August 10, 2022

Best gifts for plant lovers

People who enjoy cultivating plants are inspired by watching them sprout, grow, and thrive. A gift that appeals to their pursuit of a green thumb is especially meaningful. 


If you’re shopping for a plant lover, you have a lot of options. Gifts that aid in the care of plants are convenient for anyone who gardens or grows houseplants. Essentials such as pots, plant food, gardening gloves, and tools also make thoughtful presents. In addition, you can opt for plant-themed home decor items or live or faux plants for the plant lover in your life. 

Plant care

Colapz Collapsible 2-Gallon Watering Can


For outdoor plants or large potted plants, this collapsible watering can features a spout attachment that makes watering a breeze. It has an innovative dual design so it can double as a can and a bucket. Plus, it has built-in storage for the necessary accessories in its base.


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Feemic Indoor Plant Watering Globes


When watering cans just don’t cut it, these handblown glass watering globes are a convenient, practical substitute for houseplants that might otherwise be neglected. Once filled with water, these globes automatically detect when the soil is dry and release the right amount of water to keep plants healthy and green. They're also decorative, making them a nice touch for aesthetic gardens.


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Fiskars Steel Bypass Pruning Shears


Whether they’re growing flowers, vegetables, shrubs, or have a small herb garden, these high-quality, sturdy pruning shears are a must. They cleanly cut through stems and branches up to 5/8 inches thick, making them suitable for cultivating and maintaining a garden. They have self-cleaning sap grooves that keep the blades from sticking, as well as an ergonomic, nonslip grip.


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Fanhao Garden Tools Set


Included in this gardening tool set are a garden fork, scoop, and transplanter. Each tool has a nonslip ergonomic handle and is designed to make gardening easier than ever. The blades are made from durable stainless steel and are resistant to corrosion. The transplanter has markings indicating the right planting depth, while the fork makes breaking up compact soil effortless. All in all, this is a great set for small or medium-sized outdoor gardens.


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Burpee Premium Organic Potting Mix


Formulated for indoor and outdoor container gardens, this 9-quart bag of organic potting mix has excellent moisture retention and is enriched to help plants germinate and mature. It's suitable for growing anything, from herbs to flowers to small vegetables. It's also lightweight and doesn't need to be broken up, making it ready to use immediately.


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Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All-Purpose Plant Food


Soil quality can vary immensely, but with this all-purpose plant food, plant lovers can make sure their garden receives the nutrients it needs to grow lush and healthy. Made for vegetables, shrubs, and flowering plants, this fertilizer has a smart-release system that keeps working for up to four months after application. When used as directed, it's safe for plants at any stage of growth.


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Pure Enrichment MistAire Studio Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


Many indoor plants can benefit from a small humidifier that keeps them cool and moist on hot, dry days. This one is compact enough to fit into any space, including portable and small outdoor greenhouses. It features two mist settings, 10 hours of runtime, and an automatic shut-off feature to save on energy.


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Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light


Every plant has its preferences and needs when it comes to light, but some plants need a little extra help. With this commercial-grade, energy-efficient grow light, they can provide full coverage of any indoor plants to assure they get the light they need. It has different settings, including dimmable lights, and offers a lot of customization.


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Ozero Leather Work Gloves


A pair of reliable gardening gloves is an essential part of plant care, as they can keep hands safe from prickly plants, splinters, insect bites, and more. Not only are these leather gloves durable and flexible, but they’re also highly versatile, making them suited to any gardening task, from weeding to transplanting.


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Purism Style Glass Bottle Plant Mister


For gardeners who prefer a more tactile experience, this handheld plant mister ensures any plants that require high humidity thrive wherever they are. It has a vintage aesthetic and comes in five color options, including green and gold. The uniquely designed nozzle sprays evenly and is gentle enough for even the most delicate plants.


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Atree 3-in-1 Soil Tester Kit


New and experienced gardeners alike need something to test the soil their plants are growing in, which is where this soil tester kit comes in. It's easy to test the composition of the soil as well as its acidity or alkalinity so they know when their plants need extra nutrients or fertilizer, light, or moisture. It doesn't require a battery and is user-friendly. Plus, it only takes about 10 minutes to get results.


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SupKing 9-Pack Plant Saucers


Available in 6-, 8-, and 10-inch sizes, this nine-pack of plastic plant drip trays is handy for indoor and outdoor plants. Each tray is designed to keep excess water from spilling out, while reducing the risk of root rot. They work well as the base for any potted plant and can protect indoor or patio furniture and the floor from moisture.


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Natria Neem Oil Spray For Plants


Even indoor plants are susceptible to pests and disease, but this organic multipurpose spray makes it easy to say goodbye to harmful insects such as spider mites, whiteflies, fruit flies, midges, and aphids. It's formulated to be safe on plants that produce fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs. Plus, it can help protect plants from certain diseases such as black spot and powdery mildew.


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AgFabric Heavy Floating Row Cover


This lightweight plant cover is designed to protect seeds and plants from harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rains, high heat, and wind. It keeps in moisture and heat, meaning it can help speed up the seed germination process. Plus, it's easy to tear or cut into the right shape and size.


