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Best Split Keyboards

Updated May 2022
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Best of the Best
Logitech ERGO K860 Ergonomic Split Keyboard
ERGO K860 Ergonomic Split Keyboard
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Colorful Design
Bottom Line

Colorful design for both gaming and typing and is helpful for creating good posture and wrist position.


Excellent responsiveness. Keyboard is programmable. 4MB memory onboard. Highly compatible with no drivers required.


It's expensive, and a few buyers were less than completely satisfied with the stability of the wrist rest.

Best Bang for the Buck
Perixx PERIBOARD-612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard
PERIBOARD-612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard
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Ergonomic Option
Bottom Line

An elegant, ergonomic solution that keeps a low profile on the desk for easy storage. It stands out for its instant Windows compatibility.


Comes with a separate number pad so it can be positioned as desired. Cushioned palm rest makes it comfortable on the wrists after hours of use.


The magnetic battery cover can pop off if the keyboard is moved around a lot.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard Set
Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard Set
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Best Support
Bottom Line

Tented with palm support and is thought to be suitable for up to eight hours per day of typing.


The two pieces can be separated up to 6 inches. Low activation force required. Satisfying feel under the fingers. USB pass through. Great for gaming.


It's expensive, and a few buyers say they felt the price should have been slightly lower for the quality.

Kinesis Freestyle 2 Split-Adjustable Keyboard
Freestyle 2 Split-Adjustable Keyboard
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Most Adjustable
Bottom Line

The unique tent design is highly adjustable and easy to use with both Windows and Mac machines.


Adjustable vertically and horizontally. USB and PS2 connectors. Switch on back to toggle between Windows and Mac. Durable design. Easy installation.


No numeric pad. Some may find the action of the keys to be too soft, making fast typing difficult.

Perixx PERIBOARD-512 Wired Ergonomic Natural Split Keyboard
PERIBOARD-512 Wired Ergonomic Natural Split Keyboard
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Unique Features
Bottom Line

A unique split-style keyboard that is well suited for on-the-go use. A small profile and light weight makes it extremely mobile.


The split design allows you to position each half for the best angle with each hand. Built-in Windows compatibility with dedicated control keys.


Doesn't have the same curves and contours as other ergonomic options.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best split keyboards

If you spend much time on a computer, you know that one of the greatest potential sources of pain associated with it can be the keyboard. Traditional keyboards force your hands and wrists into positions that are unnatural. Over time, this can really do a job on the nerves, leading to debilitating conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

A split keyboard can help. The ergonomic layout of a split keyboard is better positioned to work with your hands. This allows you to type at angles that are more natural, resulting in less damage to the nerves in your fingers, hands, and wrists.

When setting out to purchase a split keyboard, you will find a number of considerations to sort through in order to determine the right one for you — everything from size and compatibility to specialized keys and lighting. 

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In addition to protecting your hands and wrists from nerve damage, split keyboards are set up in such a way that they can also improve your typing speed.

Key considerations

Fixed split vs. adjustable split keyboards

Your first big choice will be whether you want a fixed split keyboard or an adjustable model.

Fixed split keyboards are single-piece keyboards, much like the traditional keyboards. With fixed split keyboards, however, the keys are usually positioned in waves so your hands will rest more naturally on them. As the name implies, the position and width of the break or slant of the keyboard are not adjustable.

Adjustable split keyboards are literally split, usually into two separate parts that are linked by a cable. Adjustable split keyboards provide you with more options in terms of how you can use them. Typically, you can vary the distance between the keyboard’s sections as well as the angles at which they can be positioned.


Split keyboards are available in a variety of sizes, and you should consider a keyboard’s width and length carefully if your workspace is limited. Also, keyboards that are compact and lightweight will be easier to transport if you must take them when you travel. The profile of a keyboard — how high it stands — is another issue to consider, especially if your keyboard sits on a rolling shelf under the desk where space may be limited.

OS compatibility

As with pretty much everything else computer related, the operating system you use will determine which split keyboards will be available to you. Split keyboards generally all work with Windows computers, and the majority can also work with Apple systems. Some of these are plug-and-play, particularly if you are using a newer version of your operating system. Others may require you to install included software before they will work with your setup.

A smaller number of split keyboards are also compatible with Android and iOS systems. Whatever system you are using, however, always verify the compatibility of your operating system version with any split keyboard before you buy.

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Expert Tip
If you are purchasing a wired split keyboard, be sure that the cable is long enough to work with your particular computer setup.


Wired vs. wireless

Should you go with a wired or a wireless split keyboard? The majority of keyboards are one or the other, but some provide both options. A wired keyboard can be more difficult to use with laptops and tablets, and they can be limiting even with a desktop computer, depending on the length of the cord provided. One big plus for wired keyboards: you need never worry about replacing batteries since wired keyboards are USB powered.

