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Best Maternity Belts

Updated November 2023
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Ohaleep 3 in 1 Maternity Belly Band
3 in 1 Maternity Belly Band
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For Pain Relief
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This maternity band support wraps securely around your lower back to alleviate soreness and fatigue.


This maternity belt compresses and stretches your body weight to relieve pressure off your back. Corrects posture and strengthens muscles for long-term development. Crafted from mesh fabrics, ensuring that heat won't remain trapped. Arrives with straightforward instructions.


Some concerns with the longevity of the model.

Best Bang for the Buck
AZMED Maternity Belt
Maternity Belt
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A popular and affordable maternity belt that delivers good support without adding extra bulk.


Relieves hip, pelvic, and lower back pain through a combination of support and gentle compression while cradling the abdominal muscles. Wide, curved front doesn’t shift or ride up as easily as others. Remains reasonably comfortable whether sitting or standing. Adjustable up to 46".


Adjusting the belt could be a little easier. Ladies with smaller bellies may be left with some excess fabric.

NEOtech Care Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt
NEOtech Care
Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt
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Structured Build
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The NeoTech Care maternity belt has been crafted from high-quality cloth and reinforced clasps for well-rounded protection.


Dual-sided hooks secure the belt tightly while remaining flexible enough to change as your baby develops. Built-in abdominal pad feels smooth and soft against the skin. Elastic fabric moves with you and remains breathable through your clothes.


Can be too bulky for some users' preferences.

Motherhood Maternity Ultimate Maternity Belt
Motherhood Maternity
Ultimate Maternity Belt
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Trusted Brand
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A hook-and-loop band that grows as the baby grows, helping take pressure off the back and belly regions.


Machine washable. Wide range of sizes available. Adjustable for the right fit.


Although it offers support for the back and belly, the wearer may still feel internal pressure.

Playtex 2-Pack Belly Bands
2-Pack Belly Bands
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Simple Yet Solid
Bottom Line

A low-cost package of 2 light-support belly bands from an established brand.


Seamless. Several colors available. Machine washable. Inexpensive. Fabric wicks moisture away from the body. Comfortable.


The fit doesn't work for everybody, as the band may roll up or down.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best maternity belts

The joy and thrill of finding out you're expecting a baby can bring a sense of euphoria for weeks or even months into your pregnancy. However, by the time you reach the third trimester, a growing list of ailments, including back pain and abdominal discomfort, may make your due date seem unbearably far away.

With the help of a maternity belt, you can enjoy your pregnancy again. This brilliant invention provides extra support for the pregnant belly by taking some of the strain off the back through lift and compression. There are, however, a wide variety of styles to consider. Do you need a maternity belt you can wear under your clothes? Should you get one with extra padding for sensitive skin? Does a maternity belt with a back brace sound ideal?

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A growing pregnant belly causes a change in a pregnant woman’s center of balance and puts extra strain on the lower back and abdominal muscles. A maternity belt can help counteract some of those changes by lifting the belly to help maintain proper posture.

Key considerations


  • Single-strap maternity belt: The majority of maternity belts fall into this category and consist of a single wide strap that wraps around the lower back and underneath the belly. Within this basic design, there are a few variations. Some models have a contoured shape while others have a uniform band width. They may have more than one elastic panel for extra support.
  • Multi-strap maternity belt: If you struggle with back pain early in your pregnancy or it seriously debilitates you in the third trimester, this type of maternity belt may be more helpful than a single-strap model. A multi-strap maternity belt has a wide band that sits on the lower back and belly like a single-strap model but also has a strap that crosses over the top of the belly for extra support. The main band of these models often has a wider section over the back that narrows toward the belly so that the extra strap has enough material for attachment.
  • Prenatal cradle maternity belt: A prenatal cradle maternity belt has the same wide band that crosses on the lower back and belly as the single- and multi-strap maternity belts but adds extra support with suspenders. This design uses the shoulders to pull weight and strain off the back to the shoulders. While this style can be helpful if your back pain is extreme, it can be difficult to hide underneath clothing.


For the best fit and most effective support, opt for a sized belt versus a one-size-fits-all model. Maternity belts that come in small, medium, and large will provide a better fit and will likely see you through to the end of your pregnancy. Most one-size-fits-all maternity belts have a 46-inch maximum hip width while some sized options have models that reach over 50 inches.

Ease of cleaning

Maternity belts don't need to be cleaned every day. However, models that can be machine-washed and dried will always be easier than those that can only be spot cleaned or hand-washed. Having said that, some models are made of fabrics like polyester and Lycra that are easy to wipe clean, as they don't readily absorb moisture. But if handwashing isn't something you want to do, look for a machine-washable model.


