Updated July 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Innova Health and Fitness Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Table
Innova Health and Fitness
Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Table
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Most Versatile
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Durable model with comfortable and therapeutic heating and massage features.


Unique vertical massage pad targets the entire spine. Coated handlebars amplify grip and ensure control during inversion. Lock pin system ensures that you do not tilt beyond your comfort level. Improved ankle holds for added safety.


This large and durable model may be difficult to store.

Best Bang for the Buck
Innova Health and Fitness Heavy Duty Inversion Table3
Innova Health and Fitness
Heavy Duty Inversion Table
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Simple Yet Solid
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Intuitive model offers a wide range of user-friendly features for efficiently adjusting incline.


Convenient pin system with 6 settings lets you quickly choose your preferred angle of inversion. Wide inversion range between 15 and 90 degrees. Accommodates users up to 6 and 1/2 feet tall. Adjustable headrest and footrest.


Extra padding around ankle supports might be required to increase comfort level.

Health Gear Inversion Table with Vibro Massage & Heat
Health Gear
Inversion Table with Vibro Massage & Heat
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Ergonomically designed model offers both heat and massage options.


Inversion table with a 4-inch backrest and a contour fit for comfort. Includes a removable heated vibrating pad with an attached remote that offers adjustable temperature and a variety of massage intensities. Easy settings adjustment.


Individual backrest and headrest parts may need to be broken down to store in smaller spaces.

Body Vision Premium Inversion Table
Body Vision
Premium Inversion Table
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Portable Convenience
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Simple yet solid model gets the job done and stores well in fairly small places.


Maximum portability with a folding design and built-in wheels. Foam leg rollers that eliminate pinching and chafing. Easy to use and reasonably priced for first time users and beginners. Good design with safety, comfort, and portability features.


Weight capacity may restrict efficacy to lighter users.

Body Vision Deluxe Inversion Table
Body Vision
Deluxe Inversion Table
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Most Comfortable
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Very comfortable option, satisfies a wide range of users and body types up to 250 pounds.


Comfortable headrest pillow attaches and detaches according to user preference. Great for users between 5 foot 1 and 6 foot 6 inches. Additional pad provides support to shoulders, back and neck. Adjusts between 20, 40, 60, and 90 degrees.


Leg bar cushions may slide out of place when you move your feet.


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Buying guide for best inversion tables

Many people suffer from back and neck pain. This common health issue should be evaluated by a physician to determine its cause and appropriate treatment. One treatment option is inversion therapy, which can be performed at home with an inversion table. This device has a backrest that pivots to various angles to decompress the spine, with security features like bars, straps and ankle locks to keep the user in place. Some tables also include advanced features like heat and massage

Studies vary when it comes to the effectiveness of inversion therapy, but many people swear by the relief from pain they get with regular use. While the device can produce notable results, it takes time to learn how to use it and find the best position. Sessions don’t need to be long to bring noticeable results; even a few minutes once or twice a day can help stretch the spine and relieve pressure. And you don’t have to be completely upside down to experience relief, a position that can be unsafe for some individuals.

We researched inversion tables and found the Innova Health and Fitness Advanced Inversion Table to be the best. It provides maximum comfort and premium features for safe, successful treatments. 

Best inversion tables and accessories

Innova Health and Fitness ITM5900 Inversion Table

When it comes to comfort, this inversion table has you covered, with advanced features that make it easy to get the most out of your sessions. Its contoured design offers excellent cushioning and a vertical massage pad that extends the length of the spine. The built-in heat and massage functions have variable settings to suit your needs. Foam-covered handlebars that are easy to grip make it easy to get in and out of the proper position. If you’re concerned about ankle security, this model offers an updated ergonomic ankle-holding system with notable padding that is both secure and comfortable. And the lock-pin system ensures you maintain a comfortable tilt position. 

This durable inversion table boasts a 300-pound capacity and can accommodate individuals up to 6 feet tall. 

Innova Health and Fitness ITX9600 Inversion Table 

This affordable inversion table offers features that are essential for both beginners and pros. It’s easy to use, offers durable construction that adds to its stability and has a spacious backrest and dense padding. The ankle-holding system is secure, comfortable and padded to prevent pinching. The six-position pin system simplifies choosing the inversion angle that works best for you without discomfort or having to dismount. Both the headrest and footrest are adjustable too. 

This table can support up to 300 pounds and people up to 6 feet tall.

Health Gear ITM5500 Inversion Table

This durable, feature-packed inversion table includes an adjustable, vibrating massage and heat pad controlled by a remote. The pad can be removed when not in use. The contoured backrest is padded in thick foam for reliable comfort that reduces back pressure. The adjustable components include a four-position pin and locking ankle-support system that works with leg rollers covered in soft, supportive foam. This inversion table is foldable, so it doesn’t take up much storage space in your home.

