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Best Elderberry Gummies

Updated October 2023
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Lunakai Sambucus Elderberry Gummies
Sambucus Elderberry Gummies
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Candylike Support
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This elderberry vitamin gummy is great for both adults and kids.


These gummies are best for supporting your immune system, thanks especially to the inclusion of vitamin C and zinc. They do not include any genetically modified ingredients, gelatin, gluten, or soy, so they’re safe to take under most dietary restrictions.


They can be too sticky for people with certain types of dental work.

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NATURE'S WAY Sambucus Elderberry Gummies
Nature's Way
Sambucus Elderberry Gummies
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Tart & Tasty
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Tasty, effective elderberry gummies for seasonal immune support.


The gummies, while on the tart side, are still kid- and adult-friendly. Many buyers report that the gummies helped stop them from catching the cold and flu, along with alleviating symptoms.


A few users report upset stomach after ingestion.

Zhou Nutrition Elderberry Gummies
Zhou Nutrition
Elderberry Gummies
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Soft & Chewy
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If you want to boost your immune system year round, these will help.


Some buyers say they have yet to catch a cold or flu after taking Zhou Nutrition's gummies. Plus the soft, easily chewed texture tastes candylike.


Gummies may irritate sensitive stomachs.

Sambucol Black Elderberry Gummies
Black Elderberry Gummies
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A 30-count container of vitamin-fortified black elderberry gummies that are safe enough to be taken daily.


The proprietary formula for this elderberry supplement was developed by a virologist after years of research and clinical trials. It has only 1 gram of sugar and is fortified with vitamin C and zinc to provide year-round immune support.


While taste is subjective, some users could not get past the flavor of these particular gummies.

Havasu Nutrition Elderberry Gummies
Havasu Nutrition
Elderberry Gummies
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A premium elderberry supplement with extra-strength potency.


Contains an impressive amount of elderberry and vitamin C per serving for extra-strength immune support. Provides critical antioxidants and contains zinc and vitamin C for an additional immune system boost. Vegan.


No major negatives, though some have noted that these have a different texture than traditional gummies.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best elderberry gummies

Although there is no cure for the common cold, and many of us self-quarantine when we discover that our work neighbor in the next cubicle has the flu, there is relief. For instance, taking elderberry gummies can cut your flu downtime in half. Instead of being miserable for a week or more, you could be feeling yourself again in just a few days.

There is a great deal to learn about elderberry gummies before deciding which product is best for you. Some are tart, while others contain added sweeteners. Some manufacturers may offer just the elderberry extract in their gummies, while others add additional ingredients that can enhance effectiveness.

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Although elderberries have been used throughout the ages to treat everything from sprains to toothaches, today they are most commonly used to lessen the length and severity of cold and flu symptoms.

What are elderberry gummies?

Elderberries are the dark purple berries found on elderberry plants. The health benefits of elderberries have been touted since Hippocrates became fond of them in ancient Greece. They are high in flavonoids, making them a potent antioxidant.

The elderberry extract found in elderberry gummies comes from these berries. Care must be taken to only ingest cooked elderberries as raw elderberries (including the leaves or any other parts of the plant) are poisonous.


The proven use for elderberry supplements is to help lessen the severity and duration of the symptoms of a cold or the flu. If you begin treatment within the first 24 hours of the onset of a cold or the flu, elderberry supplements may reduce the duration of the symptoms by as much as 50%. Additionally, elderberries can help with constipation.

Although there is insufficient evidence to conclusively prove the effectiveness of elderberries in other areas, some people take elderberry supplements to prevent colds from developing, combat H1N1, lower high cholesterol, cure gum inflammation, and reduce the symptoms of allergies, among other conditions.

There have been no studies on the long-term effects of taking elderberry supplements. The current stance among medical professionals is that adults may consume elderberries on a daily basis for up to 12 weeks and children for up to 10 days. Pregnant or nursing women should avoid the supplement.


