10" Selfie Ring Light

Bottom Line

Novices will appreciate this comprehensive, yet budget-friendly ring light kit. In our tests, we liked that it offers both warm and cool tones.


Selfie ring light kit Includes flexible tripod smartphone holder to shoot in portrait or landscape mode. Integrated brightness and color controls. Bluetooth tripod remote control.


Not the most rugged ring light available.


About the product

UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light

An affordable solution for photo and video lighting

Smartphone photography and videography has become an essential aspect of communication and expression. Whether taking selfies for fun, taking videos for a social media gig or participating in frequent Zoom meetings for school or work, appearing on a camera is more necessary than ever for most people. Proper lighting, such as a ring light, makes self-taken photos and videos appear more attractive and professional. The UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light is a complete and affordable solution for adding improved lighting to self-taken photos and videos.

Testing the UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light 

The BestReviews Testing Lab strives to investigate every claim the brand/manufacturer makes about the product. For this article, the testing lab put the UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light through its paces by taking photos and videos in rooms with varying levels of natural and artificial light, including a room that was completely dark. 

What is the UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light?

The UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light is a 10.2-inch USB-powered LED ring light and tripod kit for smartphone photography and videography, comprising the ring light itself, plus a tripod, smartphone grip and Bluetooth remote. The LED ring light has three color temperature settings and 10 brightness settings for a total of 30 lighting options. The tripod is designed for smooth tilting and panning, and its feet can extend from 16 to 50 inches for use from desks or floors. It's also compatible with cameras with a standard mount. The UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light comes with a simple Bluetooth remote for controlling a smartphone camera.

To compare the UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light to its competitors, see our guides for the best selfie lights and best ring lights.

UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light price and where to buy

The UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light costs $35.99. It's often available with discounts at Amazon.

How to use the UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light

Set the tripod on the floor, table or other stable, flat surface. Adjust the legs to the desired height. Attach the ring light to the tripod. Plug the ring light’s USB power cable into a USB AC adapter. Place a smartphone in the grip mount and screw the mount at the center of the ring light. Select the desired color temperature and brightness. Adjust the tilt and angle of the ring light and smartphone grip as needed. The UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light may also be placed behind webcams or other cameras, such as behind a computer camera for video recording or virtual meetings. A camera with a standard mount may also be used instead of the smartphone grip mount.

UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light benefits

Centered smartphone

The UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light allows a user to place a smartphone camera in the center of the ring light, creating an evenly balanced lighting effect on a face or object from a central point of view. By uniting the smartphone camera and the ring light, the user has a simple and direct solution compared to separate ring lights and camera tripods.

Multiple lighting options

The ability to have warm, natural and cool color temperatures as well as multiple levels of brightness makes the UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light a versatile tool for photography or videography, especially as a fill light for vlogging or videoconferencing.


The tripod that comes with the UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light was overall lightweight and easy to operate during testing. Unlike more professional tripods, the UBeesize tripod fits in tight areas and on desktops or tabletops and is easier to place closer or farther from the user, as needed.

Works well in dark environments

The UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light works well in dark environments as the sole light source for photography or videography. The UBeesize can be useful in situations where natural or artificial light is limited, or as the main light in product photography.

Secure and steady swivel pan

The UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light’s swivel head was smooth and secure in both horizontal and vertical axes during testing, and the grip mount held a smartphone securely.

UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light drawbacks

Skin tones look off

The color temperature of the UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light was not entirely accurate during testing, with all three temperature settings producing slightly "off" skin tones when used to light a smartphone selfie. The color quality of the UBeesize also conflicted with natural light when used as a fill light.

Can’t choose brightness directly

While the UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light has different brightness settings, selecting a brightness setting requires cycling through 10 options rather than choosing directly. This poses a slight inconvenience when selecting brightness.

Inconvenient height and pan adjustment

The tripod of the UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light has a handlebar for tilting that can be mistaken for a swing or swivel control for panning. The actual swivel control is a rear knob. Adjusting height on the UBeesize tripod requires adjusting the legs rather than having a dedicated height adjustment mechanism.

Lacks carry bag

The UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light package does not include a carrying case or bag that fits both the ring light itself and the tripod, a convenience that would be desirable for travel. 

Should you get the UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light?

At its price point, especially considering frequent discounts, the UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light is an economical, all-in-one lighting solution for photographers, vloggers, influencers and anyone who frequently needs to appear on video. Despite some quirks and inconveniences, its versatility at an affordable price makes it a worthwhile option.

Quality 3

The tripod construction is on the lightweight side, and there are reported issues with the longevity of the USB power cable.

Performance 4

It performs adequately and with versatility, despite slightly off skin tones.

Accurate Product Claims 4

This selfie light may not be as reliable over the long term as claimed.

Ease of Setup 4

Anyone familiar with setting up tripods and cameras for photography should have little problem.

Appearance 3

Its looks are purely functional.


Product Dimensions:
30 x 30 x 60 inches
Item Weight:
1.19 pounds
Item model number:
TR50 and 12 inch ring light
1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Customer Reviews:
4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank:
#6,610 in Cell Phones & Accessories (See Top 100 in Cell Phones & Accessories) #46 in Cell Phone Selfie Lights
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Whats in the box:
ring light, tripod
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Date First Available:
April 8, 2019