This table is ideal for tall individuals because it can fit users who are up to 6 feet 5 inches and support up to 300 pounds.

Body Vision IT2895 Premium Inversion Table 

Simple yet functional, this table is great for beginners. It’s well made, easy to use and adjust and available at a budget-friendly price. It includes a backrest covered in soft yet supportive memory foam, a removable headrest and adjustable lumbar support to customize your inversion treatments. The locking ankle-support system with padded rollers and straps provides a secure and adjustable fit for peace of mind. If storage space is an issue, you’ll appreciate this table’s ability to fold to a compact size. This is one of our favorite models for those who want to try inversion therapy without investing a lot of money.

This table can hold up to 250 pounds and fit individuals as tall as 6 feet 6 inches.

Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion Table 

This is another quality inversion table that boasts a fairly simple design with all the features you need for effective treatments. The comfortable memory foam backrest is upholstered with the brand’s deluxe material that’s strong and easy to clean. The ankle supports consist of foam-covered rollers and rugged straps. Other highlights include removable headrest and backrest pillows, as well as a removable lumbar support pad to target your lower, middle, and upper back, shoulders and neck. This model doesn’t take up much space when folded. It also stands out in terms of value, because it’s available at a much lower price than many competitors’ tables. 

This inversion table has a weight limit of 250 pounds and a height limit of 6 feet 6 inches. 

Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table 

The FitSpine X3 distinguishes itself from other inversion tables with its ergonomic backrest and eight-point floating suspension system that delivers outstanding spinal decompression.  Repositionable and removable acupressure nodes on the backrest provide tension and pain relief where you need it most. It also includes a lumbar bridge to target lower back pain. Safety is key with this model. The rotation system is easy to adjust, and the dual handles provide reliable control and stretch. You’ll also appreciate the comfortable ankle supports that adjust easily with a lever. The table folds in seconds for space-saving storage and is compatible with the Teeter app so you can track your progress. 

This table has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and a height limit of 6 feet 6 inches. 

Exerpeutic Inversion Table 

A trim design, mid-level price and useful features make this inversion table a good option. It offers a wide, cushioned backrest and lumbar support with heat and vibrating massage for added pain relief. You can choose from three vibration intensity levels. This model offers stable security features to appeal to anyone who wants to try inversion therapy. The crossbar ratchet-locking system is easily adjustable and secure. The proprietary Airsoft ankle-support system is designed to stabilize your position without pinching. When it’s time to store the unit, it takes up minimal space when folded. 

This table accommodates up to 300 pounds and individuals as tall as 6 feet 6 inches. 

What to know before you buy an inversion table


Inversion therapy is considered an alternative health treatment along the lines of chiropractic care and body vibration therapy. According to an article from the Cleveland Clinic, the benefits of inversion therapy are mixed. What’s more, people with certain health conditions, including acid reflux, heart disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma and pregnancy, should not use an inversion table. Even if these don’t apply to you, check with your healthcare provider before delving into inversion therapy. 

The following are some of the purported benefits of inversion therapy, but these claims have not been verified through scientific studies. Note that some benefits, especially pain relief, may be temporary.

Encourages muscle relaxation and spine stretching: Many inversion table users experience muscular relaxation and gentle stretching of the spine at minimal inversion settings. The experience is akin to a chiropractic adjustment, with flexibility restored and the pain from pinched nerves or back spasms noticeably reduced.

But the claimed benefits of inversion therapy go beyond simple back massage and spinal “popping.” Some people say that a deeper inversion of 60 degrees encourages the vertebrae to decompress, allowing fluids to flow back into the soft discs between them. Herniated or bulging discs may reduce in size after several inversion sessions.

Halts or slows scoliosis: Some therapists recommend an inversion table for older children who have scoliosis. The act of stretching the spine under controlled conditions may help scoliosis patients halt or even reverse the spinal curvature that leads to mobility issues later in life.

Relieves headaches: The relaxation and stretching of head, neck and back muscles may prevent triggers for tension-based headaches. Increased blood flow to the head can improve circulation and calm the nerves that trigger migraines. Even sinus and eustachian tube drainage are said to be improved during inversion sessions.

Relieves knee pain: Some people also claim to experience relief from knee pain during and after inversion therapy. No longitudinal studies exist to prove this claim, and we can’t say that this would work for everybody. Still, we believe that it’s worth noting.


High-end inversion tables often include additional features and optional equipment to enhance the user’s experience. Here are some helpful features and add-ons you might want to consider before purchasing.

