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Best Smart Power Strips

Updated November 2022
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Best of the Best
Kasa Smart Plug Strip
Smart Plug Strip
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Most Comprehensive
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A great all-around strip for any area of the home with 6 individually controlled smart outlets.


Features 6 triple-prong outlets and 3 USB ports. Control all 6 outlets with Alexa or an app to ensure you only use what you need. Offers energy monitoring and is ETL-certified for surge protection. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.


You can’t turn the USB plugins off individually.

Best Bang for the Buck
BESTEK 2,000 Joules Surge Protector with USB
2,000 Joules Surge Protector with USB
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Multiple Ports
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A powerful strip that offers surge protection and powers multiple appliances.


Features 8 outlets and 4 USB charging ports. Extra-long, durable power cord is 6 feet in length. ETL-certified surge protection with 2,000 joules of power. Overload tripping switch automatically powers off the unit if a surge occurs.


Not compatible with Alexa or other voice control assistants.

meross Smart Power Strip
Smart Power Strip
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Simple Yet Solid
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Designed with user interface in mind, this smart strip is compatible with multiple smart assistants.


Six-foot extension cord reaches to power numerous devices and appliances. Four triple-prong outlets and 4 USB ports in an 125V strip. Capable of handling most appliance setups. Compatible with Siri, Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings to manage each outlet.


USB ports are controlled as a group, not individually. Some connection problems.

POWRUI Outdoor Smart Plug
Outdoor Smart Plug
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Most Versatile
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Users love that this smart strip has programmable timer features.


Four individual AC outlets, 15A/1875W each. App and voice capabilities manage various lights and devices separately. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with splash-proof design and lPC fireproof material. Compatible with Alexa, Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant.


Inconsistent and oftentimes dysfunctional connection to WiFi.

GHome Smart Smart Power Strip
GHome Smart
Smart Power Strip
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Convenient Size
Bottom Line

We love this choice for its convenient settings for individual outlets and its low price.


Features 3 outlets and 3 USD ports. Works with app to remotely control power strip. Capable of scheduled powering on/off of various appliances connected to strip. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Appealing low price.


Reports of strip failing to work after a few months, sometimes even weeks. Only works with 2.4GHz WiFi.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best smart power strips

Electronic devices in standby mode draw additional energy – sometimes called “vampire power” – which can make up as much as 10% of your home’s energy usage. A smart power strip can detect which devices are in standby mode and cut off the power to those devices. It can also turn those outlets back on when it detects activity in other outlets.

Most smart power strips can be controlled remotely with an app, and some work in conjunction with virtual home assistants. Smart power strips vary in how they monitor and manage energy usage, and just as with a standard power strip, the number and configuration of outlets can vary.

Choosing the right smart power strip for your needs means considering the appliances you intend to use it for and how often you use those appliances. Our shopping guide walks you through the basics to help you make the most informed decision when shopping for a smart power strip. And when you’re ready to buy, take a look at our top picks, too.

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A smart power strip is an excellent way to control multiple lights at once and program them to turn on and off at specific times.

Key considerations

What part of your home will your power strip be used in, and what devices will it power? What other smart devices do you have in your home? These are questions you need to answer before you begin your search for a smart power strip.

Energy usage monitoring

The primary function of a smart power strip is to intelligently control the amount of energy your devices and appliances use. This can be done in several ways.

  • Timer: These power strips offer a simple manual option. Just program the times you want the power strip (or specific outlets) to turn on and off. Through this function, you can set up your home so that, for example, the lights turn on when you come home from work or the coffee maker turns on before you get up in the morning.

  • Master control: These power strips have a “master” outlet for a major device like a computer or television. When this is turned on, the power strip returns power to peripheral devices plugged into other outlets. When the device in the master outlet is turned off, the other outlets cut their power to reduce standby power.

  • Masterless: These power strips use a similar but inverse concept: when no devices plugged into the power strip are drawing power, the whole power strip cuts off all outlets.

  • Motion sensing: These power strips detect movement in a room to turn outlets on and turn outlets off after a set period without movement. These are used primarily used for lighting.

