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Black Friday Holiday

Best Cyber Monday Roku deals 2023

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The top Black Friday deals on Roku streaming sticks and TVs

It’s no secret Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to find deep discounts on top electronics. That’s true even if the gadgets in question are already pretty affordable, like Roku devices.

Roku makes some of the most popular and dependable streaming TV solutions on the market, and all at very affordable prices. The best Roku Black Friday deals lowers those prices even more, like the our tested Roku Express 4K+ for 38% off, or a 75-inch Roku-branded 4K QLED Smart TV for 20% off.

We here at BestReviews have tested some of the most popular Roku streaming devices over the years, giving them kudos for delivering some of the most sought-after audio and video features at great prices. If you want to get a new streaming TV, or add a streaming device to your current setup, these Black Friday Roku deals are a great place to start. We'll continue to update these deals as prices change, so keep checking this page for more. 

Last updated on Nov. 24, 2023, at 3:30 a.m. PT.

Best Roku Express deals

  • At Amazon, save on the classic Roku Express streaming device that’s small and light enough to stick to the bottom of your TV and delivers clear, solid 1080p HD video to any TV with an HDMI port. 5% OFF
  • The Roku Express 4K+ wowed us when we tested it, with its 4K video and HDR capabilities surpassing even the built-in Roku hardware of our test TV.  38% OFF

Best Roku Stick deals

  • Available at Walmart, the Roku Streaming Stick 4K is one of Roku’s top-selling models, delivering 4K content and the smart Roku Voice Remote in a super portable design that lives right in the HDMI port of your TV. SOLD OUT

Best Roku Ultra deals

  • The Roku Ultra LT is a Walmart exclusive model of Roku’s high-end player that sits on your TV stand and sports an Ethernet port for super fast wired data connections. 13% OFF 
  • The Roku Ultra is Roku's top model, featuring an Ethernet port, rechargeable voice remote, 4K media, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and HDR. 31% OFF
  • Get the Roku Premiere and enjoy 4K HDR streaming and the essential Roku Remote, 45% OFF

Best Roku Streambar deals

  • Available at Walmart, the Roku Streambar is a nifty device that combines a full-featured 4K Roku streaming player with a powerful HDMI-connected sound bar that adds extra depth and dimension to dialogue, sound effects, music and movie scores. Never struggle to hear what’s going on again! 23% OFF 

Best Roku TV deals

Who has the best Black Friday Roku deals?

Amazon and the big-box retailers like Walmart, Target and Best Buy are always reliable places for deep and broad price cuts on electronics during Black Friday, including Roku TVs and streaming devices. On the big shopping weekend itself, it isn’t surprising to find Roku devices for sale at membership clubs, such as Costco or Sam’s Club, or even large drugstores and general retailers.

But don’t count out the Roku website itself. In 2022, Roku’s online store offered 20% to 30% off on some of its top-selling models, including its high-end entries, the Roku Ultra and Roku Streambar Pro. It also offered limited-time deals on a part of the streaming experience that’s easy to overlook: the cost of subscriptions. Roku offered three months of free Apple TV or Paramount+ for $0.99 a month, compared to what now costs $5.99 to $11.99 a month full price.

Where can I find 65-inch Roku TV deals?

The sweet spot for 4K TVs can be considered 65 inches these days. TVs with Roku technology built in are some of the most convenient ways to get a Roku device, and Amazon already has some on sale, like the 65-inch Hisense R6 Series with 4K resolution and high-end picture and audio enhancements like Dolby Vision and DTS studio sound. As the big day draws closer, you’ll see even more deals coming out from Walmart and Best Buy as well, on 65-inch TVs and even bigger.

Interestingly, we found in our testing that sometimes the picture and audio quality of a dedicated Roku device, like the Express 4K+ or the Express Stick 4K+, beats the quality of built-in Roku hardware when used on the same smart TV. You could save a little money and still upgrade your viewing by purchasing a separate Roku streaming box or stick for your existing 65-inch TV, especially if it’s a high-end model.

Buying a Roku on Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Is there a big difference between buying Roku products on Black Friday versus Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday started out as an e-tailer alternative to brick-and-mortar store sales on Black Friday. These days, Black Friday sales span the whole weekend after Thanksgiving, but some online outlets may still drop special deals on Cyber Monday.

Roku deals last year stuck around from Black Friday through Cyber Monday (Nov. 27) and on into the first days of December. In 2022, Roku made sure that its own store and its major authorized retailers respected sale prices through Dec. 3.

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