It might seem like elderberry gummies would be identical from brand to brand, but there are several variables that differentiate one supplement from another.

Vitamins and minerals

Elderberries are naturally rich in vitamins A and C, but they also contain other vitamins, such as riboflavin and niacin, in much lesser amounts. Additionally, some elderberry gummies contain minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc. However, in most elderberry gummies, the nutrients are limited to vitamin C and zinc. Read the nutrition label so you know which vitamins and minerals are included and in what amounts.

Other ingredients

Some manufacturers bolster the beneficial properties of the elderberry extract with herbs like echinacea or ingredients like propolis, which is what bees use to build their hives. You can check the label to see if the elderberry gummies you are considering have been fortified with additional ingredients.

Milligrams per serving

One of the areas where elderberry gummies differ is in the amount of elderberry extract contained in each serving. This can be as low as 60 mg or as high as 200 mg per serving, but you won’t know until you read the fine print on the label.

Servings per container

Most elderberry gummies come in containers that offer 30 servings of two gummies per serving. However, some companies offer a bonus and slip in a few extra gummies. Others might offer more gummies per container, but the serving size might be four gummies instead of two. The only way to be sure of what you’re getting is to read the label carefully.


Some people find the flavor of elderberries to be a little tart or bitter. For this reason, ingredients that enhance the flavor are often added to elderberry gummies. Some gummies might be infused with honey, while others might be coated in sugar. Some products may use artificial flavors. If flavor is important – and it usually is for children – look for sweetened or flavored elderberry gummies.


Price doesn’t play a large role in choosing which elderberry gummies are the best to get. With a few exceptions, the price of elderberry gummies is fairly consistent across the board.

In the $10 to $15 range, you typically get approximately 30 servings of elderberry gummies. For $20 to $30, you’ll find larger servings or elderberry gummies with higher amounts of vitamin C and zinc. Be careful when looking in the $40 to $50 price range as there is usually not any appreciable difference in the ingredients or serving amounts of pricier elderberry gummies.


Elderberry gummies can be beneficial supplements for most people, but that is not to say they are completely risk-free. There are some precautions you will want to be aware of before consuming elderberries.

  • Never eat raw elderberries. Uncooked elderberries are poisonous.

  • There may be unpleasant side effects. Though not typical with elderberry gummies, the most common side effects from elderberries are gastrointestinal, such as stomachaches and diarrhea.

  • Be aware of any drug interactions. There are no known serious drug interactions with elderberry gummies, however, a number of mild drug interactions do exist. Always consult your doctor before taking a new supplement.

  • Elderberry gummies are not safe for very young children. Most elderberry gummies are not recommended for children under three years of age.

  • Read the label. Always read the label carefully. For instance, some elderberry gummies may only be recommended for short-term use.
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Although researchers have traced their use back to ancient Egypt – some even believe elderberries were first cultivated by prehistoric man – historians typically credit Hippocrates with discovering the many healing properties of elderberries.


Q. Will taking elderberry gummies prevent me from getting sick?

A. A common misconception about many supplements or natural remedies is that they can prevent you from ever getting a cold or the flu. This is not the case. However, there is adequate evidence confirming that elderberries may be as effective as Tamiflu when it comes to lessening the severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms.

Q. Are elderberries better when consumed raw?

A. No! In fact, they are dangerous. Raw elderberries are poisonous. Before consumption, elderberries must be cooked to destroy their cyanide toxicity. Within as little as 15 minutes after consuming raw elderberries, an individual will begin to suffer symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, weakness, dizziness, and numbness.

Q. I know elderberry gummies are full of flavonoids, but what are flavonoids?

A. Flavonoids are antioxidants found in certain foods like elderberries, green tea, citrus fruits, legumes, and more. Besides just battling free radicals and metallic ions, however, flavonoids have antihistamine, antimicrobial, and memory-enhancing properties. Some research has indicated that flavonoids may be able to reverse the cognitive declines of aging. Other research suggests that flavonoids may possess beneficial mood-enhancing properties.