The cat’s out of the bag: most people prefer watching TV through on-demand apps instead of their clunky old cable TV boxes — and cable TV subscription costs are way too high. Who wants to pay for a bunch of channels they’ll never watch that are only available on a box that’s hard to use and comes with a rental fee?
Whether you’re turning your home into your own personal gadget empire, or you’re just looking for some smart tech to make working from home easier — it’s time to take a fresh look at the smart home device market, because there’s a lot of new gear that’s worth checking out. 
You don’t have to know much about the science behind baking to make delicious cookies — as long as you have a foolproof recipe, that is. Baking is much more precise than cooking, so finding reliable instructions and sticking to them is likely to yield the best result, especially if you’re new to baking.
While the traditional bread making process involving yeast and dough kneading can be cathartic, it’s also tricky and potentially time-consuming. However, denser quick breads that don’t need to proof or rise — like banana bread — are much easier to throw together with bakery-quality results (with a good recipe, that is).
If you’re an audiophile or you’re just really into music, chances are you’ve seen network media players that stream local music files and online music services to your Hi-Fi speakers — and you’ve also seen the price tags, which can easily climb into the thousands. If you’re looking for a network media player — a digital jukebox filled with your own music, if you will — but you don’t want to spend a ton of money, we’ve got good news for you: You can build your own for around $150, and it’s a lot easier than you might think.
Going fishing is a bit like being a secret agent on assignment – you're a highly trained individual on a clandestine mission that requires reliable intel, careful planning, precise timing, and a lot of stealth. In order to make your outing a success, you need to have the best gear.
Knowing how to plant a new lawn is a useful skill to have, no matter if you’re moving into a new house, sprucing up your current one, or you just want to develop your green thumb. A lush green lawn is often the first thing people notice about your home, and well-manicured grass can greatly increase the value of your property. With a few personal touches, you can make it your own.
Fermented foods are delicious and good for your gut — but artisanal ferments tend to be costly. Though the prospect of home fermentation tends to scare people off, the truth is that it’s pretty straightforward (though it takes some patience). All you need is a simple recipe to follow. 
The small screen has been booming all summer long with a slew of new series, documentaries, and feature films alongside reality television shows and classic dramas and sitcoms. August is no exception, as two of the most popular streaming services, Disney+ and Hulu, will offer a range of new content to keep you busy and entertained. Between the two services, there are plenty of stories for all ages and interests. Here’s what to look for to be inspired, informed, or simply distracted.
Your floors are probably the dirtiest part of your home, but motivating yourself to vacuum can be difficult, especially if you have pets or kids and you always seem to be cleaning up.
Most people don’t feel comfortable wearing the same outfit two days in a row, yet those same individuals may use the same sheet or pillowcase for weeks at a time. On average, Americans change bedding sheets once every 25 days. If that's the average, it means there are people who sleep on the same sheets for over a month at a time.
The list of reasons why you need to keep a clean kitchen is extensive. First and foremost, you must eliminate bacteria to keep from contracting food poisoning. Stray food particles can invite bugs and rodents to take up permanent residence in your home. Cleaning kitchen utensils and appliances helps ensure that they function properly and last a long time.
Other than your skin, which provides a physical barrier to keep pathogens out of your body, your immune system is a reactive system. It responds only after a threat has been detected. Your immune system doesn't prevent you from getting infected (that's the role of good hygiene); instead, its job is to swoop in and save the day.