August 10, 2022

Best gifts for new dads

By Angela Garretson

If you know someone who’s about to become a dad for the first time, there are plenty of essentials they’re going to need as they embark on this new, sleep-deprived chapter of their life. From parenting books to a machine that makes strong coffee, practical gifts are a thoughtful way to prepare them for what’s to come.  


But not all gifts for the first-time dad have to be serious. There’s nothing wrong with giving the new dad a humorous gift that will be memorable. Just remember that if you’re considering an embarrassingly funny gift and that if you may also be a first-time parent at some point in the future, what goes around comes around.

For the first month

Kitchen items

SassyCups Dad Fuel Tumbler


A new dad running on caffeine will love this stainless steel tumbler. It’s durable and has a stylish matte black finish with a fun phrase. The insulated body keeps Dad’s beverages warm or cold when he doesn't have time to drink them in one sitting.


Sold by Amazon 



Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine


This espresso machine is a great gift for new dads who like stronger coffee and enjoy making espresso drinks. It’s more affordable than some other espresso machines, and its milk frother lets Dad make a wider variety of beverages.


Sold by Amazon


Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker


This coffee machine is a hit for new dads who need to make coffee, tea, and other drinks quickly while caring for a newborn. It’s easy to use and has simple controls that alert Dad when it’s time to clean the machine or add water. The Keurig machine works with a variety of beverage pods, offers three drink sizes, and has a large water reservoir.


Sold by Amazon


Cosori Air Fryer


This air fryer for Dad makes it easier for him to prepare meals during newborn care and Mom’s recovery from delivery. The versatile kitchen tool has a variety of functions, including baking and roasting, and it has straightforward controls for cooking a range of foods. It can also be operated from a phone or voice assistant device.


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Books and frames

Man vs. Child: One Dad’s Guide to the Weirdness of Parenting


This parenting book for Dad helps through the stages of pregnancy and parenting children of all ages. The book features a newborn section for the start of fatherhood. It can be a quick reference for advice or add some humor to Dad’s day.


Sold by Amazon



Letters to You: A Modern Heirloom Memory Book


A child would love to one day read letters from their dad that he started at the beginning of fatherhood. This journal offers 144 pages for journaling and features quotes and drawings. It has a beautiful and simple cover and a silk bookmark.


Sold by Amazon



Walk With Me: A Father’s Story


This is another great book that can be passed onto a child one day. Dad can use this journal to tell his own life story for his baby to read when they’re older and keep forever. It offers questions for Dad to answer, a family tree, and drawing and recipe sections.


Sold by Amazon


Oak Letters Customizable Father’s Day Picture Frame


This wooden frame goes with many decor styles and has space for two pictures. The middle of the frame is a soft felt letterboard so Dad or the gift-giver can customize it with a phrase or names. It comes with 160 white letters and symbols.


Sold by Amazon


Clothing and accessories

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Sport Brycen Chronograph Watch


This men’s watch from a trusted brand can help a new dad keep track of time and baby’s schedule. It’s made of durable titanium and uses light to power the rechargeable battery. It can get wet up to 100 meters deep and has gray and blue accents.


Sold by Amazon


PajamaGram Classic Men’s Pajamas


A new dad might be lounging in cozy clothes at home for the first part of his newborn baby’s life. This comfortable men’s pajama set comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns and is made of soft cotton. The long-sleeve top and pants are machine washable and stylish with a loose fit.


Sold by Amazon


Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Robe


This comfortable men’s robe is soft and luxurious. It offers full coverage with an ankle length and is great for skin-to-skin contact in those first days with his newborn baby. The robe comes with a belt and has deep pockets.


Sold by Amazon



DadBod Apparel DB Dad Vibes Hat


Dad can let everyone know he’s entered fatherhood with this stylish hat that matches well with most casual clothing. The hat has an adjustable snap back and a genuine leather patch on the front. The store sells matching hats for kids, so Dad can match with his little ones.


Sold by Amazon


Comfort and convenience

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


Dad can relax in a chair with this massage pillow. It helps to soothe sore muscles and relieve tension and stress. The pillow is easily portable around the house and heats up for extra comfort. It can also be used in the car or at work.


Sold by Amazon


High Speed Daddy Baby Diaper Bag Backpack


This diaper bag for Dad has convenient features and organization to make his life easier in the first month. It’s made with military-grade fabric and has a wipe dispenser, stroller buckles, a variety of pockets, and insulated compartments for bottles. The bag comes in seven colors.


Sold by Amazon


Diono Carus Complete 4-in-1 Baby Carrier


Dad can carry his new baby in style with this comfortable baby carrier. The carrier fits babies from newborn up to 33 pounds. It can be worn on the front or back and doubles as a backpack for storing essentials.


Sold by Amazon


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First Father’s Day gifts


PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer


Keep Dad and the family safe with this sanitizer that houses germicidal UV-C bulbs designed to kill 99.99% of all germs and bacteria while charging the phone. As a bonus, it sanitizes anything that fits, including keys or a pacifier.