Padding: Comfort is important, especially for those who intend to use the table for extended periods. Padding around the head- and neck-support areas and ankle-holding clamps can make inversion therapy more comfortable. Some tables provide padding at critical pressure points but nowhere else. When in doubt about a particular table’s level of comfort, read customer reviews and other feedback. If possible, test the table yourself before purchasing.

Acupressure nodules: Often sold as an add-on, acupressure nodules are hard plastic knobs you can place strategically on your table. During inversion, these knobs stimulate various acupressure points in the back, neck and legs. Some people find this form of acupressure uncomfortable, but you might want to try it to address specific pain points.

Lumbar support: Office workers and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle may have lower back tension. The spinal stretches and muscular relaxation encouraged by inversion therapy are helpful, but they don’t always address the lower back and hip pain caused by prolonged sitting.

Some inversion table manufacturers offer a lumbar bridge add-on, which pushes against the lower back during the session for an even deeper stretch in that area. Other models have adjustable and removable lumbar cushions

Heat and massage: Some inversion tables have adjustable heat and massage functions on the backrest. Both provide added comfort and stimulation that can be beneficial when performing inversion therapy. 


Most inversion tables are large and not simple to break down. The support frame of a quality inversion table consumes a fair amount of space, and this wide footprint is essential for safe operation. If you don’t have the right size space, you could end up frustrated. We encourage all potential buyers to measure their space first, bearing in mind that an inversion table requires even more space when inverted.

In addition to being large, inversion tables are also bulky. Moving them around can be challenging. Before investing in a table, make sure you have the strength and stamina to set it up, use it and put it away. Ideally, you won’t have to move the table after you set it up if you have a permanent location for it in your home.


The stability of the floor on which you place your table is important. You want a surface that’s level and not slanted. An unstable floor could cause you to fall during inversion, a risk you want to consider before setting up your table.

Size and weight limit

Most good-quality inversion tables are designed to support as much as 300 pounds and accommodate people just over 6 feet tall. Models suitable for heavier and/or taller users are available, but keep in mind that they usually cost more.

Safety tips

Your safety is a top concern when selecting and using an inversion table. This is a device that’s going to support your entire body weight in an inverted position. We urge you to keep the following tips in mind.

  • Choose a steel inversion table. Tables made wholly of steel are the most secure. Aircraft-grade aluminum is an acceptable alternative, but steel is best when it comes to durability and support.
  • Avoid the lightest and the least expensive inversion tables. Pricier tables made of heavier, better-quality materials can lessen the chance of injuries.
  • Don’t choose a table because it promises quick assembly. Putting together a quality inversion table takes time and might require assistance.
  • Keep the table in place between sessions.This is a good idea even though some are designed for folding or quick disassembly.
  • Use a spotter. Enlist someone to help you as you try different degrees of inversion.
  • Check the clearance between the floor and your head when inverted. The frame's height determines the clearance between the floor and the table. When fully inverted, some models position the user’s head just a few inches from the floor.
  • Read customer reviews about feet/ankle security and comfort. Some inversion tables require you to place your feet between two padded bars and secure them with a quick-release lock. Others provide “boots” that clamp around the ankles during inversion. Both methods pass the critical security test, but user comfort can be an issue. We urge you to read consumer feedback and perform extensive research before deciding on the best attachment method.


Q. How much does an inversion table cost? 

A. Inversion tables range in price from less than $100 to several thousand dollars. While inexpensive models may lack additional features and durability, pricier models may be more than most users need. You can find a well-made inversion table with nice cushioning, stable construction and appealing features for $200 to $600. Inversion tables built for larger users can cost a few hundred dollars more, but they provide reliable decompression for those who don’t fit comfortably on standard models. 

Q. How long can I safely remain inverted?

A. There is no established time limit, but your body should tell you when to end an inversion session. Beginners should only remain inverted for a minute or two during the first few weeks of therapy and then increase the duration slowly.

Q. What is the protocol for using an inversion table safely?

A. We recommend that you consult your physician before beginning an inversion table regimen, especially if you have high blood pressure or other health issues.

Q. Do I need to be completely inverted for maximum benefits?

A. No. Most people feel a gentle spine stretch and muscle relaxation at 20 or 30 degrees past horizontal. Older adults can experience results with a 10- to 15-degree inversion. Many practitioners recommend that you don’t go beyond 60 degrees. Inversion therapy experts say that 60 degrees should provide maximum benefits for average users. A 90-degree inversion could be beneficial for an elite athlete in training or an experienced home user who wants to perform calisthenics.

Q. Is inversion therapy safe for everyone?

A. Consulting with a physician is always a good idea before starting any new exercise regimen. While most people in reasonable health should feel an improvement in flexibility and a reduction in neck, spine or leg pain with short inversion sessions at 20 to 30 degrees past horizontal, it is not an ideal practice for everyone. Checking in with a professional who knows your health history is a wise precaution.

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