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Best Mosquito Bite Relievers

Updated August 2022
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Benadryl Extra-Strength Cooling Anti-Itch Gel
Extra-Strength Cooling Anti-Itch Gel
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Customer Favorite
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Trusted brand and product that many say works in a way no other does.


Odorless and colorless gel that most say provides instant comfort. Unlike the Benadryl cream version and some other products on the market, this doesn't stain clothing or flake off. Also works for eczema.


A few think the bottle is too large. Some say the gel consistency is too watery.

Best Bang for the Buck
After Bite Itch Eraser Insect Bite Treatment
After Bite
Itch Eraser Insect Bite Treatment
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Easy to Use
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Family favorite for instant itch relief.


Provides relief not just from mosquito bites, but also from poison ivy, oak, and sumac rashes. Four different varieties include a pen, gel, cream, and an all-natural option. Itch relief usually lasts a few hours, especially if applied right after getting bitten by a bug.


Some are disappointed that ammonia is an inactive ingredient.

Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool Poison Remover
Bug Bite Thing
Suction Tool Poison Remover
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Unique Option
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New tool that sucks out the mosquito poison, preventing further itching.


An organic lover's dream. This relieves pain and irritation without creams, gels, or chemicals. Works on all kinds of bug bites, including those from bed bugs, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and biting ants. Reusable as long as you wash it properly.


Works best within 12 hours of being bitten, but worth a try if a day has passed.

Murphy's Naturals Insect Bite Relief
Murphy's Naturals
Insect Bite Relief
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A natural and plant-based balm that is designed to provide relief from insect bites without the addition of unnecessary ingredients.


Uses peppermint, chamomile, tea tree, and more for a natural approach to mosquito bites. Addresses symptoms such as itchiness and burning. Comes in a travel-sized can that is both reusable and recyclable. Made without harsh chemicals.


The tin can be difficult to open. Itch relief was not noticeable, according to a few customers.

Cortizone 10 Maximum Strength
Cortizone 10
Maximum Strength
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This option offers immediate results of itch relief that will last nearly the whole day.


The cream formula contains hydrocortisone and aloe vera to treat and soothe. Comes in a 2-ounce tube that is easy to store in a travel bag or first aid kit. Can be used on insect bites and other skin conditions such as poison ivy.


May not be the best choice for more severe bites or skin irritation.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best mosquito bite relievers

Spending time outdoors is one of the best parts of summer. Unfortunately, the warmer weather also brings out pesky mosquitos that can leave you with annoying bites. If itchy welts are keeping you up at night, a good mosquito bite reliever can help you get a little rest.

There’s a wide range of mosquito bite relievers on the market, so finding the right one for your bites can be a challenge.

At BestReviews, we’re all about frustration-free shopping. If you’re looking for a mosquito bite reliever that really works, our shopping guide has plenty of helpful shopping tips.

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Only female mosquitoes bite. Males lack the ability to suck blood because they don’t need the extra protein to produce eggs.

Mosquito bites 101

When a mosquito bites you (pierces your skin with its mouthparts), it draws out some of your blood and leaves behind saliva. This saliva contains proteins, an anticoagulant, and other substances that your body doesn’t recognize, so your immune system springs into action.

In reaction to the bite, your immune system sends histamine to the area, which helps bring white blood cells to the spot to promote healing. It’s the histamine in your system that causes the redness, swelling, and itching associated with mosquito bites.

The length of time you experience symptoms from a mosquito bite typically depends on the size of the bite and your immune system. In most cases, a bite can last anywhere from several hours to a few days. Scratching at a mosquito bite can prolong its duration.

Mosquito bite reliever type


Most mosquito bite relievers are topical creams, ointments, gels, or liquids you apply directly to the bite to counteract the histamines. Creams and ointments are thicker and can take some time to be absorbed by the skin. Gels and liquids have a thinner consistency that sinks into the skin quickly and isn’t prone to flaking off.

The benefit of a topical mosquito bite reliever is that it can be reapplied throughout the day as long as the bite still itches. These treatments also often work to relieve the itching and swelling caused by other insect bites, poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.

Many mosquito bite relievers have a strong medicinal scent that some users don’t like. Fortunately, there are also some odor-free mosquito bite treatments.

