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Best Camouflage Netting

Updated May 2023
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Auscamotek 300D Woodland Camo Netting
300D Woodland Camo Netting
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Contains an artwork design that's perfect for use around the water when duck hunting.


Offered in several sizes, but you can also tie two nets together for a huge coverage area. Durable netting for use around the water. Easy to see through from the inside, yet it will hide your duck blind nicely.


Price is a little above average per square foot. Design is not as useful away from the water.

Best Bang for the Buck
Ginsco Camo Netting
Camo Netting
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Gives you an excellent price per square foot of coverage while also delivering waterproof features.


Works nicely for hunters out in the field, and it can also be used for sun protection in a garden or patio area at home. Several size options. Quality of materials is good, considering the low price.


Doesn't have the tight weave in the net that you may want for complete camouflage.

iunio Camouflage Netting
Camouflage Netting
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For Special Occasions
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Tear resistant, colorful ocean blue netting provides outdoor cover, use in photography, decorating, and exhibits.


Well-designed camouflage netting conceals in any setting or use. concealment in the field. NetRequires a fragrance-free detergent soak before first use. Great for gardens, shades sensitive plants.


Some prints fade or change color after use. Material light and thin, not thick or heavy.

Senmortar Camo Netting
Camo Netting
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Lightweight and inexpensive camouflage netting that's easy to carry over a distance.


Offered in several different sizes and color combinations. In addition to hiding the position of hunters, it will provide sun protection. Works nicely for paintball players, too. Easy to cut when you need a smaller size.


Not quite as durable or tightly woven as some other choices.

LOOGU Woodland Camo Netting
Woodland Camo Netting
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Most Comprehensive
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This netting is available in a variety of sizes and camouflage types (including ocean camo, which is fairly uncommon), and we really like the sewn-in tie-downs.


The array of pattern choices includes Woodland, Desert Digital, and Ocean. Several size choices as well. Lightweight and quick drying. Resists rot, mold, and fading. Includes tie-downs for securing the netting.


This option is a bit shiny for hunting purposes. Some buyers say it tears easily.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best camouflage netting

Camouflage netting can serve multiple purposes. Of course, hunters use it to keep everything from ducks to deer from sensing their presence, but it has a variety of uses beyond that. You can use it to secure and protect a wide range of items, from cars to supply caches. You can use it for everything from paintball stealth to military maneuvers. It is a must-have for bird watchers and others who want to observe wildlife unnoticed.

While quality is a key element in camouflage netting, it is just one consideration to keep in mind when making a purchase. In this guide, we examine key camouflage netting elements such as size, pattern, and pricing. We also do a deep dive into various durability issues, including waterproofing and UV protection. If you’re in the market for camouflage netting and want some quick suggestions, we provide those a well. Read on to learn all you need to know.

camouflage netting1
When hunting, the purpose of camouflage netting is to hide anything “alien” to the environment. This includes you, your gear, and larger objects such as blinds.

Key considerations


Regardless of your purpose, it’s important to select the right size of camouflage netting. Most products start out under 10 x 10 feet and reach 20 x 20 feet or larger. Whether you are covering just you and your stuff, a blind, or a vehicle, you may very well want a net large enough to cover every inch. While it is better to buy a bit larger than what you need, a net that’s too large could result in needless weight that you’d need to lug around.


Because camouflage netting is primarily used outside, durability is a big concern. Netting that resists tearing and holds up from season to season is ideal. Reinforced camouflage netting may cost a bit more, but many consumers feel it pays for itself over time.


Unlike a tarp, camouflage netting does not keep out the rain. Anything underneath it will get wet. If necessary, you could layer a waterproof tarp between the camouflage netting and whatever you are covering.

While camouflage netting isn’t waterproof per se, it should still hold up and hold together when exposed to rain, snow, and other elements.

If you will be using your camouflage netting around open flames, look for an option that has been treated with fire retardant.


Mold and mildew resistance

Mold and mildew growth can discolor camouflage netting, ruining its camouflage effect. In addition, the scent of mold or mildew on your netting could actually drive game away. While it may cost a bit more, investing in camouflage netting that has been treated to resist mold and mildew will help keep its appearance pristine and its camouflage effective for years.

