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Best Double Wireless Charging Pads

Updated August 2023
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Courant Catch:2 Essentials
Catch:2 Essentials
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A low-profile design mixed with decent charging capabilities made this a team favorite.


The linen look gives the charger a nice aesthetic that looks great in any room you place it in. Charges dual devices fully in just under 10 hours. Charging alignment is fairly simple to locate. Has a non-slip base that keeps your phones exactly where they should be.


It doesn't have the ability to wirelessly charge smartwatches.

Best Bang for the Buck
Cosoos Dual Wireless Charger
Dual Wireless Charger
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Most Versatile
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A dual charger with removable magnetic parts and safety certification.


QI wireless charger for Apple, Samsung, and Google phones, Galaxy and Samsung watches, and headphones. Charges 2 devices at once in landscape or portrait mode. Features anti-slip material. Certified to prevent overheating and radiation.


Offers a slower charge than some other options.

Belkin BoostCharge Dual Charger
BoostCharge Dual Charger
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Trusted Brand
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A 10-watt charger with LED indicators and Qi compatibility.


Easy setup. Uses up to 10 watts of power on each side with fast and reliable charging for most smartphones. LED-indicator for correct positioning. Compatible with non-metal cases up to 3 mm. Available in black or white.


Finicky when improperly placed or slightly uneven.

Mophie Dual Wireless Charging Pad
Dual Wireless Charging Pad
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Extra USB Port
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A Qi-certified charger for 2 devices with a USB port to charge an additional device.


Charges 2 devices wirelessly and 1 device via USB port. Uses 10 watts of power. Works well with Apple, Samsung, and Google devices. Works with phone cases up to 3 mm thick. Surface is soft and nonslip. Features rubber around the edge.


Phone has to be positioned precisely to charge.

Amazon Basics Qi Certified Dual Wireless Charging Pad
Amazon Basics
Qi Certified Dual Wireless Charging Pad
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Simple Yet Solid
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Inexpensive double-charger from a bargain brand.


Compact design allows for two 5W, 7.5W, or 10W charges, depending on the build. Light on features, but heavy on performance. Includes AC adapter, but buyers report increased performance with other power sources.


Some find phones hard to place into proper charging area. Others reports of unpleasant beeping and lack of durability.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best double wireless charging pads

Wireless charging pads are growing in popularity. A charging pad allows you to set your mobile device on a flat surface to recharge, no plugging-in required, which eliminates the common tangle of charging cords. If you’re like most people and have a couple of mobile devices that need charging, a standard charging pad isn’t enough. That’s where a double wireless charging pad enters the picture.

These dual pads have two separate spaces for charging two devices at one time. A double wireless charging pad may be just the step up you need to begin using this cool technology.

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A double wireless charging pad is a smart idea if you want to create a charging station in your home that’s free of tangled cords.

Key considerations

All wireless pads – single, double, and triple – work in a similar manner. The wireless charger transfers electrical power from the charging pad to the battery using electromagnetic induction. This works through a copper coil inside the device and the pad. Even though the coils don’t touch, they must be very close together and perfectly aligned to pass electrical power between them.

Charging speed

Even though all the double wireless charging pads use the same technology, there are a few things to consider regarding charging speed.

  • Watts: Charging speed is determined by the number of watts the two devices can support for wireless charging. More watts mean faster charging. Most units are limited to 9 watts or less. Currently, the maximum provided by certain charging pads and phones is 15 watts, but this is not common. Some devices gain extra watts through firmware upgrades; for example, the Apple iPhone X went from a maximum 5 of watts for wireless charging to 7.5 watts when iOS 11.2 was released.

    Many people choose to purchase a dual wireless charging pad that has more watts than they currently need. If the mobile device they’re using upgrades the wattage it can support, it can then take advantage of the higher-wattage charging pad.

  • Fast Charge mode: Using this extra wattage is called Fast Charge mode. However, the speed of this technology differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. The technology is still being refined, so expect Fast Charge to continue to improve over the next few years.

