobtrusive design works in any bathroom. Plastic is sturdy and won't easily crack. Raised ridges help keep soap dry. Compact dimensions don't take up much space.


Ridges aren't high. Soap may get soggy if you let water accumulate.

Hasko Accessories Suction-Cup Soap Dish
Hasko Accessories
Suction-Cup Soap Dish
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Stylish Suction Cup
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Attractive brushed bronze finish. The well-engineered mounting base is designed to keep the soap dish in place.


Grid grate design prevents slivers of soap from falling through slits. Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and plastic. 3M mounting disk included. Tool-free, non-permanent installation.


Adhesion deteriorated in some models rather quickly.

iDesign York Countertop Bar Soap Dish
York Countertop Bar Soap Dish
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Durable & Rugged
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A steel soap dish that holds your bar in place with a durable build that's built to last.


The steel metal construction is built to last for years on end. Bronze color adds a rustic look to your bathroom or kitchen. Base is sturdy without the fear of tipping over. The bars help keep the soap from melting to the bottom of the dish.


Some problems with rusting.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best soap dishes

If you like bar soap, then you can appreciate the soap dish struggle. Bar soap, unlike body wash, comes with neither a bottle nor base, so it needs a little help finding a home in kitchens and showers. To that point, consider the soap dish as the humble abode of bar soap. It prevents the bar from slipping off ledges and counters, an important functional and safety feature. It also controls the space where the soap drains and eventually dries to keep your bathroom or kitchen free of soapy residue.

Traditionalists who prefer simple ledge models will be thrilled to know that many soap dishes now have nonslip bases. Hard-pressed for counter or shower space? there are plenty of wall-mounted models as well. Of course, for the trendy interior designer, there are fashionable soap dishes that come in premium materials like teak, ceramic, and granite.

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Place your soap dish out of the way of showerheads, washcloths, and bath toys to keep it from getting knocked over.

Key considerations


Ledge: These soap dishes rest on a kitchen or bathroom countertop or in the shower area. Some models are nonslip to prevent the dish from sliding around a wet surface. Most decorative soap dishes are ledge styles and feature bases in unique shapes. A ledge soap dish is ideal if you have the luxury of space, but if not, it can be hard to find a home for one.

Mounted: These soap dishes are space savers and ideal for a small bathroom. They’re either mounted permanently with waterproof adhesive, or they use suction cups for a temporary yet secure hold. Installation can be tricky with these models because you need to be sure to thoroughly clean the surface to ensure good adhesion.

Self-draining: These soap dishes have design elements, such as holes, a grate, or a tilt, that help water drain from the wet bar of soap. These are most commonly mounted soap dishes, but some ledge models also have a self-draining feature. These have a removable plate with holes that let you rinse out the residue from the bottom of the dish while the bar dries.

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Expert Tip
If your bathroom tile is textured, you’ll have difficulty sticking a suction cup soap dish to it. You’ll either need to use a ledge dish or permanently affix the soap dish to the tile.



Soap dishes normally come in white, silver, or clear, depending on their material. Since they’re utilitarian in nature, they’re seen in colors that match kitchen or bathroom fixtures or home furnishings. Gray, black, bronze, gold, and copper are also popular, though these colors and finishes are normally seen in mid-range soap dishes with more refined design features.


Plastic: Plastic is the most common and least expensive material for soap dishes. It’s ideal if you need a dish on a budget and aesthetics don’t matter or you have kids who might knock it over.

Silicone: Silicone soap dishes are more durable than plastic ones and usually easier to clean. These tend to be on the low end of the price range as well.

Metal: Metal soap dishes are a bit more expensive but still wallet-friendly. They have the most durable construction, especially stainless steel models. Grate and wire styles are pretty difficult to clean, so be prepared to use a bit of elbow grease with them.

Wood: Wood soap dishes are popular if you’d like a natural, nontoxic option to limit chemicals that can transfer between soap and other materials. Make sure to spend the money on a quality wood model. The less expensive ones are made with porous wood that absorbs water and harbors bacteria growth.

Other popular materials: Ceramic, granite, marble, stone, and even fine bone china are popular choices for stylish soap dishes. Granite, marble, and stone are heavy, durable, and easy to clean. Ceramic and china are rather delicate, so they’re best used for decoration.