Sun protection

If your camouflage netting will spend a fair amount of time outside, UV protection is a feature for which you might want to pay a bit more. The sun’s rays can quickly fade camouflage netting, making it less effective. While this will be less important if you plan to use your netting in the woods, UV protection should be considered if you intend to keep it in the sun for any length of time.


Wrapped in camouflage netting, you are almost invisible in the woods, and if you clean it often enough to nullify odors, it’s even more effective. However, if your camouflage netting rustles every time you move or the edges flap in every breeze, you will have a problem.

Animals are easily spooked by unfamiliar sounds. Some makers of camouflage netting go the extra mile by employing a noise-limiting design. If you will be using your camouflage netting for hunting, add this consideration to your list.


Material and weave

Polyester is a durable choice for camouflage netting that quickly dries. A thicker polyester, such as 300D, will last longer than netting that is on the thin side.

Some products use a tighter weave, which can provide more of a “camouflage” appearance (i.e., it can hide you better). Beware of weaves that are too tight, however, as you won’t be able to easily see through the netting to spot game.

Regardless of what you will be using it for, camouflage netting that is designed to minimize sunshine and glare is a good choice.

Camouflage types

From woodland and wetland to desert, sagebrush, and even snow, camouflage netting is available in a wide range of types. What you purchase should match your terrain. For example, if you are trying to hide a duck blind amidst cattails and other marsh vegetation, you wouldn’t choose woodland or snow camouflage netting.

One specialized design to seriously consider is 3D, or digital, camouflage netting. 3D netting is available in the same types as regular netting (woodland, desert), but it differs in the way it is designed. Digital netting employs a 3D construction that mimics forest and other setting depths. A decent 3D camouflage netting can help to break up the outline of whatever it is covering, resulting in a more realistic appearance.

camo netting2
The primary purpose of camouflage netting is to help you to blend in, so be sure to select a pattern that matches your terrain.

Camouflage netting prices

Inexpensive: Camouflage netting at its lowest price point, around $12, tends to be thinner and less durable than other choices. You will usually find fewer camouflage types in this range. The netting is best for those who need a low-use product or something purely decorative.

Mid-range: The majority of camouflage netting sits in the $15 to $25 range. This netting is more durable than cheaper netting and generally has a decent build and a variety of camouflage types. For occasional hunters, this price range is ideal.

Expensive: Serious hunters and those who need to use their netting extensively outside may wish to look at products costing greater than $25. Here, you can expect a top-quality build and durability. Many nets in this price range have a 3D or digital design for maximum camouflage effect.

If you intend to use your net to secure items, choose one with tie-downs on the corners or along the edges.



  • If your sizing needs vary, consider buying several nets that can be easily tied together. This allows you to greatly increase the surface area as needed.
  • For the best durability, consider a camouflage net with military reinforcement. This means that structural mesh support has been added to the netting, increasing its strength and allowing it to stretch and cover larger surfaces.
  • If all you are trying to camouflage is yourself, consider picking up a ghillie suit. This is essentially a full-body camouflage suit designed for hunting.
  • If you’re planning to carry your camouflage netting deep into the woods, check its weight before you buy. Heavy netting can be a chore to carry, particularly if you have a variety of other gear as well.
camouflage netting3
In addition to hiding you from prey, camouflage netting is a great choice if you don’t wish to draw attention to your vehicle or other items.


Q. What is the best way to clean a camouflage net?

A. Periodic cleaning is important, especially if you hunt. Even if they can’t see you, the game can pick up on the scent of a net that hasn’t been washed in a while.

You can clean your camouflage net using a simple baking soda and water solution, or you can use special hunting detergent that is designed for such purposes.

Q. Is high-quality camouflage netting worth the extra cost?

A. It is worth it, especially if you plan to use it often. High-quality camouflage netting lasts longer, so you will need to replace it less often. Some of the reasons for this improved longevity include:

  • greater resistance to mold and mildew
  • improved UV and fading protection from the sun
  • a durable build that resists rips and tears

Q. Can camouflage netting be trimmed to a smaller size?

A. Some camouflage netting will fall apart, fray, or unravel if you attempt to resize it. Netting that incorporates a strong support framework is much more open to resizing. In fact, the ability to cut and resize a camouflage net is actually a pretty significant feature, so sellers are often upfront about whether a net has this ability. If a listing does not contain information on resizing, contact the manufacturer or seller for clarification.


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