Topical treatments are available in a variety of packaging types.

  • Tubes: Most creams, ointments, and gels are available in squeeze tubes that enable you to dispense the precise amount of product you need to treat your bites.

  • Bottles: Liquid formulas in bottles can be dispense onto a cotton pad or ball and applied to the bite.

  • Pen: Some liquid and gel formulas are also available in a pen-like container. You press the applicator tip to your skin to dispense the treatment to the bite.

  • Ampules: Some liquid formulas come in ampules that contain a single swab. You simply open the tube to remove the swab and wipe it over the bite. These are very portable and a good option for taking along on hikes or to the beach.


If you don’t like the idea of applying a topical mosquito bite reliever to your skin, you can find tools designed to suck the mosquito saliva out of the bite to provide relief. These can be used on other bug bites, too, including ant, wasp, and bee. However, these tools are usually only effective if you use them within the first 12 hours after being bitten.

Price: Mosquito bite reliever tools usually range from $8 to $11.

Expert tip
Apply cream or gel to the affected area and let it dry.
BestReviews Medical Expert

Active ingredients

A variety of active ingredients help treat the itching and swelling associated with mosquito bites. Some common ones in mosquito bite relievers include the following:


These are compounds that help counteract the histamine your body sends to the bite. They reduce the itching, swelling, and redness associated with mosquito bites or other types of rash or skin irritation.

Price: Antihistamine mosquito bite reliever treatments typically cost between $7 and $21.


This topical steroid helps reduce redness, swelling, and inflammation of the skin. It works well not just for mosquito bites but also for allergic reactions, eczema, and other skin irritations.

Price: Hydrocortisone mosquito bite reliever treatments generally range from $6 to $13.

Expert Tip
Store mosquito bite reliever ointments at room temperature.
BestReviews Medical Expert

Zinc oxide

This compound helps reduce the itching and burning of mosquito and other bug bites. It doesn’t help with swelling or inflammation.

Price: Zinc oxide mosquito bite reliever treatments usually cost between $5 and $15.


This local anesthetic helps relieve itching or pain resulting from mosquito bites. It essentially numbs the affected area to help you feel more comfortable, but it doesn’t reduce the swelling.

Price: Pramoxine mosquito bite reliever treatments generally cost between $6 and $24.

Tea tree oil

This is an essential oil that has historically been used to relieve the itching from mosquito bites, though there's no research to verify its efficacy. Do not use tea tree oil for children under 12, and if your symptoms worsen or last longer than one week, contact a qualified healthcare provider.

Price: Tea tree oil mosquito bite reliever treatments typically range from $5 to $16


  • Apply a cold compress first. Apply a cold compress to a mosquito bite for about ten minutes before you use a mosquito bite reliever to more quickly reduce the itching and swelling.

  • Apply a mosquito bite reliever soon after you’re bitten. You’ll typically get better results the sooner you start treatment.

  • Don’t scratch. After you apply a mosquito bite reliever, avoid scratching the bite. Scratching will only make it itch more and might even cause an infection.
Expert tip
Do not apply more than the instructed amount of reliever and do not apply it more frequently than the product recommends.
BestReviews Medical Expert
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Children, people with compromised immune systems, and others who haven’t been exposed to certain species of mosquito before are more likely to experience a severe reaction to mosquito bites.


Q. Is it safe to use a mosquito bite reliever without seeing a doctor?

A. Mosquito bites can be very annoying, but they’re not a particularly dangerous health issue. Using a mosquito bite reliever can help soothe the itchiness, redness, and swelling within a day or two. However, if you develop a fever, vomiting, or shortness of breath after a mosquito bite, seek medical help immediately.

Q. What’s the best way to apply a mosquito bite reliever?

A. To reduce the risk of infection, wash the bite with antibacterial soap and water. Dry the area completely with a clean towel, and then apply the mosquito bite reliever directly to the affected spot. Avoid spreading the cream, lotion, gel, or liquid too far beyond the bite itself.

Q. How long does it take to see results from a mosquito bite reliever?

A. It depends on the product and the symptoms you’re experiencing. Swelling and inflammation can take a few days to go away even with a mosquito bite reliever, but many products provide nearly instant relief from the itching. Antihistamine and pramoxine products work very quickly.