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Updated September 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
Nearly Natural Pothos With Decorative Vase Silk Plant
Nearly Natural
Pothos With Decorative Vase Silk Plant
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Lush & Lovely
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Great for adding some green to any space.


Is quite realistic despite being made of silk. Perfect for any space without much light or for those who want greenery without the upkeep. The overall measurements are 15 x 29 x 20 inches, and the rattan style vase measures 10 x 6.5 inches.


A few complaints about poor packaging.

Best Bang for the Buck
Butterfly Craze Artificial Lavender Plant Bundle
Butterfly Craze
Artificial Lavender Plant Bundle
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Great for Crafting
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The best choice for elegant vases.


This artificial lavender comes in a 4 or 8-piece bunch. Adds color to your space, but is understated and elegant. Measures 15.12 x 7.28 x 2.01 inches. Very lifelike and looks great in decorative vases. Also good for bridal bouquets, flower baskets, and table centerpieces.


Needs several bunches for a full look.

Winlyn Artificial Mini Potted Plants
Artificial Mini Potted Plants
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Desk Decor
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A cute set that looks great in most spaces.


Comes in a set of 3, with each plant in a paper pulp pot. Ready to use out of the box and will look great in most spaces. They’re approximately 9-10 inches tall and 7.9-8 inches wide. The pots are approximately 3 x 3 inches.


Some pet allergies have been reported.

MyGift Artificial Plants With Clear Glass Pots
Artificial Plants With Clear Glass Pots
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Perfect for Tabletops
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An extremely realistic set in glass pots.


Realistic set enhanced by cute glass pots filled with pebbles. Set includes a taro plant, a lotus plant, and a clover plant. Very realistic looking with spreading roots visible that fool most at first glance. These plants require no maintenance or natural light sources.


The glass pots are easily shattered.

Nearly Natural Sansevieria with Black Planter
Nearly Natural
Sansevieria with Black Planter
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Tall Leaves
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A great option if looking to add some tropical greenery in your home.


An artificial Sansevieria, also known as a Snake plant, that has lush silk leaves which look real. Measures 7 inches W x 7 inches D x 35 inches H. Has 28 leaves that have a needle-like look. Comes in a matte black potted planter with decorative moss.


Several customers reported a mold\mildew smell coming from the plant upon opening.


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Buying guide for Best artificial plants

Plants have many positive attributes. Having them around can help reduce stress, elevate mood, and boost creativity. But live plants aren’t for everyone. Some people don’t have a green thumb. Others might travel often and not be able to take care of other living things. Artificial plants are the perfect option for these people.

The best artificial plants fit in both your décor and your budget. They aren't too heavy and so can be moved easily. They should also enhance your living area and satisfy your aesthetic needs.

If you're thinking about adding artificial plants to your home or workplace but don’t know where to start, a good buying guide can help you learn what to look for and offer some decorating and accessorizing tips. You might also benefit from seeing a curated list of quality options so you know what’s available.

three artificial plants in pots under the stairs
Looking at anything related to nature, whether it's a live plant or an artificial one, produces the same calming effect. Because of this, faux plants can be as beneficial to mental health as live ones.

How to buy the best artificial plants

Indoors or outdoors

Before purchasing a faux plant, decide if you'll be displaying it indoors or outdoors. All outdoor artificial plants can be used inside, but not all indoor plants are suitable for the outdoors. Be mindful that indoor plants with silk flowers or delicate leaves won't be able to withstand the elements. Any plant you want to put outside should be specifically designed for that purpose. Alternatively, you can treat indoor plants with a UV-resistant spray to increase their lifespan.


If you're hosting a luau, you’ll probably gravitate toward artificial palm trees and some type of hibiscus, Hawaii’s state flower. But if you're looking for plants for an office, medical facility, or hotel lobby, you probably want a more traditional plant, such as a philodendron, lady fern, spider plant, or ornamental prayer plant. If you aren't sure what you want, simply start with a few versatile options that you find pleasing. You can gradually add more to your space as you discover what you like.

Decide on a budget

After deciding how much you want to spend, the fun begins. Whether your budget only allows for a single plant for your office desk or you’ve been tasked to help your bestie decorate their new home, there are hundreds of choices available. Having a smaller budget simply means you get to enjoy the challenge of deciding what will give you the best bang for your buck. You can then purchase more plants over time as your budget allows.

silk flowers in a vase
Silk flowers were used in China over 1,500 years ago, but they didn’t become widely popular until the 1920s and 1930s.

Features of artificial plants


Faux plants don't weigh as much as real plants, so they don’t have to stay in the same spot. Moving plants to a different room or simply rearranging how they're grouped can change the look and feel of a space in an instant.