Closure type and adjustability

Velcro is almost exclusively used for all closure points on maternity belts because of its strength and adjustability. Basic maternity belts will have a single closure point behind the back. However, models with multiple closure points offer better adjustability. These models have elastic closure points on both sides of the belly, which allows for a better custom fit. Multiple closures also take some of the strain off of the Velcro, so it will last longer.


Maternity belts can come with different types of support features. Some accommodate different medical conditions while others are meant to add extra support for those who struggle with extreme back pain.

  • Suspenders: Suspenders are found on prenatal cradle maternity belts and take some of the weight and pressure off the back and belly by transferring the weight to the shoulders.
  • Over-the-belly strap: Like suspenders, over-the-belly straps add extra support and lift. They essentially take some of the pressure off the lower back and belly, redistributing it over the top of the belly.
  • Back brace: Some multi-strap and prenatal cradle maternity belts include a back brace to strengthen the back. These models have a wide band across the lower back that tapers to a narrower piece that rests below the belly.
  • Groin band: Some maternity belts include a detachable groin band. The band can offer relief from certain medical conditions or procedures, such as symphysis pubis dysfunction, round ligament strain, or an episiotomy.


Belt shape varies from a single uniform strap to contoured models and those with a cut-out for the belly button. Those with a contoured shape have a wide back and may include a back brace. Models with an over-the-belly strap also have wider back support to make room for attachment points. Some maternity belts have a small cut-out across the front so that the belt doesn't rest uncomfortably on the belly button. This shape is often found on models that are smaller across the back and have a wider piece over the belly.

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Did you know?
The use of a maternity belt can extend beyond pregnancy. When worn postpartum, a maternity belt can promote healing by supporting weak abdominal and back muscles.

Elastic paneling

Maternity belts may have multiple elastic panels that allow them to better stretch and conform to your body. A paneled design limits how far the elastic can stretch, preserving the shape and support of the maternity band. Some models have a single panel, which doesn't mean they won't be effective, but the elastic may wear out faster than a multipaneled model.


Maternity belts with extra padding can be helpful for those with sensitive skin. It might also be necessary if you plan to wear the belt directly against your skin.


Maternity belts come in one of four colors: white, black, beige, and pink. While maternity belts can increase comfort, they're not always an attractive accessory. If you'll be wearing the belt under your clothing, white or beige may be more discreet. You also want to think of what color will be easiest to keep clean. In that case, black wins hands down.

Maternity belt prices

Inexpensive: A basic single-strap maternity belt that offers good support can be found for as little as $20. These models have a single Velcro closure but can have more than one elastic panel. Some may have a mesh covering over the belly for better breathability.

Mid-range: In the $20 to $50 range are maternity belts with contoured shapes, over-the-belly support straps, and multiple Velcro closures for a custom fit.

Expensive: For over $50, you'll find multi-strap maternity bands with back supports and over-the-belly support straps. This is also the price range in which you'll find models that include a groin strap.

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For your safety
Maternity belts can provide such good support that it’s easy to overexert yourself. Listen to your body and follow your doctor’s activity recommendations.


  • Some maternity belts are less obvious than others. Single-strap models are often the easiest to hide, while a prenatal cradle may have to be worn over your clothing.
  • For a good fit, measure from your belly button to your pubic bone and compare this number to the width of the maternity belt. You’ll also need to measure your waistline to make sure you get the right size. If you’re smaller than average, you may have to be more selective, because some models will come too far over your belly button.
  • A maternity belt allows runners and other athletes to continue longer with their regular activities. However, you should always consult your physician about the kinds of activities that are appropriate for you during pregnancy.
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Maternity belts aren't designed to be worn 24/7. They should be worn when you need them most, like during exercise, while you’re on your feet, or during periods when you'll be up and down frequently.


Q. Do you wear a maternity belt on top of or underneath your clothes?
You can wear them either way. It will depend on the type of clothes and maternity belt you wear. Prenatal cradles, for example, can be difficult to hide beneath your clothing as can multi-strap belts. However, many single-strap options are sleek enough to hide under clothing (except for tight shirts and pants).

Q. What’s the difference between a maternity belt and a maternity band?
A maternity belt is designed to support the back and relieve pressure on the abdomen during pregnancy. Maternity bands hide your pregnant belly when it gets difficult for pants to stay up and shirts to stay down. Some maternity bands offer a little compressive support, but it’s nothing compared to that of maternity belts.

Q. Can I go to the bathroom with a maternity belt on?
With most designs, you can. The exception would be those with a groin strap. However, groin straps are designed for quick removal.

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