  • App or remote control: These power strips give you direct control over outlets and devices. Apps on your smartphone can even allow you to control your smart power strip when you’re away from home.

  • Voice command: These power strips use an app to communicate with a virtual home assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This allows you to give your power strip specific voice commands through your virtual home assistant, and you can even control individual outlets.

Number of outlets

How many devices do you need to plug into your power strip at one time? Some smart power strips have a couple outlets while others have as many as 12. More is more, but you also don’t want your power strip to be too bulky.

Surge protection

A surge protector is different from a power strip, but it’s worth defining here because some smart power strips are also surge protectors.

  • Power strip: A power strip allows you to plug multiple devices into one outlet.

  • Surge protector: A surge protector does the same thing but also protects your devices from fluctuations in power supply that occur regularly in any home. Since many modern electronics can easily become damaged by power surges, this is a feature to look into if you’re intending to plug your home entertainment system or computer into a surge protector.

    • Joule rating: Look for the joule rating of each smart surge protector. In most cases, this ranges from 600 to 4,000 joules, with a higher rating offering more protection.

    • Clamping voltage: This is the point at which the surge protector kicks in, so lower is generally better. The clamping voltage should be around 300 volts.

Smart power strip features

Smart power strips can vary in style and ease of use. Different cord lengths or additional ports can affect how you use and set up the power strip.

Size and configuration

If you have multiple AC adapters you need to plug in or any large or awkward plugs, consider the configuration of the power strip. Some power strips have outlets that are positioned close together, making it difficult to use all the outlets at once. Look for power strips with widely spaced outlets to allow for bulkier plugs and AC adapters. But note that these widely spaced outlets mean a larger form factor. If you hope to keep your smart power strip out of sight, consider the overall size.

USB ports

Many smart power strips have from one to four USB ports for easily charging devices. These may or may not be controlled individually via voice command or other energy-conserving features.

Cord length

The length of the cord determines how much flexibility you have when choosing where to put the smart power strip. However, a cord that’s too long can be cumbersome. Some power strips can be mounted on the wall or plug directly into outlets.

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Did you know?
By using a virtual home assistant with your smart power strip, you can turn almost any device into a smart device by controlling it with voice commands.

Smart power strip prices

Inexpensive: At $15 to $20 are basic smart power strips that typically have a few outlets and one or two USB ports. Some of these are compatible with virtual home assistants.

Mid-range: These smart power strips cost from $20 to $30 and are usually compatible with virtual home assistants. In addition, they may have multiple power-conserving features. These power strips tend to have between 4 and 12 outlets, with varying numbers of USB ports. Many smart power strips in this price range are also surge protectors.

Expensive: Smart power strips that cost $30 to $60 and more don’t vary significantly from the mid-range models and offer similar features. However, surge protectors in this range typically have higher joule ratings.

Devices you can plug into your smart power strip

Use your smart power strip to control and monitor the usage of devices you don’t need on all the time. By setting a schedule for your power strip, you can control exactly when your devices draw power. Just like with regular power strips, you should never plug high-energy appliances like space heaters into a smart power strip. Here are some devices that work well with a smart power strip:

  • Lights

  • Computers

  • TVs

  • Speakers

  • Game consoles

  • Charging cables

  • Stereos

  • Streaming boxes

Other products we considered

One smart power strip that stands out for its unique design and size is the ZONV Smart Power Strip WiFi Plug Outlet. It offers four outlets and four USB ports yet is still compact in size. With options for virtual home assistant voice control, an integrated app, and a built-in timer, there are multiple ways to control your devices with this smart power strip. 

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The simplicity of smart power strips makes one a great first step if you’re planning on equipping your home with other smart devices.


Q. Can smart power strips be used without WiFi?
While most smart power strips don’t require a WiFi connection, you won’t gain access to any synchronized app or voice control features that make smart power strips stand out. You’re better off purchasing an advanced power strip instead.

Q. Are smart power strips compatible with all smartphone operating systems?
That depends on the smart power strip and its app. Not all smart power strip apps are available for all operating systems.

Q. Do smart power strips account for daylight saving time?
Since they’re connected to WiFi, most smart power strips will adjust your schedule during daylight saving time.