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iPower Plant Heating Pad


Designed for large gardens, this heating mat can warm the soil and keep it at a consistent temperature to help seeds germinate quickly into healthy seedlings. It's durable, energy-efficient, and has a discreet cord. It's also multilayered to be waterproof.


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Other top deals in this space

  • A rechargeable handheld trimmer that can cut grass or manicure hedges with ease
  • Trays with pebbles are not only decorative, they can add moisture to the air and keep plants healthy and happy
  • An ergonomic hand weeder for handling precision tasks and removing those pesky weeds that might choke a plant’s roots
  • Spring-loaded for ease of use and extremely sharp, these gardening scissors are convenient for trimming and shaping flowering plants
  • A garden hose that doesn’t kink is necessary for keeping outdoor plants lush

Plants and home decor 

Live plants 

Unique Gardener Wildflower Blooms Terrarium


In addition to a beautiful glass terrarium, this kit comes with wildflowers that produce an array of colorful blooms. Once planted, the flowers begin blooming in approximately a month. The terrarium can be placed on a surface near a window to keep the blooms thriving. 


Sold by Home Depot 



Costa Farms Live Little Swiss Monstera Plant


Also called a Swiss cheese plant, this live Monstera plant gets its name for the small holes in the leaves. It’s a beautiful houseplant that looks great in a stylish pot. It comes with instructions so its new owner knows how to provide proper care. 


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Shop Succulents Assorted Air Plants


Air plants don’t require soil to grow and are easy to care for, so they make great gifts for anyone who likes plants but doesn’t have much time or space to nurture them. This set includes eight different live air plants of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Care instructions are included with the collection. 


Sold by Home Depot and Amazon 



Costa Farms Live Aloe Vera Plants


Anyone who appreciates plants needs an aloe vera plant or two in their collection. These live plants are approximately 10 inches tall and come in grow pots. One of the reasons that aloe vera is a popular houseplant is that it tends to grow with minimal care — watering them every few days and placing them in bright sunlight. 


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Artificial plants and dried flowers 

George Oliver Artificial Snake Plant


Although artificial, this snake plant looks like the real thing. It’s handcrafted with attention to detail and includes an attractive pot. At 31 inches in height, it’s a versatile accent piece for a corner or tabletop. 


Sold by Wayfair



Andover Mills Wisteria 


Artificial flowers make a thoughtful gift for the plant lover who likes to have blooms around their house long after the growing season has ended. This bouquet of wisteria looks pretty in a vase. It’s approximately 19 inches tall and nine inches wide. It comes in a choice of pink, white, or lavender. 


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Dried Flowers Bouquet Dried Colorful Flower Bouquet


Purple, pink, yellow, white, and more — this lovely dried bouquet is colorful and packed with a variety of flowers. It makes a nice gift to pair with a decorative vase or pot. Choose from small, medium, and large bouquets for your special plant lover. 


Sold by Etsy



MagicDecor Dried Pampas Grass


Many plant lovers enjoy decorating with natural flowers such as pampas grass that lasts once it’s dried. This 85-piece set includes natural and white pampas grass, plus natural and white bunny tails and reed grass that are made for creating beautiful arrangements. 


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Decorative touches  

Trendspot 12-Inch Multicolor Bella Ceramic Planter


This stylish pot is crafted of ceramic and features a hand-glazed finish with an artistic design. It looks pretty with live plants on a porch or patio, and can also be used as an indoor accent piece with artificial plants placed inside. The 12-inch size is just right for many types of plants. 


Sold by Home Depot



Mkono 3-Piece Small Hanging Glass Terrariums 


Although small, these stylish hanging glass terrariums have panels for airflow so plants can thrive. Each one has a different geometric shape that complements any room’s decor. They’re suitable for small plants such as air plants and mini cacti. 


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Mariaela Pressed Flowers


A work of art with natural flowers, this beautiful handmade piece features real pressed flowers in glass. The dimensions are 12 inches wide and 8.25 inches high. It’s a unique spray of flowers that will always be in bloom for your favorite plant lover. 


Sold by Etsy



ShopLaLa Succulent Wall Decor Planter


Any plant enthusiast will appreciate this sturdily crafted plant holder that’s made of durable wood. It’s designed to hold real plants such as succulents and air plants. The fact that it's made to be placed on a wall makes it a smart gift for the plant lover with limited space. 


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Ferrisland Glass Plant Terrarium


This attractive, compact terrarium is a fun addition to any plant hobbyist’s desk, window, table, or bookshelf. At 10 inches in height, it provides enough growing space for small cacti, aloe vera, air plants, and more. 


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Wrought Studio Winkler 8.5-Inch Glass Table Vase


A real or faux bouquet will look fabulous in this eye-catching glass vase that sports a vibrant blue color. It has a stylish, artsy design that pairs well with other room decor. It’s a thoughtful option for anyone who loves to grow and display flowers. 


Sold by Wayfair



Nearly Natural Silk Pothos with Decorative Vase


This beautiful plant grabs attention with its realistic appearance. It’s a good choice for the plant enthusiast who doesn’t have time to care for real houseplants. An attractive rattan vase is included with purchase. 