No green thumb required

Other than knowing what type of greenery you like to look at, there is nothing to read up on or study to maintain these plants. And except for a few simple housekeeping tasks, artificial plants require no maintenance. There is never a worry about fertilizing or too much or too little sun or water.

No pests

Even the best horticulturist can have a problem with fungus gnats on their prized plants. These small flies are commonly caused by overwatering plants. The damp environment causes fungus to grow and provides the right breeding conditions for these bugs. They can then spread to infect the soil of other plants. Artificial plants don't attract nuisance insects.

Instant gratification

Live plants take time and attention to grow to their full potential. Some large potted plants take years to grow to their full size. Artificial plants are already perfect as soon as you buy them.

Sound absorption

Like real plants, artificial plants help absorb sound. Footsteps, voices, and other sounds echo in buildings with ceramic or marble floors or other hard surfaces like wooden tables and benches. Faux plants can help absorb the ambient noise in a room. You can even find information online about which plants do this best.


You can make a part of a room more private with artificial plants. Arrange tall plants between tables in a restaurant, benches in a waiting room, or workspaces in an office to help define areas of personal space.

You can add a touch of whimsy at the base of some artificial plants with a fairy garden house, fairy figurines, or miniature garden accessories. These decorations will delight the young and young at heart.


Accessories for artificial plants


String lights, solar lights, and Christmas lights are delightful ways to spruce up artificial or real plants. These lights can also add an elegant touch to a nighttime outdoor party.

Plant stand

Once you realize how much you like having faux plants in your home, you're going to need places to put them. Indoor plant stands are ideal because they come in many materials and configurations so you can display as many or as few plants as you like.


Adorn (or hide) your outdoor speakers with some artificial plants. Choose a speaker shaped like a rock and you can hide your audio setup completely.

How much do artificial plants cost?


Inexpensive faux plants range from $15 to $50. These can include silk flowers, individual stems and stalks, or a package of succulents. Don’t forget to verify the size and quantity to make sure you’re getting what you expect.


You can find something that blends with any décor or fits any occasion in the $50 to $100 range. At this price, you can find bundles of several plants and an impressive selection of artificial topiaries.


Plants over $100 will exceed your expectations. From sets of two impressive offerings like palm trees or sculpted boxwoods to lifelike hedges, there are options to please any shopper with a larger budget.

a woman arranging artificial plants
Joanna Gaines of the popular TV show Fixer Upper often incorporates artificial plants in her indoor designs because real plants are high-maintenance and can be impractical.


  • Embrace imperfections. Real plants aren’t symmetrical or perfect, and artificial ones look more lifelike if they aren’t either. Some small flaws in the leaves or flowers help them look real.
  • Consider waxy plants. Plants that have a natural waxy look, such as aloe vera and other succulents, are great choices. It can be hard to tell if they’re real or artificial, which is exactly the effect you want.
  • Hide eyesores and security cameras. A great way to cover up unsightly pipes or building flaws is by decorating with plants. Ivy, garland, or any artificial hanging plant can safely (and easily) cover an eyesore in your home or apartment. An artificial plant makes a great hiding spot for a security camera too. You can even purchase a faux plant that includes a security camera.
  • Mix live and faux plants. You can periodically change the look and scent of your artificial plants by adding in some live foliage. Just a few branches of eucalyptus or some freshly cut flowers can enhance the beauty and add fragrance to the faux foliage.
  • Add realistic potting material. An artificial plant potted with fake dirt or moss looks more authentic. You can also add small rocks to enhance the effect.
artificial flowers in vases
Artificial silk flowers should be sprayed with a UV-resistant spray designed for the purpose to help them stay vibrant and last longer.


Q. How often should I clean my artificial plants?

A. Ideally, these plants should be dusted as part of your regular housecleaning routine. You only need to clean them more thoroughly every few months. Spray the leaves with a household cleaning solution and wipe them dry with a soft microfiber cloth. You can also wipe down plastic leaves with a damp paper towel.

Q. How long do artificial plants last?

A. That depends on whether it’s indoors or outdoors and in direct sunlight. The material it's made of is also a factor. Most silk plants only last two or three seasons at best outdoors. Silk plants that are UV treated will last longer than untreated ones. On the other hand, weather-resistant plastic plants that are well cared for can last several years.

Q. How can I keep my artificial plant from falling over?

A. Lightweight artificial plants can fall over whether they're outdoors or indoors. When they're outside, the wind can topple them. To keep them stable, secure them the same way you’d anchor regular plants by filling the pots with regular soil and/or decorative stones. Indoor artificial plants like small trees and topiaries won’t fall over on their own, but they can be knocked over by toddlers and pets. The best solution is to position your artificial plants out of the traffic flow in your home and out of the reach of children and pets.

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