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Best Electric Wine Openers

Updated February 2024
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Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer Cordless Wine Opener
Vacuum Sealer Cordless Wine Opener
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Trusted Brand
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This lightweight electric opener is a crowd favorite that features a vacuum sealer and impressive battery life.


Capable of uncorking up to 80 bottles on 1 charge, and recharges again quickly. Vacuum sealer function preserves unfinished bottles and maintains freshness. Includes foil cutter stored in charging base.


Breaks or begins to lose charge after some months of extensive use.

Best Bang for the Buck
Oster Cordless Electric Wine Opener
Cordless Electric Wine Opener
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Bargain Choice
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Sleek and stylish functionality at an unbeatable price.


Aesthetically pleasing, modern convenience at an affordable price. Fuss-free rechargeable battery opens up to 30 bottles per charge. Includes foil cutter. Soft grip handle for added comfort. Reliable, trusted brand. Three colors to choose from.


Solid corkscrew shell. Some issues with overall battery life.

Secura Cordless Electric Wine Opener
Cordless Electric Wine Opener
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A superior electric wine opener with state-of-the-art features.


Stylish and elegant stainless steel construction. Includes foil cutter. Convenient transparent corkscrew compartment. Rechargeable battery and charging base. Blue LED light activated when in use or charging. Opens up to 30 bottles per charge.


Not everyone is a fan of the LED light.

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener
Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener
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Versatile Use
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A popular wine opener that works well on both synthetic and natural corks.


Ergonomic design for improved grip. Easy to use. Transparent corkscrew shell with blue lighting provides a complete visual experience. All-inclusive set comes with a wine pourer, stopper, and removable lid that doubles as a foil cutter.


Comes with a charging plug rather than a base/docking station.

Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener
Hamilton Beach
Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener
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Simple Yet Solid
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This electric bottle opener has a sleek design and a foil cutter.


It's easy to use, simply requiring the touch of a button to operate. It's cordless, and portable, and the foil cutter removes foil quickly and stores it in the base. It can open up to 30 bottles on a full charge. The handles have an ergonomic, non-slip design.


Some reports of having to use it several times on tight corks.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best electric wine openers

There may come a day when screw top wine bottles rule the world, but until then, the seemingly simple yet often arduous task of uncorking that prized pinot noir still comes down to finding a good corkscrew. Some may still use the classic manual with deceptive ease, but for the majority, an electric opener (battery operated, often rechargeable) is a blessing.

As well as being quick and easy, these will automatically center over the cork, and can cope with the variety of synthetic substances that are used for corkage without tearing or breaking and spoiling the wine. So, no more tug of war with the wine bottle and the screw.

We looked at the best options in a wide range of prices, so check to see which extra features might be important to you — such as built-in thermometers or ergonomic design. There’s a variety of aesthetics, so consider how they will look as part of your barware.

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Most electric wine openers open bottles quickly – in just a few seconds – making them a more efficient option compared to manual units.

Who needs an electric wine opener?

So what are the advantages of an electric wine opener over a manual one? Here are a few good reasons to spend a bit of extra money on an electric model.

  • They are easy to use. Electrically powered wine openers require much less effort than traditional wine openers. While a manual opener forces the user to put in some elbow grease to pull out the cork, an electric unit is an excellent choice for those who have limited strength (e.g., those with arthritis).

  • They are safe. Have you ever tugged so hard to get a cork out of a wine bottle that you smack yourself in the face? Or perhaps in all the yanking and pulling you dropped the wine bottle on the floor? An electric wine opener makes the process of uncorking much less hazardous and relatively free of mishaps.

  • They are quick. Using an electric opener makes the process of uncorking much speedier. Need to open up several bottles of wine for a dinner party or event? An electric wine opener does the job of a manual device in a fraction of the time.

  • They look great on display. Purely form over function, but most electric wine openers are beautifully designed and look great sitting on a bar cart or on your kitchen counter.
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Did you know?
Some models come equipped with accessories, making them a wonderful all-in-one gift for the wine lover in your life.

Electric wine opener considerations

While an electric wine opener is a fairly simple device, there are a few features to pay attention to when shopping for one.


This is mainly important for storage purposes. Electric wine openers are traditionally larger than manual units, so you’ll need to consider where you plan on keeping the device. If you are going to set it out on your counter, opt for a unit that comes with a base or a stand. Larger openers aren’t necessarily more powerful, so if you have plenty of space to keep your new opener, size shouldn’t really be a concern.

"Some high-tech electric openers feature digital displays so you can open your bottles and get a temperature reading, too."