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La Jolie Muse Hanging Planters


These hanging planters can turn any plant into a show-stopping focal point. While they look like stone or marble, they're actually made from recycled plastic and natural stone powder. The light material means they can be hung both indoors and outdoors. They come in three colors and two sizes.


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Novogratz Athena Marble Plant Stand


Plant enthusiasts are always looking for the next surface to set a plant on, and this sturdy indoor plant stand gives them plenty of space to do so. It has a versatile design suited to any room and comes with three tiers that can each hold up to four pounds. It's sold in black and white marble. 


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Other top deals in this space

  • A stunning bouquet of dried lavender that smells as good as it looks
  • Table vases of various sizes that can be used to display artificial or real flowers
  • Unique terrarium bulbs that grow plants using hydroponic technology and include a stand for showcasing plants
  • An artificial palm tree that brings a tropical touch to any room
  • A unique live plant with a beautiful planter that can be placed in any sunny room or in an outdoor living space during the warm seasons of the year

Accessories for plant lovers 

Ink Inc. Vintage Botanical Prints


Plants have a soothing effect whether growing wild in a garden, potted in a planter, or framed in the living room. This gorgeous set of botanical prints features six vintage-style illustrations that bring a touch of elegance to any space. They’re sold unframed, so they can customize the look and feel of the prints with a set of frames to match their decor.


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"Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers," by Jessica Roux


This charming, gorgeously illustrated book makes for a fantastic coffee table book or gift. It's filled with beautiful illustrations of flowers and explores the origin and meaning behind a vast array of flowers and herbs. It also shows how to pair flowers to create coded messages.


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Pinky Up Cactus Mug


Treat your special plant lover to a fun new mug for their daily coffee or tea ritual. This one's quite unique, as it features a cute 3D cactus design, complete with a pink flower on the handle for some delightful detail. Its large ergonomic handle and 10-ounce capacity make it the right size for home or office use. Plus, it's very sturdy.


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Unwind Lavender Gift Set


Lavender is known for its sweet scent and soothing properties, and this gift set makes a thoughtful choice for anyone who needs to relax and destress. It not only comes with a super soft sleep mask, a snooze-inducing pillow spray, and a delicately scented soy candle, but it also includes a grow kit to help them grow their own calming lavender plant.


Sold by Uncommon Goods



Mevecco Birth Flower Necklace 


Beautiful for any occasion, this dainty necklace is plated with 18-karat gold and can be customized according to their birth month. It has a detailed floral design engraved on a lovely solid disk that goes well with everything. It also comes in a box with a polishing cloth.


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Zoe Tang Terrarium Candle


Candles can create a serene ambiance. These scented candles feature incredibly realistic faux terrarium plants that are almost too pretty to burn. Made with soy wax and infused with premium fragrance oil, they're hand-poured, smell amazing, and look lovely on any countertop. Choose between a detailed poppy (jasmine and white tea) and a cacti trio (pine and vanilla).


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DII French Country Botanical Printed Woven Throw


No matter what time of year it is, a soft throw blanket is always appreciated. Made with 100% cotton, this versatile throw makes for a comfy addition to any room. Both practical and stylish, it's also well-made and will last for years. Its easy-care fabric is a breeze to wash and won't pill, shrink, or wrinkle.  


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FASHGL It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Plants T-Shirt


This comfy T-shirt is a funny gift for the plant parent who just can't stop buying more plants. With a witty "It's not hoarding if it's plants" slogan on the front, it's a nod to their insatiable obsession with all things green. It comes in a cotton-poly blend that feels soft and stretchy and is sold in six colors.


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Allcener Mug Tree


Give them a place to put their favorite mugs and cups on display with this branch-shaped mug tree. The classic wood finish complements a variety of color schemes and kitchen styles. It's small but sturdy and will take up minimal space on the countertop. It’s also easy to put together. 


Sold by Amazon 



Gardener’s Harvest Basket


If they're always in their garden tending to fresh fruits and veggies, surprise them with this traditional garden basket that boasts a sturdy pine and wire design to store the season's harvests. Its mesh bottom makes it easier to hose down the gathered produce to get rid of mud and dust. It comes in standard and personalized versions. 


Sold by Uncommon Goods



Kayel Botanical Tapestry


A tapestry is not just versatile, but it also makes a gorgeous piece of wall art. This plant-inspired tapestry can pull any room together while making a statement. It's made of a soft, lightweight polyester fabric that's durable and easy to clean. The quality of the print is excellent. 


Sold by Amazon 



Galison Houseplant Jungle 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Plant lovers will adore this 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle that features a colorful collage of more than 50 plants. The pieces are clear and crisp with tons of detail, and the colors are bright and accurate. They also fit together neatly with no puzzle dust. It makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves puzzles and plants. 


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Peter Pauper Press Watercolor Succulents Journal


This succulent-themed journal has a beautiful design that will inspire them to jot down creative ideas. It features thick, premium paper that’s lightly lined to accommodate notes, diary entries, or sketches. It also has a handy storage pocket at the back to tuck notes, favorite photos, receipts, and more. 


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Other top deals in this space


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