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Did you know?
Glycerin soaps leave less residue than other types of soap because they don’t lather as much.


Bar soap: ArtNaturals Natural Soap Bar Gift Set
With so many bar soaps to choose from, expand your horizons and try a new one. We like this six-piece set from ArtNaturals, whose bars are 100% natural and infused with essential oils and jojoba oil. Each bar features a unique scent and skin nutrients to target a variety of dermatological conditions.

Suction cups: iRomic Suction Cup Hooks
Sometimes the suction cups that come with mounted soap dishes aren’t strong enough. We like this two-pack of heavy-duty suction cups from iRomic, which can hold up to 13 pounds. Designed with a locking lever mechanism, installation and removal are simple, too.

Bath pouf: Whale Life Shower Bamboo Charcoal Bath Sponge
Of course, you need a bath pouf to use with the bar soap. We like this four-pack of poufs from Whale Life, which are infused with bamboo charcoal to provide a deep, exfoliating clean. The poufs even come in attractive packaging, making them ideal for gifting.

Soap dish prices

Soap dishes cost between $3 and $40, mostly depending on the quality of the materials.

Inexpensive: Budget-friendly soap dishes cost less than $10. This bracket includes simple plastic, silicone, and some stainless steel models. While these dishes certainly get the job done, it’s only a matter of time before they break.

Mid-range: If you spend between $10 and $20, you’ll pick up a well-designed soap dish. Ones in this range offer reliable drainage, quality suction cups, and refined finishes.

Expensive: Spend more, $30 and up, and you’ll end up with a decorative soap dish. The materials and detail in these dishes focus on interior design, so they’re more attractive than functional. 

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Expert Tip
Instead of scrubbing your soap dish, let it soak in liquid dish soap for 20 minutes. It will dislodge major residue and cut cleaning time in half.


  • Wipe the surface before attaching suction cups. To get a solid stick, first wipe down the surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any grime and residue.
  • Match a soap dish to your décor. Even if you can’t find the exact character or decorative theme you want in a soap dish, choose a color from the same palette for a coordinated look.
  • Use a soap dish to drain sponges. Instead of leaving a wet sponge on the kitchen counter, place it in a draining soap dish to ensure it dries properly.
  • Repurpose an old soap dish. A decorative soap dish makes an attractive holder for jewelry or a watch on your dresser.

Other products we considered

We also like the Aira Soap Saver, whose design extends the life of your soap without accumulating a caked-on mess in the shower. This BPA-free soap saver is made in the USA of woven, chemical-free bioplastics and comes in a range of colors. Water simply drips through the crevices and the soap dries in time for your next shower. While some consumers love using this as a stand-alone soap dish, many get it to line an existing soap dish.

We’re also impressed by the Evelots Soap Saver. This budget-friendly two-pack is a soap dish tilted downward for drainage through a narrow spout. It’s an ideal choice for kitchen and bathroom sinks that need to save space and cut down on soap residue. Best of all, at 5.4 inches long, you can fit even oversize soap bars in it.

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If you and your family have different bar soap preferences, you’ll need to invest in multiple soap dishes to accommodate everyone.


Q. What’s the best soap dish for my kids’ bathroom?
It’s a good idea to stick to lightweight plastic or silicone soap dishes that won’t shatter if they’re knocked over. Wood dishes are also an ideal choice. There are also some soap dishes that are oval or round, which are worth considering to avoid any sharp corners.

Q. I’m a renter, so can I permanently affixed a soap dish to my bathroom?
It’s not a good idea, because it’s almost impossible to remove the adhesive once it’s on. In some cases, you might need to replace the entire tile. Once you move, your landlord could charge you for damage to the property if it’s not a quick fix. Depending on how much that costs, and if it includes tile repair, you could lose a significant part of your deposit.

Q. What’s the most versatile material choice for a soap dish?
If you’re looking for one that can blend in with nearly all bathroom décor, opt for a transparent plastic or silicone dish. While it’s not the most attractive choice, it won’t clash with fixtures or other accessories. For another option, if all your fixtures are the same color, choose any soap dish with the same finish.