Wireless or Bluetooth keyboards provide you with greater flexibility in terms of how you can use them, but they are also independently powered. This means you will either be regularly using up disposable batteries or constantly having to recharge your keyboard.

Mechanical vs. membrane

Another option to decide upon is whether to choose a mechanical keyboard or the more-common, membrane-style keyboard. A membrane keyboard’s keys type onto a rubber dome under each key, while mechanical keyboards are more akin to the keys of a traditional typewriter. You can find both types of construction in split keyboards, and the choice between them will largely be a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer the feel, performance, and durability of a mechanical keyboard, while others find them too loud and sometimes more difficult to type on than membrane models.

Wrist/palm support

Cushioned supports for your palms and wrists can be a great help in lessening pain brought on by the repetitive stress of typing, so it’s no surprise that these ergonomic keyboards usually ship with some form of wrist/palm support. While such supports are usually built right into the keyboard, some can be removed. This is a great option for those who currently have a free-standing support pad they are comfortable using.

Specialized keys

Like traditional keyboards, split keyboards can feature a number of specialized keys that will vary, keyboard to keyboard. Some of the most common include:

  • Multimedia keys to control video and other media
  • Hotkeys to use for your favorite shortcuts
  • Customizable keys that can be used to quickly call up frequently accessed files, folders, or websites
  • OS specific keys that are specific to certain operating systems, such as the Mac OS
  • F keys, or function keys, along with an F-key lock to toggle them on and off
  • A zoom slider to easily zoom in and out on documents and webpages


Split keyboards will usually have an array of lights that serve to warn you when NumLock, ScrollLock, CapsLock, or FunctionLock are engaged. Some split keyboards also employ full backlighting on all the keys. This is particularly popular with gaming split keyboards, which use an RGB color scheme that can usually be customized.

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Expert Tip
Split keyboards that are backlit will be easier to use in low-light settings.

Split keyboard prices

Generally pricier than traditional keyboards, split keyboards can range quite a bit in price, from $35 up to several hundred dollars. The average price is between $40 and $70. At lower price points, you will find simple ergonomic keyboards — usually fixed-split and membrane-based — with few advanced features.

As the price increases, so does the number of features. High-end split keyboards are more likely to be adjustable-split models and are often mechanical. As the price reaches $100 or more, you will find advanced features like backlighting or special ergonomic features such as lifts, which can greatly adjust the angle that your hands rest at when using the keyboard.


  • Combat germs. If you are worried about the spread of germs in your workplace, consider going with a keyboard that offers an antimicrobial layer on both the keys and the wrist/palm rest.
  • Take it easy! One of the benefits of a split keyboard is that you need to use much less force on the keys to depress them, which places less strain on the nerves of your fingers and wrists.
  • Test drive a few models. If you can, try to take keyboards you’re considering out for a “test drive.” Visit your local electronics or office supply store to find out if they have split keyboards that you can test out.
  • Get a bigger buffer. If you consider yourself a blazing fast typist, consider picking up a split keyboard that features a longer buffer. The buffer is the number of keystrokes that the keyboard stores when you are typing, so you’re not constantly waiting for the keyboard to catch up to you.
  • Go to great lengths. If you purchase an adjustable split keyboard that completely separates, check whether you have a choice of cable lengths that connect the various parts. A longer cable can provide greater versatility but may also result in too much cable taking up space on your desk.
  • Rectify your ulnar deviation. If you wish to impress your co-workers, tell them that what split keyboards actually do it reduce the ulnar deviation. This is the outward bend of your wrists that happens when you’re forced to use a traditional keyboard.
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Expert Tip
Some split keyboards feature removable palm or wrist support cushions, an option that some users may prefer.
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A lower-profile keyboard can be easier to stow away when not in use — slide it under a monitor stand or desktop shelf.


Q. How long will it take to get acclimated to using a split keyboard?
While this will vary by typist, the majority of people using split keyboards are usually completely acclimated to them within a week or two. Typists who put in more hours on the keyboard tend to become used to it more quickly, and those using an adjustable-split keyboard — particularly those using a straight, non-curved design — will typically have an even shorter adjustment period.

Q. Do these keyboards ship with a mouse?
Generally not, although you may be able to find some companies that sell a split-keyboard/mouse combo package.

Q. Are these keyboards loud?
Just as with traditional keyboards, the amount of noise split keyboards create when you use them will vary. Mechanical split keyboards will tend to be louder than membrane-based split keyboards. Even among mechanical split keyboards, however, the level of noise will vary considerably depending on what type of switches are built into the keyboard. Spend some time in the comments section of a given listing to determine whether users consider the keyboard to be too loud, particularly if you will be using the device in a quiet office, library or other subdued location.