  • Case: Most wireless charging pads can charge a device’s battery through a protective case. The charging process will go more smoothly if the case is thin. Devices with metal cases have the most problems using wireless charging pads. You may need to remove the case to properly use the pad.

Double wireless charging pad features

Here are some things to consider when choosing a double wireless charging pad.

Qi compatibility

The Qi standard enables double wireless charging pads to work with many different mobile devices. As long as both the charging pad and the mobile device support Qi, they will work together for wireless charging. The Wireless Power Consortium manages the Qi standard.

Compatibility with the Qi standard must be built into the device at the time of manufacture. It’s not something you can add later. If you have an older phone or charging pad, you may have heard of PowerMat technology. This is an older wireless charging standard that was in competition with Qi. However, the industry has made Qi the primary standard now.

Indicator light

You’ll appreciate having an indicator light on your double wireless charging pad. This light tells you that the coils in the devices and the pad are properly aligned so that charging can start. Without an indicator light, you may think the devices are charging when they aren’t. You could then have a dead battery just when you need your device most.


Despite the name “wireless” and the fact that you’re eliminating charging wires by using a double wireless charging pad, there is still one wire attached to this device. The wireless charging pad must be plugged into a wall outlet to receive electrical power.

Convenience vs. speed

People like the convenience of setting their smartphones on a charging pad versus taking the time to plug-in charging cables. However, a charging cable is still faster and more reliable than a wireless pad for charging the batteries in your devices.

"Because charging pads are well built, you can expect a few years of use out of one. Some will last several years without breaking down. In reality, the technology in the pad probably will become obsolete before the pad wears out."

Double wireless charging pad prices

Inexpensive: The least expensive dual wireless pads cost between $20 and $40. Don’t expect many extra features on these devices.

Mid-range: For more expensive models, expect to pay between $40 and $75.

Expensive: A few models cost $75 to $100. Pricier double wireless charging pads have features like indicator lights or an extra port for plugging in a third device. They may have a vertical charging area, so a smartphone can charge while standing up, making it easier to see the screen. Some have Fast Charge capabilities or features aimed at working specifically with smartwatches, too.


  • Check compatibility. When buying a double wireless charging pad, make sure it’s compatible with your device and battery. However, the pad doesn’t have to be the same brand as your device.

  • Opt for a charging pad with an indicator light. If you want to be certain your device is connected and charging properly, make sure the double wireless charging pad has an indicator light.

  • Opt for a charging pad with a temperature sensor. Some double wireless charging pads contain a sensor that shuts them down if they overheat. This will protect your mobile device from damage if the wireless pad were to short-circuit, for example.

  • Opt for a charging pad with silicone. Some charging pads have a coating of anti-slip silicone that helps hold the tablet or smartphone in place while it’s charging.

  • Use your device while it’s charging. You can use your phone or other device even it’s on the wireless charging pad. You can’t lift it off the pad, but you can still access the screen, send texts, or make calls.

  • Don’t worry about heat. During the charging process, you may notice that the charging pad and device get warm. As long as the device or pad isn’t too hot to touch, a little heat during this process is normal.
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Dual charging pads can be a convenient choice if you have two mobile devices that you need to charge simultaneously.


Q. I have an older phone. Can I upgrade it to work with wireless charging?

A. Because wireless charging requires a certain type of hardware, older phones cannot be upgraded. You must have a device that has wireless charging compatibility built into it. However, some companies make devices that plug into the USB port, through which you can wirelessly charge. Of course, this doesn’t eliminate the clutter of cords.

Q. What are some cool features of dual wireless chargers?

A. We’re seeing some chargers that have vertically aligned charging pads on one or both sides. This allows you to easily see and use your smartphone as it charges. Some double chargers are shaped specifically to hold a smartwatch on one side and a smartphone on the other. Some even have a port on the edge so you can charge a third device through a cable.

Q. Are there disadvantages to double wireless charging pads?

A. Not any significant ones. These devices don’t cost a lot, but they do cost a bit more than single wireless pads. They work well for anyone with multiple mobile devices. However, the biggest problem is that it sometimes can be difficult to line up the devices properly on the pad. And a wireless charger doesn’t quite match the charging speed of charging over a wire.

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