Power source

Electric wine openers are battery powered so you won’t need to fiddle with an electrical cord when trying to open a bottle of wine. Some are outfitted with a built-in rechargeable battery. Others take standard AA or AAA batteries.

If you opt for a rechargeable unit, look into what the charging base looks like and how big it is. Not all models come with a charging base, so if you want to put your opener on display, make sure one is included. Many manufacturers advertise battery life by letting you know how many bottles can be opened on a single charge.

If you want to open many bottles of wine without having to replace or recharge batteries, look for an opener that advertises itself as being able to open at least 30 bottles with a single charge. That way, you’ll know you have enough juice to last at least the length of a dinner party.

If you want an opener that’s suitable for very large events (like a wedding), some options are capable of opening more than 100 bottles on a single charge. Many electric openers also feature battery indicator lights, so you know when you’re running out of power.

"Not all electric wine openers can be used with synthetic corks. Take a look at the wine you drink on a regular basis to find out whether you need a model that works with both types of corks. "


Depending on your personal taste and style, not all openers will suit your decor. If you plan on permanently housing the opener on your kitchen countertop, choose a unit that’s nice enough to put on display. A top-flight electric wine opener will also feature an ergonomic design so that it’s comfortable to grip as you use it.

"Models with transparent bottoms allow the user to watch the opening process in action so you can see if something goes wrong. "

Extra features

The more features an electric wine opener has, the pricier it will be. Keep in mind, not every feature will be worthwhile. You may not want or need a stand if you plan on storing your opener in a kitchen drawer.

Some units also work as wine pourers or stoppers. Many electric wine openers also feature lighting on their bases that double as nightlights. The lighting on some rechargeable models functions as a battery indicator while other units light up to let you know they are in use and working. Almost all electric wine openers also come with a foil remover.

Using an electric wine opener

Curious about how an electric wine opener actually works? Here’s an example of how this type of device might function. Keep in mind there may be variations in the process depending on the kind of opener selected. Some units may require only a single push of a button to initiate the entire bottle opening maneuver.

Here are the steps to use most electric wine openers:

  1. Cut off the foil on your wine bottle with your device’s foil remover. You’d be hard-pressed to find an electric opener that doesn’t come with a foil cutter.

  2. Place the opener at the center of the cork and press the device’s button to start the opening process.

  3. Another press of the button will pop out the cork from your wine bottle.

That’s it! Usually, an electric wine opener makes opening your favourite wine quick and easy. However, some openers require a third press to release the cork. A possible bonus feature: some units can be used as pourers once the cork has been removed.

Electric wine opener prices

Generally, electric wine openers are more expensive than manual openers, but not by much.

Electric wine openers start at about $20, and nearly all of them come with at least a foil cutter. More expensive models, above $30, are often packaged as gift sets and include various extra accessories like bottle stoppers and aerators. Pricier units are also usually rechargeable and capable of working on reserve battery power with the help of AA or AAA batteries.

Spending more doesn’t necessarily get you a sturdier or more powerful unit. Instead, you get add-ons that work well for gift giving or as a starter set for new wine drinkers. If you already have the essential wine accessories, it might not be worth it to spend extra money on a unit that comes with them.

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You may have heard that cork is endangered. But, there’s no cork tree shortage. It’s actually the popularity of screw tops on wine that has put a damper on the cork industry.


Q. I’m not sure what kind of wine opener to go with – battery operated or rechargeable?

A. Both are fine options.  During a busy dinner party, you may realize that you forgot to charge your rechargeable opener—that’s when a battery-operated model comes in handy if you have some extra batteries on hand.

Q. Are electric wine openers better at removing corks or just faster?

A. Electric wine openers make the process of removing a cork easier and quicker. Another advantage of using an electric opener is that you’re less likely to find yourself with a broken cork.

Q. Why don’t restaurants use electric wine openers?

A. While some restaurants do use them, they’re not common in the business for several reasons. First, they require power, so they need to be recharged on a regular basis or have their batteries replaced. This is fine for home use, but not efficient for a busy restaurant. They’re also more expensive than a basic manual corkscrew, so buying multiples can get costly. Third, they aren’t ideal for opening vintages that might have brittle corks.

Q. Can electric wine openers be used on all types of wine?

A. No. Electric wine openers should not be used on bottles that contain pressurized contents (e.g. champagne or sparkling wine). Not all electric openers can be used on synthetic corks, either. If you drink a variety of wines, make sure to check that your chosen opener can handle different cork types.

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