Sold by Amazon


Tile Pro Tracker


This two-pack of Bluetooth trackers is helpful for keeping track of keys at home when the new dad is too tired to remember where he put them. Use the app to ring the Tile when it’s within range or view the Tile’s most recent location when it’s outside of Bluetooth range.


Sold by Amazon


Roku Ultra


As the newest and fastest Roku player ever, this streaming device is packed with improved features, including private listening with headphones (so Dad doesn’t wake the baby), hands-free voice controls, and a rechargeable battery. The lost remote finder feature ensures the remote is never lost again.


Sold by Amazon


Echo Auto


Whether Dad is driving to doctor’s appointments or trying to lull the baby to sleep in the car, this hands-free assistant can help him stay focused on the road. It connects to Alexa and can play music, make calls, and set reminders without lifting a finger.


Sold by Amazon


Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones


Whether Dad needs a moment of quiet or wants to watch a show without waking the baby, these headphones are up to the task. They feature pure adaptive noise canceling to block external noise and up to 22 hours of battery life for less frequent charging.


Sold by Amazon



Ray-Ban Classic Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses


Dads can still look cool, thanks to these classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. They offer 100% UV protection to keep eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays. With a variety of frame and lens color options, the glasses can match any style.


Sold by Amazon


Grunt Style Dad Defined Hoodie


With a tagless and itch-free design, this “Dad” hoodie is designed for ultimate comfort. It’s made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is machine washable, so dads don’t have to worry about spit-up or any other messes. 


Sold by Amazon


Hoka One One Men’s Ora Recovery Slides


Spoil Dad with comfort and support by gifting these recovery slides. These slides are cushy whether Dad just finished running a race or is rocking the baby to sleep. Plus, they have the seal of acceptance from The American Podiatric Medical Association for being beneficial to foot health.  


Sold by Amazon


Cameras and phone accessories

Polaroid 600 Close Up Instant Camera


With its foldable design, Dad can take this camera out on a walk with the stroller or on vacation. The close-up lens can focus on people or objects as close as two feet away with sharp detail. In addition, it uses film designed specifically for vintage cameras.


Sold by Amazon 


Pocket Tripod Wallet-Size iPhone Tripod


This tripod is compact, features an adjustable tilt angle similar to a full-size tripod, and is straightforward to operate for selfies, time lapses, and more with his new baby. Its patented design doesn’t block the mic, meaning voices are clear during Zoom calls.


Sold by Amazon


GoPro Hero 9


Help new dads capture the best of every adventure, whether it's with the family or on a guys' trip. This GoPro shoots video with up to 5K resolution to capture sharp, lifelike images and stunning detail. It also has a 30% longer battery life than previous models.


Sold by Amazon 


Grooming and self-care

Braun Series 5 Electric Razor


Make it effortless for Dad to groom with this rechargeable electric razor. It has three flexible blades with auto-sense technology that automatically adapt to beard density for a cleaner shave. It works wet or dry and features a beard trimmer and body groomer.


Sold by Amazon



Chanel Bleu De Chanel Cologne


Cologne is always a hit on Father’s Day. This earthy, woody fragrance is perfect for new dads who are looking to feel their best. The scent intensifies with body warmth and lasts the longest when it’s not rubbed or dabbed.


Sold by Sephora



Kindle Paperwhite


Whether Dad wants to read in bed with the baby or at the beach, the Kindle Paperwhite is compact enough for travel and waterproof to withstand immersion in water. With up to 10 weeks of battery life, it will last for the best parts of the book.


Sold by Amazon


Highwild Hammock Chair 


It's hard not to be relaxed in this hanging hammock chair featuring two comfortable canvas fabric cushions perfect for cuddling with a baby. The sturdy steel spreader bar provides stability, while the anti-slip rings prevent the rope from slipping. It can support up to 500 pounds.


Sold by Amazon



Hatch Restore Sound Machine


This alarm clock can help Dad sleep better and wake up naturally, even with a newborn. Every feature is customizable, from personalizing a routine to fall asleep and stay asleep to choosing lights and sound. Control it by touch or using the app.


Sold by Amazon 


Modern Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand


Even the Dad who has it all will be surprised and delighted with this cocktail kit. It includes everything needed to mix drinks, including a bottle opener, bar spoon, double jigger, hawthorne strainer, cocktail strainer, wooden stand, ice tongs, and recipe cards.  


Sold by Amazon


Putt-A-Bout Par Three Golf Putting Green


If Dad can’t make it to the golf course, bring the golf course to him. This par three practice putting green is kidney-shaped, features a high-quality putting surface that stays smooth, and a non-skid backing so it stays put.


Sold by Amazon


Other top first First Father's Day deals 

Funny and unique gifts 



7 Tees ”I’m Really Into Cars(eats)” T-Shirt


New dads often find that it can be tough to find time for many of their hobbies, such as repairing and diagnosing car problems or working on old cars. If this describes the new dad you know, this T-shirt lets Dad show that he still loves cars, but he now loves car seats and car safety even more, thanks to the baby.


