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Best TV deals of Cyber Monday 2023

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The best TV deals you can shop right now

Cyber Monday is famous for great discounts on big-ticket electronics like TVs, and this year looks no different. Right now, Best Buy has a 48-inch 4K OLED smart TV from LG at a fantastic price, and Samsung is offering its top-of-the-line S95C 4K OLED Smart TV at deep discounts in all size classes.

BestReviews keeps track of all sorts of deals on your favorite products, including electronics and TVs. If you’re looking for the best Cyber Monday TV deals, keep this article handy as we’ll continue to update it with the latest discounts. 

Last updated on Nov. 27, 2023, at 12:01 a.m. PT. 

Best 30- to 49-inch TV deals 

Buying for a dorm room, an apartment or a secondary room in the home? TVs in the 30- to 49-inch class can offer a great picture and quality sound in smaller spaces.

LG A2 Series 48-Inch Class 4K OLED Smart TV

58% OFF

OLED is widely acknowledged as the best display technology available, with individually lit pixels providing super-realistic smoothness, true black levels and impeccable contrast. They're pricier than other kinds of displays, so to get a 48-inch OLED at this price is a real steal. This LG A2 has 4K resolution and runs LG's webOS for your favorite streaming channels, and it's perfectly sized for an apartment.

Amazon Fire TV 40-Inch 2-Series HD Smart TV with Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote

28% OFF 

We’ve tested and recommended Amazon’s own Fire TVs before, thanks to their low price, great streaming and Alexa-enabled remote controls. You can get this compact 40-inch Amazon Fire TV, with full 1080p HD resolution, right now and enjoy not just Amazon Prime’s library of content, but all your other favorite streaming services, plus digital over-the-air TV and voice control with Alexa.

 Philips 32-Inch Class HD Smart Roku Borderless LED TV

30% OFF 

A bedroom- or bookshelf-sized HD (720p) TV, this 32-inch LED model comes with Philips branding and built-in streaming via the ever-popular Roku OS. You can stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+ and even Apple TV+ from the top of your dresser or in a corner of your kitchen. A tiny bezel (the border between the screen and the frame) makes the 32-inch screen look even bigger.

Other great 30- to 49-inch TV deals

Best 50- to 69-inch TV deals 

Most people will be more than happy with TVs that are between 50 and 69 inches. These models are great for living rooms, dens and larger bedrooms.

Samsung 65-Inch Class S90C OLED Smart TV

38% OFF

A model we tested, the Samsung S90C series boasts an OLED screen that takes full advantage of its HDR10 capabilities, plus wide viewing angles that are great for watching across big rooms. Gaming and 4K content looked stellar when we evaluated it, and setting it up was easy.

Hisense 65-Inch Class U8 Series TV

38% OFF

We tested this 2023 model 65-inch Hisense U8 Series QLED TV and think it’s a fantastic TV especially at this price, with plenty of vibrant color and inky blacks that everyone from cinephiles to gamers will enjoy. It’s Dolby Vision- and Dolby Atmos-compatible with Google-powered streaming.

LG C3 Series 65-Inch Class OLED Evo Smart TV

24% OFF

LG's C3 series TVs are among the top, flagship-class TVs out there right now for picture quality, so it's worth jumping on any deal you can find. This TV's OLED screen brings perfect contrast and absolute black levels for impeccable picture quality. The C3 Evo boasts 4K resolution and LG's webOS for running all your favorite streaming channels, plus a remote that works like a mouse.

Vizio 50-inch Class Class V-Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV V505-J09

22% OFF

This 50-inch Vizio 4K smart TV is a great size in almost any room. It packs some excellent gaming features including AMD FreeSync and variable refresh rates, sub-10 millisecond input lag for keeping up with your controllers. Full-array LED backlighting provides even illumination across the whole display, and it supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision content.

Other great 50-inch to 65-inch TV deals

Best 70-plus-inch TV deals

Outfitting a great room, a home theater or just want to splurge? TVs bigger than 70 inches bring movie-like immersion and impact to your home.

 Samsung 85-Inch Class Class Neo QLED 4K QN90C

42% OFF

We like this big Samsung 4K TV for its saturated, vivid QLED display that “quantum dots” to generate billions of colors. Its 4K resolution is great for movies, TV shows, sports and gaming, and it also has immersive Dolby Atmos support with Samsung’s “object tracking sound+” three-dimensional soundscape. It’s got a thin cross-section and a thin bezel that’s great in a large room.

Samsung 85-Inch Class Q70C QLED 4K Smart TV

36% OFF

This beast of a TV from Samsung is designed to bowl you over with its 85-inch 4K home-theater screen and sharp, intensely colorful QLED picture. Not only does it upscale content to 4K quality, but it can also drive its huge display at 4K resolution and 120-hertz refresh, which means smooth action even for gamers.

LG 75-Inch Class QNED80 Series LED 4K UHD QNED Smart webOS 23 with ThinQ AI TV

27% OFF 

QNED is LG’s version of QLED and provides great color saturation and excellent contrast. At a spacious 75 inches, this LG 4K TV is perfect for a living room or open-plan space. Buyers are impressed not just by its picture quality for the price but also by its excellent sound.

TCL 75-Inch QM8 QLED 4K Smart Mini LED TV

39% OFF

A highly colorful QLED display shines with precise mini-LED lighting in this 75-inch TCL smart TV. Mini-LED lighting allows for darker blacks and sharper contrast thanks to 2,000 individual dimming zones across the panel. It supports Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10 and HLG, allowing for the best picture from a wide variety of content. It’s also got a super-fast, super-smooth 120 to 240 Hz refresh rate.

Other great 70-plus-inch TV deals

Best 4K TV deals 

Unless you’re on a strict budget, your next TV should be a 4K TV. These ultra-high-definition TVs have become the new standard, with practically every streaming service offering 4K content.

Samsung 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S95C Series Quantum HDR Smart TV

27% OFF

We tested the Samsung S95C OLED TV and concluded that it's one of the best TVs on the market. Samsung’s TV prowess is famous, and an OLED screen is the best display you can find. We tested this model and were wowed by its picture quality at every viewing angle we tried, and how it provided what felt like a next-level gaming experience. 

Sony OLED 65-Inch Bravia XR A75L Series 4K Ultra HD TV

25% OFF

This 65-inch Sony 4K TV runs on a beautiful and detailed OLED screen with Dolby Vision and an innovative sound design that uses the whole surface of the screen as the speaker. Being a Sony, it’s got optimizations for working with a PlayStation gaming console, including a 120-hertz refresh rate plus auto-genre sensing. It runs Google TV for streaming and also supports Apple AirPlay.

Samsung 85-inch Class The Frame LS03B QLED 4K Smart TV

23% OFF

Samsung’s The Frame series of wall-mountable TVs have been recommended here on BestReviews for a while. We love them not just for their specs, which are first-rate, like vividly colorful QLED screens, 4K resolution, and built-in streaming. But it’s how they look like a work of art as they hang on your wall, down to their swappable frames, that really makes them special.

Who has the best TV deals on Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday sometimes seems made for buying TVs. The big-box retailers, such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target and others, always try to outdo each other on doorbuster deals for TVs. These deals often are mirrored online, not just by the retailers’ own websites but also on Amazon. Some TV makers themselves, like Samsung, also offer steep discounts on their TVs direct from their web stores.

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