Sold by Etsy


Father's Day By Design “Today’s Mission: Keep the Tiny Human Alive” T-Shirt


Caring for a baby can be intimidating for new dads. It can be difficult to remember everything that’s required to keep the baby safe, fed, and clean. Ultimately, though, the primary thing Dad must do for the baby can be summed up in the message on this funny T-shirt. 


Sold by Amazon


InterestPrint Custom Face Socks


A new dad will love these socks covered in his baby’s face. The socks are comfortable to wear around the house and remind Dad of his newborn if he works away from home. They come in a variety of colors and designs and are machine washable.


Sold by Amazon


DLR Father and Daughter Hunting T-Shirt


New dads have a lot of excitement about the various activities they can do with the baby down the road. For a new dad who enjoys hunting, it’s always nice to remind him that both sons and daughters can have an interest in eventually going to the hunting blind with Dad, using this funny T-shirt.


Sold by Amazon


Zoey's Attic Matching Dad T-Shirt and Onesie: “Couch Potato and Tater Tot”


Let’s face it — most new dads have very little interest in dressing up in matching outfits with the baby, even though everyone else in the family wants to see it. You should have a better chance of convincing Dad to match clothing with the new baby when the two clothing items have these funny phrases on them.


Sold by Etsy


Tstars "You Can Do This Dad” Infant Onesie


If you’re trying to instill confidence in a new dad regarding dressing the baby, this kids’ onesie contains all the instructions Dad needs to know about which limb and body part goes into which hole. Once the new dad can dress the baby properly, the sky's the limit.


Sold by Amazon



The Wonderfully Bad Book of Dad Jokes


For some new dads, one of the things they’re looking forward to most is being able to tell terrible dad jokes. If this describes the new dad you’re purchasing a gift for, this book may not be necessary. But if your new dad needs an introduction to the world of dad jokes, this book is sufficiently full of terrible puns.


Sold by Amazon


The Baby Owner’s Manual


New dads who love working on electronics or cars may be big fans of delving into owner’s manuals. If this describes your new dad, this book includes a number of facts and ideas about how to fix problems that the baby may be having, all in the style of an owner’s manual that should be easy to understand.


Sold by Amazon


Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada


Secretly, all dads want their new son or daughter to eventually say “Dada” as the first spoken word. (They may not admit it, but they’re doing everything they can to make this happen). This book provides some funny ideas for trying to encourage baby to say “Dada” ASAP.


Sold by Amazon



Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes


Give the gift of laughter to a new dad with this book featuring corny dad jokes. The book can lighten Dad’s day or give him new material to share with family and friends.


Sold by Amazon


Joke gifts

WackyWhims Poop Emoji Stress Ball


Becoming a new dad involves a lot of great things, but one of the things the parenting books rarely mention involves poop. Babies can poop anywhere at any time — they can shoot poop through their clothing, and their poop can be any odor and color. If your new dad needs to learn to love (or at least tolerate) poop, having this stress ball on his desk is a good reminder of what he’ll be dealing with daily for the next couple of years.


Sold by Amazon


Dad Joke Button


If your new dad is a terrible joke teller, he’s well on his way to being a dad joke expert. However, while he’s working on the perfect tone for his delivery, he can press this dad joke button to have the button tell an audible joke for him. More than 50 jokes are available.


Sold by Amazon


Vichona Daddy’s Turn or Mommy’s Turn Flip Coin


When a baby needs something, new parents may work out a system of taking turns. However, at 3 a.m., it can be tough to remember whose turn it is. This coin gives each of you a 50/50 chance of being chosen to answer the bell or to return to glorious slumber.


Sold by Amazon


Unique sentimental gifts

Feelmem Golf Keychain for Dad from Daughter


When a new dad loves golf, having a baby can cut into the time for this hobby. However, this keychain can be a reminder that within a few years, he can begin teaching his daughter golf and fall in love with the game all over again.


Sold by Amazon


Ambregrissun “Walk Alongside Me, Daddy” Wallet Insert Card


Becoming a new dad generates a lifetime of memories and feelings of joy. When you want to give your new dad a reminder of just how important he is in the baby's life forever, this card contains a sentimental message and fits inside Dad’s wallet.


Sold by Amazon


Letters to My Baby Boy Notebook


As a new dad watches his baby grow, he goes through a wide range of feelings, many of which he may never have known were possible. Through this blank journal, the new dad can write messages to the baby, record thoughts and feelings, or just jot down funny moments that the two of them can share down the road.


Sold by Amazon


I Love You, Daddy


Having a child changes you forever, leading to laughter, tears of joy, and countless other emotions. This sentimental book with some funny twists spells out the experiences the new dad will have, while also providing a favorite book to share with the baby at bedtime for many years.


Sold by Amazon


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